Hi All, I am a 25 year old African American female...

Hi All, I am a 25 year old African American female and I am scheduled for my procedure tomorrow and I am so nervous!

I'm about 5'6 and I'm 220. I have always had a nice size rear but I am having the procedure because I want more roundness and projection in my booty.

Lol If anyone has had this operation and you have a similar body type please share you experience with me. I have a before pic that I will post today as well :-)

Good luck today! Hope everything goes well. :)


Hi all! Surgery is over!! This is day 2 and...

Hi all! Surgery is over!! This is day 2 and i'm very sore and bruised. Coming out of surgery I was very incoherent. Due to the anestegia. Very important for someone to be with you the first 24 to 48 hrs as you will need help. You won't have much of an appetite but I strongly suggest making yourself eat something so you won't feel too weak. I really don't need the pain meds but I do take them to sleep. I took my compression garment off just to peek at my body, and even though I'm swollen my stomach and waist are much flattter and my booty is bigger!! I will definately post b4 and after pics very soon. I'm already a little tired of laying on my stomach but 6 weeks to go. The countdown begins.
Congratulations on your surgery Orlando! I officially made one month post op yesterday. I was also very sore and bruised after surgery, and to my surprise, didn't need any pain meds. I didn't have an appetite a week after surgery too, but my mom made sure I put something in my stomach. I drank a lot of water too, that's really important. I also noticed an immediate difference in my shape...I have curves and a flatter stomach!
I'm so happy for you! So when did u start to sit or are you sitting yet? Who was your doctor, and do you have pics?
I started sitting 12 days later because I am a secretary and my job requires me to sit most of the time. However, I sat kind of funny -- I would put the pressure on the back of my thighs and had my but kind of lifted in the air as much as I could. I would get up periodically and walk around.

My doc was Dr. Taranow in NYC.

I don't have b4 pics, my doc does, I can probably get those from him. I just took two pics last night on my cell and will try to put them up today.

I am still swollen in my belly and lower back, but girl I can tell I am going to have a "SHELF" - hoping that it drops though since my buttocks are flatter at the bottom.

Hi All!! So this is day 5 and I'm feeling almost...

Hi All!! So this is day 5 and I'm feeling almost back to normal. I still have a drain in my back so hopefully when I go to my post op tomorrow they will take it out. Otherwise, I'm walking better and I stopped taking the pain meds cause I don't need them anymore. I'm still swollen and the one thing that's a little irritating is this compression garment. As the days went by it's loosened up a little so hopefully the swelling is going down. I finally have my appetite back. I can't eat a lot, but at least I can satify my hunger without feeling like I want to puke. Lol So I will put up another update tomorrow and maybe a pic to show my progress.

Hi All!! I went for my post op today and my doctor...

Hi All!! I went for my post op today and my doctor was able to put over 2300 cc's into my butt!! That breaks down to about 1200 cc's per cheek. I have about a week
and a half to go before I go back to wrk so eventually I'm going to have to practice sitting without really sitting lol. So far the results are definately showing with the lipo, big difference from my before pictures! So I will post pics soon as well.
U look awesome
Hi ladies.. Im 5ft6 and looking into surgery too. I have been flat since birth unfortunately Im like u all a sista with nositall. I had titties but got rid of those G's long time ago. Now im no longer 220's so since I lost the weight im now ready to get my butt done and a tummy tuck. Orlando how are you now with your results still happy or ok? Im wondering if the dr. i saw yrs ago was right, he said i should try to lose as much weight as possible so that after my butt lift i would have better results.
hey Orlando7193! I'm happy that you are happy with your results. Can you please send or post more after pics??

Hi All, Sorry to keep you all waiting. I know I...

Hi All, Sorry to keep you all waiting. I know I haven't updated you guys in a while but I'm back lol. So it's been almost a year since I had the BBL (4/2011) and I can say "YES" there is definately a difference in my shape. My butt is definatley bigger, rounder, and looks better than it did before surgery. Even though I'm content with my new butt, I find myself not being totally satisfied. I know I need a tummy tuck to see the best results; However, I think with the amount of fat I had pre-op, my butt should be bigger. Futhermore, I feel my doctor could have done more lipo around my waist and stomach. I'm considering doing this operation again but with a different doctor. I've already contacted Dr. M. Salama in Miami for a quote, only this time I will be doing a BBL and tummy tuck together. I went to my previous doctor for a quote, and he advised he would not do a TT and BBL together. Not to mention, I paid almost 10,000 alone for the BBL and his quote for a TT is 7,800. Don't get me wrong, when it comes to my health and safety money is not an option; However, I don't want to continuosly be overcharged if there is another doctor who is just as good but less expensive. If anyone has had these two operations performed together by Dr. Salama please share your experience with me as I am leaning toward using him for these procedures. Also, I like my butt, but I want to LOVE it. I've posted some pics so ladies please tell me what you think. Also anyone who has had a 2nd BBL please share your experience. Thanks
Lol yes girlie I was just sitting here thinking could I sleep in like a fetal position? Or I was thinking I may do like the other girl and sleep on my knees and lean forward on something. Idk like u said either way it's a challenge but I'm willing to go thought it. The 1st time I had a bbl I didn't sleep on my side because I was scared of that same thing, it being flat on the sides. We will figure it out, I just know I don't want to risk laying are sitting on my new booty. Especially not the first week.
Thank you so much! I'm glad he answered your question. I haven't heard back yet geez guess they are really busy. But yes after lipo it's so much more easy to gain weight and I gain it like you say upper body. That's my big concern also, I do not want to flatten the sides of the buttocks by resting on my sides. I read a comment where someone says a girl just slept on her knees and reclined on a coach or bed to get some rest. I feel like that's what I will be doing, worth the sacrifice :)
Or just standing and recline? Lol sound so not comfortable but I'm guessing it's only until drains are pulled out and we can rest on the tummy.

Hi ladies!!! I can't believe the time is almost...

Hi ladies!!! I can't believe the time is almost here. When I booked my surgery last fall it seemed like Jully would never get here. Now I'm less than 2 weeks away from my TT and 2nd BBL w/ Dr. Salama. Last year I had a BBL w/ a doctor here in Orlando, and after spending almost 10,000 I didn't think I would be doing this all over again. My main concern when I first went for my consultation last year was my tummy as I wanted a TT; However, I was convinced by the first doctor to do a BBL. I figured all I really needed was lipo in my tummy area and that would fix my stomach. At first the lipo did great, but lipo is not a permanent fix for the stomach area. After a year, the fat has settled back in my mid section and I have loose skin around my middle area. Also, this doctor didn't offer post op massages nor did he give any stomach boards or stomach pads to go under my garment which I do believe would have improved my results. With this going on, I don't really see the effects of the BBL. I'm somewhat satisfied w/ the BBL by the first doc, but I am definately in need of the TT. Initially, I did go back to the first doctor to voice my concerns and I was also willing to give him a 2nd chance to do the TT and BBI. He was not willing to touch up my BBL nor match dr Salama's price. Not that he had to but I feel he could have met me in the middle somehow being that I was a previous patient and I already spent 10000 with him. Any who I am scheduled for july 13th and Im excited and nervous all at the same time!!! I will be staying at the Hampton inn in aventura for about a week after surgery. Thankfully my friend is coming along so I will have help. Im not so nervous about the BBL since I have had this done before but I am nervous about doing them together. My only question is really how the hell will I sleep??? Any ladies who have done these operations together please feel free to share any advice as I'm sure I will need it :) lol. I have also included some before and after pics from the first surgery. Oh well here we go again and hopefully for the last dang time.
I will be having a tummy tuck & bbl too. Can't wait to hear your outcome. I'm worried about how I will sleep also. Happy Healing !
Cant wait to see outcome. Ur gonna be sick :-)
hi what is your current weight? i was told i need to lose some if i wanted to get the bbl and tt for the best results. i have been working out but still the same weight im going to be very upset if i cant get both.

Ok ladies!!!! I can't believe it's finally time!!!...

Ok ladies!!!! I can't believe it's finally time!!! I jus made it to the surgery center and I'm about to meet the one and only Salama!! So my surgery is about 5 hours I'm getting a mini TT and butt lift. So here we go I will update u ladies as soon as I can!! Happy Healing!!!
Hope all went well
Hope your surgery went well!
Good luck today girl...

Hey ladies sorry to keep you waiting for an update...

Hey ladies sorry to keep you waiting for an update :) I am now 3 days post op, I only got the bbl. When I went to sign my paperwork with nancy she informed me that dr Salama was not doing the Tummy Tuck and bbl combo any longer because he was not pleased with how the butts were turning out. So we decided I would just do the bbl then come back for a full Tummy tuck in 6 months. Which I really do appreciate his honesty because he told me I would not be pleased with just a mini tuck, even though he still would have done it if I wanted him too, but I'm not trying to waste money and not be pleased so the best way to go would be to do the procedures separately. So being that I had a bbl last year, it was not much fat in my lower back so I figure he didn't have to lipo as much there because I don't have that much pain in my lower back. However, he did lipo my upper back and flanks and I can definately tell because it's much more sore and sensitive. Most of my lipo was in the waist and stomach area. On the first night, on a scale of 1 to 10 my pain level was a 5. I didn't even take any pain meds until the second night and that was jus so I could sleep through the night. I even drove the first night using my boppy pillow. Lol but I wont be doing that anymore. Other than that I have been eating full meals and drinking plenty of water and Gatorade. I went for my first post opp and saw nomie. I didn't leave with a garment on so I got a garment today. The garment makes me feel better and helps me walk better too.
So I have my first message tomorrow and I definately taking 2 Perc's before I go.
Hopefully that will take away some of the pain, so not looking forward to it :( well bye ladies for now.
I'm super swollen so I didn't bother to take pictures jus yet but I will post some soon.
Im so excited to see your round two results, i cant wait for mines! I know u will be pleased and IM GLAD DR> SALAMA is NOT doing thoes surgeries together. Because of my breast implants and BBL i lost a lot of perjection on my sides from laying on them. That was a good judgement on his behalf. Good Luck
Hey 76lovejoy yes that was a good call because I was thinking about when I had the bbl before and I jus slept on my stomach only because your sides are your hips which does play a part in your overall results.
Good luck on ur round 2!!

Hey ladies! So I'm finally home, I left aventura...

Hey ladies! So I'm finally home, I left aventura on wensday and went home. Before I left I went by the office to get the smaller garment and my drain removed and I was on my way. The the dr was checking me he brought up an important point. He saw the creases in my skin from the garment and he said its important to position the foam and board on those creases to smooth them out. He said how your body heals that's how it will stay. And that I know all to well from the last dr. The dr before gave me a garment and a binder that always folded and no foam and boards so I healed just like that with folds and ceases in my back and abdomen :( which hopefully will now be fixed. Also from having previous lipo with no massages Celia told me she could feel the fluid that had got trapped in the scar tissues from before. So I'll be making sure to keep up with them to keep getting that fluid out. Overall I feel great and I'm loving my results already. People who have seen me and didn't know I had surgery already notice the difference!! One of my guy friends came to see me who didn't know I had surgery and he looked at my azz and was like DDDAAMMNN!! He then proceeded to give me a big SMACK on my new, tender, swollen, booty and turned around and punched his azz dead in his face!!! That mess had hurt!! Lmao then I had to explain of course. So he knows now he has a few more weeks before he can do that again. So the only thing that gets on my nerves is the fact that I can't drive and im basically home bound for at least 2 more weeks :( anyway ill get through it. So ladies if you guys have any questions please ask away!
No I didn't loose weight I was the same weight that I was when I did it before a year ago. I did loose like 14 pounds last year after I had the bbl and it didn't affect my booty. However I did gain it back but to be honest it seemed like it went straight to my booty lol
Thank u Orlando. Im gonna tell him to make it as big as he can. Your results look awesome. I want to compensate for the reabsorption, losing weight, and working out......thank u sooooooo much
Yes ma'am because if we didn't want BIG we wouldn't be doing it a 2nd time. I love my ghetto booty lmao!!!!

I don't know if I posted measurements yet so here...

I don't know if I posted measurements yet so here they are:

Pre op
Bust: 38 D
Waist: 38
Hips: 51

1 week post op
Bust: 36
Waist: 33(with garment, foam, and board on)
Hips: 54 1/2
Oh yeah I got a huge laugh out of you punching ya dude in the face for smacking dat @ss!!! You know brothas can't resist that! Have you tried on any pants yet? Some ppl say they have to get smaller sizes and some say bigger.....
Lol yes ma'am I feel like I need to put a sign on my azz that says DON'T SMACK YET!! Healing in process!! LMAO I'm almost 3 weeks post opp come Friday and I do feel a lot better and the swelling has gone down a lot. I have to post new pics and I am very pleased with my results. I'm finally satisfied with my results you will be happy if you decide to go with Dr. Salama. One thing that will help your stomach retract is the board and foam the doc gives you to wear under your garment. I wear it everyday and so far so good :)
Oh yea I tried on pants that are the same size pre op with my garment on and they fit but the fit is different than it used to be, they are tight around the butt but I have a lot of space in the waist area. So next I'll be tryin them on without the garment and I shall see.

I'm almost 3 weeks post op. yey!! Question ladies,...

I'm almost 3 weeks post op. yey!! Question ladies, did you guys wear the garment for the whole 8 weeks? This thing is already getting on my nerves.
Hi! I have an appt for consult with Dr Soto this Monday 10/1/2012 & I have already consulted with two other Dr's including Dr Azurin in Miami, who I love. I was just wondering how much he charged you for BBL & why aren't you happy with the results? Did your butt go back down alot? I'm just trying to decide on what is best for me to get done & with who. THanks for any info! I heard so much good stuff about Salama but he is booked thru half of 2013 & I heard his prices are going up again to over $8000, Azurin is 6
glad i found your story. im considering round 2 as well just bc i want it bigger. Anywho i didnt expect you to say you gained weight in your lipo areas again... really did believe that was somewhat permanent & that you would gain weight in other areas first... guess we gotta work hard to keep these expensive bodies... & it scares me also to hear you say our lipo'd areas will heal with lumps/lines wirhout board foam. i got rid of my garment & been using a cincher but that thing does put all kinds of lines in my stomach.. this recovery thing aint easy
Orlando can you take a picture of how to sit on boppy? I'm trying to figure this out before sx.

Hello ladies!! So i am now 3 months post op and I...

Hello ladies!! So i am now 3 months post op and I am still loving my results from Dr. Salama. I so wish I knew about him sooner before I waisted my money with Dr. Soto in Orlando. I have included some new pics. Any questions please feel free to ask.

Hello ladies!! So i am now 3 months post op and I...

Hello ladies!! So i am now 3 months post op and I am still loving my results from Dr. Salama. I so wish I knew about him sooner before I waisted my money with Dr. Soto in Orlando. I have included some new pics. Any questions please feel free to ask.
course after one year the fat come back if you don't change your eating habits.
Whoa! Got dang! Go girl amazing results!
You look great! Thanks for sharing
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