Just Had Cellulaze Today!

I had Cellulaze done today at 2:00pm. It is 5...

I had Cellulaze done today at 2:00pm. It is 5 hours later and I am feeling much better than I expected.I say this because I had Aqualipo done on my saddlebag area in December and it was much more painful and a longer recovery than I had anticipated. This was a much better experience.

I had the back of my thighs and my butt done today. I took the Lorazepam and the Hydrocodon (this was not even offered for my aqualipo and should have been) one hour before the procedure and I was completely relaxed! The most painful part of the entire procedure was when they inserted the numbing fluid and that wasn't even too bad, it was a series of shots and some stung more than others. The actual procedure took almost two hours and I did not feel a thing the entire time. I walked out of the office fine and have slight pain right now. I am curious to see tomorrow what the bruising looks like and will post pictures!

It has been 6 weeks since my procedure and I don't...

It has been 6 weeks since my procedure and I don't love my results. I discussed this with my doctor at my one month appointment and he reminded me that success is considered 50% improvement. I see some improvement on my butt but the two major dimples I had on my upper back thigh is still there and so I continue to hate wearing shorts. Living on the beach I am in a bikini every weekend and I am still embarrassed by my backside. I am 37 5'6 and 125lbs, eat well and work out 5x/week so this has been a bit of a hard experience for me to deal with. I really thought this was my cure!

I still feel a weird tingle pain feeling when I sit on the toilet or when I take spinning or try to run but I can live with that. I am waiting for the 3 month mark to see optimal results. At this point I wish I would have spent my money on a good vacation instead of this but we live and learn and some people might have better results than me!
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I didn't comment on everything at this time since I still have followup appointments.

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Hi there, I too am considering this procedure with Dr. Mendoza. How are your results coming along? Any better?
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Hey FlBeachGirl....I hope all is well n u received maximum results... Please update us....n if possible can u post before n after pictures....thanx
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Hey girl- as you and I had it on the same day, we're about 7 1/2 weeks out now.  I too have probably 50-75% improvement.  I just went in a few days ago for my 7 week check  - we took after pictures and put them side by side with the before pics and I will say there was pretty dramatic improvement.   Is it perfect?  No.   But so much better.  I am still hoping for more at the 3-6 month mark.   But I have to say if someone said you will have 50% less cellulite today than you did 2 months ago - are you game?  I'd say hell yeah.  So I am still happy I did it.    Also- I got quite a few spider veins from this.   I did NOT have them before.  But I'd rather have that then cellulite.   I'll wait until late fall or winter to deal with those, as I don't want to have bruises and red marks as I am in short dresses and bathing suits now.   Let's hope we get more improvement over time.   We're still early in.....  Enjoy your summer!
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Thank you so much for writing an update. I'm sorry to hear you are feeling disappointed. :( Like you said, hopefully by the 3 month mark you will notice more positive change, do keep in mind they say 3-6 months, so there may still be hope beyond the 3 month window. Please keep us posted. I'm so curious to hear how this turns out for everyone and really hope you see some good improvement in the coming weeks!

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flbeachgirl: It's been a month for us now. How is it going for you? How are you improving? Thinking of you. Laurel
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Hi Megan! Yes I was awake the whole time but the meds they gave me before made me groggy but I remember it all. Today things look the same to me so I guess I have to patient which is hard for me!

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It would be really hard for me to be patient too, especially when some people say they see results right away. Thoughts of "What if it didn't work?!!" would jump right to my mind, even though we know everyone's body is different & will probably react differently to the treatment.

Do you think it would have been a better experience if you had been completely out with no memory of it, or do you not really think it was a big deal to be awake for?

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I don't recommend being put to sleep, it is not necessary at all and not worth the cost. I am a little down now 5 days after the procedure and not seeing the results yet. I have my follow up on Tuesday and I will talk to the doctor then,
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Hi Flbeachgirl, how are you doing today? Hopefully you were able to see some progress? Curious to know what level of cellulite you were rated at before the procedure, as well as your height and weight?
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Hi! flbeachgirl
I live in Orlando and I went for a consult at Dr. Mendoza office today for the cellulaze treatment. I would like to know how is your progress going. Please write back I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks
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Congrats on getting your Cellulaze done!!! Can't wait to see your pictures!! You got the exact areas done that I'm interested in. Its good to hear you didn't find the procedure to be too tough. If I'm understanding right you were awake for it, is that correct?


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