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Hi all, after alot of consideration and research I...

Hi all, after alot of consideration and research I have a scheduled date for my BBL. I'm 5'6 180lbs and have always wanted to have a fuller bottom. I have big boobs just need the matching bottom. I'm scheduled with Dr.S in Orlando florida 7/15/2011. I live in NYC but have traveled to one of the best from my research.

Dr.S made me feel very comfortable during my consultation back in 05/2011. Dr.S and his staff are very friendly and answered all my questions. So i'm a little nervous but can't wait to see the results. Keep you guys posted!

Hey ricaneve,

Good luck with your BBL and hope you get the results you are looking for!!!

I am shaped just like you and thought I was looking at myself. I'm 5'1" and 169, I did a consult over the internet and sent them my photos and they told me I needed an abdominoplasty $6000 and BBL w/lipo of my flanks, upper & lower back, arms, neck, and transfer for $8000 w/discount $4800 total $11,200. They did say I could have the BBL w/o having the abdominoplasty but my skin will be sagging. I am nervous and havent set an appt yet and thinking sometime around spring break.
Hey carolyn, well he did say I would need a tummy tuck later only if I wanted. But thats if im trying to be perfect but im not.. I dont know how I mustard enough gutts to do this let alone think about a future surgery lol. Well all I can tell you is stay tunned, maybe u will like my after pics and decide u dont need all the extra surgerys. Hope this helped.
Good luck tomorrow! It will be over before you know it. Can't wait to see your results, I'm considering Dr.S

Im done!!Omg...I cant describe the pain I was in...

Im done!!Omg...I cant describe the pain I was in when I got home.. :( it felt like my stomach was being dug into with nails...after the pain meds kicked in & after on and off sleeping & peeing... I feel mucchhh better!! Dr.soto & staff where great, I have the garments on but can still see my smaller waist and bigger bum..:) pics will be up later this week when im feeling stronger...thanks for the support n well wishes!

Hey gal how're doing today? are you still swelling & bruised? Did u do Vaser Lipo or the Normal traditional Lipo? Oh I've changed my mind about December Im doing it on the 10th of August 2011, I cant tell you how nervous I am. I'll be doing it on Wensday then go back to work the following Monday, do you think this is enough time 2 feel better for work? I dont do heavy stuff i sit infront of the computer d whole day typing & walking to a filing room.
I went in for my follow up early because of my allergic reaction..didnt see my doc. He's on vacation this seeing him on mon..will ask how many cc's because I also want to know..will repost on monday..
i am looking to do a bbl we have same height and weight, how many cc per side?

Hey all, sorry it took me a while to post after...

Hey all, sorry it took me a while to post after pics. I will be fixing my page later today uploaded the pics from my mobile phone. Its been 4 weeks post op, I sat for the first time this past friday. Wow I was scared lol.. But it went well, sat through dinner and a movie. I only had a slight discomfort during the movie but ok so far. I will be posting new pics, im happy with my results, dr. soto gave me curves, he said he injected about 600 cc's in each cheek. Of course naturally I wanted a little bigger at first but im glad with my results. He removed from my stomach, upper and lower and my back. I think if I didnt go thru the whole allergic reaction I would have been smooth sailing. The pain wasnt too bad but of course I was at a disadvantage. So I guess if you have any questions feel free to ask.
Now you are exactly in my weight n height class! Do you have ne more after pox? I think I can get an good idea of how I wud look. I'm getting my upper n lower abdomen, flanks, and inner thighs done. I hope that's enough fat cud I want it big! Lol
My healing is going good just occasional lower back pain. I have some areas like my stomach and lower back still feel numb but im coming along well. I waited the full 4 weeks before actually sitting on my butt. I had a name for my time of not sitting, I was layin or prayin lol. Basicaly layin on my stomacg or prayin which means on my knees lol. My job is feild based so the little time I had to sit in the office, I used two roll pillows. One under my thighs and the other on my lower back so my butt will be elevated. Hope this tip helps others with their healing process.
you look great even posing sexier :)
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