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Did my research and consulted with Dr's from...

Did my research and consulted with Dr's from Medford to Eugene. I really liked a Dr in Medford but the staff was horrible! I did not want to go all the way to Portland but my husband said he just wanted me to be safe and have a good Dr no matter how far we had to travel. So I found a few Dr's in Portland and started my research again. The Dr I liked best was Dr. Demars. I literally stalked his post for a few months. I liked the way he answered questions and felt safety and well-being was his priority. Sooooo.....

I booked my consultation. I was told he was very thorough and to make sure I had enough time. The directions to the office were easy to follow and I arrived at the office on time. The office was clean and tastefully decorated. The staff was very friendly. My appointment was at 10:30 and I was escorted in approximately at 10:35. I had to watch 2 videos and then was taken in to get my weight and vitals. Next I met with Dr. Demars. He was very friendly and really put my nerves at ease. I was lead in for my physical exam (yeah yuck) and he spoke to me about my body and what I could expect. He did not try to talk me into any extra procedures and listened to what I wanted. The appointment lasted 2 hours!

I booked my surgery and met with the office manager Tish (she is amazing and easy to talk with) paid for the surgery, got my rx's, and went over the procedure some more on what I needed to do and what to expect. I was told the morning of surgery to come to his office. He has his own surgical center and his rate of infection is nil to nothing!

So yes I am very nervous but this guy has been doing the for 30+ years.

Will post more as things progress!

Thanks to all who have inspired me!

The awful before :( have mercy

Okay well it's Sunday night and my surgery is Wednesday. I hate posting any photos but you all have been so good and have shared your stories. Can't wait to post better ones! Sooooooo nervous!

Welcome to RealSelf and thank you for being brave and posting photos! I'm glad you did our due diligence with research. I'm amazed at how transformative a mommy makeover can be and I hope you get super results that you love! Do you have your supplies ready?

My thoughts will be with you on Wednesday!

Yes all ready!

Tis the night before surgery and all through the house...

Okay, it's the night before surgery. I have to be at the surgery center at 6:45 am. I have had dinner at 3:00pm and will not have anything until after my surgery. I am nervous but only of coming out of surgery and getting sick. The office says they have very few that get sick... We will see. I have taken my shower with special soap and have to do it again in the morning. I have my chair ready with pillows and blankets. My meds are packed. I will come to the surgery center in my pj bottoms with a large zip up sweat shirt. I don't think I'll care when I am leaving! :). I will post photos and let you know how it goes as soon as I can. Wish me luck!
I am doing very well! A little pain in the tatas, but have some good pain meds fot that. Thank for the thoughts and prayers! Will post more later
How are you doing sweetie?
Hope all went well and you made it safely to the flat side!

My surgery experience

I arrived at Dr Demars clinic at 6:45 am. I was led to his surgical clinic right away (he has his own surgical clinic). I had to remove my clothes and put on their wonderful gown and panties... :). The nurse that was helping me was so sweet! The bed was warm and cozy. Dr. Demars came in and did all the markings. I then met with the anesthesiologist. Again very personable. He offered me a margarita cocktail. :). Then I walked into the operating room. That was the last thing I remember. I was so afraid of getting sick. He calmed my nerves and told me not to worry. When I came out of surgery I was anything but sick. That was a first for me! I have 2 drains for the TT and none on the tatas. My Husband was given instructions on how to take care of me. We were told to call at ANY time if we had questions or concerns. I had NO pain with the TT as Dr Demars uses a pain pump. I did have some pain with the breast but nothing that couldn't be controlled with the pain meds. My husband helped me with the restroom once but I have gone on my own since. I just take it very slow. Overall I think it was the best surgical experience I have ever had (as far as surgeries go). I will post pictures when I am up and about a little more!
Congrats on making it to the flat side!! happy healing love! get some rest :)

3 days post op

Okay this was not all that bad for me. I had myself worked up about the pain. It really was not that bad. Mostly I am stiff. I might switch over to extra strength Tylenol today.
Hey, I have that bra and I'm wearing it right now :) lol It looks like you're doing great and handling your recovery well. It's so exciting.
Yeah I think it's standard fashion protocal !
Did you get those pants at Costco? I was thinking of getting those exact ones :) .

1 week po .. Swell h****!

So it's been 1 week po. I am so swollen and have not had a bowel movement for 1 week as well. Very brused. As far as pain it has been tolerable. Still have 1 drain in but it comes out tomorrow. I have not had much of an appetite but have been good at least at drinking some protein drinks. Today my mission is to have a bm! I know I will feel better! Hope everyone is is doing well? I have been trying to rest and keep up with your posts and updates.

1 week

Hi! You look fab! So happy for you! I will hope your swelling goes down for you, too! :)
I'm considering this and thank you for being an "older" person getting this done! I'm 48 and seems like everyone on here is so much younger! you go girl! Hopefully I will be doing it to early next year!

3 weeks PO... Doing great!

So it's been 3 weeks! I feel good and have gone back to work this week. I feel I have excellent results and have had nothing but top care from my surgeon and his staff. If I had it to do again would definitely choose him again!
Hi! I was curious which doctors you consulted with in Medford? Did you see Dr. Kreul at all? I'm scheduled to see him but I would love to hear more reviews about his office since he is relatively new to the valley. You said you had a bad experience with a doctors staff in Medford and I was just wondering who it was. Thanks!
Looking good. Glad to hear you're doing good too. Thanks for updating, it's really good to get feedback from someone close to my age (51). I've had my boobies done (reduction 14 Oct), and I'm sked for my TT on 27 Jan 14, a little over 7 weeks away...getting nervous already :-/
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