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I Had Photodynamic Therapy to treat my preskin...

I Had Photodynamic Therapy to treat my preskin cancerous cells on the surface of my skin. I also suffer from Rosecea and sun damage and some acne.

My face was cleaned with some alcohol and then Levulan. It tingled but was not painful. I sat with it on my face for 1 hour then sat with a light for 16 minutes. Today is my first day and feel like I got a sunburn but so far it’s not painful.

Day 2 I was very red and itchy I started to...

Day 2

I was very red and itchy I started to notice small bumps forming on my forehead and spreading quickly to other areas of my face.

Day 3

I had to stop by my the dermatologist office because the itching was getting to extreme. They told me I had developed an allergic reaction to what they believe was the topicals they had given me after my PDT treatment.
I started on a topical hydrocortisone cream and the redness and bumps are much better but still a little itchy.

Day 4

A few breakouts and the redness is getting better. I started to peel and my forehead still has bumps and is raised I’m hoping the allergic reaction I had doesn’t affect the results.

Hi Jennifer, 

Ahh, allergic reactions are never good. Did they give you something else to help with everything? I hope you are feeling better today. We'd love to hear how everything is going. 

Thanks so much,



I was doing much better on day 5 and 6 my allergic...

I was doing much better on day 5 and 6 my allergic reaction was due to face products that I was given after and not the Photodynamic Therapy. I will add a new picture soon.

Sorry it took this long to post my final pic but I...

Sorry it took this long to post my final pic but I have been very busy. Here is my final picture. I have noticed that my skin is more even in color and there are less brown spots then before. Like I said the main reason I did Photodynamic therapy was to treat my pre-cancerous cells. I will be going back for a second treatment in a few weeks and will keep you post on my results.
I am also scheduled for a 2nd treatment as well. Thanks for the blog info i will check it out.
Wow just looked at your blog and your results are looking great! Have you had it done to your chest at all? I was curious of how the results would be?

I also suffer from Rosecea and sun damage and some acne.


I will finally be having my second Photodynamic...

I will finally be having my second Photodynamic Therapy this friday. I will be posting new photos once again soon.

Day 1 Second Treatment Ok so here I go again....

Day 1 Second Treatment
Ok so here I go again. This is my second treatment and boy o boy was this one way worst then the first. I think you can tell by how much redder my face was the second time around. This treatment was left on for 2 hours compared to the first treatment which was only left on for 1 hour. The burning during treatment was much worse then the first as well.

Day 2 treatment 2 Second day the itching is...

Day 2 treatment 2
Second day the itching is starting to kick in as my skin is trying to heal. I also have broke out on my chin area but I think this happened on my first as well as I’m sure my skin is probably purging.
Hi Marje,
I’m doing ok, thanks for asking. It’s day 2 and I’m getting pretty itchy now. I will look in my email and check for your message, sorry for not replying.
Jenniferzz .... looking forward to your update. Your second treatment looks so red compared to the first treatment. Please post pictures and updates again.

Day 3 Treatment 2 O my....Well I think I’m...

Day 3 Treatment 2
O my....Well I think I’m allergic to the levulan! I had this happen the first time around but I was told it was probably the topical wash and lotion that was causing my reaction. This is day 3 and I developed a rash all over my face and my face started to swell even more. I had to go see a doctor and was put on oral steroids and oral antihistamine. It’s been about 8 hours since I started the steroids and I’m starting to feel better. If you look back at my fist treatment this is the same exact thing that happened on day 3 but this time being the levulan was left on longer the reaction was much worse. You can’t really see the tiny red bumps all over my face because my face is so read. I was lucky when I went to see a doctor because I didn’t have to wait at all they called me back right away before everyone else and got me started on meds. You can see the swelling in my face compared to the day before.

Day 4 Second Treatment So the rash is gone thanks...

Day 4 Second Treatment
So the rash is gone thanks to the steroid, it’s funny how fast that stops once a steroid is started. My face is so tight and after my shower the peeling is starting. I did not peel like this the first time around so I’m unsure if that is a good thing or bad thing. Let me know if any of you peeled like this :-(
Pgoody I don’t see the message about the hat? I would like to see it please send it to me again if you can.
I had the same reaction as your hubby. Do you think we got any benefit from such a weak reaction? I sent you an email about a hat I rigged up that others might want to try. Not sure how to post it so others can see.
Look below at the comment...

Day 5 My face was peeling like crazy today. I...

Day 5
My face was peeling like crazy today. I posted pictures for you to see and after my shower I had a lot of skin that shed off but I have much more to go from the looks of it. My forehead as not begun to peel yet but it’s usually the last to peel.
O pgoody you would have to upload the pic onto your profile I think, I don’t think there is a way to upload it here unless you send it to my email and I upload it.

You are absolutely right Jenniferzz! Pgoody, thanks for being willing to share a picture of the hat you fashioned - very creative, and I'm sure you will inspire many others to do something similar. :)

How do I upload a photo to this site? I rigged up a tinted film to a sun hat.... worked great. I was able to water my garden and rode in the car without worry of to much sun getting to my face. I also used the shield over the screen of my laptop so I could use it without direct glare on my face.

Day 6 Treatment 2 This treatment is going to...

Day 6 Treatment 2
This treatment is going to take much more time to heal then the first. So for those of you who are working and don’t have time off from work beware. I would say the first treatment took about a week to heal completely and this one may take a week and half to 2 weeks to heal completely...
I'm down for PDT next month and agree it's great to see your photos. Thank you for posting them.

Jenniferzz, just want you to know that I absolutely love the pictures you have been posting. It is so helpful to really see what the skin is looking like, and you have been taking great shots so we can really see it. Thank you so much!! Hoping the healing continues to go well for you. I'm looking forward to hearing. :)

I posted it as my profile picture, just click on it and I think it will enlarge well enough to get the idea.

6/25/2012 Sorry it took me a little longer for...


Sorry it took me a little longer for the final pic I have been busy. It took about 9 to 10 days for most of the peeling to finish and redness to calm down. The final pic here is the final result with no makeup on. Any redness you see is due to Rosacea and not the Photodynamic therapy itself. I really dislike the down time but if it helps with my problems then it’s worth it. What do you all think?
Hi Jennifer- Thanks for posting everything! Looks very scary- but you look beautiful in the end! I am going for my Levulan treatment next Friday. I am a nurse, so I hope I don't scare the hell out of my patients on Day 4!
Thanks to everyone for sharing their experiences. I had Blue Light Therapy for the first time 5 weeks ago. My skin was back to normal in 5 days. Now 4 days after second treatment parts of my face like entire right side are back to normal complextion but my chin and left side of face except for some small areas are very red and dry. Does anyone know if this is normal? Can anything be done for the redness? Im starting to panic.

Because my skin was so sensitive, the apolicatipn of the PDT cream was very painful, I'm not going to lie. And my skin was red for three days, many areas of my face were blistered for 4-5 days, and my face was very dry. But after that when the swollen skin went down, the dryness went away, and the redness went away. WOW, totally f***ing worth it. Sorry for swearing, but this was the best decision for my skin I have ever made in my entire life. $450 is an easy pricetag to live with.


10-6-2012 I will soon be going for my 3rd...

I will soon be going for my 3rd treatment. Not looking forward to the pain but if I get the same results as before or more it’s all worth it.
Did the photodynamic treatment not clear the rosacea?
Happy to hear that. My second treatment was more painful then the first but in the end the results make the pain worth it.

This is my 4th Treatment for my face and my last....

This is my 4th Treatment for my face and my last. I will be starting my chest soon and that will be 4 more treatments. I don’t know why I think I always look so much more red then others posts :-(
How are you doing?
can u wear makeup while doing the procedures?

Sorry about not updating I have been spending my...

Sorry about not updating I have been spending my time with a terminally ill family member. I am still peeling a little on my forehead and nose but it’s almost gone now. I was just diagnosed with Basal-cell carcinoma Cancer on my foot so I will be having more skin removed off of my foot soon. I will be starting the Photodynamic Therapy next for my chest and staying out of the sun for good. :-(
I am about to do the treatment and very nervous. Will the appearance of skin, after all the healing, appear very white-like?? You see people with laser and there skin is weird white. I am hoping this treatment does not do that??? Please respond!!
Sorry Cafe Girl, I hope your treatment went well. I do not notice my skin being lighter however I am fair to so I am unsure what the outcome would be on someone who is darker complected.
Doing ok had a family emergency so I was unable to post updates. I will add some updates soon.

4th treatment

Hello all! I will be receiving my 4th treatment next week and I must admit I’m kind of looking forward to it. I know it may sound strange but the treatments seems to not only take care of my pre-cancerous skin cells but helps slow down my oil production which for me is a plus. Also a quick update as to why I could not update sooner. I lost my very close friend to cancer during my last treatment and as you can imagine I had to take time off and away from updating. I also was diagnosed with skin cancer on my foot and had to receive Moh’s surgery to remove that, stitches will be taken out tomorrow so I have been very busy.I will update next week. Thank You!

Final Treatment

Day 1

This treatment was the same as the other but the pain was a little better but still hurt. I’m guessing that’s do to less sun damage. I will add more photos and updates soon.

Day 2 through

it’s been almost 7 days and I’m still peeling a little on my cheeks under my eyes and nose. This will be my last treatment for face and then I will be starting my chest.
I'm going through PDT on face, arms and legs. Using Carac Creme on the chest area. So glad I found your posts, I didn't realize when I started these treatments that I would have to do the same area several times. It's so helpful to have someone walk you through the process and give you a heads up on what to expect. You skin looks amazing and I hope that the cancer on your foot has been resolved. Thanks for the insight......ginger
Thank You Ginger! Yes I had the Cancer on my foot removed and during the Mohs Surgery they said they got it all. Thank You for your kind words.
I felt much better after reading your posts. I just had my second treatment a week ago today and the second was by far, the worst. A friend who had breezed through the second one had given me an unrealistic hope. Lol. It was way more intense, I am a lot redder but the end result will be worth it. The first treatment made a HUGE difference in the brown spots on my face. I was amazed.

2014 Update

I have been staying out of the sun and using sunscreen and my skin has been doing well. I had Mohs Surgery to remove the Cancer off of my foot and it is all heeled now. They told me they got it all. I will be going in next week to have my 3rd treatment to my chest, I will try to upload pics for that later. Remember to apply sunscreen to your feet this summer I always forgot that area not thinking I would get cancer there. I also wanted to add my age for any of you that are curious, I will be 41 this month.
Can someone answer some questions: 1) If you need most of your body done, I assume they don't do everything at once. Will they do, for say, both arms at one setting. 2) Once you have one treatment to an area, do they have to do more treatments to the same area?
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