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I am going to give you a little background here. I...

I am going to give you a little background here. I have had three children, had an emergancy surgery for a ruptured overy in 2008 so I have a large scar and have recently lost 85 lbs - I could probably lose more but the weight I am currently at is easy for me to maintain. Besides I was a size 22 and am now a size 8. Needless to say I have a lot of excess skin, a large belly bulge and lots of stretch marks. I'm not so worried about the stretch marks but the bulge and extra skin bother me. I would love not to have to tuck my tummy into my my pants.

I have scheduled a full tummy tuck and muscle repair for 3/21/2011 (no lipo cause while I'm curvy all the doctors I interviewed seemed to think I didn't need it - at least in the flanks)

I have been pouring through this website reading everyone stories and am very excited. I will post some before pictures soon.

Here are my before pictures.

Here are my before pictures.
Congrats on the weight loss. I just had my first consult today. I am nervous and excited. Want to schedule for March 28. Gotta get everything in order for the kids to be away first.
I wrote my review of my consult and intro yet it hasnt posted yet.
Look forward to sharing in your journey!! :)
Hope everything goes well for you...my TT is march 1st and trust me i have major jitters about it. im not nervous about going under or anything im just nervous about the pain afterwards because I dont really know what to expect. Ive also probably scared myself a little bit as well by watching tummy tuck surgery vids on youtube lol
I'm also nervous about the pain - I had major abdominal surgery in 2008 and that was painful but after a few years I can barely remember it - what I do remember is getting up from laying down was the very hard. So I'm going to take the advice I have read on this site to get a recliner for recovery. I also watched a video on the procedure also - don't think I'll be doing that again.
Good luck to you I look forward to reading your posts!

So I tried to upload a profile picture but it...

So I tried to upload a profile picture but it won't work. Is anyone else having an issue with it?
your tummy looks like mine and im having lipo of my flanks.. my TT date is feb 28.. 14 days to be exact.. i went from anxious,scared , nervous , to excited.. follow my recovery. i will be sure to post pics along the way...
good luck to all
Hey girl, I was worried about the lipo issue as well. I am about your size, maybe a little bigger but my doc told me i wouldnt need lipo even though I thought i would. As it turned out he was right, keep in mined they cut you from hip to hip and remove all the fat below your belly button. so they are removing fat! your size is nice, you will LOVE your outcome!
Thanks! I was really worried I wouldn't look right - it's nice to hear others had the same issues/worries and everything turned out fine :)

My surgery is in almost 3 weeks! I have everything...

My surgery is in almost 3 weeks! I have everything in order and will be paying for the surgery on Monday - whoa that's a chunk of change. No turning back now. LOL.

I think I am going to forgo getting the pain pump....

I think I am going to forgo getting the pain pump. It's 300 extra. I've researched it a little bit and it seems to be 50/50 whether its worth it or not. Has anyone else had a pain pump and do you think it was worth it?

4 Days away now! We live a few hours away from...

4 Days away now! We live a few hours away from where the surgery will take so we reserved a hotel at the doctors request. Kids are set up with a sitter and dogs are set up with the kennel. Now its time to prep the house. I'm so excited to get rid of this tummy.
we have it this week can you believe it.. your tomorrow my thursday omg you ready???
Your results are going to be amazing! Your before pics looks a lot like mine and the muscle repair does amazing things for your waist AND I have abs now that the muscles are sewn together!!:) My recovery was much easier than I thought it would be! You'll love your results and it will be more than worth it! good luck and god bless!!:)
PS. I didn't have lipo and Im glad b/c Im just as happy without it!;)

Day 4 Post op. Sorry I haven't posted anything...

Day 4 Post op. Sorry I haven't posted anything I just haven't been up to it. The first day the pain was awful and I am still in pain but can move around a bit now. There are moments in the first day you will question your sanity on why you would do this to yourself - is worth it but the first day sucks. Thank god for my fiance he has been such a great nurse! I had to take the foam bandages off due to my skin having a nasty reaction to the glue so I have a few very ugly sores from that. Other than that I can tell this is going to look fabulous. :) I am posting a picture today but I can't stand up straight yet so it really doesn't show how great an improvement there is yet. A few pointers for those who haven't had the tummy tuck yet.
1. Get a recliner! I borrowed one from a friend and I couldn't imagine life without it right now.
2. Stay on top of your meds! Its no fun sleeping through med time and awaking 3 hours later in a lot of pain.
3. Start taking milk of magnesia the day of surgery - it will still take a few days to go number two and that pain is almost worse than the surgery pain.
3. Whatever you do don't cough!!!!!!!
4. You will tire easily. Take naps as needed.
As a matter of fact its time for a nap now. :) I will post again soon.
U look great
Hey thanks for taking the time to update. Wow, your tummy is so flat! I noticed your drains were almost empty . .. good sign, eh? Have a good nap!
My drains haven't really output much at all. I did empty them right before the photo still they are only outputting maybe 40 ml each a day. I hope that means I'll get to take them out next week :)

I am now 3 weeks post op, have returned to work...

I am now 3 weeks post op, have returned to work and now know what swell hell is. I still have one drain which is leaking now yuck. I knew I was going to be swollen but holy geez I didn't think it would be this much. I did have a little area near the incision that wasn't getting enough oxygen fortunately the black peeled of to reveal healthy skin. You can see in my post op picture where the skin had started turning color. I will post more pictures after the last drain is removed whenever that will be. I can still tell the results will be great the swelling is just frustrating.

Orem Plastic Surgeon

So far I am very happy with Dr. Jones work. Its only day 4 post op and I can tell already how great my tummy is going to look - I never imagined it would look this good. I have to say his prices are very reasonable far lower than the other surgeons I interviewed but quality was not sacrificed. If I decide on any future procedures I will be going back to Dr. Jones.

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