Laser Lipo Legs (Calves,knee, Inner/outer Thigh and Banana Roll) - Orlando, FL

Before getting my procedure done, this was very...

Before getting my procedure done, this was very helpful. I found it difficult to find those who had their calves done. I thought maybe my own experiences might be helpful for others as a sort of blog. The first week was uncomfortable. My calves did not bother me at alI. The outer thighs and banana rolls, especially, made sitting uncomfortable. You get used to it after a few seconds and then you have to get used to the shift when you stand again. I did not take any pain medication past day 2 and actually stopped leaking on Day 2 as well. I read a review of a person who said their body was absorbing the fluids during the procedure which made their procedure painful. I think the same thing happened to me. I read several reviews where people said they didn't feel much. Oh how i wish that were the case. I has several moments of unbearable pain. Luckily now it is but a distant memory. Each day that passes is better than the one before. I went to work after 3 days. It wasn't too bad, but i tried my best to walk normally. Sitting and getting up was the most uncomfortable. I had my one week post op yesterday. They said everything is healing as it should and i ordered my second garment. Sitting and walking was sooo much easier today than before. I'm still super swollen and have ugly bruises everywhere. Only my cankles have gone down a little (i never had cankles before), so I'm not seeing any results yet, but i know it is still early so I'm not too worried. Sitting is better but i still haven't had the courage to sit on the toilet. It has been squatting all week! I'm looking forward to maneuvering better tomorrow than i did today! And i hope to see some swelling go down!

2 and a half weeks

It's been 2 and a half weeks and things are much better! I can even sit on the toilet with no pain! I still have bruises and i think I'm still swollen because i don't see much of a difference yet in my legs from now compared to before i had the procedure done, but i think it's still kind of numb because when i try to shave, it seems like can't really feel what's happening. So that gives me hope that my legs have some shrinking to do. I know they say things probably won't be to their.. final stateā€¦ for like.. 6 months. I suppose it's natural for people to expect immediate results. I can see a difference in the outer thighs and knees, but i feel like calves and thigh..circumference is about the same. I'm trying not to focus on that too much. I'm still wearing the garment all the time, but need to see how long i have to wear it. I no longer feel like my skin is separated from the rest of my leg at least so it doesn't feel weird not wearing the garment. I had my one week post op appointment and was told everything looked as it should. My next appointment isn't until september! We'll see how things progress in the next week though.
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Thanks for sharing on RealSelf.  It is nice to hear about someone's calf experience, I agree their aren't a lot of reviews about them.  Did your office know you had the procedure, or were you suffering silently those early post-op days at work?
We'd love to see some pics!
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I suffered silently lol. it wasn't too bad though. Maybe i will post pics when i start to see some change.
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Sounds good, don't be shy while you are healing- we are here to support you along the way.  Just read your review update- I think it is safe to assume you have a lot of swelling right now- especially in your lower leg/calf area because of gravity as well as healing.  I hope you see some results in that area soon :)
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