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I have lived through the hell of Cushing's...

I have lived through the hell of Cushing's Syndrome and come out a survivor. It left me with damage and scarring all over my body. I lost my infant son as a result of that horrible disease. Now that I have a new lease on life, it is my turn to become whole again. I am having this surgery done to rid myself of this awful belly that Cushing's left me with and in hopes to look somewhat normal in my clothes once again. I also have an abdominal hernia that will be repaired during the procedure.
Good luck for your surgery, I'm one week post-op and feeling much more like my old self. Rest when you need to and let others help. I look forward to seeing your results and hope you will love them x
Your day is coming!! Many blessings to you on this journey. You've been string enough to come through the fire you're now close to resolving some of that. Your story is courageous and I thank you for sharing with us! Hope to be able to support you a fraction of how much you've inspired! Sending prayers ahead of your big day!!

1 Day Post Op

I made it! I am on the flat side! Turns out the docs couldn't find a hernia so that surgery wasn't done. Just the TT! He said it went very well and was pleased with how it went and said I would be too once I heal. He took a lot of skin. Coming out of anesthesia was rough. Major mood swings and crying spells. One nurse shook me awake so hard only to bombard me with the fact that there was no hernia, I was now considered outpatient, and I couldn't stay in the hospital unless I wanted to self pay. I wasn't even coherent yet and couldn't process anything. I was so upset, but once my hubby got back there he got everything settled. I came home last night. I have 2 drains that will be in for 2 weeks. I am taking my pain pills and antibiotic. I am very lightheaded when I stand up so bathroom trips are short and sweet. It's amazing to look down and see no flab!
You are all too kind and help lift my spirits through the pain:)
Congratulations beautiful, favor favor favor is what Gods given you :)
Congratulations! I really hope your healing goes well, take care :-)

8 days post op

My swelling is down this early morning. I am finished with my antibiotic too! Still downing the Percocet every 4 hours. I have lots of tightness and burning if I don't. Advil isn't cutting it yet, especially at night. I am sleeping hours at a time now which helps. Being on this recliner is getting old fast. I see the PS on Thursday for a 1 week follow up. Trying to keep my spirits up for I know this is a means to an end and The end result is worth it!
Hate that you're having so much pain! I was off pain meds 2 days post op! I'm having mostly tightness and a pulling sensation! Wish there was something I could do to help! Here if u need to talk! You'll be in my thoughts!
Congrats to you!!! Your going to love your tummy soon ;)

15 days post op

The swelling comes and goes and it was really bad last night. My tummy is very bruised and yellow & black. The leftover stretch marks from Cushings are evident but I knew they would stay. They are better than what I had! Once the bruising and swelling goes away it will look better. I am just thrilled that the flab is gone!!! I got rave and took a pic. Not glamorous by any means but for what my body has endured over the past 3 years, I think it looks pretty darn good! That is one disfiguring disease.
Bless your heart and CONGRATULATIONS to you, squirrel girl! You have been through so many trials but this is a real triumph, and you should be so pleased and proud of yourself!! Hugs to you and healing thoughts.
Thank you!
It looks damn good! My aunt is fighting with cushings right now. So sorry you had Togo through all of that! Can't wait to see you all healed!!

3 weeks down

It's been 3 weeks and things are improving very slowly. I am gettin out of the house at least once a day with my mom and son. I can drive but usually choose not to because I am still so tired. Still recliner sleeping and it's not comfortable. I have a hard time staying asleep unless I take a pain killer. The bed is still too uncomfortable and causes massive swelling the next day. My tape has started to come off my scar in a few small places. I am ready for it to go! My appetite is back to normal now and I am eating pretty well. I am ready for my energy back! My job starts in 2 weeks but my sweet boss is getting me a sub for as long as I need to recover. I will be a preschool teacher! So blessed in that area. My son starts KGN on the 19th so I have a full plate!! Just plugging along day by day doing small things to keep myself from going crazy!
Hang in there, it will get better every day. Focus on today and let tomorrow worry about itself. You are looking great.

POD 26

I slept in bed last night on my ade comfortably for the first time! Most of my tape came off today too! The one part still needs a little healing time as its oozing slightly. Yay for no tape!

My new belly button

Bye bye scabby belly button!!! I am so happy!!!
You are looking so good! I'm so happy for you!!

5 weeks post op

I've made it to 5 weeks!! I've been side sleeping in my own bed for a week now. I have to turn over gently but I am grateful to e back in the bed! My energy is better, but I still tire easily. I overdid it at work last week. I can walk well but end up a little bent over by day's end. I am moving better too. Week 5 swelling is Doc says everything is looking great!! User him again Sept. 12. I go back full time with my preschoolers after Labor Day. Taking it easy for now. Doc says I can do slow treadmill but haven't attempted it yet. Too tired. I've been worn out between teacher planning and my only baby starting kindergarten . Overall things are well!
You're looking great, Squirrel. Isn't it a game-changer to be back in your own bed? It was for me, so I hope you're continuing to progress well with healing. Good luck at school this week!
Looking good!!! Lots of rest and water helps with the swelling... So happy for you!
Your doing fantastic!!

8.5 weeks post op

I am 2 months out and feel great! I still have major swelling but have already dropped one pants size! I'm down to a 10 from a 12 pre-surgery!! I am back to work as a preschool teacher and its going very well. I have normal stamina and energy and can keep up with those little people all day long! I have been cleared by my ps for everything and do not have to go back to see him unless a problem arises! Hello new life! I still have lots if extra skin on my hips from the disease that I may get taken dare of one day. The scarring on my stomach doesn't bother me. I am just thrilled to have the giant flabby belly gone!
You look great, so happy for you!!
Kenneth Lee

Dr. Lee did an amazing job! I am thrilled with my progress and how much he has helped me reclaim my life.

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