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I'm 29 years old, 5'9'', 159 lbs,...

I'm 29 years old, 5'9'', 159 lbs, and will be 30 in June. I have three gorgeous children who are 15 1/2 (he's actually a brother I have custody of. LOL)5 1/2 and 3 and an amazingly supportive husband. If you look around my family there is not one.single.flat.tummy. so I just kind of assumed that I'd always have to deal with this ridiculous spare tire around my waist.

In the process of a 3 year battle with infertility I was diagnosed with PCOS and started on Metformin, within 3 months I lost over 30 lbs and that left me around 173, which is where I stayed after the births of both of our children. Then in April of 2010 my husband and I started weight watchers and I got down to my goal of 150 lbs. I was excersizing 5 days a week for about an hour a day and I STILL had a fat tummy. It was begining to take a major toll on me, and that's when I decided it was time to see a PS. I work in the medical field so I asked the drs around and they recommended I consult with 3 surgeons and gave me the names of the three best guys around. I left the first consult extremley depressed, and I'll tell you why. I took my BFF (hubby had to work) and as I was getting in my robe she said "seriously...if your body is my "after" I would be thrilled (she's on ww too after her last birth 1 year ago) so I was feelin' confident when the PS walked in. "I'm not that bad, I bet he may even say the surgery isn't worth it." I was thinking...WRONG! He grabbed my stomach and said "look at this catastrophic damage, those kids really destroyed your belly." I was SO deflated at that point. He quoted me $10,900 for tummy tuck with lipo of the flanks and I left. Second consult went better, but I still wasn't thrilled, and then I met Dr. Leonard.He was AMAZING, down to earth, (as PS go,LOL) and willing to address the fact that I've had a DVT in the past. The other PS didn't want to treat with blood thinners for fear of a hematoma after surgery. I'd rather have a bruise that, well...die. LOL. So, here I sit, I have my surgery scheduled and I am beyond excited, but still somehow I try and talk myself out of it almost every day! MY husband is so supportive, but as a mom it feels so selfish. Which is why I'm here. Few of my friends know I'm getting it done, and most say "I'm just fine the way I am." well they aren't with me everyday that I get dressed...I hate the tummy I have going on!Anybody else have experience with Tummy tucks and people that have had DVT's? Mine was a fluke, no congenital clotting disorders were found, but it's weighing heavily on my mind! :)Updated on 19 Dec 2011:Arrrggg, "before pics!" Guess I better post them since surgery is only 42 days away. I HATED the picture taken from the back, if anything could convince me that I should have the lipo to the flanks it's that picture. I hate that word anyhow...I thought only horses had flanks! ;)Updated on 20 Dec 2011:Met a woman at work today that had breast reconstruction surgery after breast cancer and a tummy tuck with Dr. Leonard, she LOVED her experience with him. Helps to hear that other people have gotten through it with my dr and loved their result!Updated on 21 Dec 2011:Getting closer! I've decided to be fairly strict on my weight watchers until my surgery, I need to stay focused but who can concentrate with all these yummy treats everywhere!
This is my first PS experience, and it was my first surgery since having my tonsils removed at age 10! I was very nervous and spent weeks and weeks before my scheduled date just worrying and fretting. The time flew by, and while the first few days were tough, they weren't that bad. By day 4 post op I was off hard pain meds and released to drive. Yesterday, on day 10 post op, I was at the mall, went to a cookie swap, and had a date with my BF. Other than the inconvenience of all the garments, it's been easy! I'm in compression hose, spanx, medical compression over the spanx, and two compression bras! That's EXACTLY why I did this in December here in FL. Wouldn't have survived in the summer!
Oh my, in the humidity I can imagine that would have been quite difficult! In oregon I really just have to worry about being drowned from the rain! ;) I will be about 4 months po when the heat starts to show up around here, I'm hoping to be through swell hell by then!
I'm so glad I'm not the only one who felt WORSE after their consult. haha! That was a major bummer for me and sent me into 2 months of an "I'm getting surgery so it doesn't matter what I eat" spiral...4 pounds gained later...I'm getting back on track! Have you ever had any kind of PS before this? This willbe my first experience in it, I've had lots of medically necessary surgery (we'll call me genetically inferior) but this is my first elective procedure! I love that you already love your results!

Well, about a week ago I started weight watchers...

Well, about a week ago I started weight watchers again so that I could be a lil closer to my goal weight when surgery day comes. I decided that I wanted to lose 10 lbs in a month (which is totally do-able in a month) and I weighed today and lost 7 in a week! Now, I know that before I started again Iwas drinking alot of soda,and that makes me retain water like crazy so replacing that with 60-80 oz of water aday prob took 5 of those pounds off all on its own!

We successfully got through the holiday's without anyone in the family finding out about my surgery, YAY! I was so nervous that someone would accidentally spill the beans and I really didn't want to deal with the drama of their judgement! I honestly can NOT believe that my surgery is in a month. Seems the closer I get to the actual surgery day, the more I try to talk myself out of it. I know I can't wait to get rid of these fatty flanks and icky stretch marks, but the surgery is scary!

Phheewww, all the holidays are OVER! And we...

Phheewww, all the holidays are OVER! And we successfully got through them all without the majority of the family finding out about my surgery, I didn't want to deal with the judgement. Now, I have less than a month until my big day and I'm starting to freak out a little bit! All you experienced TT'ers out there...what are the must haves I should buy to have post op?

Well, pre-op is the day after tomorrow already.. I...

Well, pre-op is the day after tomorrow already.. I can't believe it's already here! I can't wait to feel more comfortable in my own skin,and I've wanted this for so long...it's just unbelieveable that I'm really going to do this! My family and I spent the weekend in the mountains in a nice cabin with a couple of our friends families and it provided a nice distraction, but now I'm home and it's time to start shopping for all the supplies I need! Ahhhhhh, I'm so excited!

Had my pre-op this morning and paid for my...

Had my pre-op this morning and paid for my surgery, guess there's no turning back now! I got this rush of panic as I paid for it, I'm sure that's just mostly the fear of the unknown. Now I have two weeks to prepare, I dropped off all my Rx's at the pharmacy on the way home from work as well. No turning back now!

1 week to go, it's officially my last week to get...

1 week to go, it's officially my last week to get stuff done around here before this mama is down for the count for a lil while. Picked up all my Rx's for before and after surgery this week, my Dr rx'd Dilaudid and skelexin to take TOGETHER! I'm pretty sure that could put down a horse, I may try just taking one or the other post op. It's getting close now!

Surgery is in four days! Agggg! Spending the...

Surgery is in four days! Agggg! Spending the weekend with my friends and family, it will probably be awhile before I want to hang out so I'm soaking it all in while I can. Wrote a couple cards to my family in case the worst happens (I know it's ridiculous but it will make me feel better going under anesthesia with my feelings written down.) I can't believe it's here already!

Well I've spent the last few days trying to get...

Well I've spent the last few days trying to get things as organized as I possibly can around the house in preparation for surgery on Tuesday. I find myself just sitting and staring at my children, I hope that everything works out just fine. I'm just ready for it to be Tuesday at about noon when I'm done with surgery and all these terrible nerves will be a thing of the past!

Well, I guess if it's not done at this point, it's...

Well, I guess if it's not done at this point, it's not getting done! I have the kids all taken care of, my meds all filled, and plans all set. I pray that all goes as planned tommorrow and that God guides my surgeons hands. Gulp, these nerves are ridiculous! I teared up a couple times holding my kiddos today, there's just so much at stake...I hope it's worth it in the end! Wish me luck Real Self!
Haha, I was just re-reading my last post and you can certainly tell that I was totally feelin those pain meds! Anyway, today is PO day #4 and things are lookin up in the tummy tuck world. Took my first shower this am since surg...ahhhhh, that felt amazing!Though it was pretty painful trying to get the compression garment on around my drain tubes. Which came at the perfect timing of my young children coming home to see me for the first time since surgery. As soon as our daughter got to the stairs and went to open the door she heard me shriek and begin to bawl. Pretty sure she thought I had just died. LOL Anyways, pretty darn swolled, and I have zero appetite. I've been slugging down little sips of water when I can stomach it and a banana here and there. Hopefully my appetite returns quickly because my husband is driving me crazy offering me food all the time!
I'm 3 days post-op now. I can say that this is one of the most painful things I have ever been a part of, and I've had two childen!My husband has been amazing, he's basically in charge of full time care forme, and our little ones are spending time with either side of grandparents. I'm really sorry if my post makes no sense, I'm incredibly drugged up at the moment! My doctor put a pain pump in that was supposed to drip lidocaine down on my abs for the first 3 days after surg, and I guess the nurses forgot to turn it on, because there's nothing coming out of it! Headed to my post-op now, we'll see how it goes!
Glad you are doing well, finally!! I was in pain the first day or two as well but once you get ahead of the pain it is much better! Set your alarm for the pain pills, even in the middle of the night...it's much harder to catch up to pain than it is to stay ahead of it.

I just looked at my page and noticed that since...

I just looked at my page and noticed that since surgery I have been putting all my daily updates in my "comments" section instead of here, in the update section. Oops! We'll blame that on the meds! We've kinda got a routine going around the house now, and now that the kids are back home from grandmas, I'm also a fair amount more independant. Poor hubby cant be in 10 places at once. Oooh ooh important news! I had my first BM since surg last night, abdominally, things feel soooo much better! It was pretty scary though! ; ) I've also noticed that when I took the Skelexan (muscle relaxer), about 1/2 hour later I would get these terrible leg twitches if I were awake. And if I was asleep I was having these terribly voilent, very scary dreams. After being woken up to me sobbing last night, my hubby put two and two together and said "No more of that!" We'll talk to my PS tomorrow and see what I can take instead.Ugh, those were awful.Not sure if I included this in any of my comments below, but I got to take my first shower yesterday am. I felt slightly human again, a little Halloween-esk, but CLEAN! Anyhow, off to spend the day doin' nothin, again. LOL
Hey I'm 3 days PO my main complaint is my back it's so sore but other than that it's not bad. I hope u start feeling better real soon.

Wow. Today is PO day #6 and it is a MUCH better...

Wow. Today is PO day #6 and it is a MUCH better day than yesterday. The nighttime of PO day#5 involved a lot of very crazy/vivid/painful dreams. I actually woke up bawling and trying to claw my way out of my bed. My hubby spoke with my PS and they decided it was a nasty result of the Dilaudid (Pain med) and they decided to see if I could spend PO day #5 with just tylenol as a pain reliever. It.Was.Hell! There's no other way to describe it. Haha. After fainting in the end of the evening my hubby decided to put me back on half dose of the pain meds and see how I did, and that brings me to today. :) I spent my first afternoon downstairs with my family which was wonderful, I was starting to feel so isolated and depressed up there all alone. I'm walking with my walker still although it's mostly because I have two little kids and a puppy, I actually do okay walking (slowly) on my own, which is a change from yesterday. I can say I have a true LOVE/HATE relationship with my compression garment. I hate it because it makes me sweaty, I hate all the places it sets on me, and I hate that I can't tell which areas on me feel "weird" because of the garment or because of the surgery! But I love it because when I have it off, I feel extremly vulnerable, like my abs are just going to fall out! (I know this will not happen) :) I find myself wondering when I will feel like this stomach is mine, right now it's numb, and feels so odd that, it almost feels like I'm carrying around something that belongs to someone else! Anyhoo, PO appt number 2 tomorrow, we'll see how it goes!
You look great! Your scar is nice and low. I can totally relate to you feeling like your belly is not your own. I kept saying the same thing! It's weird!! It must be the numbness and swelling. For me everything feels normal above my belly button, but below it, where it's numb, it feels odd. It doesn't feel like everything is hanging out anymore. That went away about a week ago.

I hope you start feeling better soon and update us when you can :)
Thank you! Looking back now, a week later, I was so hunched over in those day #3 pics, I never want to go back there! LOL I will take some updated pics soon. Ihaven't taken any in my bathing suit or underwear yet, I'm kinda nervous!
Happy healing Finally!! You'll feel much better when you get the drain removed. Post some pics if you can. Would love to see your results :)

Post-op day #10! Spent yesterday feeling pretty...

Post-op day #10! Spent yesterday feeling pretty darn good. I got to help the hubby (minimally) with some things around the house, and have some story time with our little kiddos which I've missed since surgery day. I even took a shower AND blow dried my hair, these things seem small, but they all add up to a good day in the PO world. Woke up this am with some fresh blood in my drains which FREAKED me out, but my PS nurse said it wasn't a problem. Went in for my second PO this am, they removed my belly button stitches and pulled my drains out. Those drains coming out seriously HURT, I screamed, like a baby! LOL Thing feel good now, chilling out at home and my hubby is making me some stir fry and then I may take a nap. JUst a little nervous that those drains coming out will mean and increase in swelling! Hope not!

Oops! My husband told me the wrong date! The above...

Oops! My husband told me the wrong date! The above review was of PO Day #09

So the swelling has begun! The drains were taken...

So the swelling has begun! The drains were taken out at my post op yesterday, and I thought it was possible that the swelling would start after that point, and boy was I right! I had hoped if I avoided salt as much as possible, drank my water, and laid with ice packs while resting, that I could avoid it...looks like I was wrong because I'm much more swollen than I ever have been so far! Told the dr that the Dilaudid pain medication seemed a bit strong for me at this point, although I've tried just taking tylenol and that didn't seem to cut it. So today has been my first full day on vicodin instead, and it seems to do the job without being quite so strong! I have seen a few posts where people got off pain meds so fast and I just don't understand how! My PS said that people that don't do the MR and lipo have a much easier time of it PO, but that most people that had the combo like myself, are still on the pain meds. Made me feel like less of a wimp, LOL.
Finallydoingit... Hey I know how Ur feeling the way u describe Ur love hate for garment & how Ur tummy feels. I'm right there w you! I had full tt & mr on 2/2. I still can't stand straight & stil have 2 drains plus swelling. I tire easily. I'm so ready to b normal again. I bet u r too! Happy healing!
I was very nervous for them to remove the drains because of the impeding swelling that I knew would come, but having them gone is so freeing! I promise some of your "normal" will come back as soon as those are gone! :)
Thank u! I sure hope so! Did u have TT & MR? I did. It's tough trying to stand straight. I'm so ready to get rid of these drains!

Had my first night out of the house since surgery...

Had my first night out of the house since surgery tonight. Went over to our friends house just to chill out, which was a nice change of scenery! I was able to bring my ice packs and sit comfy on the couch, it was a great stepping stone. Best part? Part of the evening was dropping out 5 year old daughter off at her first bday party at which we wouldn't also attend, and the father of the birthday girl opening the front door and saying "Wow, you look skinny!" He obviously didn't know what I'd done, but it felt good to know I looked decent in my clothes, and I'm still pretty swollen! :)

Took 12 day post op pictures today. It was the...

Took 12 day post op pictures today. It was the first time I had on real underwear since the surgery since I'm always wearing that garment. I was fairly nervous about trying them on and seeing where my scar would lie with underwear on, and I was pleasatly surprised! I'm also a pretty big fan of my belly button, which is very natural looking in real life but I think looks funny in the picture because of the redness. All in all, I'm happy so far, I'm still pretty darn swollen!

Woke up this am and decided that I wouldn't be...

Woke up this am and decided that I wouldn't be taking my pain meds anymore. It's been great because I have so much more energy but it's sort of a bummer because I'm kinda sore now that it's the end of the day. Oh well, another step in the recovery process! Post op day #13 is going well!
Glad your feeling better! You look great and will only get better with time. Can't wait to be where u are. Happy healing:)

Well today is PO day #15 and swell hell finally...

Well today is PO day #15 and swell hell finally hit me hard. I really don't understand why though, I literally spent ALL day laying on the couch with my knees up, icing my incision! I have a post op tomorrow so I decided tonight was a "shave" night, you know, the whole leg and arm pits and such, and I felt like I was going to pop! My incision is soooo much higher than it normally is as well, and I really feel tension against my scar! By the end of my shower I was in tears, I really had hopes I would be one of the "lucky" ones that swell hell didn't effect. Boy, was I WRONG. My poor husband has spent all day trying to be sweet and do sweet little things for valentines day and now I've ended the dang night sobbing in the shower. Good night, I pray tomorrow ends much, much better.
I hate the swelling part too!! I'm
12 days po. Got both drains out today. Are u standing straight yet? I'm not. My tummy feels like it's asleep or something so weird. U have those feelings?
I would say that I was just starting to be "o.k" with the sensation in my belly, kind of like it was starting to feel like mine! But today with all this fluid it totally feels weird, asleep would be a good way to describe it, but I definetly do not like it! It's really been a rough evening. :( and no, I'm still walking all hunched over, I mean it's better than week 1, but especially by the end of the day, I am walking way bent over! Makes me super worried about going back to work next week! Agggg, makes me wonder if I stopped my pain meds to early cause this stuff hurts. It just seems like I shouldn't need them when I read all these blogs of women that stopped their meds on day 5 or some crap like that! Agggg, I dunno what to do!
My PS said take the meds if I need them & so I have because he said you will not heal nearly as good r fast if Ur in pain. I know I'm ready to walk straight & my tt feel normal. I hope today is Better for u.

So I went to Dr. Leonard's office today and cried....

So I went to Dr. Leonard's office today and cried. Cried because I'm swollen, cried because I feel ridiculous for feeling like I should be better by now and I'm only 2 weeks out. But mostly, I cried because I'm fighting taking these pain meds and I really do still need to be on them. I love my dr. :) so patient, and super understanding. Said to take my meds, that I'm still early in the process and that my body needs me to be as pain free as possible in order to Heal. My husband has Said the same thing, but for some reason it's better coming from him. I told him that I was starting to feel sort of human, moving around and such, and then I stopped my pain meds and back to bed I went. Hurt to damn much to move around! I also thought I was being a perfect patient laying down, knees up, and ice on the belly. Turns out its better to be moving around. Man, this sure is a process!
You won't become a statistic using your pain pills as prescribed. They don't give you unending refills either. Addiction happens when you take them outside of how they are prescribed. Like taking them every 2 hours or taking more than prescribed. I know a lot of people are afraid of addiction but that takes a lot over a much longer period of time so you become immune. I think it's good to be aware of that risk but not to be in pain because you think it will happen so soon after surgery.

I do hear you on seeing how you compare vs others. It is hard to know you feel crappy and someone else is soaring through it. And you are still only at 2 weeks so you are doing pretty good! Check out my blog and you'll see what slow looks like :)
Thanks ladies! :) I'm going to go over my concerns with my PS at my 2 week po today, hopefully that will make me feel better! I know taking the pain pills would reduce my pain, but I'm also afraid of being on them for a long period of time, I certainly don't want to become a statistic and become addicted to them! Real self has helped me with so much, but I think there should be some sort of warning label on some people's pages "warning: this person is healing much faster than you, and it will frustrate you to read this!" haha. I've had a lot of bad luck in my general health, heart surgeries and such, and I've ALWAYS healed so much faster than they predicted I would. I just was really hoping that would be the case for this surg as well!
You should take your pain meds if you need them. We are all individuals and you have to go by your own pain. I took them for a long time as I had some real problems. You are very early in recovery so if you need them don't feel like you are some kind of failure. The sensations do get better but give them time! I'm at 26 weeks and am still healing. It has taken months for the sensations to get back to a more normal feeling. I did have an extended TT where it completely goes all the way around and I had complications. While others were feeling better at 3-4 weeks it took me 4-5 months to feel the same way. So hang in there. 2 weeks is very very early. I think we all go through swelling and it is hard to deal w/ when it happens. Just know it is part of the recovery process.

I'm sorry you spent the night in tears. I had a heck of a time shaving and also felt like I was going to split. Let the hair grow for a while and try again in a few weeks. You look really good and it will keep getting better and better!

So I'm 18 days po and feeling decent. Had my 2...

So I'm 18 days po and feeling decent. Had my 2 week po appt a couple days ago and was encouraged to get back on my pain meds but try a day without the muscle relaxer and just the Vicodin. The relaxer is non narcotic but the dr said some people don't get any benefit out of using it past 2 weeks. Well I ran out wed so I thought all day thurs would be a great trial! Well all day yesterday without it left me achy and hunched over! With it, I was almost straight on wed! So that got this Lil mind to thinking...maybe it's the skelaxin that's doing all the pain relief for me and not the Vicodin, and since that's non narcotic, maybe I could just take that!!! I'm getting my new rx for that today and will be experimenting with that theory over the weekend. It would be great to get relief without being on a narcotic pain med! :)

Oh and I pushed "update" too soon to elaborate on...

Oh and I pushed "update" too soon to elaborate on the change on my work schedule. Monday just seemed too soon for me, I could prob manage, but with a doctor out of clinic and their need for me reduced this week, I figured one more week of rest could do a girl good! My hubby is going back to work though, all should be ok on my own, except for the dog. Haven't figured out how to bend down and wipe the paws of a 75 pound 8 month old lab yet, without hurting my tummy!
Ok I need help. I sent my pics from my phone to my email then I thought I put the

In a folder but when I go to browse I find nothing. What am I doing wrong?
Do you mean that they aren't uploading on this page? Sometimes this page is a little fickle and you have to keep trying over and over! Annoying but true! Haha, for instance, I've tried to post this response twice! Lol
Finallygoingtodoit... Well honestly I'm not computer savvy... I sent it to email but don't know how to get it from email to realself. I know where the browse & place to put pics on realself is just doesn't go so I'm nog sure what to do.

Today marks the 3 week PO mark! I really can't...

Today marks the 3 week PO mark! I really can't believe it's been 3 weeks since the day I walked into that surgery center scared to DEATH. I was even tearing up in the waiting room, for goodness sakes! Like I've said before, I've had quite a few episodes of bad luck with my general health, and have had several surgeries that were scary. But for some reason this one terrified me, and it was probably because it was elective. At this point I'm not struggling with the pain so much, I'm still on my muscle relaxer and 1 pain pill 3 x a day, although today I'm going to try just taking the muscle relaxer. 1) Because I think the majority of the issues I'm having have more to do with the tightness of my abs, and the muscle relaxer will help with that more primarily than the pain pill, and 2) Because it's non-narcotic and well, I like that better, LOL!I'm walking pretty well at this point and really only hobble around for the first 10 or so minutes I'm up, I guess things are pretty darn tight in there and need some time to straighten out. I'm sleeping well, still only able to eat small meals but I don't see that as a bad thing, lol. I would say my biggest struggle at this point is the swelling! It's such a mind game to see this solid pooch under my scar and try to tell myself that it's just fluid (cause it is) but my brain wants to throw a hissy fit and say "Buuuuuuuut I paid to be flat, I dont wanna be swollen!!!" Haha. All in time I know, I just wish it was TIME! Anyhow, throwing up my 3 wek PO pics, there's all kinds of lines on my skin from the CG and I am SWOLLEN under my scar! I decided to take my pics in the same bra and underwear everytime to get an accurate representation of when the scar is, how the swelling sets, etc...

I pulled up my before front view pic and in...

I pulled up my before front view pic and in another window pulled up my most recent front view pic. 1) I'm amazed at the difference already! 2) I find it HILARIOUS to watch the moles on my skin move from one pic to the next! What was once near the outside of my rib cage is fairly center stage now! Haha, that's NUTS! I guess I never thought about that aspect of the surgery, and I found it fairly entertaining. Although it is my first day alone at home, hubby went back to work today, so it could be that I'm just easily entertained! ;) Went all day on just the Skelexin yesterday thinking that it's just the muscle relaxor that's helping my pain at this point. I was pretty sore all day, not terrible, but not comfortable. It was all I could do to make it through my kids story time, my back hurt so bad. Got ready for bed and took the combo of my pain pill and skelxen and within a 1/2 hr was feeling much more comfortable. At that point my dear sweet hubby said "Alright woman, quit screwing with you meds. You need the pain pill still. Deal with it, and quit stopping taking it!" LOL he's such a character, but he's right. 22 days PO today, and feelin' pretty decent!
You look fantastic!! Your doctor did such a great job with your scar and belly button! You must be so happy! I see so many perfect round belly buttons... a sure sign of a TT. Mine is a little TOO much of a "slit" style vs. round... yours is perfect!
Thank you! I am pretty happy with it all, the first thing I said when I got my CG off for the first time was, "yay! My belly button looks good!" I was so scared to have an odd one! I've heard a good belly button is a sign of a skilled surgeon, so I praised my PS like crazy about it at my last po appt! I've seen a couple blogs about people who put a marble in their belly button to get it to go into a more round shape, rather than the slit or oval shape if they prefer the round. Maybe that's an option if you prefer the round belly button! :)
If it makes you feel any better, I HATE my post op pics due to insane swelling. I will post them today finally, I am 14 days PO but I never had any of those initial flat pics before heading into swell hell...I went straight to swell hell and am sad. :(

Woke up this am and decided that after my shower I...

Woke up this am and decided that after my shower I would put on my spanx instead of my compression garment. Took my shower and when I got out I saw that the last remaining glue/dried blood on my incision, that lays in the dead center of my scar, was peeling off. Since 3/4 of it was peeled off I VERY gently pulled on the dangling piece of glue and it all peeled off. That left a tiny little raw spot in my incision line. I kinda freaked, put some gauze on it, and pulled my spanx on. Then I started wondering if I should be putting neosporin or something on it, so I called on the call ps. He recommends putting some antibiotic cream and continuing the gauze cover. Things have really gone perfectly and cleanly with my incision healing, and I'm scared to death of messing something up! Here's hoping that it closes right back up with no troubles! Oh, and I had my first po sneeze today, lol. Um, ouch!!! Bad timing with not taking any pain meds, haha. Things seem to be going well now, everyday seems to bring me a little closer to the woman I felt like I was before surgery.

Whoop whoop, 4 weeks PO today! Had the weirdest...

Whoop whoop, 4 weeks PO today! Had the weirdest thing happen last night, could NOT sleep. Tried everything, including doubling my pain meds to knock me out, nothing worked. I hope tonight is better cause that would get old, FAST! Got a new CG at Nordy's the day before yesterday and boy was that an experience! LOL The garment that they gave me from the surgeons office was an XL (I thought that was strange, NOTHING is wear is even a Large, but whatever) and the Spankx measurement chart said I should buy a Medium. So, I went in and tried one on and found out it's quite hard to PULL something onto your body with sore abs! LOL So, I got it on, and was TOTALLY exausted. Damn, I'm stuck with this thing and it was $74 but there was NO way I had any kind of energy left in me to be able to pull it off. I did like how tight it was squeezing me though, so I bought two, one to change into while the other washes, and went home. It's TIGHT, but it has helped with the swelling under my scar, I'm pretty sure! I took my 4 week PO pics and you guys can see for yourselves, maybe it's just wishful thinking! LOL I weighed today. Went into surgery at 159, and was 150.5 today. I haven't been dieting at ALL since surgery but I think it's because I can't eat very much at one time since I got all cinched up! Today has been the first day since surgery that I've successfully gotten through the entire day just on Tylenol.I'm sore, but not "painful" so I'm hoping I've turned a corner in my recovery and my pain med need is gone. Sorry this post is so random, hubby went to Dairy Queen and I'm trying to finish this up before he gets home! Haha.

P.s. last night was the first night since surgery...

P.s. last night was the first night since surgery for the hubby and I, ;), haha...what an interesting process this is!

Started my first day back at work on Tuesday, and...

Started my first day back at work on Tuesday, and by Wednesday night I was in soooo much pain! The previous Sunday I switched to a spanx garment instead of the garment I came home from the surgery center in. At first I thought the incredible tightness I was experiencing was good, because my swelling went down quite a bit. But eventually the tightness got the best of me and it began to irritate the crap out of my scar and made my back feel like it was on fire. So, The drive home from work in tears on Wednesday sent me feeling like I was back to square one as far as the pain and helplessness goes. Thursday morning I woke up with a new frame of mind and a determination to get back to "me" again. I took off the spanx, put on my garment and spent the day with my kiddos. That night I slept without any garment at all and woke up flatter than I ever have, odd, and woke up this am feeling pretty darn good! I saw a little white bump on my belly button scar last night, looked A little worse this am so I got right into my PS and he took out an abscessed stitch and said everything looked great "I love this belly!" that's a good thing to hear your PS say! Life is getting better, and I'm wearing my first pair of jeans since surgery. Mind you, they look fantastic! Nooooooo muffin top! :)
I live outside of Salem, which is where my surgeon is located. I consulted with the three best guys in the biz, according to the surgeons I work for, and I chose him. Love him!!! :)
You look great! Yay! Where in Oregon do you live? You doctor did a great job!

Felt a little better heading into work today, I'm...

Felt a little better heading into work today, I'm much less sore than I was that's for sure, and my swelling seems greatly improved. I love sleeping without my binder, although the sensation of anything touching my scar ie, a shirt, blanket, or pillow, feels so stinkin odd! I have noticed that I can see some muscle definition in my upper abs, which I love, and I love my right profile pic. My left side does seem more swollen than the right, and I really hope that it's just more swollen for some reason vs uneven healing. I still am not sleeping very well at all, I really hope it's just some really odd side effect of surgery and not some new hobby my brain is taking up. Insomnia sucks! Added new pics!
Thank you, my surgeons pretty proud of himself, he's so funny! I can't wait till all the swelling is gone, an I can see just how great its going to be! I hope yours goes just as well! :)
You look great! Oh my goodness, if I could "pick" an incision I would want yours. I hope mine turns out as well! :) Congrats.

Life is feeling much more like my own again,...

Life is feeling much more like my own again, hallelujah!!! Saw my PS today and he said I'm basically free to do whatever I want, just to ease back into it all. I tried not wearing my garment to work today, half way through a morning of running patients back and forth, I was swollen and a lil sore. I think I will keep wearin it for another few weeks, maybe until I've started working out again and my muscles feel stronger. My surgeon was running into office today, running late from surgery and didn't have his normal happy jokie personality, that's alright we all have our days! I did finally remember to ask how much separation of the muscles I had before surgery, everyone seemed to think the separation I had would be minimal. He said it was seperated 8 cm! That's a lot of stinking separation and explains why I was so darn sore after surgery, that's a whole lot of muscle repair to do! Now just waiting for a call back because I forgot to ask how many lbs were removed. So, now it's time to start slowly getting back into working out again and maybe start tanning? I can't wait to start working this body, lol! ;)
Hey Finally, looking good girl!
Thanks! Slowly but surely! :)
Looking great... Congrats!!

7 weeks PO is finally here. I can't tell you how...

7 weeks PO is finally here. I can't tell you how much better I feel compared to 2 weeks PO, like a brand new person! My husband and I went out with some friends over the weekend had dinner, went for drinks, and then to a movie, we were out all night laughing and it felt amazing. I was a bit sore by 1:00 a.m. but I had also completley forgotten to take ANY tylenol that day so that didn't help! It felt so strange to get dressed up and have a WAIST, it looked good and it felt strange! LOL Had my first trip back to the gym last night as well, got to get this mama toned up before our trip to Vegas in May. I was a good patient, only 35 min of cardio on minimal resistance on the elliptical, and no weights. I felt pretty good doing it actually, and was able to work out at about 75% of my norm...not too shabby! :) My incision line did get all tingly and my belly button scar got red afterwards, but woke up this am to my normal tummy. I bet my lymphatic system was all kinds of pissed off when Istarted moving around that much, haha. It's already workin so hard to try to move normal fluids around this new tummy, I was curious how things would look this am. I did try to not wear my CG to work the other day and booooooy was I swollen by 3 hours into it, so it looks like it's sticking around for awhile longer. I don't sleep in it anymore, so I'll take my blessings where I get them! :) I didn't post any new pics, everything all still looks pretty similar as the last ones. Toodles! :)
You look great!!
Glad to hear that things are getting back to normal...I don't really work out now due to my schedule but I was hoping to start this summer (which will be about 15 weeks post op for me).
I've only worked out a couple times since I was released to do so, and cardio only. Strangely it felt just fine, and I can't wait it get back to my weights in a few weeks. It was pretty strange the first couple times working out, my belly button and my tummy scar turned bright red, guess that means there's good blood flow! :) Good luck when you start back up, it'll feel great!

Been awhile since I've updated my page and thought...

Been awhile since I've updated my page and thought I would let y'all know how things are going since I've been keeping up with all of you! I'm about 10 1/2 weeks PO now and doing very well, started back into Zumba classes two weeks ago, four days a week and yesterday added group fit which will be two days a week! That class kicked my rear, an hour of group fit immediately after an hour of Zumba is murder, lol but I'm hoping it will fine tune what the good dr worked on! I am a little frustrated with something though. I have this swollen pouch looking area directly above my scar centrally. I've heard that people tend to stay swollen in that area for longer than any other area, but I'm just wondering how long that swelling remains?! Since I am getting close to 3 months PO I kind of assummed that I'd be nearing the end of this swelling crap, lol! Otherwise I am thrilled! I love the way I look in my jeans, an my first binkinis and they came in the mail yesterday. It's real, I'm actually going to be rocking a binkini in Vegas for my 30th bday at the end of may. Crazy!
Glad you are feeling so good! And zumba and group fit will get you feeling even better. I am 13 weeks post op this week and I still have the swollen area above/along incision too. I'm with you - I thought it would have subsided by now but it is hanging around. Continued healing!

Hello all! Just realized I havent put any new pics...

Hello all! Just realized I havent put any new pics on here in FOREVER! Life has gotten much more back to normal around here, which means it's crazy busy! And with the addition of Zumba 4 days a weeks, and group fit two days a week I thought it couldn't get ANY busier...and then I realized the kids swimming lessons start next week! Haha! Spent the weekend at the ccoast with my hubby's family, and opted not to go swimming and sat beside the pool and earned a major sunburn! I didn't want to chance any sort of skin infection before our trip to Vegas in a little over a month. I know the chances are slim, but I don't want anything getting in the way of me having an amazing time on our trip! Something amazing happened this weekend though. I have ALWAYS wanted to wear tank tops and capris in the summer, but my belly always prevented me from doing so...I TOTALLY rocked them this weekend and they looked great! It has taken some time, but I'm finally feeling comfortable in my own body, and the zumba is starting to etch our some awesome abs...could NOT be more thrilled so far (Although, I do still have that central swelling and my left love handle was left with a lil more meat than I'd like!) I am still wearing a spanks-like compression garment most of the time, I just feel more secure that way. Although I tried to Zumba without it on Thursday and pulled something in my lower abs,HURT so bad, but the weekend off really helped it resolve. Lovin this flat belly life, soooo happy I invested in myself this time! :)
You lok wonderful! Your scar is looking great. We are almost the same - I am 29 turning 30 the day after surgery, same height and 10 lbs heavier. Will love following your story!
Yippee...you do look fabulous. It must be nice wearing clothing without the bulge in the front....so happy for you.
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