Tram Flap Breast Reconstruction Results

Why: Breast Reconstruction post Mastectomy. I...

Why: Breast Reconstruction post Mastectomy.

I would like to find out what type of results I shoould have expected. Have other people had this procedure using the Gummy implants? Do other people still experiance pain. What can be done to coreect the uneven appearance of my breast? Can the empty area in the upper portion of my breast/armpit area/cleavage area be filled?

I have had a tram flap breast reconstruction with poor results.I had this procedure done in May of 2009. I have no tissue on the upper portion of the breast. The reconstruction was done useing the gummy implant. I am in the trials for the gummy implant. What if anything can be done to fill in the hollow in the upper portion of the breast? The implant looks as if it is just sitting on my chest. Has anyone else had reconstuction with this type of implant? I have pain on the side of my breast that seems to me to be due to the hard/firm implant. I have discomfort after wearing a bra for more than three hours, is this a normal problem after this type of surgery? My other concern is maybe harder to answer, how do insurance companies decide if you have had a good outcome from surgery? What type of results should I have expected?


Hi Becca -- Thank you for sharing your story. I'm really sorry to hear you're disappointed with your results so far but hopefully you will continue to get the help you need from your doc and insurance company.

In addition to asking your questions here, you may also want to post on our Doctor Q&A Forum for a professional opinion.

Good luck and please keep us posted on your progress!

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I haven't been on this site since my origional...

I haven't been on this site since my origional post January of 2010. I checked a few times after my post but no replys. I'm so happy to see that so many women have joined and shared their experiances.
Its lovely that you have all had someone to chat with.
I have almost finished my reconstruction, I just need to accessorize. Actually I'ge not even made up my mind about that. Ive been without for three years now and I'm not sure if its worth one more surgery. I suppose I should just go ahead and do it and make it an even ten surgeries.
oh well I will think about that tomorrow.
Again happy to see all the posts that followed mine and very happy to know that you have all had each other to chat with.


I had a horrible experience with my tram flap reconstruction. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. I broke open on my abdomen about 1 inch deep, 1 inch up and down, and 3 inches across. I broke open around both breast and had large holes in the openings also. I couldn't heal with the saline soaked gauze the surgeon was having me use. I went to my primary care physician. She wanted me to sunbathe nude (I live in town) so I ended up buying a heat lamp and attaching it to the back of a dining room chair and laid on the floor under it so I wouldn't burn. I soon could see I was going to heal. I have no tummy muscles (they used mesh) so I roll out of bed. I have no definition between my breasts and my stomach. I am round like a barrel. I have no waist and my navel is not where it used to be and excuse me but my public area is huge now! If I wear clothes that fit my butt, then they cut me in half. If I wear clothes that fit my waist, then I have baggy butt. I have large fatty areas under my arms and have nothing above my breasts; I am concave. It is hard to find tops that look nice. I am 13 yrs. past my surgery. I have an appt. with a different plastic surgeon and am wondering if with the new strides they have made in implants if that is a way for me to go. I do not want to be any larger. I am fine with that. To use an implant does the Dr. have to make me larger or does he take out tissue to make me the same? Can the area that is concave be fixed? Am I in for a lot of pain? If I get an implant, can I lie on my stomach? Can I take hits/blows to the chest without them breaking? Any suggestions would be helpful.
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Are you resdy to begin interviewing surgeons for possible reconstruction? When you speak with them, they will discuss your options with you. Best to know what is available to you based on your personal situation. Then you can make an educated decision. Whatever you decide, I am sure you will find good resources here to support you . xo
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Hi Beverly, I don't really have a care team yet so not sure where to go next. Reading the experiences on this site has helped alot I feel more informed and when I make a decision I will no what to expect! I may be limited to what options I choose! A Tram flap maybe to invasive for me and I would be more at risk of infection having a lowered immunity.........Helen.
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