Full Tummy Tuck, Lipo on Thighs and Back, Flanks

I've wanted a tummy tuck for about 10 years now....

I've wanted a tummy tuck for about 10 years now. I've always struggled with my weight...always. My doctor bluntly, yet lovingly told me that if I didn't change the way I ate it would be useless to go through this procedure because I would gain it all back and gain in places that was not attractive! He recommended me lose 15-20 lbs. before the surgery. I thought long and hard and decided that I was going to this, and not just temporary! I lost 16+ lbs. and weighed in at 151 (I'm 5'3") the morning of my surgery. I can't wait to heal to get back in the gym because I'm so scared of gaining any weight.

Well about the surgery.... I was soooo nervous about going under anesthesia. But all went well and I can say that I'm on day 5 and the most pain I've felt is like a stinging pain, similar to when I had my C-section, but honestly not as bad because I have this great binder. The lipo is actually more painful - but not that bad. Some bruising and swelling but every day is getting better. I had one drain remove today along with the stitches for the lipo, a total of 4 stitches. The drain coming out hurt the worse - so I recommend a pain killer an hour before you go in. My doctor also prescribed valium to help with the nerves the night before.

One problem is constipation, which is caused by the pain Rx. I really recommend starting a stool softener on day (check with your doc) one because the last thing you want after a tummy tuck is to be bound up, pressure and possibly needing a doctor to insert something in your behind to release it, uh no way!!! I also started milk magnesium - whatever works for you - just do it!!

I really recommend getting on vitamins if your doctor doesn't provide them and a homeopath for bruising and swelling. Plus work-out - it has does wonders for speedy recovery. Remember you are doing this for yourself so prepare yourself the best possible way - you owe it to yourself and you'll be glad you prepared!

So far the tummy tuck looks greats, need a lot more healing though. The lipo is too early to tell, or so I think anyway. Doctor says he's pleased with my healing.

The cons: I have to sleep in like a jack-knife position, which isn't easy, but my doc Rx sleeping meds too - he's so wonderful! It also sucks that you can’t get the incsision wet so I have to sponge bath which let’s face, just isn’t the same so I feel gross. I had to have my husband wash my hair today (day 5) so that was gross too. Um, I’m starting to itch now – is it from healing or not being able to properly shower, dunno, but it’s temporary.

Thank you so much deeryma for updating us and for your honesty! :-) So you would recommend your doctor! He is obviously very skilled if you were already in the gym within 5 weeks. Are you satisfied with the scarring across the abdomen, the bellybutton healing and it's /scarring/location? I have seen good scars and bad and I have seen bellybuttons in completely different locations than they were previously. Just trying to find a doctor who does it all! Best wishes!!
My doctor gave me a very sexy belly button - I never had that even when I was younger and thin! I'm not the best "healer" on the surface so I can't say that I'm happy with my scar, it will take a long time to heal. It took years for my C-section scar to fade so I'm expecting the same with this. I'm very happy with the placement of my incision (sp?). I would recommend my doctor everyday of the week, he's the best!
Hi all! It's been awhile but my progress and recovery were phenomenal! I was back at the gym 4 and half weeks later - granted I was just walking on the treadmill. But I did my first 5k in February which I started training for about 7 weeks post-op, I had my surgery Nov. 19th. I kept running and started hot yoga. I've struggled with keeping the weight off, so please remember the weight will come back! I'll never stop going to weight watchers or working out because I'll gain the weight back easy. **Anyone considering this surgery I can't caution you enough to watch your weight afterwards! You will be disappointed if you gain the weight back just like when I gained 5 pounds back - I'm so careful now. But I'm so happy with my results!! The best thing I ever did!
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My doctor was great and so was his staff - very courteous, caring, professional. He gave me a tour of the facility including the surgery room. My costs included all pre-op visits, labs, post-ops, vitamins, homeopaths for brusing ans swelling, and overnight stay with nurse care, all binders, stockings (blod clots), surgery fees, aenesthiologits (sp?), 3 post-op massages with therapist for proper recovery, um can't remember everthing. But he was just the best along with ALL the staff!

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