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I purchased a package that cost more so I’m...

I purchased a package that cost more so I’m not exactly sure on what the price was for the micro's. I had 2 treatments as well as a glycolic peel so I'm not sure which one triggered a huge Roscea flair up but I do Lactic Acid peels with no problem and my guess is the microdermabrasion’s caused what would only be described as a very horrible experience. I was left with horrible acne/Rosecea a couple weeks after my appointments which left scars that have taken a year to get rid of. At the time I had no idea I had Rosecea because my face would only turn a little red at times but nothing like what followed after the treatments. If you have red flushing at all at times and think you may have Rosecea and don’t know for sure please see a dermatologist before you get anything done like this. I have now gone through other treatments and am on medications to control the Rosecea. I will post a picture of what my skin looked like after the microdermabrasion’s. My skin was clear before the treatments.


Hi, I'd l like to start off and say that many of these treatments help rid the toxins from the skin and may cause an acne rupture before your skin gets better. You may also want to be patient since you need to go through a couple of treatments before having great results. I know it can get long, but the wait is totally worth it. My skin keeps getting better and better after my chemical peels and microdermabraison treatments.
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You went to an inexperienced esthetician because people with Rosacea are not candidates for Microdermabrasion.

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Jennifer, I need a good dermtologist, who was the one you went to? could you give me his name, I am looking for one for years, thank you so much for sharing...
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