Planning the Mommy Makeover - Orlando, FL

Hey all! I'm currently considering a tummy...

Hey all! I'm currently considering a tummy tuck with a bit of lipo on the flanks and breast lift; potentially scheduling it for June 2011 in Orlando, Florida.

So, here's the start of my story ... I'm 35, mother of two fantastic little ones (4 & 18months), I'm 5'2 and currently weigh 138. 138 is a bit heavy for me. Back in the college days I looked fabulous at 105, but it's been more than a decade since I have seen that weight! After my first, I lost the baby weight by 9months by dieting and jogging. I weighed about 130. My little guy is 18 months now and I haven't been as successful with the weight loss this time. For background, I am active ... walking and jogging often and I eat well, but not perfect. Both babies were big (almost 9 pounds each), but I think my youngest ruined my belly! I carried him like a bullet!

Honestly, I have been unhappy with the shape/size of my hips since I can remember ...even when I should have been thrilled. So, I am getting the "guts" to do this thing and get a little lipo on the hips! My stomach muscles are separated and my sweet little guy did a number on my skin below the belly button, hence the need for a TT. The TT scares me the most .... I hope I am making the right decision here.

The breast story ...I work full time (medical sales), but spent some quality time with the breast pump, and was able to breastfeed both babies for about 5 months each. I'm thrilled I was able to breast feed, but I am certainly not thrilled with the look of the milkers now! The breasts are racing south, hence my choice to pursue a lift. I am usually a size C, but expanded to something off the charts while breast feeding. Now the big question is lift with or without implants? My goal is natural shape and higher, not bigger.

I have interviewed several doctors around the Orlando area (Fiala in Altamonte, Clark in WInter Park and Soto in Dr. Phillips). Fiala was great, but wanted to divide the surgery into two different procedures. Knowing myself, I wouldn't go back for round two. Plus, I couldn't take time off from work twice. His outcomes look great in photos. Clark suggested lipo and no TT, which sounds nice, but probably won't totally fix the tummy. Soto is who I think I will ultimately choose. His TT results look awesome and I feel the most confident in his work/outcomes/procedure.

So, I think I am really going to do this! I have a second consultation on April 19 and I plan to bring the hubby. Hubby and mom are both supportive, but I suspect that the hubby is a bit clueless on what all of this entails. Mom had a face lift at 38 show she knows and is willing to babysit kiddos and nurse me too! Here goes ...

Congrats on making the decision to do the mommy make over. Your story is similar to mine..I had two big babies..breastfead both and I am in the medical field! I have heard good things of Dr.Soto for he was also a doctor whom I was going to consider..but it was a couple hrs drive for me and didn't want to do that.. keep us posted on your journey! You will learn so much from others from this site!
I agree with you regarding Soto in comparison to Fiala. Fiala almost mentioned splitting it into two surgeries. I knew that wasn't possible with my job. I wanted it one hit and be done. Once I met Soto- I knew he was the one. I am opting for breast lift with aug. I don't want small boobies in comparison to my body frame.
I'm four wks post op. I had my surgery on March 9th. I had a full TT and BA. I'm still recovering from the TT. I'M doing good.
Your pixs doesn't look like you have a lot of extra skin. If I had your stomach I would had just got my hernia fixed(I got that done also) and some lipo. This is too much down time for me. I can't wait until summer! I wish you luck on picking a.Dr. and your surgery.

I scheduled it ....June 23rd! I decided on a lift...

I scheduled it ....June 23rd! I decided on a lift without an implant and tummy tuck w lypo on the hips. I feel confident about the decision and now I just need to prepare. I need to arrange summer schedules for the kiddos, the postop plan and in my personal opinion, I'd like to lose 10lbs prior to surgery. Here goes ...I hope I feel as confident after surgery about the decision as I do now! thing..this is deff worth it!! Your results will be awesome because your pre op pics are not bad :) Keep us posted on your journey!
Thanks so much everyone for all of your input!! Sometimes this site confuses me … I just noticed all of these comments at the bottom of my post! Usually maneuvering around a website is not all that difficult :)!! I guess I didn't scroll all the way down. Anyway, I am excited for the new me, but nervous about the TT. After 2 C sections, I should be fine … right?? Such a big surgery I hope it's worth it in the end!!!
You will do great! Don't be nervous. The results are soooo worth it.
I had full TT, implants replaced, and lift. The lift and new implants are so wonderful. The scars I was so worried about are nothing and I am only a week out.
You will love it, I had a lot done at once and I am so glad I did. One of the docs I met with wanted to split the surgeries, but I went with the one who would do everything all at once. It was a great decision for me.
The TT is the hardest part, but none of this really has been as bad as I thought it would be. I prepared myself for the worst, and it has not been.
ps- My hubby is in Medical sales too and I used to be. It's how we met. So, I understand the need for looking good--especially in that profession!!

You're going to do great and look fantastic when it is all over!
Good luck to you!

I had my post-op appt. today and it was a wealth...

I had my post-op appt. today and it was a wealth of information!! June 23 is only a week away … yikes!!

I have lost 4 pounds ... not my goal of 10, but I definitely am eating cleaner, smaller portions and more organic. I have stuck to my walking & running combo for 30+ min. 4x a week. That will resume again at 6 weeks. I'm not thrilled to be down for such a long time, but the new "me" will be worth it!

Now I am doing the last minute stuff … family schedules, tying up work loose ends, shopping for zip up tops, finding the old maternity exercise pants to wear the week following surgery, filling Rx, etc.

I left today's appointment feeling energized & excited; yet less thrilled about wearing a binder for 6 weeks in the middle of the FL summer. Talk about "HOT"!! O'well … should be worth it! My mom liked Dr. Soto's attention to detail, bedside matter and listening skills. I liked the way he answered my questions. He is confident in his work, which makes me believe my outcome will be beautiful!! I sure hope so!
your day is getting close! cant wait to see the results I look similar to you I should be going in shortly after you maybe beginning of july!
congrats !

So, tomorrow is the BIG DAY. Feeling anxious and...

So, tomorrow is the BIG DAY. Feeling anxious and worrying about all the things that could possibly go wrong … not a healthy exercise!! I've been working like crazy today to finish up projects. I keep wondering if my clients will wonder where I am and what I'm doing? I don't normally take this much time off. I am kissing on the kids bigtime; as I will miss them while I recover for the next week at my mom's house. Last night I made a medications spreadsheet and a chart to keep track of the fluid collections from my TT drains. Off to pack my "surgery bag" now. I hope this works wonderfully … no hiccups!!
You are going to do great today. A lot of nerves but the staff are great and reassuring. Listen, take deep breaths and you will do fine. I will be waiting to hear back from you. Take Care, Cyb-er hugs and prayers your way.
Good luck!! You will do great... I worried about the exact same thing! But everything went good. The anesthesiologist called me the evening before and said the only thing to worry about was my transportation in the morning because driving had a higher risk. That made me feel better. I am 10 days post and feeling good just suffering from slight boredom.

Thursday went well ... yea! I am on my "recovery...

Thursday went well ... yea! I am on my "recovery vacation" at my parents house now. On surgery day, I don't remember the recovery room at all and I have foggy memories of the 1 hr car ride home. I do remember being in considerable pain at the end of the trip; as the office releases you with a muscle relaxer. I took a pain pill as soon as I got in the door. Then, 30 min later plus another nap and I was feeling much better.

Day 2- I slept great last night .. yea! Pain is controlled, eating ok (yogurt, toast and a few bites of chicken so far) and drinking lots of fluids. Mom is nursing me wonderfully! My right drain seem to drain considerably less than the left. There dosen't seem to be a clot, but has air bubbles? Office said it's ok. Off to work on digital scrapbooks from my recliner! BTW, this recliner is a godsend... and bed would be difficult.

Day 3 - A bit more uncomfortable today b/c I tried...

Day 3 - A bit more uncomfortable today b/c I tried pushing the pain meds to every 6 hrs instead of 4. I'm not really in pain, but I feel much more sore today in the back and tummy muscles than yesterday. Also felt like I ate the wrong thing and got a stomach ache, but that may be gas or effects from the meds? Kinda annoyed with the whole thing today ... walking all huntched over is getting old and it's only day 3!!

I did take my binder off last night and my TT scar looks symetrical and really low, so that's great. However, I don't look as small as I expected in the flank area. Maybe I'm just really swollen? I hope he did enough lypo in the flanks b/c they were the worst!!

Overall all is good ... just getting impatient w the recovery.
So were you able to shower? I am going to ask on Tuesday when I go for my next post-op what is with the showering confusion? My skin is so dry (I've been lotioning up under my binder. I itch like crazy. I've been putting ice over the itchy spots. So looking forward to a shower.
I am so itchy under the binder too. Has the lotion helped? I am so darn swollen by the TT....has your swelling really gone down? I don't really see a good shape yet. I did shower, sort of.

Day 4 - Still really swollen, haven't poo pooed, a...

Day 4 - Still really swollen, haven't poo pooed, a bit uncomfortable (stings at drain sites, itchy) but no real pain. Went down to 1 pain pill instead of 2. Drains are only draining 5-10 oz per day, so I am beginning to think my binder isn't tight enough?? I am anxious to see something of a nice waistline!!
I don't think the lotion has helped. What I need is to shower and slough off the dry skin. I am now trying to ignore it. My swelling is changing everyday. I can't tell a difference. However, my husband can. He notices when I am really swollen and then can tell when it goes down. I just know that I could have swelling for months. My biggest annoyance now other than swelling, is the binder riding up on my hips. I have the binder tight and smooth and then I sit and it bunches up :( My right breast is still numb (around the nipple)but their is more pressure and pain (the feeling of being engorged) so I am hoping the feeling is comin back.

Day 6 ...I have d/c the pain pills and am taking...

Day 6 ...I have d/c the pain pills and am taking tylanol plus a muscle relaxer once or twice throughout the day. Swelling is going down, but slowly and I find that frustrating! The binder shifts and itches! I did finally poo on day 4 & 5 with the help of senacot! Drain sites sting a bit and the tummy is really tender, but no real pain. I'm not walking totally upright yet, but I'm improving daily. Tonight I'm trying to sleep in a bed, but did well in a recliner for the last week. At about a week postop, I'm doing good overall, but am anxious for more mobility soon! I'm beginning to see a shape through the swelling and I think the boobies & waistline may look fabulous in a month or so! I have my first postop appt tomorrow, so hopefully one drain goes!

1 week post op - Appt went well. Got one drain out...

1 week post op - Appt went well. Got one drain out... whoo hoo! That drain removal was the wierdest thing I have ever strange, but no pain. I came home from the "recovery vacation" at my parents home today and saw the hubby & kids for the first time in a week. I missed them so much!!! All I want to do is pick up my little one, but I can't. This is going to be the hardest thing yet...
Wow, your pics look great. Don't focus on your size yet, believe me you will shrink down. I never notice if I am swollen or not, but my hubby notices all the time. Its easier for them to see the difference in us then we do. Your breast look great even without augmentation. Part of me wanted to do it without augmentation. However, I lost so much fat in my breast I would have had size A boobies.
LOL, I do love how nice and perky they are even in a baggie t-shirt. I am glad you are doing better. I know its hard to not pick up your kids. I sit down in the recliner or couch and then invite them to sit close to me. Today my youngest fell asleep next to me. It was so sweet to comfort him.
321, thanks! Frankly, I am amazed at what my breasts look like too. What a difference! The TT results are a bit harder to see right now ... My flanks still look kinda big, so I hope he really lypoed there! The lovely sharpie drawings on me seems like he did. BTW, I can get the drawing marks off and I am afraid to scrub too hard. I am swollen, so I assume the flanks are mostly swelling at this point? How are you feeling about your results? How are you feeling and moving around now? You have both drains out ...right? My little guy is in a crib still and my hubby has to go out of town on week 5 of recovery, so now I am trying to figure out how to get him in and out of the crib!
I am nervous about my mommy makeover and seeing that you just got yours done is there any advice you could give me?

July 4/ 1 wk 4 days post op - I'm feeling really...

July 4/ 1 wk 4 days post op - I'm feeling really good today. I am walking upright most of the time, except after sitting for a while! My swelling is going down, but is most obvious below the bellybutton and on flanks, still numb & the bruising is remarkably improved. My energy level is going up and I'm moving around better also. My biggest issue now is two fold 1 - how to dress around this drain (undies are a challenge and pants are nearly impossible, so I have been wearing lots of dresses) and 2- the mommy guilt from not picking up my baby boy! Tomorrow I start working from home (phone, email, etc), but I will still avoid client meetings until the start of week 3.
You look great!
I asked about wearing a different augmen/bra and I have to wait till next week. They want the full 4 weeks in the Zbra. So I will try on all my old bras and see what size fits. I went to Dillards and bought a nice zipper sports bra for augmentation for $38. It is so comfy, I will take a pic of it next week.
I think one of my anchor incisions comes up higher on my left breast, I hope it doesn't show either.
I tried on a bikini for the first time yesterday. I didn't take my belly binder off, because I can't get it tight without my hubby. Anyways I really wanted to see what tops would be great for my new boobies. I put on a spaghetti strap bikini top and felt that I was getting ready for a sports illustrated swimsuit edition. My breast we just popping out. I looked great but not family centered. I'll leave that top to when my hubby and I are ALONE. LOL, but it felt great to have nice looking boobies.
OMG, a slip of the scalpel!!!! I am thinking one of my "C" shaped scars under my left breast comes up a bit high. I hope you won't be able to see in in a lower cut top/dress. Time will tell I guess. I can't believe you are past the line on your binder … holy crap… I can barley get mine to that line! Dr. S predicts my swelling will be gone by the end of August. Come quick, August! Maybe I need to make more of an effort to suffocate myself with the binder to squeeze the swelling out!!! I know what you mean, the binder bunches up on me constantly too. I will change my tapes for the first time tomorrow… and take a better look at these incision lines. In case you are interested...I ordered a black surgical bra online and it was $30 less than the same exact bra they sell at Soto's office. Let me know about the possible infection!!

2 weeks 2 days PO - Last night I got dressed and...

2 weeks 2 days PO - Last night I got dressed and went out to a nice dinner with the hubby and several the friends. It was so FUN to get out, get dressed and do the normal thing again. Of course, all the friends are curious about the PS!! With both drains out, now I just have to find clothes that work w the racer-back surgical bra that must stay on for 4 weeks!! I feel great about the result of the breast lift already and think I will feel the same about the TT also, but I am still so swollen that I can't exactly show off the new waistline. This morning I can't get my binder on as tight as yesterday, so I think the nice dinner (and yes, glass of wine) added to my swelling. O'well. It was worth it.
So, I think the Z bra has really made a mess of my skin. My right breast is quite red & inflamed where the V comes down and my left is a bit irritated also. I have been putting cotton balls in the bra, but it's not really helping. Tonight I decided to put a tank UNDER the bra w Aveeno healing lotion!! I think this bra is rubbing b/c it's too small … ha! I've got to wear this thing until July 22 (i know my exact day too). But, I have to go out of town for work July 19, so I'll be doing a bit of shopping (including bra shopping) the weekend before I leave. I have to wear a strapless formal dress one night … so no Zbra!!! Maybe I should wait until the red patches become a bit less inflamed to go shop for bras …can you imagine … "Hi, I'm here post-surgery and it look like I have some sort of contagious skin disease too, but I'd really like to try on all your bras"!!! LOL.

So, shopping we go!!
LOL, I know I wondered about that too, people seeing my red skin and thinking I am sick. Its is so odd that both our right breast are red and inflamed. My right nipple still hasn't had feeling return yet. Its odd because no nipple sensation, yet my whole breast feels very sensitive.
Try putting a tissue, it helped a bit to put it there between the bra and the skin. I felt odd stuffing my bra especially after have augmentation. LOL
I think the bra is smaller than its supposed to be to help with healing. I tried on all my old bras last night. I am pretty much back into a D cup, but I think my band sized dropped. I used to be a 38 and I think I might be a 36. I need to get professionally sized.
At first I was worried about what some department store employee thought about me while I shopped for special garments. However, last week I went to Dillard's(Florida Mall)and this wonderful associate assisted me with finding a nice recovery bra (which I will wear tomorrow). I told her what I had done, she was completely supportive and asked who the PS was. She had heard his name mentioned several times in the store.
Besides, think of it this way. Once that 22 year old gets married and has kids, her body might be shot to hell too. LOL
It would be hilarious to meet and shop together. I plan to go to Victoria's Secret, they are great at fitting and helpful. I am hoping to get a coupon soon. Usually I get one in the mail.

3 weeks post-op - Today I went shopping for the...

3 weeks post-op - Today I went shopping for the first time. Next week I have to go to a 4-day work event that includes a formal event. Ahhhh... What to wear?? My skinny clothes don't zip over the newly lifted boobies and the bigger clothes, well, they look too big!! Good problem to have, right? Things really fit differently and it's GOOD!!! Shopping was interesting. I can tell that my swelling is improving, but slowly!!! My thoughts today are all about how to maintain this figure …I need to be so very careful.
Looking great! Congrats
Yes, the swelling is improving, but SLOWLY!!! 321, you didn't seem to have much swelling at all! Lucky duck. I have a follow-up appt. w Dr. S tomorrow so I'll be asking some questions about the lumpy swelling. And, asking about what kind of bras are good AFTER the Zbra is history!! I am so anxious for the binder to be history too! The edges of the velcro seriously irritate and it gets so crunched up after sitting down!!

I can sleep a little leaning on my left side now, but my right side is still so tender where the drain was. Oddly, the right drain was out a week before the left, but it's still quite tender??

How's the sensation coming back for you all? I am still numb belly button down & one nipple has more sensation that the other.
Great new pictures, your swelling has definitely subsided.

Start of 4th week p/o - Today I had a follow up...

Start of 4th week p/o - Today I had a follow up appt w Dr. Soto's office. According to the office all is looking good. My breast lift is nothing short of amazing and I couldn't be happier. But, today I am all emotional about the TT. I have a few lumps of swelling that still should "go away," however the love handles on the back of my hips are still there!! Apparently, according to Cassie (who is the PA and is really great and smart), the cannula can only go so far from the TT bikini incision. So, moral of the story is that I still have love-handles. I discussed this w Dr. Soto prior to surgery and I am just so surprised that there was some kind of miscommunication. The love-handles were honestly the worst part of me. I kept wrapping that binder so tight over those stupid fat pockets, but I guess they aren't going to be squeezed out w the binder. I want to cry. Don't get me wrong, the TT is a big improvement over what I had … i just really wanted to wear jeans with out the fat hangover!!! Maybe when the swelling is totally gone I'll feel better about this ...
You are looking amazing! Congrats@
Much appreciated!!
Looking great! I'm getting loop of the hips/flanks and I know exactly what you mean by how badly you wanted them gone but you truly do look great!

Getting ready to gout for my first power walk this...

Getting ready to gout for my first power walk this AM. Did a mini "leisure" walk w the kids yesterday and all went well, so here goes real exercise!

As for a general update, I am moving around almost normally now, bending over at the waist fine, starting to sleep on my sides, breasts are still sensitive and I think the right breast is either more swollen or just bigger than the left? The TT is still hard and numb belly button down. I think the hardness is swelling, but I'm not sure. I think that the upper tummy area is starting to flatten and some of the swelling in my mid section seems to be SLOWLY going away.
Wowie!!! U look fab!!!
You look fantastic! Excellent results!!
Wow, your results look so amazing! Your boobs look awesome, very natural(-: Congrats, I hope your recovery is going smoothly.

I went walking for 35 min for the last three days....

I went walking for 35 min for the last three days. It felt great and was no problem at all!! However, I get a bit of a stinging sensation in the breast area and the TT area felt heavy. I tried a few steps of jogging, but that's not going to work yet. I didn't want to push it before my 6-week clearance.
Dressing w a drain sooooo fun! I mainly wore skirts and dresses, it was just easier. My belly button is looking really good, so that's good! Glad to hear your pain is manageable
... Yea!
You look great! You are being too hard on your body. It is amazing. I go back to work a week from today and dressing with at least one drain should be interesting. Any tips? Lol
I'm draining by 2x that amount each day. I'm about 15-20 cc's each time I drain and that happens 2 x a day. Oh man, I really want at least one out on Thursday. I feel great. Pain is totally manageable. Been on Tylenol since Saturday. Only took the pain meds on Friday. Those were awful. Showered yesterday and incision is low and tonight I will look at the belly button. Already bored and it's only Monday. Lol last week it sounded great doing nothing but it's gonna be a looonnngg week. Haha
I think less than 25cc, but mine drained very little fluid and he left the first one in for 1 week and the second for 2wks. How are you?

September 5 (Approx 2 mo & 2 weeks). I figured I...

September 5 (Approx 2 mo & 2 weeks). I figured I haven't updated this in a while, and I find reading other people's profiles re: stages of recovery so helpful. So ….

Exercise - I can do just about anything now. I am walking, jogging and doing bootcamp classes regularly with no problem. My tummy IS still tight … and often feels tighter after a good workout. I still haven't tired crunches or pliates, but I'm trying a pliates class tomorrow. I think I need to do more stretching to improve the tightness.

The Results -
The Breast Lift: I continue to be so very happy w the look of breast lift. They "girls" don't hurt while jogging if I wear a good sports bra. My incisions are healing wonderfully, but are tender sometimes. I still have more feeling in my left breast than my right.

The Tummy Tuck: The front of my tummy looks great … it even looks like I have definition! My belly button looks completely natural. It's still red and I am applying KeloCote 2x a day to ALL scars. (This process adds time to my getting dressed routine which I find annoying b/c I have to stand around nude while letting the KeloCote dry!!) I still am not thrilled with my love handles, which I thought were going to "be taken care of" with the lypo during the TT. Maybe I didn't ask detailed enough questions re: the lypo or maybe the doc wasn't as clear as he should have been … either way my expectations were a bit out of line re: the love handles. They were always a major concern of mine, so I am disappointed that the entire waistline doesn't look fantastic … just the front of my tummy does! However, it's a HUGE improvement over what I did have. So, I have decided to try Zeltiq cool sculpting on the handles, so we'll see if that helps? My TT scar is fine, although I have a stitch just under my skin at the end of my TT scar that has been bothering me. It may surface w time, if not they may need to surgically cut it out!! Fun. I am still numb below the BB. Now, I am a bit numb/mildly bruised/tingly on the love handles from the Zeltiq, but hopefully that goes away soon.

Overall, I am happy I made the choices I did. Now I am just terrified I don't start eating the wrong things a bit too often again!! Which is partly how I got to the point of needing the TT (and pregnancies of course!!).
Yes, i was fun! This website has been fabulous to lean on throughout this entire process. And, it was great to meet in person someone who I have personally leaned on via realself and has basically gone through the same things at the same time! I loved getting to know you. Let's do this again!
Ali, It was so nice to finally meet. I love this website, but meeting in person and getting to talk about everything about the surgery and all the others things about motherhood, working etc.. Was even better. I hope we can do it again, with Chris. I also would love to have the kids get together for a playdate!
Ali, We can go ahead and meet and then meet again later with Chris. I wanted to send you a message with my number so we could communicate better. I'll check tomorrow morning to see if you are still wanting to meet.

I am 6 months post TT & BL and still very happy w...

I am 6 months post TT & BL and still very happy w my results. I am still numb below the BB, but my scars are healing nicely. I wore a bikini for the first time in 7 years and pulled it off … the BB looks great! Several of the bathing suits I tried on did show my scar, but I did find some cute ones that worked. I do however still have some of the muffin top thing going on w the love handles, which is frustrating. Through the holidays I have also gained a few pounds, which is equally frustrating. I am, now more than ever, aware that I have to make a lifelong change and continue the weight loss efforts. Even though my tummy is drastically improved, it doesn't change the fact that I have 10-15 pounds that still need to come off. Maybe this year I can actually do it? The TT definitely helps w the confidence factor! Good luck everyone out there … new year= new bodies!!
Thanks for sharing your story. Dr. Fiala did an amazing job with me. (Thank God) He actually said he had to extend the incision line to remove the "love handle" and there was more skin than expected that had to be removed for the best results. I wish your PS could have done the same for you. Nevertheless, Dr. Fiala is a perfectionist! I do recommend him if you need further surgical help.
It was nice to read your update. I was wondering if you did the cool sculpting on your hips and how it turned out. I have hips similar to your pre-op pics and have expressed to my surgeon that I want them gone. He generally does not roll patients over for lipo of the hips but he is going to for me before he starts the tummy and boobs portion of the surgery. He will then touch up the shape of the hips at the end of the surgery while on my back. I explained that getting these gone and is probably more exciting then my boobs in my mind. You look awesome in your pics and I hope I get similar results.
I just want to thank you for your day by day blog on your surgery...I am fixing to go in for a consult and I am so scared about the surgery...but your posts have helped me so much and I think you look AMAZING!! Thank you again!
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My experience w Dr. Soto & his staff have been excellent so far!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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