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I want to look good being able to go to the store...

I want to look good being able to go to the store and try the clothing and being able to find something that I like thinking on get a shape wear to look better. I'm 36 DD breast and my back is constantly killing my back and shoulders. I want a nice hour glass shape that help me to look good in most of the clothing not being worried of look will big belly.


We are scheduled for a mommy makeover on the same day!! Good luck to you :)
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I hear ya about wanting to like our bodies in our 40s! What, specifically, will you be getting done in July?
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Mommy make over

23 Days for the Surgery

Tomorrow I will perform my Lab tests for the surgery clearance. I hope everything is ok. At the same time I'm very nervous. I hope all the money and the pain worth it. I remember the pain of my 2nd c section and it scares me that it could be worst than that. I will need a lot of courage to survive those days.

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Getting ready nervous and anxious

Today I had my appointment for the clearance and everything looks perfect. Next week is my last appointment pre op with Dr. Soto.


Good luck...I cannot wait to see your New Sexy Body.
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Looks like we are all on the same journey I have 13 sleeps and counting. I am excited but nervous too! I have had 3 c-sections not sure if it is any more painful. I wonder at times, if people complain how painful it is because they never have had a surgery before? Or have they and it really is that painful. Talking to my friends that are nurses, they said that it should be that bad as PS isn't cutting through the muscle like a c-section. I haven't really told a lot of people as I am worried about what they will say. I have a bad back and this will help prolong the inevitable. I had my pre-op assessment on June 23, payment is in full and just playing the waiting game. Wish it was already here and healing has begun. Good luck again too you! You will be fine, you already know how a c-section feels in regarding the c-section minus taking care of a baby!
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Well I had 2 C-sections in the second one it became an emergency due to my boy cord was strangling him. So he squeezed one of my lungs that cut my air and I lost my coincidence bottom line they had switch from a programmed C section to emergency. Due to the urgency they tear the skin and one of my hips is fatter then the other on. Besides I'm patient of fibromyalgia since the 28 yrs. old. My hole back have pinch nerves and spasms. The medications made hard to me to loose weight. I've been doing exercise intense during the last 4 years to keep my weight I do elliptical 70 min 4 times week 7.5 miles each day. But as you can see my abdomen is not improving. I'm tired of going shopping and nothing fits the way it used to when I was younger. You know the pain like I do we have to be strong. To be beautiful we will have to see the stars and all the planets. I'll never regret having those 2 gifts from heaven they are my live and the best had happened to me. We both will be fine and this time we will see our bodies transformation.

5 More Days

I so nervous but I have all faith in God that will guide the hands of the surgeon. Today I got all the pain medications, muscle relaxants etc.. I need to get the senokot-s and other stuff. Tomorrow I have my Lymphatic Massage. To eliminate the water excess and the toxins before the big day.


How are you? Hoping for a smooth surgery and great results!
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I hope everything went well!!!!
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Take care, I will be following your progress. Wishing good healing vibes your way, and calm nerves between now and surgery. Thanks for sharing your story, so that we can all learn from each other's experience.
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3 Days Post Surgery

With the medications it been within the tolerable level of pain. The most uncomfortable are the drains it makes everything difficult and when my daughter and my husband empty them when they squeezed and release the tubes its painful. I cannot see or enjoy the changes because I have to be hunched and I look like a granny walking. My daughter said that my vagina looks like a stuff taco or sandwich LOL!!! I will send pictures a soon I'm not hunched so much.


Good to hear you are doing well except for the drains and being hunched over. Time will help on those matters. Your daughter must be hilarious! Is she making you laugh? All the best with your healing journey, will keep looking for updates and pics!
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As much as it sucks I'm glad to hear someone else is still hunched like I am. I've been reading other reviews and seeing people stand straight and that's just not happening here. I swear I don't even have enough skin to stand straight!
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My First post op appt with the Dr.

It went quite well he thought that it was my 2nd week appt. So he said that I looked very well They took out one of the drainage. I was kind of painful like someone bother a inside open wound and it burned and felt sore. Also he said that he garment was not properly tighten. Also that will alleviate my backache. It's true after I went out the office I could walk more straight. I saw my shape and I liked it but he also told me that the lack of tightness in the garment may increase the chances of retaining water in that zone. He said that my waist will get close to 26 inches. So he will remove the 2nd drainage next Monday so I should be able to send the pics finally.


What all did you have done?
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A mommy make over lipo in the flanks, hips, tummy tuck and breast reduction from 36DD to 36 C.
Wow! a 26 inch waist, that's awesome! Hope you continue to do well. Looking forward to seeing your after pics!
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Ten days finally drain free

I got finally my 2nd drain removed. I feel more free to move without the fear of hurting myself with a wrong move. Also I can wear my panties for the first time in 10 days. So happy about it I posted some pictures and take in consideration I'm still swollen. I will see more as the weeks pass by.


Hi! How are you healing so far? You look very very good! I went to visit Dr. Soto last year for a tummy tuck but I chickened out :-) Now, I'm considering a mommy makeover with breast reduction like you did!! I also live here in Orlando FL. I'm 41 years old.
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Hi Mariel.....for sure follow on RS, and it helps to know if surgery is right for you or not. Everyone shares their journey...the good and the bad....makes it easier to know what to do for yourself. All the best with your decision!
Great waist, and such a low scar! Looking good.
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The Recuperation is slow for me

I got the drainages removed everything seemed easier until last Saturday that some of my breast stitches got infected. So, I had to go back to the Dr on Monday and he prescribed another round of antibiotics. I couldn't return to work last Tuesday because my immune system is already weak with the 6 hrs. surgery and the antibiotics. Before I went on vacation in my office they were 3 cases of people with shingles. The Dr told me not to run any chances of getting any bug that can complicate the situation even more. I have flexibility in my work to work from home. Today I went back and now I also developed fungus infection on the breast. :(


Haven't heard from you in a while! Just wanted to check to see how you are doing, hope all is well!
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How are you doing these days.
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I'm still struggling with my breasts the tummy is doing okay but the breasts still fighting fungus and infection. I think the problem is the Dr wants me to use tapes on the wounds area to make the scars less noticeable and my breasts get irritated, itchy and cuts with that freaking tape. I bought the hypo allergic type but the humid and hot weather from Florida doesn't work at my favor.

Sixth week

After 4 rounds of antibiotics and 2 rounds of antifungal medication. Today during my appt. my belly bottom stiches were cut. Also I can start my regular exercises, he said I can stop wearing the compression garment and I can wear regular bras. I still getting swollen in the night. He is going to see me next week because now he will work minimizing the scars. But, I will keep using a different garment not because he told me but to help ease the swollenness. I will post pics soon...


Thanks for the update! Sounds like things are going well! Continued healing vibes to you!
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Yesterday I did exercise for the first time in six weeks

I use to do 7 miles in 68 minutes in my elliptical machine. I could only do 4 miles in 46 minutes :(
But this morning I went shopping and I tried some swimsuits. I'm still swollen but I look better than before the surgery.


Am happy you are able to even get on the elliptical after what you have been through. And you know each time you get on will be easier than the last. Keep it up, and thanks for sharing. You look amazing!
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Thank you!!
So glad you are healing well now. It's been quite a process for you!
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