Just had my abdomen done

I had my abdomen done yesterday afternoon, I am...

I had my abdomen done yesterday afternoon, I am 5' 6" and 130 pounds, I'm athletic and in good shape, just have a bit of belly fat from having kids. I initially wanted the upper and lower regions done and the nurse had me marked to do both, however after she did the first treatment, we noticed that it actually worked SO well that it pulled in the upper region of my belly as well :-) I thought it was so great that I only needed the one treatment on that lower area since so much of my belly ended up getting sucked into the applicator, thus covering a larger area than we anticipated, so that saved me money, yay! Discomfort/pain: When the applicator is first applied, it happens very quickly, the area being treated immediately is forcefully sucked into the applicator (I had the large applicator used on me). The nurse warned me about that initial major sucking of the skin, it's like an instant vacuum seal. To me, it didn't hurt, it felt weird and uncomfortable, but I think I had built up the pain factor in my mind so much that I was expecting something way worse. Now, after the first minute, it does start to become increasingly uncomfortable, it hurts, but I have a high tolerance for pain so it didn't bother me too much. After about 8-10 minutes you are completely numb and can relax, or at least I could, I just watched TV for an hour and it was over! Aftermath: when they remove the applicator, that doesn't hurt at all. My stomach was totally deformed, which you should expect because after all, it was just stuck in a vacuum for an hour! The nurse massaged it for a couple minutes and it was back down to a "normal" size. It began swelling shortly after, but nothing alarming. Day 1: it's the day after and the only pain I have felt is just when I touch my stomach, it feels a bit tender, but nothing that stops me in my tracks and I was actually able to sleep on my stomach all night with no problem or pain. Today I'm able to go about my daily routine and take care of my two young kids with no problem except when I carry my toddler because he tends to wrap his legs around my belly area. I didn't take a before pic, but the day 1 pic is basically what my stomach looked like before treatment. I will keep updating!

Day 2: A bit more sore today, but the pain is...

Day 2: A bit more sore today, but the pain is still only felt when I press on my stomach firmly, otherwise I still feel totally comfortable going about my every day routine and I was again able to sleep comfortably on my stomach last night. Still haven't experienced any bruising, any tingling feeling or any sharp pains, a few areas are a bit numb when I touch my stomach, but that doesn't bother me and I know it can last awhile before all sensation returns. I know it's too early to see results, but I do already notice that my stomach is more firm and less pudgy around my belly button, so I'm feeling very optimistic about seeing changes over the next several weeks!

Day 3: Today is more sore than yesterday, but the...

Day 3: Today is more sore than yesterday, but the same kind of pain, just a bit painful to touch or press against my stomach. I'm also the most swollen today than I have been previous days, which I totally expected since I read other people experienced the same thing. The pain is still completely bearable and I am still able to sleep comfortably on my stomach, so it's really just uncomfortable or painful when something suddenly presses up against my belly, for example, my toddler reaching to be picked up sometimes grabs at my shirt and brushes against my abdomen. I added pics just to show the difference in swelling, I am bigger now than before treatment, however I know the swelling will subside and I'll hopefully look much better than before :-)

Day 4: Less swollen and less sore today :-) still...

Day 4: Less swollen and less sore today :-) still no bruising, no tingling, no sharp pains, just a tad sore to touch, but I found that putting an ice pack on my stomach feels great and numbs up any soreness really well!

One week update: It's been exactly one week, I...

One week update: It's been exactly one week, I have zero pain, even when I press firmly on any area of my stomach. Still swollen, but it's going down day by day, so it's nice to see change, looking forward to real results! Also, no numbness, no tingling and no sharp pains yet.

Two weeks: Not much to update, luckily still have...

Two weeks: Not much to update, luckily still have not experienced any additional pain or discomfort, no tingling, no sharp pains, numbness has completely worn off...so I feel 100% normal. I think the swelling has gone completely away as well, so now I'm just waiting to see results :-) which I know can take at a minimum of 4 weeks, so nothing much just yet!

4 weeks: It's been a bit over 4 weeks and I'm...

4 weeks: It's been a bit over 4 weeks and I'm starting to see more results! Added a couple of pics :)
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I didn't work with Dr. Soto, but his nurse was amazing, super sweet!!

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Thank you!! I am surprised to see results this soon, excited to see how my tummy changes over the next couple months. Hope you see results too! Keep us posted :)
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@ CareerMomOF2, I'm so happy for you. I can see big difference from the pictures. Tomorrow is exactly 4 weeks for me and hopping to get some results.
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One can buy a cool sculpting machine for $3500 from China, and have it in one's home. The procedure is new so it is way overpriced. Once these cheaper machines get into the spa market the pricing should come way down.
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are you serious?
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go online and google Zeltiq Cool Sculpturing machines. You can buy them from many manufacturers in China. Identical technology and easy to use.
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There is no way I would attempt this on myself or anybody else at home. I had it done 4 days ago. Hopefully it is the ONLY treatment I will need.

Plus, where would you store the darn thing! lol!
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You're welcome!! I honestly don't feel anything abnormal or painful at all as of now and I have yet to experience any pain that really bothered me, just mainly discomfort the few days following the procedure :-) hoping I've avoided it altogether and will continue to feel great!
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Thanks for the update. Is nice to know that not everyone has the pain. Most of the ones that post are sharing their painful experience.
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You're welcome!! According to the nurse, people like us are great candidates because if you're anything like me, my skin still has good elasticity, I have just that little bit of extra fat from having kids :-)

I will definitely keep updating as days/weeks pass by!
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You have a stomach like me, thanks for sharing the results!  I am excited to see your after photos in a few months. :)

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