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I've been thinking about getting a reduction since...

I've been thinking about getting a reduction since my teen years. I've always been way too big. WHen I was a teenager, Everyone looked when I went to the beach. In school, I was made fun of because of my breast size. I have finally gotten to the point that I just can't take it anymore. ! I tried to get this done several years ago. My Primary sent me to a PS and even wrote a letter to the insurance company telling them that I had gone through all of the physical therapy etc already. I was still denied even though I wear an H cup! This time I went directly to a PS, and I will submit to the insurance myself after the fact. I will hope for the best since I took out a loan to get the surgery done.
I have been reading on Real Slel all of the stories from everyone. It has given me the courage to go ahead and just 'go for it'. I had my consult a coiuple of weeks ago, I'm all paid and my pre-op is in a few weeks. I've had my Mammogram and other tests already, so I'm pretty much all set. The waiting is killing me!

Welcome to the community:)

Hi, Well done on your decision, i know its not an easy one! I can relate so much to what you said about having pain as a result of big boobs. I stay in Scotland & have been denied 3 times on the NHS even though 6 years ago i was in a bad accident in which i broke my back, i'm ok now, apart from dealing with chronic back pain & i know having this surgery will be a life changing experience! Im glad to have found this site, as it's a relief to know we're not alone! I am getting my BR in Bangkok on 15th Dec, as my Dad stays out there & he is going to help me get this op, thank god! Obv i will have all done on the day of the op, can you pls advise what i might need to do before i travel, i leave on the 1st Dec. We'll both be getting the best Christmas prezzies! x

Well, my pre-op is Monday, and it's getting 'real'...

Well, my pre-op is Monday, and it's getting 'real' now. I am looking forward to it as the next step on my way to a better body. My surgery is just under three weeks away (December 28th), and I know it will be here before I know it. I have my picture to bring to my pre-op appointment of what I want to look like after, It is someone's post-op picture they posted, so it has scars and everything, but the size and shape are perfect. I forget who posted it, but I thank them dearly!
I am so afraid I will forget to buy something I will need after, or do something I need to do before surgery. After my surgery, Christmas will just be over, and the house will be a huge mess! I am worried if anyone comes to see me at home from work, or one of my friends, my house will look awful! My husband and kids will be left to mess up everything as they please! LOL Crazy things to worry about, but I do.
Getting close Lexi !

I had my pre-op today, and I'm all set for the...

I had my pre-op today, and I'm all set for the 28th. I'm excited, nervous, all of it. Mostly I just can't wait to get rid of these huge things! My PS and the nurses went over everything in such great detail, so I feel very confident. The only thing I am a little sad about is that when I showed him a picture of my ideal new 'look', he said that he will probably not be able to go that small. I am so large right now (40H) that he can't take that much off. He explained why, all about breast tissue,etc. But he did promise to get the girls "up there and perky". LOL I know it will all turn out fine. I just can't wait. I also am trying to remember all of the things I need to get done before my surgery. I have prescriptions to fill, and I want to get a haircut and my nails done. I figure I won't be in the mood or feel like doing these things for a few weeks after surgery, and I want to go back to work looking good,
Bella, As you get all your post surgery items I can't encourage you enough to get two items that my PS, Dr. Soto, recommended. Arnica Montana and Arnicare- I got both at Whole Foods, they have it at both Winter Park and the one right by his office. I still am using the Arnica Montana..the bottle of 200ck is on sale right now at $8.49... usually $10.99. It lasts about 5 days if you take it 3x a day.. The 28th will be here soon, until then enjoy your holiday.

Getting closer! 11 more days, and it will be all...

Getting closer! 11 more days, and it will be all done! Nervous I will forget something I am supposed to do before surgery. Just wishing it were over. Scared i'll still end up too big. I wonder if everyone gets this antsy this far out?

You are going to do just awesome tomorrow and I will be sending hugs your way.

There have been studies on arnica Colette and it actually doesn't work many people do use it and say it works but there is no scientific evidence supporting it I could give you a placebo and it would have been just as effective So my advice is not waste your money
It works for me and I am a believer in the stuff so it's not wasting my money. It's minimizing swelling but thanks for the info

Well, today is the day. I am yp and rfeady to go...

Well, today is the day. I am yp and rfeady to go to PS office in a few minutes. God, it's early! I'm so sleepy, and so thirsty, but otherwise okay.
Thanks Kimmers! I haven;t been able to post in a while, but I have been reading. Leaving for PS office now.
You will do just great..our PS is the best. Can't wait to hear from you post surgery. Sending you hugs...



Three days post-op! :} It's been a little rough...

Three days post-op! :} It's been a little rough over the last three days, but doing much better today. I had my drains removed at my first post-op visit this morning, and everything looks good. I have showered, but now without the drains, I won't be so scared to move as much, and I can wash my dirty hair.
I can't believe where my boobs are! They are up there in front again! The first time I took the surgical bra off to shower, I guess I still expected them to fall down, but nothing happened! WOW !!!! Other than the weight pulling on the incisions a little, I could have just gone braless. Hubby washed my surgi-bra, so I sat for a while in the open air. I am a worrier, so as soon as it was out of the dryer, it was back on. No sense pulling/stretching stitches or skin out. After all, I will still be pretty big up there, and no sense helping gravity right away! LOL
The things I was not ready for: Having my hubby have to come to the bathroom with me every time and pulling my undies down & up for me. I was so sore I couldn't move my arms. But really, what did I expect?
The other things I wasn't ready for: How great my hubby was! YES! I couldn't believe how absolutely wonderful he was. He helped me in the bathroom (embarassing!), and stood right there while I showered. He moved our reclining loveseat into the bedroom. To do that, he had to also move other furniture around to make room, like his huge armoir. He also was on constant pillow duty, pill duty, and drinks, food and everything else you can imagine. Oh, and the drain stripping. That was a biggie! I never thought he'd do it, but he was amazing!
All of this, and he broke his toe one day after my surgery. Made a big mess of it too. He can hardly walk, but he drove me to the PS today,

5 Days post op. Today is starting out good. Less...

5 Days post op. Today is starting out good. Less pain, feel pretty good. I felt great yesterday when I got up, so I decided to flat iron my hair, since we were going to go out yesterday. Well, maybe that was a bad idea. I felt a lot of sewlling and pain a little later. I got very tired and had to take a nap. I couldn't even imagine putting on clothes at that point! We are going to try again today. Hubby will be driving though. I am hoping to make it a couple of hours (?) but not sure,
Bella, Sorry about the swelling and pain yesterday...hope today is better for you. I too did a few things that were not the best for my healing and learned the hard way... keep those arms down and don't stretch the suture seams for a while. If your BR is like mine the suture sites are beautiful...be sure you tape and keep the bra on and you will heal very well.

11 Dyas Post Op. I drove a very short distance...

11 Dyas Post Op. I drove a very short distance today to get these eyebrows done before I have to go back to work. I told my assistant after yesterdays office visit that I could probably come back on Thursday morning. Well, after my lettle trip today, that has changed. I'm not sure if anyone else had difficulty driving, but I found it really hard to take turns. Not sure if my boobs were really in the way, or they just hurt. Anyway, after driving a total of 3-4 miles round trip, I'm worn out. Luckily my boss is a wonderful man and he has said not to worry, just go ahead and take the rest of the week off. :} My right one is burning, and they both feel ready to burst!
Hi Bella, Sorry to hear that you are having some difficulty. Sounds like a bit of swelling and nerve re connection causing some of the pain etc. Hope this passes quickly. Take it easy and let your body heal. C
Hi Bella, i found the first 2 weeks were really bad, tender, sore, itchy & burning! I promise it will get easier, just take as much care & rest as poss. Do not try & use straighteners! That's gonna really tire you out lol! Take care & keep me posted Healing hugs x x

13 Dyas post op. Feeling pretty good. I want to...

13 Dyas post op. Feeling pretty good. I want to get back to work, if nothing else but to get out of the house and away from Hubby. He lost his job, so he's home 24/7, and we are about ready to kill each other. I can't imagine being retired and doing this forever!
Anyway, I had a spot on my surgical bra at the bottom where the anchor meets on my right side. I'm hoping nothing is opening up! Scares me a little, but I am watching it closely. I did go for a drive yesterday with my son. I took him for a fun dinner at Steak N Shake. I got a salad, although there were a lot of tempting items on the menu. I'm hoping to get rid of this extra fat around the middle since now I actually look pregnant! UGH!
Don't worry about the spots, I had spots for about 5 weeks. Probably a suture finding it's way to the surface. I had sutures snipped up until my 6 week visit. Hope you doing well. XO Colette

16th day post op. Still in pain off and on. I am...

16th day post op. Still in pain off and on. I am more worried about the size difference in one side vs. the other, and that my right nipple is so sore I can hardly stand it. It had gotten better before my last post op check, so I figured it was done. But now it is back. I will say that the nursing pads help a lot! I am still very swollen. I can't wait for that part to be done, and all these stiches and seams to be closed and healed. I guess I am just in too much of a hurry. LOL I go back to work tomorrow. I am hoping to not be too tired by the end of the day. It's the drive that scares me. I hate to drive anyway, and even worse when I get so tired!

Also wondering if it's normal that none of my tapes are coming off yet except the one of where my incision is opening.

22 days Post - Op. It's funny that there was once...

22 days Post - Op. It's funny that there was once a time I though my surgery date would never get here, and now It's just over three weeks done. Well I had my tapes off last Tuesday, and now I know why they wouldn't come off. They were stuck down with surgical glue. I do have tiny openings at the bottom of the T, but PS says this is normal due to the seams meeting there. I am just to tape some gauze over it and change it a couple of times a day. The other day while I was changing the gauze, I pulled the tape, gently, but I must have gotten the surgical tape covering the stitches with it, because all of a sudden I had a sharp pain and blood! It looks okay, maybe got a stitch or something. It looks okay today, bled a little after i took my shower, but stopped in a few minutes. I'll have PS look at it Monday.

I keep reading about all of you just ahead of me who are buying real bras and don;t have the zinger pains anymore. I am looking forward to that!.. Oh -also going to try to post come pics. They won't be pretty! At least the before, and I'm not real sure the afters are pretty either, hopefully sometime soon they will be.
How do I know if my pictures posted? I attached several, and I can't see them. Are they under 'reveiws'?
Pictures should show up under your review but I don't see any. I believe you go to update review and on the bottom you can upload photos.

Had my 3 1/2 week post op today. I got all of my...

Had my 3 1/2 week post op today. I got all of my knots trimmed off. Kind of a relief. I was always afraid I'd catch one of the little buggers on the gauze and rip something! It didn't really hurt too much. One side didn't hurt at all, and on the other side only one or two were a little painful, but it only lasts a second or two. He said my incisions looked great. YEAH :) I know I probably worry too much, but I am so afraid I won't do something just the right way and I'll take too long to heal.
I asked him about the difference in size (which seems to come and go) and he said to be patient because I am still pretty swollen, especially on the bigger side. Even my wonderful nurse said the same, to not even worry about it yet, they will keep changing for a while.

I think I finally figured out the pictures!

I think I finally figured out the pictures!
You look great... Time will continue us to change size and shape.
Thanks awesome your incisions are doing so great!!!

5 weeks today, and feeling great! Yesterday I was...

5 weeks today, and feeling great! Yesterday I was having some pain, but I was wearing a more stretchy bra. I put on a sports bra today and it feels much better to be held tighter. I am really starting to love these new boobs! They are lopoking more like a normal person now. They almost match! I even went over bumps in the car today and didn't wince in pain or bounce all over! Now I remember exactly why I wanted this done. Tomorrow I go new bra shopping!!!! No underwire, but I can get some nice bras with good support. Lane Bryant, here I come!
I like the support of a sports bra too! Like them nice and smooched up against me!! lol! Hope you have fun bra shopping!!
You look great - well done!
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