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I am interested in a secondary rhinoplasty. My...

I am interested in a secondary rhinoplasty. My prior rhinoplasty was performed in 1998 and included a cartilage graft from my left ear. As you can see my nostrils are wide and uneven, there's very little tip refinement and my nose tip still droops.

I understand that I have thick skin which presents a challenge. But I am hoping for as much improvement as possible.

I'm in the process of consulting with more rhinoplasty doctors. I'm hoping that this time is the charm.

I'm willing to travel all over the country and even overseas to get a satisfactory result. Although my nose is very very ethnic right now I am hoping to get a much more westernized aesthetic.
I have seen good results from Monte Harris, Profiles in Beverley Hills and i am sure their are others with natural results on here. I am not so keen on Slupchynskyj and Rizk, their results look a little artificial to me. I'm actually from London and had my surgery their but did consider going to the US.
He took my really twisted nose and made it almost perfect which was completely unexpected. He lets me come up to his office when I feel something is wrong. He has never charged me for them either. He keeps working with you until your happy. He really does know exactly what to do. Rhinoplasty is like walking to him. He probably could do it with his eyes closed. I am a rather difficult person to make happy and I'm pretty happy.
Dr.nayak in saint louis is pretty good.

Going with Dr. Jeffrey Epstein

I had a consultation with Dr. Jeffrey Epstein in Miami and I plan on going with him. He has experience with ethinic rhinoplasty and he is within the state. I love the photos of some of the ethnic rhinoplasties that he performed. I'm planning on the beginning of 2014. I'll keep you posted.
I understand you are displeased with your result and hope you find the right surgeon for the task! Though you are not happy with it, I'd like to ask if the ear cartilage has endured overtime, wherever it was placed (whether it is aesthetically pleasing or not) or did it reabsorb/ change shape? I am curious because I have been trying to way the likely hood of my rhinoplasty lasting or not. Thank you!
yes I know I'm in good hands. I love Dr Miller NYC
Looks like you are in good hands, his befores and afters look amazing

Dominican Republic Rhinoplasty

Im considering getting my rhinoplasty in the Dominican Republic. The prices are favorable and I have seen some good work. I will decide in the next few weeks.
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