After a Few Years of Deciding I chose a new me!

My TT journey started a few years ago. I was a...

My TT journey started a few years ago. I was a wreck emotionally, stuck in a bad marriage and didn't care much about myself. I focused my time and attention to caring for my 2 children and not caring for myself. I had finally had enough and decided to change all the bad things and make them all positive or as close to that as I could. I got a divorce, got my head on straight and stared to take care of me. I lost weight and got happy but was not happy with my tummy. During both pregnancies I got HUGE I didn't gain much weight but the circumference of my belly was enormous! So, I started doing research and decided that a TT was for me.

I am now 10 days post op and I am loving my new tummy. I wish I had started this process earlier. I have had a pretty easy go of the surgery too. For me the first 4 days being on my back was pretty bad. Then the drain tubes were not my friends. I tore the stitches on one side getting into the car to go home from the surgery center. In turn the drain would leak every time I stood up. My pain has been very tolerable. I took out my pain pump on day two and also stopped taking the Percocet and went to Tylenol as needed. I have been able to stand upright since day two also. I can feel my tummy pull and to compensate I try to move slow. I have yet to have any real setbacks and am optimistic that I will not have any.

I am so pleased with my outcome at 10 days post op that in 3 months from now I know I will be thrilled! I would do this over again in a heartbeat, with only one regret, I should have done this sooner.

16 days post op and back to work. Aside from...

16 days post op and back to work. Aside from tightness and swelling all is good. My energy seems to be normal and I am in a good mood. Pants don't fit so I am wearing the same pair over and over but, with a cute blouse and different jewelry each day maybe no one will notice. Pain is very minimal, scabs on scar are almost gone, standing, walking, sitting and climbing stars can all be done again. woo hoo!

I mentioned that I had lost weight before the TT...

I mentioned that I had lost weight before the TT but I failed to mention that it was a 100 pound weight loss.

22 days post op. Doing well, feeling well. I am...

22 days post op. Doing well, feeling well. I am loving the way I look most of the time,my guy likes it too. I get a twinge of depression and feel like Frankenstein sewn together but it passes. I have some aches and pains still but they are tolerable and not constant. I am still swollen from working but rest when I can. I am able to wear some of my pants now, getting them buttoned was exciting. Have a post op appt Nov. 9th.

4 weeks post op today! Feeling pretty good. I am...

4 weeks post op today! Feeling pretty good. I am a little depressed. I know this is normal, and this type of surgery takes a very long time to fully heal. SO, I try to remind myself that when I get to tired form all this. It's a full time job, how you feel, the physical healing, the wondering if all is healing internally. I know I look better and I know that soon I will feel better too. It's exhausting that every movement you are reminded about the procedure. On the other hand the month kinda flew by, so in no time I will be at the 3 then 6 then 12 month mark and I am really looking forward to this tummy next summer. I am not going to post any new photos yet because it still looks the same, all poofy!

30 days post op and I had an appt to see my PS...

30 days post op and I had an appt to see my PS today. He said the incision looked great and that I still had a some swelling, he also said the reason I have had some pain that I have had and some localized swelling is because I tore some internal stitches! Now I have been doing what I have been told, been taking it easy, not lifting heavy things, not exercising yet nothing at all, just a major coughing spell one night. Not sure how I managed to tear them out. SO heed my advice, TAKE IT EASY even not doing much at all caused mine to tear. No permanent damage was done he said only recovery will take longer. Now I have to start over and for 8 weeks I can not do anything much at all. sigh... He also told me not to wear my binder anymore he said I don't need it at night any longer because when i lay down the swelling will ease naturally. He did however say to wear any spank type garment during the day to help with swelling up to 6 months if I need to. I found a very cheap $11.99 pair of boy shorts compression garment that is really soft cotton at KMart. So cheap I can afford a weeks worth, I tried them on already they are comfy.

7 weeks post op tomorrow and overall feeling...

7 weeks post op tomorrow and overall feeling pretty good. I am still swollen but it's not too bad. I have not posted new photos as I look the same as I did in the last photos... :( Still waiting to heal from the muscle tear, very hard not being able to do much of anything... but, this was all still totally worth it and I would do it again in a heartbeat!

I will be 12 weeks post op this Monday Jan 2nd. I...

I will be 12 weeks post op this Monday Jan 2nd. I am doing really well. Swelling here and there mostly towards the end of the day but not too bad. I am feeling good. The scare is very thin and starting to fade. I can do pretty much everything as before only now I am more comfortable. I will have to have lipo and possibly skin removal to reduce the mons pubis and I am not happy about that seeing that it could have been done during the TT. It is what it is! :)

4.5 months post op. Pretty happy with my results....

4.5 months post op. Pretty happy with my results. I am tight and firm and like my new tummy. I till have some swelling here and there but very mild. The numbness is still in the lower part of the abdomen but I have grown pretty used to that sensation. I hope that in the months to come normal feeling will return there. I am extremely happy with my decision to do this and am now looking forward to getting the mons corrected so it does not protrude so much. Once I do that, I will be VERY satisfied. :)

6 months post op and am enjoying the new tummy...

6 months post op and am enjoying the new tummy still. I have adjusted to life with no fat roll on my belly! I have no complaints, and am still so happy that I did this!

So here I sit nearly one year after TT and I am...

So here I sit nearly one year after TT and I am going in for my revision. I am soooo excited! Once this is done I think I will be 100% happy with my results. I like the tunny but the mons is making me crazy! So on Thursday I will have that fixed. My PS is waiving his fees he's pretty great!
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soso74, I have not got the revision yet still need to save a bit more money. Hope to have it done sometime in the next 3 months. I am very happy with my results I just with I knew then what I know now and would have had much better communication with the doctor but I am happy with him and I will use him for the revision. Did you get your lipo yet?
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You look great! Did you end up getting a correction? Are you still happy with your results and with your doctor?
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I have had the revision and it is 6 moths post op now and I feel great and I look the way I want to now. :) Still very happy with the results and VERY happy with the doctor.
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You look beautiful:)

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Thanks Kimmers25. I feel great. Just past the 6 month mark, I should upload new picks as all the swelling is gone and my tummy looks even better now.
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So glad to hear you are doing so well:)  And yes keep the pictures coming!!

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frankenstein comment chica was a riot! your so flat n sexi in the lil waist,stomach area, now and i will b az u r so happy 2 get mine soon. gracia for the pix,your so hapi i can feel it per word! I hope i (like u)will NOT have much complications,etc. alot of pain etc. i am hopeful! great job your surgeon did so sexi,and beautiful! god speed.
enjoi chica!
i know i will.
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Thank you Gorgeous DR Redhead, I am so happy with it. I have fully healed and am loving my new tummy! It is a wonderful thing to treat yourself to. I am sure you will have a great outcome too! Good luck to you! :)
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I saw them! You look absolutely fabulous!! I am going to repost my 3 weeks photos and post my 14 weeks photos by tonight or tomorrow... I am so busy I keep forgetting!
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ok, I will re-post, I need to get them off my laptop. Plus, I can do some 14 week photos although I think I look the same as I did when I took the first ones. :)
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I just posted new pics.....
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Yes, I read that too and my Doc says to give it a good year before I see final results. I just can tell that this is not going to change even if there is still swelling as I am sure there is it is HUGE. I am not sure if I am brave enough for photos, I about cry when I see it in the mirror. Yes, I will be charged for the revision. :( I think this should have been addressed when I had the TT like we had discussed.. I don't know, I am waiting the 12 months to see as advised but I am pretty upset over it. I love love love the way everything turned out except for the mons pubis. Mine is really soft and jello like too and when I am nekkie and walk I can feel it juggle... sigh... bummer when the rest of me looks so good! My man does not care he says I am beautiful but he is a good man and would not say anything different he loves me and loved me pre TT so I do not trust his judgement hhahahahaha poor fella!
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ok - well at least let us see the new belly!!!
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soso74 also since you are not going for TT the bellybutton he does look real he does not make them a perfect little circle, they look realistic like a belly button life, mine is very similar to what it looked like pre babies. :)
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klewis I am going to have the mons pubis get lipo and then the excess skin will be removed the new scar will be on the old scar or replace it just on the pubic area so there will not be a new scar. It should have been done during the TT not sure why it was not! more money more money.... sigh, but I am so pleased with the rest of me that I have to get this fixed. The swelling is nearly gone and the mons is HUGE I am very upset whenever I see it. :( Got to get it fixed!
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I had read posts about the mons pubis prior to my TT. I did mention it to the dr. He stated that women swell on the mons pubis and in men their testicles get very large. Based on that statement, I didn't thing much of the fact that mines also seems pretty "fat". When I push it, its soft. I was going to ask about it on my next visit. Are you going to post pics? So he's going to charge you for your revision?
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soso74. I had photos on here then switched computers and lots got lost have not uploaded again. YES, I am very satisfied with DR Quinn, I am going to go back to him for my revision. No complaints really, my scar is very thin and very straight. I think you will like him. GOOD LUCK!

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Bella - what type of revision are you having?
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Congratulations!! I am visiting with your doctor this month to consult. Did you post pictures? I saw mention of it but I don't see any. Are you still happy with your doctor? Thanks!
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I am happy to hear you are doing so well!  

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awww, thanks!!
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and I forgot to congratulate you on the loss! How awesome!
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Thanks! It's even better now. today is 3 weeks and it's very thin and very straight. I could not be more happy. I will upload more photos soon.
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Looking good BellaLuna! Your scar is going to be nice. I hope mines is as thin.
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Good to know that it is getting better.. Yay for surviving your work week! I'm headed back to work next week. Though, I have been working from home this week from my recliner. :)
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