12 weeks new pics:)

I finally went to a consult! I am ready to do this...

I finally went to a consult! I am ready to do this. BUT, the Dr. I saw did not tell me everything I wanted to hear. Just for reference, I am 5'7 130 pounds. I went for a BA and TT consult and he said he would only offer a mini (which I was expecting). He would not offer me lipo and will not tighten the muscles in my upper abs (said it doesnt always turn out well). I was hoping for lipo in upper and maybe flanks. He thought this would make me look unnatural and I would not acheive what I'm looking for. My goal is a flat tummy! He said would not be completely flat but no one wants a completely flat tummy....not sure what that meant--maybe he thought I meant like a crazy muscle man or body builder....I'm not looking for that just sick of feeling my bulge in ANY clothing I wear.

He is a respected Dr around here and I have seen his results on full TT and they look great. I have another consult next month with another Dr. Really liked this Dr and his conservative approach but I am scared I won't get the result I'm after. I am small and know I don't need a lot , I just figured as long as I was getting the mini, I should do lipo too so it's nice and flat. But, I also like that he could have made himself some extra $$$ and he told me no flat out. Anyone have advice? This board has been a HUGE help to me. I wish my next consult was tomorrow but I can't get in until FEB!!

Ok...I have a consult date of Jan29th now! I asked...

ok...I have a consult date of Jan29th now! I asked them if they could move the surger date around if I decide on that day to get surgery and she said she was going to block out Feb 18. I did this because I have heard very good things about this PS and the said if I decided not to go with it, no biggie they would cancel. Also, the reason for rush is two fold. I have a trip planned at the end of March that my kids would be upset if we didn't go and I know I will chicken out if given too much time to ponder. I am worried that something would go wrong in surgery etc....and I am sure you get my drift. I have a list of ?'s for next week. Any one have any to add??? Trying to post my pics.

Ok. had my second consult today and now I am...

ok. had my second consult today and now I am pretty confused. She pretty much said the same things the other Dr. said -spent a little more time going over the types of implants etc. So I am set for a BA and mini TT (she said same thing about the stomach as he did). I can't decide who to pick. There are pros and cons to both. One surgery is about $1500 more than the other but I am not going to let that be the deciding factor. However, maybe I should? I don't know what to do! Help!! I did set up a surgery date for Feb 18th with the second as she is a woman and I did feel better about being around her naked etc...although also not a reason to pick surgery. What do I do???

Ok I did it!! I paid in full for my mini TT and Ba...

Ok I did it!! I paid in full for my mini TT and Ba. Feel like I signed my life away! So nervous and every time I talk to my husband about being nervous he tells me not to do it. Lovely. Anyhow, I was going for saline and think I have decided on silicone 375 per her recommendation as I don't have a lot of breast tissue and she thinks the saline will most likely ripple. I'm a little nervous about getting silicone because what if they rupture but I also don't want to be unhappy with the way they look. Here's hoping I'm making the right decision. This all feels so weird as I've been thinking about doing this for so long and now that I finally am, I super nervous about waking up, getting clots, having bad results an basically all the things that we all probably worry about. Thank goodness I found this board. Going to try to post pics with the implants and see what you think. Also, for whatever reason,y review posts to only the mini tummy tuck r review and not the BA board. Does anyone know how to fix this?

Still trying to decide between Saline VS. Silicone...

Still trying to decide between Saline VS. Silicone....anyone want to way in? I am thinking I'll be so worried about it rupturing ( the silicone) that I won't enjoy them. On the other hand, I am sure they will look better too.....torn and I need to decide soon!

Going in tomorrow morning! My mom will pick our...

Going in tomorrow morning! My mom will pick our three kids up around 9am and then my husband and I head off to the surgery center for my 10:30 appointment! So nervous. I may take a Valium tonight. Found myself brushing my daughters hair hoping its not the last time. Dramatic much anyone?! I know as soon as I wake up I will be thrilled and happy I did this---it's just getting through my fear until then. This board has been so helpful. Thank you to all you gals and I can't wait to pay it forward with my experience. The support is nice. Wish me luck!!

Yesterday went well. Arrived at surgery center...

Yesterday went well. Arrived at surgery center full of nerves and the anesthesiologist gave me serving to calm down. Last thing I can remember was my PS cracking a joke with me. Woke up to throwing up and sever nausea and someone sticking and enema up my behind. Tmi? Well I figured I'd share entire experience. My surgery took 3 1/2 hours and my recovery 2. What a wimp !! Anyhow, got home and the pain meds they gave me there must have taken awhile to wear off because this morning is the worst I have felt yet. My husband just made me some toast and gave me more pain meds so ill try to nap again. Thank goodness my mom has our kids. I could not take care of them in the least right now. Also, my fingers on my right hand are numb. My thumb ,pointer, and middle. It is. SO annoying. So ignore typos as it is hard. As crap to type on these phones like this. Have a post op today and will try to get some pics for u girls. Still don't know size as my husband didn't ask and I was completely out of it. I could never be a functioning merit addict!! Haha. Thanks again for support.

PO Day 1 had some rough points. Went to the Dr...

PO Day 1 had some rough points. Went to the Dr and had dressings removed...things are looking pretty good. I am in a lot more pain than I had anticipated and while my hubby was trying to sponge bathe me, I got really naseous and dizzy. Anyway, that's over and I'm hopped up on pain meds again getting ready for some sleep. Does anyone know where to get a good ...small compression garmet? The one they gave me cuts into my boobs-NOT a good thing as they are really hurting me bad. My PS said not to even wear a garmet but I feel better with it on....was surprised she even said that. So if anyone knows where to get one, LMK ASAP so I can get it here. Other than that, my right side and lower back is really hurting and I'm trying to get up and walk around as much as possible. Phew. It's not easy...still haven't seen my kids:(

Wow this has been a roller coaster ride. First ill...

Wow this has been a roller coaster ride. First ill discuss the mini TT. I gott period yesterday so add that to the swelling from surgery and I look 7 months pregnant. That I know will go down so not too worries. However, my ps did do lipo above my belly button and that area is hard and bruised. Is that normal? That's actually bothering me worse than the incision or tummy being numb (weird) or blood bank (GROSS and I can't stop dealing so ill ha e at least till Monday-yuck!) worried about getting that out too. Now on to the breasts. I have really mixed emotions. I am so surprised about how I feel even though I have read that this is normal. Two days in a row now my husband has helpede shower and I have broken down in tears. It's because I feel like crap but also I feel the boobs are so big and so high and I'm so scared I'm gonna look like a stripper. Can't brings self to post a pic , maybe later but the dr and my husband assures they look good and its swelling and they will go down etc. I have started massaging them Per instructions /-not fun but they usually feel better after. The walking around feeling like I have two huge ice rocks attached toy chest after someone knocked the shit out of me is what's got me. Just wasn't expecting this. I usually have a high pain tolerance. Someone, please help! Please tell me this is all normal and they and I will feel normal again. I have been such a baby. My poor husband reminded me gently last night that this wast choice, was what I had chosen to do and I needed to deal with it. Which I needed to hear. Time to buck up and putting big girl pants on. But I'll still who e here as you girls are the best support I've gotten so far. Oh and btw they ended up going 375 under muscle silicone mod profile. Lord I hope they start to look and feel different. And I hope I can start being useful again. I feel like a useless lump on a log! Used to being so active and busy with our life. Oh, just got period so that's not helping things!!!!!

Adding a few pics that my husband tool last night...

Adding a few pics that my husband tool last night after shower. I just cleaned myself up and may take a few more.

Good Morning everyone. Thought I would post from...

Good Morning everyone. Thought I would post from my computer today to try and eliminate all my crazy typos. Just went back and read what I have written so far and I swear, I CAN spell....lol stupid "smart" phone! So today is PO 9 and it's probably the best I've felt so far. Already in danger of doing too much. Dropped kids at school and just back from grocery. And yesterday, my mom brought me to Joann's (had to get supplies for my daughter's cake pops) and the mall (she needed to get something) and I was wiped...we were in each store for 10 minutes tops. Was nervous going to the grocery by myself....LOL...but ran into a tennis friend and we were talking and I felt normal for the first time in ....9 days! Anyhow, here's how my healing is going. My boobs still are VERY sore and the left one does NOT want to drop which is seriously pissing me off! The right one already starting to feel better and more normal...whatever that is. even sitting here typing, the left one bugging me. I'm also nervous they are too big but, what am I going to do about that now? Hopefully they settle. Get stitches out next week. AS far as my mini tt with lipo, the scar seems to be doing ok..can't see too much as the steri tape is still on and I really try not to look at it too much. There is a lot of swelling (especially since blood bag gone) around the incision and my mons pubis which I'm not too thrilled about but am assured is normal. What I am most worried about in regards to the mini is that the lipo heals well and the hard lumps go away. My PS believes in lymphatic massage and so I have an appointment with one tomorrow. I'll let you all know how it goes and try to post new pics soon!! All in all, I don't think I would take it back but still leaving my review as undecided as I waver about it all day---sure that is normal--just not thrilled with it all day. I'm sure I'll get used to everything once healing is more apparent etc. It's just hard for me to see that far ahead when going to the grocery is like an Olympic feat for me. :))

Was feeling so good yesterday and even though I...

Was feeling so good yesterday and even though I have read don't overdo it----I overdid it. Seems like nothin but got lymphatic massage in the morn , dropped by the mall to grab my daughter a dress for her b day, picked daughter up from school (noon), fed her lunch. After ALL that ( being sarcastic cause that's an extremely light morning--usually anyway) I had to call a sitter so I could crash and a friend to pick up my boys at school. Ugh. Layed down for 2 hours and then up to make cake pops get kids fed etc and to bed. By 7:40, I was in bed too and felt horrible!!! Ugh---I will try not to overdo today--do not want to feel like that again. The lymphatic massage went well and helped tons with the swelling --however--I was VERY swollen around incision last night and am fearful of giving myself a Seroma. Get stitches on boobs out Tuesday ! Happy weekend:)

Hey everyone. Was going to post pics, but when I...

Hey everyone. Was going to post pics, but when I look at them, they don't show my results as I see them (they look worse on camera), so I want to try to get better ones. Will try again later. Went to my PS yesterday and got the stitches out for my breasts. Did not hurt at all but the incisions did burn and itch for the rest of the day. Sure that is normal. As far as the boobs go, I am getting used to them extremely quickly and am no longer thinking "YOWZA" when I see myself naked. As a matter of fact, last night in the shower my husband said...."They look good....not too big....you could have gone even bigger!" WHAT??? He of the loves small boobies, did NOT want me to do this all of the sudden has a bad case of boob greed. I'm giggling to myself right now as when he walked out, I looked down and thought....yeah he could be right! So girls that are coming out of surgery, DO NOT panic at the outcome as the results have changes so much just in two weeks and I'm already starting to really like the boobs. AS far as the mini TT, I would like to get a good pic of that for you and will try this afternoon as the scar looks really good and so thin except for maybe some dog ears on both sides. Trying not to worry as I just stated above, it is early yet and I need to give time for this to resolve. All in all, feeling well-not really back to my normal self-still get tired still get panicky if anyone goes to hug me real quick...things like that. Anyhow, more later.

Im three weeks today. Pros are I am in love with...

Im three weeks today. Pros are I am in love with my new boobs and my tummy is definitely flatter. Starting to slowly get back in to my work out as I feel like I'm getting flabby and mushy!
Cons are my boobs still get sore and also I feel like (hopefully) my tummy is very swollen. I hope this is only swelling and goes down as right now I am not too , too thrilled with the results. Seems like it was flatter the day after surgery. But, from everything I have read this is normal so trying to be patient. Also, I did bruise pretty good--the pics I'm posting have only minimal bruising--it was pretty bad before that's why I waited to post pictures. Also, I'm moving slowly and hope to get back into the swing of things. I feel like all of the sudden I've developed love handles but I'm sure it's because I'm used to the belly roll that I used to have. All in all, this has been worth it and only hope it gets better from here. I thinks one of the reasons I'm feeling like a fatty is because I usually am very active and work out a lot. So, I am sure this feeling will pass!

So I'm officially one month PO. I'm really...

So I'm officially one month PO. I'm really starting to like my boobs and am so glad my ps went with 375. They have dropped and the sweeping has come down so much and they are not very obvious. I'm some clothing, I don't look very different at all. I finally know what boob greed means! As far as the mini TT I get so swollen by the end of the day and I waiver between weather it was worth it. The swelling will get bad and I still can't button my pre op clothing. I could, but don't want it too tight and cause the healing to disrupt. I started some light exercising and I think that is makin the swelling worse. My husband just started insanity work out and I want to do it but can't. Boo. All in all, feeling so much better and wish I would have done this years ago. Lymphatic massaging really helps by the way.

Hi everyone-we had a long spring break and so...

Hi everyone-we had a long spring break and so haven't been on to share and see etc. I'm 7 weeks today and have finally started running last week. So much more nervous about my tummy than my boobs. I think that's because that was the thing I wanted fixed the most. Im sure it's my imagination, but I feel like I swell more than I was and worry that I popped the internal stitching on the lower abs? I even asked my ps about this and she said no that they should be good to go now. Anyone else swelling like crazy. I wonder if its maybe because I don't wear the compression garment except for at night and also now doing my full work outings weights. All in all, everything is good and the boobs look great. Will get some pics this week to share.

So it's just a little over 12 weeks and things are...

So it's just a little over 12 weeks and things are almost back to normal again around here. I just starting running at what I used to run at this week--tried it at 6 weeks and it still felt so weird that I stopped and went back to walking for awhile. Anyhow-the tummy is doing well--I still swell if I do too much and especially if I eat and drink out of hand. I notice also that it bothers me way more when I over eat--it used to be fine but now I feel like ill explode--lol. All in all, I am VERY happy I went through with this. Still slight brushing around the tummy area as I'm still getting lymphatic massaging and let me tell you ladies--I strongly reccomend it to any of you who have had TT and /or lipo. It really helps a lot. My incision. Is looking good--I need to take a pic of it for u--keep forgetting. My boobs are an ongoing saga. I guess they r just hard for me to get used to. I have a love/hate with them. Today, I love them because they look fabulous. But Monday night at tennis when some old lech commented on them , I was very embarrassed and went back to asking everyone if they r too big etc. as my husband says--you wanted them, you got them who cares what people think. I also got some new bras from vs and it turns out I'm a 34 D which freakse out as I wanted C's! I do notice that I can't wear the same tight tops that I used to wear with out looking....risqué ? I'm sure ill get used to it. I've found myself this week trying to hide them and wishing I would have went smaller and feeling bad about it--but my husband tells me they look good and I do know he would tell me (like it or not--he would) so I'm starting to let that go. It's ongoing. I'm also numb almost my entire left breast which I knew was a risk and does bother me but what bothers me more is how to do breast exams? I can't feely tissue anymore. Anyhow-here are some new pics still love looking at all you gals and your great results. This was a journey and thank goodness for this board. I will try to keep more current!
Dr ville

Referral....going for other consults too.

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Thanks girls!
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You look great. I sometimes feel weird about my boobs too. Like it's some alien thing in my body that doesn't belong there. But, they look great so I'm still happy about them!
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You look amazing!! Your boobs do not look too big! I have felt the same way though on and off about mine!! Then I'm like, whats done is done and I like them, it's my body, it doesn't effect anyone but me so here I am with my fake boobs! Ha!! :) we will get used to it, it's just such a major change to our bodies that I personally didn't realize I would have such a hard time with. In another 9 months we will be used to the new us. You look great!!!
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You look amazing! Seriously!
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I started a circuit training workout at 10 weeks post op and I swelled up pretty bad and it didn't totally go away while I slept! Very frustrating, I have a swollen area above my belly button that doesn't go as flat as before. My doc said I prob didn't damage anything but I have to take it easy until it goes down and start very slowly. Everyone heals differently and apparently I am taking longer:-( I hope your swelling goes down!
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Glad to hear you are doing so good! I have some swelling too! Tried running and told to wait another two weeks. I guess too much pounding! Can't wait to see pics!
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So glad to see your update an hear you are well! I have been swelling more this week as I have tried to get off binder more. Last night I had a lot of swelling and some pain. My swelling isn't terrible or real noticeable, but it's more than it was. I'm trying to go back to taking it easier an eat better an increase water. I can tell I still have some healing to do. It still great though being 7-8 weeks out!!!!!!!! Yay!!!! So happy you re well and running!!!!!!! We hve come a long way!
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How are you doing?? Havent heard anything in a while.
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You look phenomenal! Congratulations! It's motivational and inspiring to see that you are where I could be in three more weeks! THANK YOU!
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You look great!!!!!!!!!!?
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Sorry, didn't mean for the question mark.
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No on your back and she massages and digs around. Not very relaxing or pleasant , but it helps a lot with swelling and getting the lymph nodes working
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I got one today! Loved it. Seeing results!!!
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You look great!!!!! got a question....Do u have to lie on ur stomach for that lymphatic massage?
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It looks good in the morning and by night swollen. Last night was extra bad as I had a full day and dinner and drinks late and boy did I regret that. I'm Still getting lymphatic massaging and I think it helps a lot. She told me that swelling can last for 6 months. Hope that's all this is!
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I'm like either I'm gaining weight or this is really swollen. I didn't have a drain so I think it's even worse than normal. Ugh!
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you look fantastic! i'm 5 weeks and for the last two weeks i'm not tight anymore either. when i bend or sit, it's not tight anymore, it's squishy and rolls. the ps said not much swelling anymore. he didn't really give me an answer whether it will get better or anything. he mentioned possible fat! i don't eat anything with fat, very healthy foods. i haven't exercised, but i didn't before either. lol at 6 weeks i can start exercise and i certainly hope that helps! i look great when i stand straight though! lol
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How are you doing? My stomach is still so swollen and puffy. When I wake up its okay but then it's back to looking gross. Are you massaging your stomach? How is yours looking?
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Screaming....." You look amazing"
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Your results are looking great!!
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375 silicone under the muscle. At first I was so upset how big they were but they have gone down a lot and I told they will settle as well so I'm ok with them. When I have a t shirt on, they are easily hidden.
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They look great and that is the same size I am planning on. Pre-op tomorrow, so I'll know more after. I hope I look that good in a bathing suit after!
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sorry if I missed it somewhere, but what size implants did you decide to go with?
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Wow, I think you look fantastic! My pre-op is about the same as you. Not too big, just flabby. I can't wait to continue to follow your progress. I'm sure you're still swollen, I hear it can take up to 3 months to completely go away. Glad you're doing so well!
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You look great girl! You are tiny! - not your boobies! Lol your waist!
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