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My Amazing Salines! 425R and 410L

Hello everyone! This is my first pre op post. As...

Hello everyone! This is my first pre op post. As of today am thirty days until my surgery! At my consultation my dr and I had discussed 330-380 saline high profile implants, but after looking around I'm going with 400cc. I have two babies ages 3 and 1 and have deflated into a 34A. Aim so edited and can't wait for my procedure!

Just Another Pre-op photo.

28 dayssss! The fear of me being "too big" is fading and the fear of recovery is rearing its ugly head. My husband is taking five days off, but I'm worried with our two kids I won't be able to handle them..... Guess only time will tell.


Um, just now as I created a post and took a picture I noticed how far low my right breast hangs. It was always the bigger one, but I can't believe I never noticed until now!

I am freaking out and worried how the doctor will adjust this and make them look even. If at all possible! I am freaking out...

Pre Op Today, a little Disappointed..

So went to my pre op today and was a little disappointed by what happened and wanted to get some feedback from you ladies! So literally all I did was meet with the patient coordinator and sign all my medical forms, and get blood drawn. I thought for sure I'd be meeting with the plastic surgeon again and confirming size and answering questions, but NONE of that happened. I was in and out in about twenty minutes!? Just a little confused and was wondering if any other ladies went through this or had a more through appointment....? I'm even more nervous that we have to confirm size right before the appointment. I had my consulatation back in FEBRUARY and with all the research I've been doing I'm not exactly 100% on the size choice.

So nervous.


Can't even believe I'm three days away from something I've been waiting forever for! I have my sports bras, prescriptions filled, laundry is done, house hold chores taken care of. I'm so excited and nervous and anxious all at the same time. I just want to be on the other side of it already! Come on time, pass faster!

Tomorrow Morning is the BIG DAY!

I'm sitting here waiting for the surgery confirmation phone call and the exact time to arrive. I am hoping it is first thing in the morning, first procedure of the day. That way I can be home early and just pass out all day.

I have so many worries about whether or not I'm going to remember tomorrow or how waking up will be. There's always a big nervousness with general anestsia and going under, the only positive is to me it'll seem like a minute or so... Which is nice.

Soooooo nervous. Ill post tomorrow when my husband and I arrive!


So arrived at the center at 7am and put my gown on. I got to wear my shorts which I thought was cool... Met and anestisiologist and then the surgeon came in and drew lines on me and confirmed size. Told him to do whatever he thought looked best on me. They brought me in the back, put my IV in and within minutes I was out....

Next thing I know I woke up in the recovery room asking for water. Was hard to open my eyes. The surgeon came back and told me everything went very well and he ended up putting 420 in my right and 410 in my left (bigger than I requested) and said they looked perfect. They wheeled me out to the car and I took my pain medication and ate some crackers on the way home, all with my eyes closed.

By the time I got home I was awake enough to walk out of the car on my own and get into bed. And that's where my story ends because now I'm updating. I'm having pain even though I took the medication. A lot of it is on the side, which I think is weird.. But they look amazing and I could not be happier with the results. I was expecting a lot of Franken-boob, but they look kinda normal! It's amazing!

More pictures

Just thought if add more pictures. They are getting more swollen every hours that passes and the pain is increasing. Ouchies. Nothing I can't handle though. Been having to take my pain meds every 4 hours because pain rears its ugly head again. Have a feeling today is going to be a lot harder than yesterday... Owwwww.

Day 3 post op, I guess?

I'm counting day of surgery as day 1. I guess that's right. So I'm having the usual swelling and a little bit of frankenboob which makes me sad because mere hours after surgery they looked perfect!

I switched from my pain meds to Tylenol today because I have no pain in my right side, just in my left(the bigger cc one). I obviously don't have all my full motion back, but I'm starting to feel back to normal. I'm exciting to see the improvement and to watch my swelling go down with each passing day.

My post op appt isn't until Wednesday. I'm excited to see what Dr. trevisani thinks about my results so far.

More post op 3 pictures

Left hurts more than right?

Is it weird that my left hurts way more than my right? I have more function in my right arm and its no as painful when I sit up, compared to my left side. I'm deathly afraid of developing an infection and I'm hoping this isnt a sign. Any other feedback on this would be greatly appreciated.

3 day post op bikini comparison

Really worried my left isn't healing properly (pic)

My left breast has been very sore ever since the surgery. I have 425cc saline on left and 410 cc saline on right. The right one is doing just fine. I don't really ice it anymore. Have almost full motion back and it doesn't bother me much. My left side is a different story. It is always so painful and I'm icing constantly. If it wasn't for my left side, I'd be off pain men's by now. I'm worried that they'll be uneven and my left one wont look right. Is this normal? Feedback would be greatly appreciated.

One week post op today & actually feeling like myself again!

Just woke up, with the morning boob of course, but was able to make the kids breakfast and make myself coffee. I even got dressed and it wasn't even 8am yet! Haha I guess I woke up on the good side of the bed today because I'm feeling like myself again. I have the urge to seriously clean this house after one week of no special mommy touch, but I think I'll just do a little light cleaning instead of a huge over haul. I am so happy I did it and even though it was and still is a struggle, they look amazing!

My progression collage

Made a progression collage to show the change in the first week. Pretty cool to look at!

Day 9, doing fine!

Actually put make up on left the house and got dressed today! I feel awesome. Bought a 34 C wireless support bra today. I'm sure my size with change.. Might be able to fit into a 34 D. So happy!

12 Days

Day 12 post op. Still waking up with morning boob, but definitely not as bad. Getting my stitches out on Friday! And everyday they look more symmetrical and pretty :) I love them so much!

Two weeks Post Op!

Can't believe I've made it to the two week mark... The pain for the most part is okay, though my nipples are still super sensitive and morning boob is still not okay. Had my stitches removed yesterday and was amazed at my scar. They're as perfectly placed and so small as they could be! Hope everyone out there is doing just as well!

Week Three

They're looking more natural every day. They're actually starting to jiggle a little! You can feel my natural boob ontop and the implant way under the bottom. It's kinda cool. I love them so much. I have no pain whatsoever, not even twinges. Morning boob is still here, but it's mostly just feeling stiff instead of pain. Can't believe how fast this is flying! Ill update next week! Please let me know how all you are doing!! Xoxoxo
Maitland Plastic Surgeon

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hi! just curious how much you paid for Dr. Trevisani and how his bed manners were?
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Looking great
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Great review. I have uneven breasts and it wasn't until I started going to consults and the surgeons pointing it out that made me soooo self conscious and depressed about it! How did your surgeon work out how to best even them out? I'm about 50-100 difference, hoping to get it right and be symmetrical,
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Do you massage? And if so, what tecnique do you use. They look great!
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Opposite hand to opposite breast. I grab from underneath and push them diagonally up and inward hold for 10 seconds, 10 times. Then I hold them upward hold for 10 seconds 10 times. I'm suppose to do it twice a day but I honestly do it more. i do it whenever I get the chance. Mostly just watching tv or in the shower.
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You look fantastic! :)
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You look AMAZING!!! How did you decide between saline and silicone?
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Honestly, I felt more comfortable with having an obvious rupture with saline then having to get an X-ray or ultrasound to find out if there is a rupture with silicone. And with saline, it isn't as much of a rush to replace if it ruptures compared to silicone and I don't want to feel like I need to keep an extra few thousand in the bank just incase something goes wrong.
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I felt the same way but the first PS that I went to really wanted me to get silicone, He didn't have saline in his office for me to compare. He does great work but I am going to go to one more consult before I decide. But you look amazing!!
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that's exactly why i chose saline too. you are looking great!
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They look amazing! I'm 13 post op and mine havent dropped as much as yours. Hope mine do!! I got pretty large implants, 650L, 700R, so I guess it might take more time to allow the muscles to relax to let them settle. Hope mine look as great as yours!
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Thank you! Mine were a little saggy to begin with because I've had two kids, which is why I don't think they're ridding as high...
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My BA is Aug 9th with Trevisani too! I'm basically your same stats, and was wondering if I should go 350! At first he said 275, and then at pre-op, I also was disappointed that I didn't get to see him! So did you decide with Trevisani to go 425 and 410 the day OF surgery?? I'm so nervous on how big I wanna go!!
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I told him as he was drawing the markings on me to go full 400, but when I woke up and he said he put in 425 and 410 I was shocked! Honestly, when you go under its up to him to decide what looks best on your body. I'm glad he sized me, cause honestly, I'm not a plastic surgeon and he does these all the time, so he knows best! Leave it up to him and I promise you won't be disappointed. I thought 400 was my max and anything over would be too big, but they fit perfectly to my body!
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So true!! I'll just tell him what I want the day of surgery, and let him do his magic!! lol I'm such a productive person, so the fact that I won't be able to move annoys me!! I want to move, clean, exercise, etc! The nurse said I shouldn't move my arms above my head like to put on clothes and whatnot for like, a week. Is that how you were?
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I would definitely say the first three days were the roughest, but I was still moving it was just painful. You're not going to be as crippled as they make you sound, they just don't want you over exerting yourself. I have two kids and my husband was only home for the first four days, so I was able to take care of them (ages 3 and 1) and make easy dinners and everything. It wasn't until 1 week that I felt back to myself and I've just been improving ever since. I start back at work tonight, I'm a bartender, and I'm post op day 10. You'll be just fine! Just trust trevisani 100%.
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Also, don't worry about being "too big" he put 425 and 410 in me and I'm currently a 34C.
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What about space in between the boobs? They eventually go down and together each day right? That's my biggest fear. Is having boobs with a big gap in between :(
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Looking good! Glad you are feeling better. Had my surgery July 18 and I didn't feel myself until about 7-8 days post op. Keep us updated!
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Love the progression pic!
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I'm 8 days out and was thinking exactly like you....other than this morning boob I'm feeling great today! I should get up and start cleaning and laundry! Haha...they look great and that progression collage you made rreally it neat! Happy continued healing!
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My left hurt way more than my right and took longer o heal
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Your three day pictures are great! Maybe ask your Dr's office about the pain, do you have a person that you were connected with there? I'm thinking it is still early days in your recovery so you might want to see how you feel tomorrow and go from there. Happy healing!
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They look really good!!!!
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