BR and TT or Just BR Questions?

I am 36 yrs old with 2 wonderful kids 6 and 2. My...

I am 36 yrs old with 2 wonderful kids 6 and 2. My family is complete. I have been suffering with neck, back and shoulder pain since the birth of my second child. I tried physical therapy, chiropractic and massage therapy. Nothing helps.

I am currently 5'4 165 lbs. (Lost 30 lbs since Feb) My breasts are about a 40 DD maybe bigger. I can never find bras that fit me properly. I can hardly find an exercise bra with enough support. I find it difficult to exercise. After loosing 30 lbs my breast have not gotten any smaller.

So I have decided to go the BR route in hopes of getting some pain relief and an added bonus of maybe getting my confidence back.

I had 2 consultations and have decided on a PS to do the BR which will be covered by my insurance. At some point one of the PS mentioned a Mommy Makeover and that got the wheels turning. My husband is very supportive and has said now is your opportunity since I can get it all done in one surgery with one recovery time.

Here are my questions

Is it worth it?
I hear a TT is a much harder recovery than a BR. How long did your recovery take if you had a BR and TT at the same time?
Do you think I would regret not doing the TT along with the BR?
To be my ideal weight I should loose another 20 lbs. Would the results be good even though I still have some weight to lose?
The PS would do lipo of the flanks and abdomen but I am wondering if I will still be left with a fat belly or will this help get me to my goal of a flat tummy?

I know these questions should be answered by my PS but I would like to hear from you! I am freaking out a bit at the thought of recovering from all this.

Also, the Dr I have chosen is only mentioned on this site one time. Has anyone used Dr Calvin Peters?



The recovery is definitely no joke, but the Worth It rating on RealSelf is in the upper 90th %, so I think it's safe to say that for most ladies it is most definitely worth it.

From what I've read, being at a stable weight that you can maintain is maybe more important than being at your "ideal" weight. Here's what some doctors have to say about that.

I'm sure you'll get some support and input from other ladies on the site. Please keep us posted!

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Excited and Very Scared!

Less than 3 weeks away and I am considering backing out of the Tummy Tuck and going ahead with the Breast reduction only. I am scared of the pain and recovery time, especially since I have young kids. The only help I will have is my husband. I am having a lot of anxiety and am freaking out! Any advice or words of wisdom? Will I regret not doing all of this at once? If I don't do it now I know I will never do it.

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This is me preop

Heavy breasts and a stretched and saggy tummy


Thanks ladies, I appreciate the comments! I have to make the payment for the tummy tuck today. My belly is flip flopping, I am so nervous! If I make the payment I am committed! I think for the next 2 weeks I will be a wreck! My preop is not until the day before surgery. I have only see the surgeon one time for the initial consultation. Is that normal? I feel like I should go back and see him at least once more before preop. I have no idea what I should have on hand for after the surgery. I have read a lot of reviews and there are many things people have recommended. Not sure if I need it all. I have a couch with a recliner so that should be ok I think. I got Arnica pills and gel. What else did you find was absolutely necessary? What worked best for you? Thx so much I really need the support!
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I didn't really get much "care" info either just what I've read on here. I got disposable bed liners (I got the ones from the kids section in Walmart for bed wetting lol) to put on your chair in case of incision leakage, Stool softeners, a laxative, extra gauze compresses, bendy straws, extra pillows, Kleenex. Wipes
And a side table to set up all your stuff with an extension cord. Cold packs. Dry shampoo. Thats all I've really used so far. I wish I had bought a grabber thingy especially for the first week. I also bought arnica pills and vitamin c to start taking 1 week post op. Good luck!

Paid in Full - Now its really real!

I had to fork over the $$$$ yesterday! No turning back now! 12 days! O M Geeee! My nerves are getting the best of me!

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PS had to cancel!! UGHHHH!

One week from today was my day! I just got a call from the nurse and she said the Dr. got called out of town and had to cancel everything next week. The soonest she could get me in would be August 5th. That's not so bad, the bad part is I had my time arranged off work and I think my boss will not be happy about the change in date do to work conflicts. I am so stressed!


OH NO!!! Sorry about the cancellation! I hope you can find a bright side!! I will be thinking of you!!
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Surgery Scheduled again for Aug 8, now my MS is flaring up because of stress.

I have MS but have never had any problems at all until last week. I think the stress from the anticipation and then the cancellation of my surgery has brought this on. I have numbness on the left side of my face. My dr prescribed steroids but that is not helping. Tomorrow I have an appointment with my neurologist. I am nervous what he will say about me going through with the surgery. Please pray I can go on a heavier dose of steroids and get the feeling back in my face and also be given the all clear for my surgery.


Thanks! I have been rescheduled for the 8th! Except now I am having issues because of MS. I have not ever have a problem since I was diagnosed 7 years ago. I never realized how much stress I was under! And this has triggered numbness in my face. If I do go through with the surgery I hope that does not trigger other MS problems!


I had a hard day. I went to my neurosurgeon's office and saw the nurse practitioner. She did not think I should have the surgery while I am having a MS symptom just incase my body might not handle the stress. She was going to get a second opinion from my actual neurosurgeon tomorrow morning. I am just 17 days away. This has been a crazy roller coaster ride. I am starting to think someone is sending me signs. My face is still numb and the nurse said it will hopefully resolve on its own. Please pray the best thing happens whatever that is.


Hi there...hope this roller coaster settles down for you..sincere wishes! I'm sure when you have your surgery you will do great! Will think of you! Best wishes..
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I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. It will all work out how it supposed too whether you have your TT in Aug or sept or whenever. Try not to stress too much (especially if that makes it worse) keep us posted. Good luck!!
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Cancelled and Heartbroken

My neurologist said no surgery for me for at least 3 months. At that time I will have an MRI to make sure the MS has settled down and my body wil be strong enough to endure the procedure. I am so disappointed but also know that I can't risk causing bigger problems for myself.

Thanks for all your support! I will be following your posts and can't wait to hear how you all do. Hopefully I will be back in 3 months with better news!

All the best!


Good luck! Good things come for those who knows how to wait.
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Just read your post! So sorry you have to wait, but it sounds like you have good caring doctors. Please let me know how you are doing!
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