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Dr. S preformed my Breast Augmentation surgery...

Dr. S preformed my Breast Augmentation surgery 12/21/09. I got a lift and implants of 400cc's. I went from a B to a D (in some bras I am now a DD).

I will be honest. 2 weeks before I met Dr. S, I found a "good deal" coupon for a local surgeon. I quickly called the practice and after only 1 visit with the competitor, I booked my surgery. When mentioning the other surgeon's name to a close friend, I realized what a HUGE mistake I was making by considering using this other doctor. Turns out the other doctor was not Board Certified by the ASPS and had a HORRIBLE reputation!

I am thankful that I found Dr. S and had a great experience. Some others aren't so lucky. Certification by an ABMS Member Board involves a rigorous process of testing and peer evaluation that is designed and administered by specialists in the specific area of medicine. Did you know that someone can be board certified in other areas (not plastic surgery) and list "board certified" on their qualifications? Seems like false advertising to me, but it's done all the time.

I am 120% happy with my results with Dr. S. He is phenominal!

Hi. The only scarring I have are from implant insertion which are pretty much faded now 8 months post op, but are underneath my breast in the fold and never seen. I have to physically lift my breast to see the thin scar. As a personal request of mine, I asked Dr. Soto to re-shape my areolas making them smaller. In order to fufill my request, he did what he called a "fancy lift" where he kind of puckered the skin together at my nipple and pulled the skin together to lift my breasts. My scar around my areolas is a perfectly round (almost faded) thin line. Thankfully, I do not have a scar from the lift like my girlfriend who has an upside down letter T that is visible and so un-natural. She by the way did NOT have Dr.Soto as her surgeon. Good luck and you're in good hands with Dr. S!!!! :) *Regarding the photos, I am not comfortable sending full nude pics at this time. Thanks.

You said that you had a lift as well? what kind of scarring did you have if any? Just curiouse I am having this procedure with Dr. Soto and wanted to see some scars from the lift.. if you do not mind will you send some befor and after pictures? By the way they look amaing!!

Hi fancift. I'm on my 5th month now and I feel that I dropped/fluffed around month 3. Yes, they are under the muscle.

I am now 8 months post-op. Here is a current...

I am now 8 months post-op. Here is a current picture.

I am now 8 months post-op and have been referring other friends/relatives of mine. So far there are two scheduled for breast augmentations Oct. 2010. Good luck ladies!! I am still pleased with my results. At times I wish I had gone bigger (boob greed setting in), but overall I am happy.

You look great! Congrats!

Photo Update

well u look really glad that you found a plastic surgeon that really did a good job..well mine is coming next month..April 13..i"m super nervous but can"t wait to get it done..1 am 51 years old ..have 4 children..the 3 girls are all married..and i have my baby he is 15..well about me.. i really been thinking this for a while now..and my hubby suprises me with appointment to see the plastic surgeon . so i'm very excited about the mommy make over..TT,breast implant, lipo on outer thigh and flanks,,,i"5'3 andi weigh 155 lbs..i want to loose at least 10 to 15 lbs before my surgery so will see is just so hard...well i will keep u guys with my jorney..
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If you are looking for someone with a strict code of ethics and SAFETY, look no further! He is an amazing plastic surgeon. His bedside manner is professional. The staff at his facility are caring and knowledgeable, especially Sara I love her. I am so happy I found Dr. S. You can't ask for anything more in a Doctor.

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