NEW PICS...3 Month Post Op- from LIPO, BA, Hernia/Muscle Repair, TT...Finally getting someplace...

Hello ladies...I am a 45 yr old mom of a 7 yr old...

Hello ladies...I am a 45 yr old mom of a 7 yr old and 5 yr old. I have been physically active all my life...running marathons, triathlons, etc...but since mt babies, my body has never been the same. Seems no amount of diet or exercise changes this fact.

So as scared as I I go. My husband is not being super supportive so this worries me a bit especially since I'm gonna have to count on his help quite a bit. I will post per and post pics as soon as I can figure out how to do

Hi ladies, i changed my mind on doctors so i am...

hi ladies, i changed my mind on doctors so i am now going in on March 9th...deposit paid and all...anyone else going in that day?

Hi everyone, i am getting sooo excited...but...

hi everyone, i am getting sooo excited...but thinking maybe i should be more nervous than i i crazy? lol
i am having a full tummy tuck w/ muscle repair and hernia repair, breast aug (exchange actually from a saline implants from 1995 going bigger and silicone), lipo to flanks and low back.
i am 5'5 and currently am hovering around 145...about 15 lbs heavier than i usually am...yuck. oh well, will try to drop a few lbs in the next 11 days.

hope you are all well!!! so glad i found this site!!!! and all you ladies!!

Hi everyone...i'm 11 days away and getting really...

hi everyone...i'm 11 days away and getting really excited. hope you all are doing well...i am having the full tummmy tuck w/ muscle repair, breast aug (exchange from old saline implants from 1995...going bigger and silicone this time), trunk lipo (flanks and low back).
by the way, i finally posted some pics...yuck...i wasn't holding my gut in (which is so habit nowadays) so i could capture the real way the tummy is...i am currently 5'5 and hover around 145ish...i am about 10lbs. more than i usually am...double yuck.

I know this may sound silly...but i'm kinda...

i know this may sound silly...but i'm kinda feeling the same anticipation/excitement i felt with my first pregnancy. the waiting, the excitement, the unknown...will it hurt. will it not. anyone else feel that way? i am 8 days out from the BIRTH of a NEW ME!!!! right? lol :)

I posted some new pics, too...take a look at the...

i posted some new pics, too...take a look at the old boob jobs...from 1995. they only had one type of funny. it has come such a long way and i can't wait to update as i never really felt like these fit my body very well...not to mention the one on the right side never dropped into the pocket like it was suppose to despite me doing all the massage exercises etc. my new ps is gonna clean out the scar tissue and i'm going w/ mod profile silicone this time so hoping i get a bigger, but more natural look...w/ more of a drop rather than so high up on my chest.
i also added some pre op pics of my low back as the ps is gonna lipo the sh#t outta that muffin top area...can't wait!!! i never ever had muffin top prior to pregnancy...:)

On the subject of size...ok, ladies...take it from...

on the subject of size...ok, ladies...take it from someone who knows...and from most if not all of my friends w/ boob will always wish you had gone bigger...i hear it from everyone (including my own feeling) more than not.
i was a A cup, if that, and was concerned when in '95 the ps said let's put u at a full c...i thought wholly shit, i'm gonna be huge, everyone is gonna notice, i won't be able to run (at the time i was competitive in triathlons and had run a few marathons, too)...but honestly, i wanted to be the size i was when i was swollen right after surgery...i did settle into the full c size...but i always thought i should have gone a bit bigger....take the advice for what it's worth. :)

What kind of pain med's did your doc give you?

what kind of pain med's did your doc give you?

Gosh...I keep reminding myself to keep my eye on...

Gosh...I keep reminding myself to keep my eye on the prize and not over think the procedure logistics as I have a weak stomach forbthebthoughtbofbhow it all comes down.
And I feel very lucky and blessed that I get the chance to create a new me. I know a lot of mommies wouldnkillbfor the opportunity and I want to stay mindful of this.
I go in Friday...any last bits of advice from those of u who have bravely gone before me?

Any tips on staying relaxed the day before...

any tips on staying relaxed the day before surgery??????? i've been fairly calm up until now...yikes.

my doc said i could take a vallium tonight to help me sleep. did anyone else do this and did it help?

I will try to post something a bit later today.....

i will try to post something a bit later today...gotta get in shower and head to hospital!! thanks to everyone for their support!!! xo

I don't know what I was expecting but I can...

I don't know what I was expecting but I can honestly say I have sailed w this recovery processes effortlessly so far. I feel very lucky for it. Definitely delivering my babies the natural, old fashion way was way harder, for me.
So I'm just letting all you mommy's who are about to embark on this wonderful journey back to you...try not to let ur self be scared and soak up all the excitement! You deserve this!

Good lord...i knew this would be difficult with my...

good lord...i knew this would be difficult with my husband as he wasn't super supportive of my MM but i am finding i am definitely overdoing it and swelling and feeling a bit light headed because he is simply not doing anything different to help. i'm still having to clean the house, get kids ready for school, pack the lunches, take the kids to school...i don't know what to do. my doc even told me yesterday i am overdoing it since i am still swelling so much. am i alone here? or does anyone else find themselves in the same situation? i already spilled my guts on the husband... i already spilled my guts on the husband not doing next question is this:

so i had a breast implant exchange from 350 saline from 1995, told the ps i wanted bigger and to go he went w/ 445 saline...but i am disappointed b/c they feel like they are the same size as the old ones...which was a full c...i was very explict about wanting to be either a full d or a small, granted, i am still in the hospital bra and can't take that off til the incision heals but i can just tell from feeling them that i really think they are the same size. what do i do? i really expect him to change them to the full D or small that something he will do? i know i need to ask him. and i did tell him i thought they didn't feel any different size wise than the other ones but he told me to give it time. I would think they would be much bigger and swollen...but they are not. and if they aren't bigger now, right after surgery, due to swelling...i can't imagine they are actually gonna wind up bigger after it's all said and done. has anyone else had this problem? boobs being smaller than asked for?

My old ones were a full c and for the exchange I...

My old ones were a full c and for the exchange I told him I wanted a full d or small dd...they sure seem like same size to me although they r silicone and not saline like my old ones. Has anyone experienced this?

Has anyone found a way around this? i can't stand...

has anyone found a way around this? i can't stand the pantie lines either and i'm suppose to wear this sausage suit for 3 months...any solutions that you all know????

Granted, I am still very swollen but have to say...

Granted, I am still very swollen but have to say to anyone thinking of doing a MM to go for it! Just be sure to find a great PS. I couldn't be happier! I will try to get some new pics up soon...just remember I am still swollen . Hope u all r doing and feeling as ecstatic as I am! Xo

Gosh, i took a shower this a.m. and did the wrong...

gosh, i took a shower this a.m. and did the wrong thing and looked in the mirror. i cannot believve how swollen i am then i get to thinking i have gone thru all this to still be this size. i haven't had an appetite, have hardly eaten anything in 2 weeks. i feel like my legs are huge and my stomach is enormous (i know it's swollen) and my boob arent the size i wanted.

i'm gonna go get a good cry out of my system and will check back later. thanks ladies. glad i have you all.

Yesterday during my crazy

Yesterday during my crazy

Went to doc today for check up and it appears I...

Went to doc today for check up and it appears I had a lot of fluid build up hence all the tummy pressure I was feeling. Holy shit, I feel Ike a new person. Hope you all have a great day!

Wow, i just can't believe how awesome this MM has...

wow, i just can't believe how awesome this MM has been for me. I truly feel like i have a new lease on life. i love catching a glimse of my profile and not sucking in my gut seeing a flat belly. damn, this is worth every ounce of discomfort and cost.

Help a sista it ok to go for it? my...

help a sista it ok to go for it? my surgery was march 9th...i just don't want to infect anything or mess up TT scar.

Still very swollen....and still the nurse is...

still very swollen....and still the nurse is getting about 50 cc of fluid out per few days.

Gosh, this Friday will b 4 weeks and I'm just...

Gosh, this Friday will b 4 weeks and I'm just feeling so down. Swollen and fluidly is discouraging. Dull ache is subsiding some so thats good. I feel like I shouldn't need painkillers anymore but I just can't b pleasant at home w the tightness from fluid (in between draining atvdr office) along w dull ache.
Also, I just don't know what to do about boob size. I am totally disappointed in the size. I sure thoughtbibwas very clear w my ps and even sent over a dozen pics of sizes I liked. I really don't see much a difference at all from my old implants even tho he added 100 cc. I showed a girlfriend yesterday and while she thought they looked nice she agreed they weren't visibly bigger. What do I do?

Hey all you hot i saw my PS today and...

hey all you hot i saw my PS today and got the clearance to start doing my thang....which is running (i've run for 20 years) i am sooooo excited!!!!!! also, as my swelling keeps going down...i am now super ok with the size of my boobs...i know you all have heard me complain thinking they weren't big enought, etc...but i am thinking as i keep going down and down i will be right where i wanna be...
anyway, hope you all are doing well.
love, love, love this site....
xxooo hugs to all those healing!!!!!

Still swollen but doing ok...finally running......

still swollen but doing ok...finally running....albeit, slowly, still doing 45 plus minutes and i feel great when done....nothing hurting at all during or after.

i have figured out that plastic surgery is a sidebar and huge advantage but doesnt' replace hard to keep my investment in check i definitely need to work out and eat be the person and have the body that i have had and will have again.

i am blessed to have had the procedures i have had that will help advance me a bit quicker (fingers crossed) but at the end of the day....we are still really responsible for our bodies and how they look. noone can change that for us.

anyone, that's it on my diatribe...i think i some small way...back in my mind....i was thinking after this major surgery my body would be perfectly the way i want it and while i my run i came to the conclusion that it's up to me, mostly....the plastic surgeon just gave me the jump start.

xxoo love and hugs and healing to you lovlies.

Hi everyone, hope you are all doing well. Yes,...

Hi everyone,

hope you are all doing well. Yes, indeed, this is a journey. I must say that i'm feeling mostly recovered expect for the no feeling in by ab area. I am going back to my doc for 3 month vist on June 13th so I will see what he has to say. I think there might be a few modifications upcoming. I think he could have gotten a bit more off with the Lipo on the flanks and even tho my breasts are definitely more perky...sizewise, it definitely wasn't worth me doing an implant exchange for 5k considering the size seemingly is the same as previous BA (from '95 w/ 350 saline implants vs. the exchanged 445 silicone).

Have a fantastic day, Hot MOMMA's!! xo

Also, i have a question for some of you ladies,...

also, i have a question for some of you ladies, pre MM i used to wear a bikini. Usually the tie on the side variety...with my TT scar i cannot wear any of those suits without the obvious scar. This has me a bit discouraged. Anyone else in the same boat?

I also have not dropped one (NOT ONE) pound since the surgery, either. I'm so confused. I know i am smaller. I have been running since 6 weeks, eating healthy, blah, blah, blah...but nada on the scale. I don't understand how i can get a MM (skin removal, lipo) and have not lost any weight. Anyone else in same boat?

Imbnoticing I can't wear a lot of the bikinis I...

Imbnoticing I can't wear a lot of the bikinis I want to if I wanna conceal my scar but I'm starting to take on an 'I don't really care if u see my scar' mentality. Tell me how u feel? Same or wanna hide it at all costs including not being able to wear a skimpy bikini that looks good on (other than scar visibility).

I really can't believe it has been almost 3 months...

I really can't believe it has been almost 3 months. My goodness, in the scheme of things it really has gone by quickly (altho, i know many of you who are just on the beginning side of the flat side may think i'm crazy :)

I definitely think the lipo has been the most difficult of all the procedures. I am just NOW starting to feel barely swollen and a little tender but it definitely has been the most challenging as far as seeing results, too. I am going back for my 3 month PS appt. June 13th so i will be interested to see what the doc says about my flank area. I am thinking if it's not some mild swelling still...that i will be getting a little more taken off from flanks. Not really looking forward to that but heck paid the money and he does do no charge revisions up to the first year so i'm gonna request it if it's not swelling.

Hope you are all doing well. I so enjoy reading about all of your journeys. We definitely are a sisterhood.

I wish i had more time to write down all the things that i think of through out the day that would be helpful for the newly recovering i just can't sit here at computer without someone in this family hollering for me to do this or, so i will leave this being said, please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions...more than happy to chat with ya!!!! I know i really appreciated those who went before me answering my questions.

xxooo have a great day hot momma's!!!
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I get so swollen wondering how long I have to deal w this?

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Thank you hun, yes its soon around the corner will try n take more photos haven't been on a scale for 8 months lol :( thank for those nice words and for st maarten yes its a wonderful place to live and I won't trade for no where else hahhahaha!
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You look phenomenal!
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thank you so much, are one hot momma, yourself!!! how are you feeling????
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Holy HOT, you look amazing. It's crazy how you changed in those 3 months. And yeah I hear ya about having the revision or more lipo done, my PS thinks he needs to do a little more on a couple spots and since there's no cost I think I'll do it but I'm not looking forward to the recovery again.
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thanks girl!!! keep me posted on if you do a revision or not!!
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My scar is huge & goes almost all the way around so but I feel like I look 100% better w/ the scar then I did before so I'm gonna sport that bikini & no care if people see my scar. I'm not gonna hide & be embarrassed cuz I wanna have fun this summer out there w/ my kids.
? For you are u still wearing your CG?
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hi misty, i haven't worn my CG in sometime...thinking it was right around the 5 or 6 week mark. my doc didn't say i had to wear it so i stopped.
thanks for the sisterhood in not caring about the scar. as time has gone by, i feel like it's not a big deal and i know it will fade with each passing month...i'm not gonna be a slave to the scar. heck, i'm kinda proud of it. it's a symbol that i wanted to do something for myself, right? ;)
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I have a vertical scar and I don't really care if it is noticeable after a year it has really faded well. But the first year you want to keep your scars covered up anyway. I went to Fla last year and it was too hot for a one piece suit so I just put lots and lots of sunscreen on the vertical scar so it looked like I had a white strip over it for ever but that is ok....I also found that I needed flat material on my scar or it was really irritated with anything bumpy....I lost 10lbs after my TT but I also had a total hysterectomy but after my BA I put on a few pounds but I guess each implant is about 1 lbs. I have gone back and forth gaining and losing those few pounts.
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thanks, beachmomdk!!
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I just wanted to comment on the scar thing. First of all, a TON of women have c-section scars and are ok with them. I think for me it is trading idea. I would far rather have some stretch marks and scars left rather than hanging skin and deflated boobies. This is just me though. I do have amazing self-esteem and did even when I was heavy....which in hindsight is probably why I was heavy for so
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Thx lost...I'm kinda finding myself not caring a whole lot either about the visible scar. Just wondered if I was alone.
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hi mountain momma, i havent had any surgery yet, and its great to read up and what to expect for the future, thank you... ps youre looking great. ( have you tried jumping on a other scale) maybe now youre all muscle cause all your fat is gone.. and muscle is heavier than fat.......
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Hey mountain momma, I am the same with my weight too. In fact I've been going back to my ww classes since like 3 weeks post op & cannot get even 1 lb off in fact last week I was up .4. I thought after him taking 10 lbs off in flesh I'd be 10 lbs lighter but no, I'm so confused.
Unfortunatly the bikini thing is a whole new world for me. This will be the first year I'm wearing one. I did try on one w/ strings that tie & if I tied them tight so it was all the way together it was fine. I kinda am proud of my scars & kinda don't care who sees em.
Sorry to hear your breasts are not what you'd hoped for, that sucks.
Glad to hear your doing well though, by the way I feel the same about the lipo although my area is right in front it's still kinda pootchy and the front of my vajayjay is like huge my ps said it still might be swelling but he also feels like it might need a little more lipo. I'm just not sure I wanna go through all the healing crap again.
Well you look amazing & I'm happy for you.
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I hear you MM, we do have to keep up our own bodies ourselves, but it sure is a nice help with the surgery.
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Very well said. Glad to hear that you are liking the size of your girls now.
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Well said MM- that is exactly right this does not fix everything forever, ultimately how we exercise and what we put in our mouth is our own doing. I feel blessed to have this skin and flubber off me and I know I have lots more work to do to get the result I want, I know you will be looking great!!!
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Good Morning mountainm, I just read your update and would like to say Well Said and soooo true!! Thanks :)
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So happy for ya. Have a good run let us know how the run is with those new boobies.
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hey misty,
i decided to try the ellipitical today....but so far so good. just did an easy 30 min...if all continues to be good...i will try a slow, very slow....30 min run tomorrow....but so far...the boobs are champs and no prob :)
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Sorry you are having a rough day, it is such a process this whole thing, isn't it?!?!

I think your boobs look great and agree with a PP to wait until all the swelling goes down to make a full judgment. But hey, you have dr appt to discuss it, so let him know what you think, you paid a lot, you know!
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Thx ladies for all the feedback! I went in to get senoma drained today and talked to nurse about boob size concern so I have an appt to talk to dr next week about it. Appreciate u all so much.
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I can tell a difference in your pictures you've posted! They look much fuller and larger to me! But then again, I'm one who had way too much and had my reduced. Give yourself more time, but personally I think they look perfect and very proportional to your body size!
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I think your size looks great on you!!
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