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I am a vey youthful 48 up but had saggy hooding on...

I am a vey youthful 48 up but had saggy hooding on upper eyes. Was scared to do anything but I knew they would only get worse. I am only a7 days out and know it takes time but I worried about the bump at end of incision line. And I had excessive swelling especially between my nose. I scared the inner tissue will be deformed after it heals
I had this surgery about 20 years ago. Soon after, there was a "tuck" or "bump" at the outer corner of my right eye. I expressed my concern to the doctor, and he did that part over, but it didn't help. So .... it has been there all this time. Now that I'm older and my skin is sagging, this area is very prominent, and the outer corner of my left eye is puffy as well where the incision was made. Lesson learned: Make certain the doctor can promise the outer corners will be smooth! Hope your's turns out better.
Hi, Don't worry about it. It will go away. I am also 48, and had the same surgery. It's just the sutures where the knot was made. It takes a little longer to dissolve. I was scared too, but it's going away, slowly but surly. If anyone reading this is trying to find a Doctor, check out Dr. John Martin in Coral Gables! AMAZING doctor! I can't tell you enough how wonderful I feel! He's an artist for sure! I was one of the lucky ones, not even a bruise, and he did a brow lift and the upper eyelid surgery... Good luck! Joni V.
Where/who did your eye procedure?

excision of bumps after upper blepharoplasty at 51/2 weeks

I had upper blepharoplasty 5 1/2 wks ago and while I am very pleased with my results, I had bumps at either end of my incision lines from the beginning. I had alot of lateral hooding so I had extension cuts which I understand heals slower and the bumps normally go away. Unfortunately mine were right on my bone and VERY obvious, like lil horns. After 2 steroid shots and massaging, my PS decided to excise them. He said on one I had a trapped sebaceous gland and that it would not have gotten better. Hopefully they will heal flat and I can FINALLY enjoy and show off my new eyes!

Blepharoplasty: Before, During and After (no makeup)

Wanted to post the progress as I know how much it helped me seeing others.
Fabulous result!
Your doc did a fabulous job on your eyes. I'm impressed. I'm looking into getting a lower bleph done.... who was your doc, if you don't mind my asking. Thanks for sharing the photos.
Looks fantastic lucky you:)
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