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Hey Real_self Family! ( i read this site almost...

Hey Real_self Family! ( i read this site almost daily to get stories related to mine). Long story short. i have a co-worker who showed me a pamplet, then she had it done, i read up on it, advised the husband of the plan ( for much needed support) and schuduled a consultation. While im getting my $ right, i have a final cosult on Feb 26. Then, on the day of my wedding Anniversary, March6 the tummy will be sucked away! im soo excited.Husband doesnt agree but is willing to tatally support me........I love him! Ive had this pooch all of my life, i cant blame babies....even though the last one left me with about 30 extra lbs that i cant seem to shake.Im having my upper/lower abs done and my waist. those are my only PROBLEM areas. The arms, back etc will do fine if i can shake this weight.... My stomach is hereditary, my mom has one too. But hers came more with age, she used to be skinny. I, on the other hand have never had that priveldge. Ill keep yall updated!


SOOOO.. I GO IN TOMMORROW FOR MY PRE-OP(?). i think thats what it is.. im embarrssed cause ive put on a few pounds since the consult. i hope that will be ok. soo ready!

@ pre-op right now...dressed in the attractive...

@ pre-op right now...dressed in the attractive paper bikini, getting all of my before and after instructions....wish the doctor would hurry up and come in here. One more week and I"ll be fine and devine! Ttyl

Only 2 and a half more days! Dr. Seimen said I had...

Only 2 and a half more days! Dr. Seimen said I had a small hernia. But he could still do the procedure ( I read that is dangerous).my gyn said I didn't have a hernia. So idk....so now I'm confused and excited

On my way.....a little nervous, (met me there jesus!)

On my way.....a little nervous, (met me there jesus!)

Ok. enough of reading other post. today, i have my...

ok. enough of reading other post. today, i have my own! FINALLY. so, it was schuduled for 6 am yesterdat morning. they said eat a good breakfast and include something sweet. so @ 3:30 in the morning me and the hubby were @ the Waffle house eating a good breakfst. we got to sono Bello and waited unitl they were ready to call me to the back (we were early). when they did, as u know from reading other post, the nurse did her thing, i aske a few ?'s then the doc came in to draw on me and ansewered some of my ?'s. when the meds she gave me kicked in' i was "cool as a cucumber and didnt really have a care in the world! she put me on the procedure bed and gave me sunglasses. ok, here we go. The doc came in and gave me those shots. ALL im gonna say is "oh boy". ( they did hurt) and i have a high pain tolerence. but any who.....next came the Tumescent fluid, or what ever its called, and (oh boy)....ya catch my drift? he said i said very welltaking the pain. he also said that shopuld be the end of my dis comfort.

BUT, it wasnt, i have a big pooch, and that fat was REALLY stubborn. Cuz it hurt for real. but i kept focusing on the fat that i could see going in the tube. (by the way he told me FLA law will only let him take out 4000 ccs of fat......that what he tolm ME. ANY ways. i fell asleep numerous times (glad i did). then they woke me up and put on my garment. ( idont remember how i got dressed, but i did.) the nurse gave me my bag with my meds and instructions and wheeled me out to my car.

I slept the whole way home. i woke up when my husband stopped to get something to ea, but that's all i remember. got home, in the bed (i had akready lined the bed with protective cloths. and i was out. i was in moderate pain but i got up and ate a sandwhich, drink h20 and popped another molly, ( imeant pill)!slept most of the the day, but i got up, said hello to all of my babies, asked them about school, ironed thier clothes for the next day, alked sround the house for a bit and layed down (attempting to watch FLIGHT. i fell asleep.

When i got up i was curius how i looked (by the way the dr called to check on me ) hat was nice. i wanted to take off the garment and put pads under it but he said no, cuz i would swell alot and be in terrible pain. main i leaked every where and i wad soaked. i changed the padding on the bed about 3-4 times and underwear abou 3 times. by the way, i can alreay tell a difference in my love handles and lower ab, even through the garment! and i now have a waist line! ohhhh shT$#, girlfirend gone be fine! WaTch out now! so its 3 in the morning and most of the pain has subsided and im writing my review....lots of leakage on the 1st day....loving the BEGINING resultS

Sono bello called me again yesterday to check on...

Sono bello called me again yesterday to check on me and answer any ? I hd. And to make my follow-up appt. I put shape wear on top of my binder and compression garment. It actually doesn't hurt. I want a nice figure. This itching is *** I'm up @ 6am in the morning trying on belts cuz I never had a waistline before. This is soo cool!

Its the 3rd/4th day and I'm starting to feel...

Its the 3rd/4th day and I'm starting to feel slighty bloated and the rubber band feeling around my waist.

So I went to the gym today for a light workout. I...

So I went to the gym today for a light workout. I felt soo good. But "ohh boy",now I see what others are talking about when they say their procedure areas are swollen. It ALMOST looks like I didn't have much done. But I still feel my areas tryning to "draw up"

Whew.. Thank God (UPS delivered today). went to...

whew.. Thank God (UPS delivered today). went to Sonobello on wensday for my 2nd stage garment. i told dat Gal that thang was too small. she said "its supposed to be like this (it took both of us to squeeze me in) she said she would've even suggested i get a large instead of the XL for even more compression ......i dont know "bout that cause girlfriends gotta breathe. i finally got putting it on and taking it off by myself down to a science. but OMG. she said nothing should be tight or indent my skin right now....i undersatnd that. but that garment was soo tight, i began to feeel nauseau,then i was cranky, didnt even wanna ansewer thephone. thats how tight it was. it was squeezing my back in a undescribable way. then i had to work and sleep in it......thats too much.then today, a knock came on the door. THANK GOD! ( i ordered a refurbished 2XL on my own- and paid 66.00 for a 130.00 garment) i put it on and i think im gonna make it! Another 2X should be on the way, once some sewlling goes down' ill get back in my XL. ( the 2x measurments fit just right, but the girls @ Sono bello are told to put u in a size smaller then what you should order...sorry i couldnt do it much longer

Imm such a srew up. i tried to down load flics...

imm such a srew up. i tried to down load flics from my cell-phone and some how just erased them all......wow

Also. besides the extreme swelling that took my...

also. besides the extreme swelling that took my slimm results look away (lol). i feel the hard lumps forming and sudden sharp pains here and ther. All just part of the healing im sure.

Thank the Lord! My period came on and I've been...

Thank the Lord! My period came on and I've been releasing all sorts of fliuds for the last couple days, I'm A LOT less bloated. I even started eating right and dropped 5lbs since Sunday. And to make me feel even better, sono bello sent me a 2 week post op email and said "by now, most of ur swelling should be gone, more results are slowly but surely coming. Ahhh. Finally, the results are on the way again. This is my motivation to drop these 30 plus lbs and I'm vtaking advantage of it. I have no more excuses or reasons to disappoint MYSELF this time....

Today is Sunday, this wendsday will make 3 weeks...

today is Sunday, this wendsday will make 3 weeks since my procedure. Swelling from week 2 has went down tremendously and I can fit back into my regular uniform and some of my old (smaller clothes).but u can tell I'm more shapely than before. Glad to see results again.. ill post pics when I can.

Going home to Jamaica in two weeks for a short...

Going home to Jamaica in two weeks for a short stay....ill be very sexy in my TWO piece bathing suit. I hope I keep shrinking.

BTW ...my Co -worker had her arms and dorsidal fat...

BTW ...my Co -worker had her arms and dorsidal fat pad on her back done in December and she looks amazing.I'm thinking of having my back done when I pay off my Jamica trip.idk.....maybe ill just save up until I can just pay for the procedure cash.

Doing great.

Doing great.

So I'm about two months post procedure. I ordered...

So I'm about two months post procedure. I ordered two smaller garments yesterday. size large to be exact. I started out in an extra large. I did order 2x on my own because it was more comfortable. the one x is snug

I know it's time to get more compression.these...

I know it's time to get more compression.these garments are not cheap. They don't tell about these things during your consult.on surgery day I weighed in @ 210/yesterday I was 201

I got my two new smaller garments yesterday. wanna...

I got my two new smaller garments yesterday. wanna ride in the mail. and the other via UPS. I posted pictures of both size large

My new garments arrived a couple days ago. Size...

My new garments arrived a couple days ago. Size Large from makemeheal.com

Going back!!!!!!

Its almost been 1 year. I still look good .My waist is slightly larger on one side. Dr. Sidemen agreed to revise it for free. So while he,s in their, I'm having my abs done again.....it will only be 1/2 price. Also I'm getting my flanks/top of my hips done for the first time. I want my abs flatter and my waist smaller, and I do understand he could only remove a certain amount of fat the first time...I'll post more pics soon. My procedure isn't until June.When I post my present pics, u can see I've come along way already

Before and afters

First round of lipo to upper abdominal, waistline and lower abdominal s......Round 2 in june plus flanks








not perfect

I know its not all the way perfect! A long way... Had nothing but compliments This year. Of course I look better with it,I look 10x better....I'm doing it again!


I meant I look better with the garment on!!!!*** even without it, I look ten times better. *(talk text- smh)

count down for round 2!!!!!!

Hello my fellow Liponians!!!!!!!And the countdown begins! 5 weeks til my next ab procedure and lovehandle(hip) suck out!

counting down....

3 weeks..........leggoo! Wont be long now!

Yeaaaaaa Me

Pre-op tomorrow y'all!!!! So thrilled, its all most show time! Did I mention I'm excited??!!!!!!

the pre-op with Dr.Seimen

He says he could probably get another half inch of my upper abs.....Is Aston Kutcher hiding behind a curtain....this must be a prank!!!!!!!! I financed this again, I sure do hope he can get more then that. He did explain that my lower abs my have extra skin hang because its been stretched a bit. I do undserstnd that, but I still want the volume removed.. from my waist also. And when he does my hips, I do want to keep my butt and my curvature..... I just want it a lot neater....Six on Friday......4 more days y'all....


I already ordered two of my stage 2 garments , that i know I'll be needing.no need in going through soon bello..I think they over charge....I'm kind of nervous this time.I don't want you to take curves that I want to keep

This is it!

I am nervous, its 12 am. Today is the day. In 5 hours I'll be Headed to The clinic. I just found out I won't have anyone with me except my kids when I get home to recover.......at least for the first 9 hours.....kinda sad about that.and on top of that I'm hoping I get the best results possible.I'm feeling solo down, I can hardly feel th excitement about looking better. Well, I guess I better get a few hours of sleep before I go.......talk to everyone soon.....say a prayer 4 me plz

Its done yall!!!!

Its finally over!!! I voiced my concerns to Dr. Siemen....and he listened...(lol) I wrote them on a napkin and stuffed it in the middle of the paper bra they have you were to surgery, so wouldn't forget!!!!!(he pulled it out and read it) it said 1. In pre-op, we never discussed the asymmetrical waist, please make it even 2.I'm paying for the same areas, AGAIN, please take out the most you can....I don't remember #3. OK I'm going to breakfast...I'll update more when I'm back

Help me out yall, am i wrong?

remember I said I didn't have a caregiver after surgery? Becausemy husband baby momma didn't inform him of the childs high school graduation until 4 days prior to the ceremony...what's the big deal you ask? Well, let's see, first off, they live a FEW hours away, second, after not getting a invite or tickets to the graduation, we went ahead and made plans for our sons birthday (a destination close to were my surgery was gonna be done) and third, it was too late for me to cancel my surgery w/o loosing hundreds of $ for no-show.So of course I didn't want to just throw that much $ away....I wanted to go to my surgery..I explained to my husband, its not fair, you only get 5 days notice to take off work (which he had already taken off for my surgery months ago ), plus make other arrangements for your family , and drop your plans. That's not right. Don't get me wrong, I did want him to go, but absolutely not @ my expense . BECAUSE had they given us @ least 2 weeks notice, I could have easily moved my surgery date and celebrated our sons birthday when ever. So he took me to surgery, signed me out, dropped off me and my kids and took off. I didn't get upset until I changed pads about 3 times and realized, I didn't have anymore (I wonder how long before he's home). He left, which is fine, but he didn't brother to call or text me from 12 noon when he dropped me off, until 11:30pm (my son called him because I tried to drive and shop for myself)....Anyways it all boils down to "its all your fault, I missed my sons graduation, the only thing your were worried about was sonobello". I told him again, had they given you a little more notice, I would have gladly switched my appt.He did go and spend a few hours after graduation with his son, but I was alone with 3 kids immediately after surgery.....so he thinks I should have took the chance of loosing the $500/ it might be $1,000, so he could be available for his son.....I think the son and the mom knew about the graduation WELL before a week, and should have given him time to plan to be there,,,,,I've checked myself and my children into a hotel.I don't feel like arguing or feeling neglected, especially now.....help me out y'all....give me some feed back


This time was different from the first, he got out 4000, again (yeaaaaaa) , I didn't fall asleep (probably because I was making sure he got enough out) and even tho he said I had a lot of scar tissue , it didn't hurt as much as the first time. I think I'm swollen already, my mom says it looks like it. Its only the first day after surgery, so it'll be better later. I'm laying up in this hotel trying to relax....ttyl

singing----ohh the blood, that gives me strength....

I hand washed my garment and my binder in the tub......ewwww! Solo much blood. Its gonna dry while I sleep, hopefully they will be dry by the time I check out.I'm gonna sleep on my left-side because it seems bigger than my right. Maybe it'll sqwish it down some

2 days after surgery

Today is Sunday....my procedure was Friday. I'm still swollen. Didn't sleep in garments last night, had to wash them

day 5

Still swollen.....and tight. All the fluid settled around the bottom of my abs. Its real painful, but its tolerable, I can't bend all the way down. Feels like I'm pregnant all the time. I'm gonna do pics every week to show my progress. 1 week post op is tomorrow.

didnt post pic when promised.......

I was supposed to post the pictures but I didn'i think I'll post some again when I @least a mmonth out....just to have some good comparison. @ 11 days I'm still swollen . Its slowly decreasing in size tho. It looks like a huge bee sting. When I take my garment off , my skin feels extra tight, hard and sore.....I've gained some weight..,,but that was expected with the extra fluids. Can't wait to feel normal so I can excersise......ttyl

1 month post op

I am 1 month post op the swelling is slowly going down. My waist is even again. But it seems to be smaller than before. I think. I hope I continue to shrink. Having my hips done seems to help with my figure. I did get back somewhat a exercise regimine. But I really need to change my diet. I love what my procedure areas are doing but the rest of me till needs to lose weight. Of course in clothes I look like "whoa"! My little bit of booty and hips never sat out this far before......(lol) I love it! Hopefully I'll loose some lbs soon


I meant my waist is uneven, again. Maybe it'll smooth out as I wear my garments

i have never seen a full view

Of my Hello Kitty like this before!!! And I love iiit!!! This is what I always wanted. My waist is a little off and I could use work oon other areas, but hey,, I'm happy.. the ggym. And a good diet will do the rest. It took 2 ttimes bbut the outcome is soo worth it 4 me.these. pics are butt naked, just imageine when I. Put on clothes....and then a a garment too??? Instant centerfold matierieral Boo! More pics 2 come
Dr. Seiman

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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I think you looks GREAT!!!!! Im SOOOOOOOOO happy to see how your tummy looks before and after, mine is very similar so this makes me all the more excited :)
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I didn't see the pics,I go there Tuesday for my 3 month check up still not really happy, I feel like I spent too much money to not to be able to see my hello kitty you know what I mean. I see a difference just not how I want to see it
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Hey girl. (Darn phone!!) I was trying to up load my pics via phone but it didn't work. I bought a new phone today. I'll repost pics when I get things set up..,.again
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Ok and I'm try to load up some of mines or ask them can I get a copy of mines at my three month check tommorow
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Oh and I saw your pics yes very nice!!!!
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Thanks girlie! How u been. I ordered a thermal waist clincher, it didn't fit at all. So I'm making my own garments (lol) I got me a garment on, some saran wrap and my binder on top. I've spent over a grand on garments since my first surgery... 2 of them are a small and I can't return them....its too much. What's up with u
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Hey you I was thinking if you ,when are you going back to work? Yes I'm still playing the up and down game. I really need to get a smaller binder I'm just tired of buying them.
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hey girl doing?procedure was Friday.I went to work Monday night.I'm really swollen this time. My one week check-up is today @ 12:30. You meaning you need a smaller garment? That's good. It means your still shrinking
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Awhhh well I hope so start Venus next week ,well I pray the swelling goes down sooner than later for you,but you gonna look amazing!!!!
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Girl no you not wrong.Some men are just oblivious when it comes to the children that are not in the home with them,and have to find out in the long run the little games their Babymama plays with them. She darn well knew when the child was graduating,but that's a Babymama MO,to try to still have some type if control ,even if they have moved on,so they say . The child is almost grown ,and she still trying to have a grip. You need all the moral support you can get.I know when I had mines my husband was all in his feelings also,but when he seen that I did it for myself,he start acting like he had some sense. He should have been mentally prepared with you,that's why it's called a planned surgery.
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I know girl, he has made me feel so bad, I checked in a hotel room for a couple of days, I haven't slept over night in my own bed cause I don't want to feel that negative energy while I'm trying to get myself together....smh. I just can't get over the fact that he"s saying its all my fault. Thanks for your input, even if I'm wrong, I want to hear the opinion from a person who doesn't know me....
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Bol I was just thinking of you!!!! I'm happy to know that you must be feeling well if you are on your way to breakfast. I know that's right you told him!!!! Please keep me posted
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He girl, how are you, I'm OK,considering what's going on in my life, read my last post please and give me your honest opinion, thanks
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I already did it would be over before you know it!!! You will sleep all tommorow and feeling like yourself in no time. I know you nervous all over again but you'll be fine.Happy Healings!!!
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Thanks Classyme 800....I sure do need the support....its 5:38am. I'm getting ready to head ove there right now. I stayed on I-drive last night (celebrating my sons birthday). Take to ya soon girl....
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You should be, on the 7th make two months for me,mines have went down more,but I'm still not completely satisfied ,not even the 50 percent they speak of. I'm getting frustrated wearing all these garments I brought,still trying to remain positive ,but all the money I spent I should have just stop being such a chicken and did the tummy tuck. You still look great!!! Are they charging you for a revision on your stomach?
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Had a pre~op today.....everything went well except when Dr.Seamen advised me he could take anotherhalf inch of the places that I I am having redone. Mind you I already repaid for those it was it again. So I definitely want more than a stinking half inch off....he did show me what I wanted to see come off .but being that I'm paying for some of the areas I definitely want more than a 1/2 inch come off. I got side tracked and didn't go into detail about it. I will definitely discuss this on next Friday. Oh and now we have to get our own scripts filled vs before we didn't, and the price is still the same,wear the binder for a week instead of a few days like before...smh...all I know is for almost another 4 grand I better be highly satisfied with this next procedure
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yes I'm Re-paying for my stomach.but not the waist because it's only being revised because it's a symmetrical
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I know right, yes I had to get mines filled both times, but a friend of mines did tell me they used to have it there. If my insurance didn't pay for it the medicine would have been almost $70, but yes I ended up paying About 11,000 with everything, including Venus freeze not including all the extra garments I have purchased. So I'm ready to see some results! !! Frustrated everybody else can see it, but I can't. I see improvement, but not enough
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Your still healing....I didnt buy Venus freeze
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Yea somewhat,not sore as I was,still feel some burning here And there
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How are you? You look great, I've doing the same thing checking stories and pictures to see if I could find something similar to my own story. This site is phenomenal and I'm so grateful to people like yourself who share their stories and give hope to people like me.
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Yes.. I love this site! When I had my procedure, I already knew what to expect....I'm doing it again
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Hello I just had my procedure done,Dr. Seiman was very nice doing it,but I'm in pain right now. I have on a whole body suit,but no white binder and also the pain medicine they gave me is not working hydro codeine .Can you tell me what day you felt less pain? And I'm draining a lot but just on one side. I can shower now but I'm almost scared to take the garment off because I wonder how in the heck I'm going get it back on it took two people to put it on.
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hello I hope you continue to heal.what areas did you have done? Because I thought they should have giving you a binder(if u had abs done). I'm not sure what's going onwith the pain medicine.my pain medicine works fine.maybe you should check to seeif you could increase the dosage.I think my pain was better during day two.I don't remember exactlybecause I have a fairly high pain tolerance and the meds did their job.I didn't get my body suit until the second week. They gave me A panty type compression garment and a binder to go on top of that. Then the second week I got the body suit from sono bello.that one was soo tight ,it made me sick the first couple of dayswearing it.it took me and the nurse to get it on. But when I was at home I just took my time and squeeze myself into it and it got better about a week or so of wearing it.some people say they did not continue to wear their garments I don't see how because if you don't wear it you will be in lots of pain so please continue to wear your garments maybe you could post a couple pictures of yours and tell me what areas you got done
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