Need help to remove silicone from face!!!

Hello! I'm just an average guy from FL, many years...

Hello! I'm just an average guy from FL, many years ago, I had liquid silicon injected into my face exactly in 2007 when I was 24 because I wanted to look more fem and I thought at the time it was the best thing to do. I had my cheeks forehead laugh lines chin and under eyes done. I regret ever having this done as my head looks bigger my cheeks are blotted and smile looks freakish lips to big and forehead hurts and feels heavy I now no longer feel comfortable going out anywhere because of how people stare at me. I am now 30 I'm seeking help to have this removed especially from my forehead please help!!!


Silicone moves....especially the amount used in the butt area. To those that want better butts, go to the gym, a lot safer and cheaper. And down the road, you won't have to spend a small fortune to getting it removed.
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You look great! You shouldn't be ashamed of your appearance;; Your gorgeous but if your forehead feels heavy then def seek to remove it
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You look great!
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