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Worst Mistake of my Life! - Orem, UT

DON'T do this procedure. I had it done a...

DON'T do this procedure. I had it done a little less than a year ago. I had a saggy bum (33 years, four pregnancies 120lbs 5’2”) I have never been obese; I have since learned that I was never a candidate for this type of procedure. My doctor sold it to me as a 'butt lift' but it was actually a 'belt lipectomy' which is part of a body lift procedure. I had no idea how it would ruin my body.

There were so many things that I wasn't told about the procedure. For example I was told that I would be able to hide the scar with a "string bikini" (my dr.'s words not mine), that was/is a lie. The scar is MUCH higher than promised I cannot hide it even with some of my jeans. He also created a false buttocks crease that I was not told about. I had no idea that he would be elongating my butt! It really is awful and I've had to pay extra money (to a different surgeon) to do repair work, it is likely that I am going to have to have more revisions done and I'll still be left with a horrid scar.

I would never have this procedure done had I known the end result.

Orem Plastic Surgeon

I believe this surgeon to be unethical as the procedure he performed on me is reserved for those with lots of excess skin from extreme weight loss. I was not a candidate for it. I didn't know this going in and he as both board certified and a professional should have never performed it. This was not something I came to him for I originally was asking about liposuction (which he also botched) and fat grafting he was the one that steered me this direction with his false lines like "you'll be able to cover it with a string bikini."

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To clear up any confusion I am "7858anon" as well, I have a new realself account. I will certainly let you know how things go for me with future treatments/prodecures to try and improve this.
I agree that there are probably a handful of PS in the country that can perform a "butt lift" using this technique successfully. I have learned a lot since having this procedure done. One of which is that not all plastic surgeons are equal, board ceritfied DOES NOT MEAN they have any artistic ability just that they have the training that qualifies them to be board certified. Which in my case did nothing to protect me, my doctor was completely untalented to say the least.
Furthermore, I would recommend reading the book "Intuitive Eating" before doing anything drastic with diet and exercise.
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I have been reading others who have had the same problem as well. I believe there are only certain surgeons who can properly perform this surgery correctly.
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OMG you been through so much! yek! not fun, I changed my mind completely, at first I got really depressed that I had changed my mind but now I see the light more and more.... I'm just going to work out like crazy and take care of myself that's all, where did you have it done I live in NJ so I was going to an MD here in Jersey...do you know of others who have had the same prombles?
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Trust me I feel your pain. The surgeon I worked with was deceptive, at best, the only thing he cared about was getting money out of me. It is horrible to be taken advantage of that way, especially with your body. It's not like he was just a bad plumber that installed pipes outside the wall instead of inside, he ruined my body, and I am left with little recourse or options for repair!
So far the only revision I have had done is an attempt to remove the "false buttocks crease" (or rather buttocks cleft). It was raised to an unnatural position. The revision (I have had two) was very conservatively done by a much more reputable doctor but has been unsuccessful, although there has been some improvement. I have been told that lowering the whole scare would be profoundly difficult and would result in a difficult recovery (similar to the first surgery) with no guarantee that it would even work. The latest idea is to lower just the middle section of the scar (the false buttock crease) to its natural position in several increments, a small procedure, let it heal then another small procedure and so on (move it slowly a few inches at a time). This will likely take years to accomplish a small improvement, but it would remove one of the more devastating results of the first procedure. There are also reputable dermatologists in my area (luckily) that have had great success with improving and diminishing scares (I have a lot of rippling and a large indentation on the scar itself). I hope to be consulted by them in the future; they have lasers that remove the dark pigmentation that has been left behind as well as one that releases the bands left from scaring. Between these multiple procedures (and thousands and thousands of dollars later) I hope to diminish it to a "livable" regret in my life.
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If you wouldn't mind letting me know how the treatment by the dermatologist works out. I may even travel or try to find the same treatment near me if it works for you. I have on my sides a thicker scar where she picked at afterwards to remove some stiches that were left. It is sad to hear you have the same pain from this surgery but it helps to be able to talk to someone who can understand. I feel so ruined and some husband of course is not happy how it looks and especially since he did not want me to do this which I wish I had listened to.
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thanks for the info I"M never having this done I dream about it if something goes wrong thanks again..
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I'm really sorry to hear what you've been through, 7858anon. :( Have you had a revision surgery already?

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Yes, however I am still going to have to have another one as the first revision was successful for only part of the scar (there was two main issues that I was trying to correct).
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It sounds like you got the same results I got and that you were told the same thing I was. My butt looks worse than before I had the surgery and now have an aweful scar that is way too high to try to hide. Can I ask what type of revision you had done? Was it just for the scar lowering it or did you have the whole lift procedure done? My surgeon even gave me the wrong recovery instructions and I even had body fat transfer with this as well. It has made me so upset and miserable everyday because of the scar and that I paid all that money and still do not have a lifted or rounder butt!
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