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My nose used to look Italian. I am half Puerto...

My nose used to look Italian. I am half Puerto Rican so I DID have somewhat of an ethnic look but my tip was pointy and my bridge was thinner than it is now. I got my first surgery done in Orlando back in 2005 now I am looking for someone to fix his mess!
I have a bulbous tip and my bridge needs to be built up and thinned. My nose looks very flat when I smile so I rarely do. I want my nose to be symmetrical and proportionate to my long face and predominant chin. HELP! What or who would you recommend?

Artefill filler

Sooo, I couldnt afford 12,000.00 so I decided to go with permanant filler to bring my nostrils down and build my bridge but am not so happy with the results. I have been there twice now and the first time I thought it looked pretty good except the dip in the bridge needed to be built up again. Which is why I went in the 1st place, but he made my nose WIDER!! I only wanted the bridge and the nostrils turned down but he decided to fill the sides making my nose look crooked and a lot worse, UGH!
I have been wanting to get my nasiolabal folds filled so I got that too and he filled my cheeks a bit to get rid of under eye circles which left dark marks (thats another story.)

Anyway, I have to wait 3 months to go back to get the bridge filled more. Im hoping that the particles will break down in my body so much that the wideness of my nose isnt as obvious. I swear I have spent thousands and thousands of dollars and nothing. :(
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I am requesting the advice of an otolaryngologist who specializes in revisional rhinoplasty to see what my options are. Can you point me in the right direction?

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Why doesn't it say the surgeon?
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No, its is artefill, a permanent filler that fills in the dips and produces your own collagen by surrounding the microscopic beads that are injected deep into the tissue. Why did you get a steroid shot? They are injecting a substance that will break up where they overfilled but I am kind of scared because what I read is that it can cause tissue damage. :/
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What are permanent fillers? I had a second rhino in '12 and have some dips and hollows that need help. PLUS an indent from steroid shot. So do they use your own fat?
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Alot of what u described is how I feel & ur case is similar to mine, I had a nose that was just large for my small, oval shaped face. So I foolishly entrusted an inhumane individual & instead of addressing issue of the tip being to big & droopy when I smiled .. I endee up w/ a bridge that was overdone/taken down too much .. So frustrating , I did try a temporary filler & liked it but just so u know fillers whether permanent or temporary complicate a revision surgery & most surgeons like another dr I went to said I would have to wait 1 yr or more until the filer dissolved
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What surgeon did your initial surgery in Orlando?
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I'll send you a PM. :)

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@angiemcc i do not have an appointment for this doctor and he is not the doctor that performed the initial surgey. I must have posted my question in the wrong spot. whoops! I sent a message to. I.T. but havent received a message back. so i apologize. these posts in no way shape or form affiliated with doctor McArthur.
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So is the doctor listed above one who you're going to for rhinoplasty revision? You look really pretty in your photos with a great nose. Not sure about the flatness you're mentioning...Do you maybe have a profile shot you could post so we can visualize what you're describing? Not that I doubt you, I just can't see it here.


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I will post a profile shot soon. @Angiemcc I think I might have posted this in the wrong Anyway, I am trying to find someone who can fix my nose at a reasonable price. If there are any surgeons who specializes in revision rhinoplasty that can give me their input on what they suggest and how much they think it would cost that would be great.
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