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The cost reflects a package I purchased of 3 face,...

The cost reflects a package I purchased of 3 face, neck and chest Pixel treatments actually I purchased the 360 laser treatment but this is just the pixel part of the 360 laser. Day 1 I had my first pixel treatment done today. I went to a med spa where I have gone for glycolic peels and some PDL treatments. I had called my doctor in advance for a prescription of Lidocaine which is a numbing cream that was recommended by the estheticians at the med spa.I also took BENADRYL was also recommended by the med spa before my treatment. I waited a couple of minutes while it took affect and then we started the process.

The nurse who did my Pixel was very friendly and told me what to expect. We started at 1400 instead of the usual 1600 because of my sensitive/Rosacea skin type. She listened to my concerns before we started due to my very sensitive skin and started me on a lower laser setting to see how my skin would react to my first treatment. The Pixel hurt a little but not to bad, of course I had the numbing cream on so not sure how it would feel if I had none on.

I was given after care instructions and told to put cool wash clothes on my face and to only wash my skin with water for the first 2 days no chemicals or harsh soaps. On my way home the burning started to set in but after about 2 hours it calmed down. I will be taking a BENADRYL before bed and update you all later. Right now I look like I fell asleep in the sun with a screen door over my face.

Day 2 No burning and I just feel as though my...

Day 2
No burning and I just feel as though my skin is tight. My face is still red and I have some swelling. I am still taking Benadryl as directed.

Day 3 My skin feels even tighter today which is...

Day 3
My skin feels even tighter today which is to be expected. I am also starting to peel and itch a little. I will be applying some ointment to it tonight to help with the drying and itching.

Day 4 I have no pain but my face feels a little...

Day 4
I have no pain but my face feels a little like a light sand-paper or cats tongue...LOL Sorry don’t know what else to compare it to though. It doesn’t feel as tight today and the pixel spots that are on my face are getting a little better and lighter. I’m just hoping my skin looks a lot better in 2 days.

Day 5 My face is peeling and is still dry but it...

Day 5
My face is peeling and is still dry but it is getting better. I can’t say 100% yet how my skin will react to this because my Rosecea sometimes can react days after getting something done. I will keep updating you all on my results though.

Day 6 My face is still peeling and a little dry....

Day 6
My face is still peeling and a little dry. My forehead still has some pixel marks and isn’t peeling as much. My face is also a little redder today and I’m guessing it’s new skin and hopefully not my Rosecea. I will add a new update on day 7.

Day 7 and 8 Day 7 was about the same as day 6, I...

Day 7 and 8
Day 7 was about the same as day 6, I was still peeling a little on my nose, chin and forehead. Day 8 most of the peeling is gone and my face is a little pink but it’s almost back to normal. My face is always a little pink though do to Rosacea. I haven’t noticed any fine lines looking less noticeable but I know they say that takes about 6 weeks to see the results so i will update you all on that part when I see my final results in 6 weeks.
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This is based strictly on the nurse because I did not see a doctor at the med spa. She was AWESOME!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Hi Buddies...can u pls tell me?. after 1st pixel laser treatment how many days that pixel burning mark on face?

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I am scheduled for a 360 pixel laser treatment on Tuesday. I'm concerned about having permaneant orange-peel skin surface, which I've read about in other blogs. Has anyone here had this problem?
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Today I had my first treatment, but don't know if I am gonna go through the remaining 3. The next one is going to be in March . They set it 6 weeks apart. It really hurt. The heat was not bearable for me.. The nurse that did mine was behind even though I showed up 20 minutes before my appointment. I think she also did a rush job cuz she was finish within 20 minutes. This is for face and eyelids ,but I know she didn't do my eyelids. It hurt so badly I would probably past out if she done my eyelids. She did underneath my eyes and to the lateral of my eyes, then she called that eyelids. Can someone tell me if it is possible to do pixel right on the eyeilds??? They sold the whole face package and eyelids package to me??? Please advise if you know information in concerning this. I had the procedure done this morning at 10 a.m and I still have some burning sensation. THe extreme pain like my face is on fire lasted an hour after the procedure. I had this done by a nurse. They were late and they needed to rush me out of the room I was in . They allowed me to use their cooler for like 20 minutes afterward. I don't know why they didn't blow cool air onto my face during the procedure. I was talk into purchasing this when I was at their office. I originally purchased something else from them through Groupon, but they said I was not right for the procedure. My money was refunded and they hussled me into the pixel deal of $1919 for 4 full face and 4 eyelids. They said this is a 40% savings for their regular price.
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The Alma Pixel Perfect procedure went well. I only paid $239 thanks to a Groupon. It was definitely worth it for that price- not sure I would have paid the $800/treatment. I did not realize I would have to do this 3x for optimal results and won't be doing more right now.

My face looked the same as most of the photos on here, but the "screen door" effect only showed up on my forehead. The day of the procedure I had some swelling, a very bearable sunburn feeling and red/purple spots for a few hours. Advil controlled the swelling and headache. I went out the next night with no makeup and you could barely notice the marks on my face. By day 3 I felt it was safe to use a wet washcloth to gently rub off loose skin- no problems. I have sensitive skin and break out a lot, so I did end up with many whiteheads from suffocating my face with Aquaphor.

A week later I noticed my sun spots are much lighter (though still visible) and my pores are small. My skin looks tighter and pale. I love my fresh new skin! I do have a few odd scabs and some pimples, probably from Aquaphor. Both will heal. I also had peeling for 7-10 days on the outer edges of my face but moisturizer hid it just fine. The tightening has not helped with the thin skin under my eyes (dark circles) or the fine lines on my forehead, but they say it takes a month for full results so we’ll see. Overall I am very satisfied with the results thus far. I will let you know 1 month post-treatment.

-Beware: They recommend 3 treatments for best results, one every 2 weeks. Get package discount if possible.
-I would NOT recommend doing this in the summer. You have to stay out of the sun for 4-6 weeks before & after (make sure you head this warning, as hyperpigmentation will occur).
-Don't buy any expensive aftercare products from spa- waste of $. Go to CVS before the procedure as you won’t want to be seen in public after! I lubed up with Aquaphor for the first 2 days, used Cetaphil sensitive wash (which I use anyway) and moisturizer for the next 5 days. After that, I returned to my regular moisturizer, Eucerin, which has zinc, titanium dioxide & SPF 30- all very important to prevent future damage. I also bought a SPF50 Magic Hat sun hat from Mandee for only $14- great investment.
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I already paid for this procedure via a Groupon but almost chickened out after reading some horror reviews. Your detailed photos and information were truly helpful to me. I have scheduled my appointment - can't wait!
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How did your treatment go Aly1?
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Its hard to tell how many treatments you may need. It depends upon the condition of your skin and what it is you are trying to correct. You should see a difference with 3 treatments but whether it will fully correct your problem I don't know. As I wrote before I had major sun damage and spots as well as broken veins on my cheeks and nose. I've had 5 treatments with one more to go and I would say my problem has been almost completely corrected by the 5th treatment. With each treatment my skin greatly improved and remember the results continue to show weeks and months later. Time improves the results. As far as tightening goes I did notice some tightening around the jaw line. Is there a considerable savings in buying both packages at once? If not I'd buy 1 package and see if you are satisfied with the results. Its recommended that you wait at least 6 weeks between treatments so that not only does your skin recover but you can start to see the results. A 3 treatment package should take about 4 1/2 months to complete at the minimum time interval. If you have any doubts, I'd go to another place and get a second opinion.
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I just went yesterday to talk about doing the Laser 360. I am just a little concerned. I spoke with one individual at the office and she said to do a package (three treatments?) another lady that works there says you need six treatments? I am really concerned as to what to do. Is she just trying to sell me more or is the one package enough? Also does it appear to tighten the skin any? thanks for any insight you all may have to give me.

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Definately tightened my skin; improved the pigmentation, lessen the wrinkles, improved pores and only one treatment. My doctor will only do three treatments in a year and will charged the same price as the original treatment which was already discounted 50percent. I found my doctor more interested in what I look like in six weeks with one treatment and not pushing the two others. Just a wait and see; charge is the same $250. Most are charging $500 per treatment but when laser companies put on a special they go to $250. So the package could be a way for them to make money. Listen to the person doing the work on how many treatments and prices. Six treatments no way!
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I have had a series of treatments. Yes, there is some down time and recuperation and yes it looks and feels exactly as Jenniferzz describes and it can be pretty scary looking but it is well worth the discomfort. I had many dark--almost black--spots on my face. My cheeks and nose were marked by broken blood vessels and I always had a rosy glow--translated I was always red faced. Today, the marks are gone, the blood vessels blasted away and my skin has a very even smooth appearance. My pores are MUCH smaller and no longer do I have that ruddy complexion. I no longer need to use corrective color or foundation! As far as diminishing fine lines goes, I really don't see much of a difference but I'm very fortunate because I didn't have many lines that I was concerned about.

I personally did not fine the procedure itself to be painful and I haven't used lidocaine or benadryl. It does produce a burning feeling(much worse than any sun burn I have ever had)but that seems to last no more than an hour or two. You may not want to have this done if you have any sort of event coming up because it does take several days for the swelling and redness to subside. By the third/fourth day you begin to look like you have a dirty face as the redness turns to tiny brown spots which eventually peel. I found it usually takes about a week for the skin to look normal. As time goes on the skin only becomes better and better. My friends don't know what I've done they just know that my face looks great.
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I agree! So far it may be my favorite treatment. I have had a few others and this was the longest down time for me but my skin had the most dramatic change as far as texture and spots then any other treatment I have had as of yet. I haven’t noticed any difference in my fine lines yet but it may be to early to tell just yet. I still have 3 face treatments to go with pixel.
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Polka yes I’m hoping this is worth it as well :.) We will see! Did you post pics as well? Megan the cream is a prescription and not over the counter. The med spa does not supply their own. I bet a Dermatologist office who does lasers would though. My Dermatologist office does do laser but they charge much more for the same services.
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Are you in Oregon as well?
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Yes!! I'm in Hillsboro. No I didn't post any pictures I was so embarrassed and scared that my face would stay like that all burnt, but my skin color is back just with a lot of brown polka dots on it. Thank you for posting your pictures :)
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Omg I had it done on the same day, with the same lasser settings and everything you describe is what is happening to me with the only exception that I didn't took anything or applied any nooming cream, but everything else is just the same is like we when to the same place. I hope our discomforts are worth it!!
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I had my 2nd pixel round on Jan 6th and was never told to take Benedryl but I could not imagine doing this without numbing cream as it was slightly uncomfortable with it. Next time, if they don't apply the numbing cream, demand it! Poor thing!

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Thank you for writing such a well detailed review - love the updates & photos!

I am curious, you mentioned you had your doctor call in the lidocaine cream. Do you happen to know if that is only available by prescription/doctor? I'm just wondering if someone went to a medspa & didn't bring their own if they would have access to it or not.

Hope your skin is continuing to feel better!!

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