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We'll I got this tattoo about 5years ago. I liked...

We'll I got this tattoo about 5years ago. I liked it for a while and then I really started having second thoughts. I decided to get it removed and I found the picosure article on google . After researching it I figured it was probably the best decision for me. I started the removal process yesterday and have some swelling and a few blisters but nothing massive. I am not In any pain actually it feels like I want to itch it more than anything.. I slightly rub over the bandage to get rid of the itching sensation I'm having..I am hoping the orange comes out but the doctor was upfront with me about yellow being vet difficult but I'm keeping my fingers crossed ! Treatment hurt a tiny bit and I am a baby to pain so I read all these painful posts it's kinda scary.. It's like getting a tattoo just faster! My doctor freezes the foot with cool air and then does the removal which worked great! No pain today and this only day 2!

Day 3 of session 1

So I woke up this morning with a massive blister on my foot. I'm not in any pain but the blister obviously is a tender area. I have been waiting for this thing to pop but so far it just seems to be getting bigger which is concerning because I can not go barefoot to work... But I am hoping it will be gone soon.

Day 6 and feeling ok

So today day 6 after the laser treatment . My foot is still a little tender and the blister is slowly going away but it's red underneath it and it's concerning me a little . But do far so good and the treatment actually took a lot I mean a lot of ink out. I am really surprised at this point that I can see such a difference. Gives me hope it will be removed maybe quicker than expected!


I have made it too day 10!! Woohoo! So I can actually wear my heels again! My foot is healing nicely but god it itches so so bad! I have been putting Benadryl on it but I wake up out of a dead sleep with urge to scratch my foot! My blister is healing nicely and areas of the tattoo are brownish black( I'm guessing light scabbing not sure) but all in all I see a lot color change. But it does look like a lot of color has come back that looked almost gone earlier..


We'll now my skin is starting to peel. I have a lot of color gone and looks like I should have a lot more soon as it continues to heal. I know the yellow is going to be a issue with pico but there are other lasers that can take out the yellow right? I'm not really sure but if there is I will do it until the tat is gone. The itching has gone away thank god!

Slight color change

My foot is actually peeling today but I just want to say the colors don't look as faded a they did after the treatment ... Some of the color is back but that's to be expected since it's starts at the bottom and works to the top removing the ink. A lot of black is gone though:). I am hoping once this heals It will look a little lighter:)
Pristine laser center

The doctor is professional and goes over everything in detail. They are realistic and upfront with the results you may or may not get after your treatments. I felt that someone telling me that yellow may not be removed completely is better than someone saying it can be removed 100% which gave me confidence and trust in the doctor. I am hoping I have great results!

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Hi there Any new results?
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Awesome, glad to hear you are seeing some results! I am being treated with the AlexTriVantage and it has removed my yellow...or at least it is responding and fading.

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I got my first session yesterday on my knee. Did yours continue to fade more after a couple weeks. My purple is lighter but I can't tell much more than that. I'm super impatient.
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Glad to hear you are healing well, I hear ya on the itch..drives me insane!

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In my experience Picosure just doesn't work on the yellow, at least not dramatically. But you can really see difference in the black outline!
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It's difficult to tell whether it's normal or not due to the colour of it! It looks like an infected colour but it's been that way since you first had it. I had my last session seven days ago and mine are now just scabs. Not sure if it takes longer to heal on your foot perhaps? See your doctor if you have any worries. :-)
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I am hoping it's just raw skin . I've kept it moist and well covered for this entire week. That is the most sensitive area of my foot. I'll update as it starts to disappear or any changes...
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Did you feel that Pristine Laser Center and the procedure was worth it? I am conteplating for months on driving to Orlando from West Palm Beach to get a purple rose on my knee removed (ouch!) I would like your input. The money part is what is getting me the most. I hope it wont cost sooooo much. Was $495 th cost for one treatment on that tattoo?
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Yes that's for 1 treatment. And my tattoo would take about 15 sessions which would cost almost the same by doing 7 of the pico. That laser center is wonderful. The followed up with me on Monday and I sent a PC if the blister the doctor called me that day . Then today I received a follow up on the blister from the office . The have been more than what I expected actually. I would say my tattoo has faded and some parts are literally gone already so I am hoping that this a good sign for a fast an complete removal. I live in zephyrhills about an hour away from the center. Would I recommend this doctor absolutely. I will keep updating as I go back to the center .:)
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Find tattoo shops offering laser. Same thing for a fraction of the price
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Thank you! Please keep us updated. I might take the plunge and schedule an appointment there this week.
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I actually popped it the other night and it's back today! I just popped it again and put a lot of ointment to keep it moist.. Let's hop it doesn't come back tomorrow!:)
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That's a big blister! My arm is covered in them at the moment so I know how you feel. One of them got so big that I had no choice but to pop it because it became really painful. I'm dabbing bio-oil on my blisters with cotton wool to try and heal them quicker. It's a tough thing to go through but you can do it. :-)
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Yeah it hurts! That's the only thing though. Doctor says not to pop it but I'm so tempted to relieve this pressure on my foot!
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Doctors aren't always right. It's on your foot as well, a part of your body you use a lot! If it's giving you too much grief then you shouldn't have to be stuck with it. If you do pop it, don't remove the skin around it and be sure to put a bandage over it. Your call though. :-)
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