Fabulous Results with Mixto Laser for Fine Lines, Crepey Skin, Large Pores and Sun Spots - Orlando, FL

I am 34 and I was starting to develop alot of fine...

I am 34 and I was starting to develop alot of fine lines around my eyes and forehead. In addition, I had large pores, crepey skin, sun spots and wrinkles developing around my smile lines. My skin was not in "horrible" shape for my age, but I was starting to be bothered by these changes and decided to be pro-active in treating the issues before they got much worse.

I saw Michele at Dr. S's office for the Mixto laser treatment on my face and neck. The procedure itself was pretty uncomfortable, but not unbearable and I left with what looked like an awful sunburn.

The next day my skin took on a very dark hue with a grid pattern. It looked as if I had rolled my face across a hot waffle iron. On the third day, the dark skin started to peel away and revealed new, plump, line free skin underneath.

I am now 5 days out from having the Mixto and while I don't look 100% normal yet (still have a few areas that need to peel) I can clearly see that the procedure was a complete success. I could not be happier. I know that they say your skin continues to improve with time, so I can't wait to see the final results. I literally look better than I did in my mid twenties!!!

You wasted travel expenses. You could have had it done very well in Ft. Lauderdale by Dr. Mayl. Michigan is hardly the capital of cosmetic procedures.

Aquaphor is the devil! If you are at all prone to...

Aquaphor is the devil! If you are at all prone to breakouts the Aquaphor that is recommended for use after the Mixto treatment will most likely lead to a major breakout after your initail peeling period. It is basically the consistancy of Vaseline, so I am sure this stuff really clogs your pores. I broke out really bad for about a week after my skin peeled, but now I am back to normal again. I am now about 3 weeks out from the procedure and my skin looks great. I still have some residual "grid-marks", but overall, I am very happy.

Hello, Would you mind sending me some pictures? I am getting my tummy tuck on September 30 with Dr.S. Would love to see your results.
Not sure what your reference to Michigan was about???? I live in California, but I traveled to Orlando because I am having another procedure by the same Dr. so I had the Mixto procedure done on the same day as my consult. As far as travel expenses, I would do it again in a heartbeat! I would much rather travel to be in the hands of a Dr. I trust than save a few bucks.
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I flew all the way to Florida from California to have this done. The Dr. and his staff are professional, kind and knowledgable. They took the time to listen to my needs, answer all my questions and made me feel comfortable and relaxed. I would highly recommend them to anyone!

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