Any Info on Lipo, Getting Mommy Makeover Mar 7th! - Ashland, OR

I am 29, mother of 2, both c-sections, daughter...

I am 29, mother of 2, both c-sections, daughter was 9lbs 15oz. I got pregnant at 17 and had been headed toward a modeling and acting career at the time. I had my son 5 years later in 2005. I struggled to get under 167lbs, until May of last year when I finally took control with exersize and food modification. I am now 5'6 1/2" and 133lb. My goal is 125ish.

I have preop 2/24 and my surgery is Mar 7th monday at 7:30 am, will take 4 hours. I saw 4 surgeons. I am having a full tummy tuck with muscle tightening, flank and inner and outer thigh lipo, rt breast lift with saline sub muscular 400ccs filled to 425ccs. One surgeon said he would not do lipo to my thighs and that they were fine. Any advice, comments of suggestions would be helpful, I am so scared!!! I quit smoking 4 weeks ago tommorow.


Thank you for your kind words, you look great, your pre thighs didn't look big either.
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hi there iam 3 weeks and love my results.. i now in time they will get even better..:) it doesnt look l lik eu need lipo on ur thighs tho.. but that is up to u...i had a full tummytuck and breast lift preareola and implants under the muscle 400 cc silcone and lipo of the flanks...:) happy with the results.. now im jsut tryin to get the scar to go down well lighten up and flatten..:)
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Girl you will look incredible! Best of luck! Can't wait to hear how it goes and see your results. I am 4 days after you!
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So I printed out the info from realself about people saying they wouldn't lipo my thighs and other surgeons not recommending a right breast lift. My surgeon is a contributing surgeon to this sight and knew what I was talking about. He measured me and drew with his pen, and said he still recommends a right lift, and told me the lipo was going to be very minimal. We went over submuscular vs subglandular, he was voted one of the best breast surgeons so I trust his opinion, especially when I found out he had done surgery on his wife and daughters. He is obviously intelligent and well informed on everything surgical. He said subglandular implants get hard in 10-15 years and that the chest muscle does not "die" when placed submuscular. He offered to hack this irritating, little, not healing, zit thing off my face for me which is nice. The lipo on outer and inner thighs is free, so I was having a really hard time when all my friends were telling me not to do it. There was a question, Do you need a sedative prior to surgery? I jumped at that one because I've been so anxious and jumpy the more real this is becoming. My blood pressure was 137/87 which is high for me. We have blood work to do, fasting CMP and CBC, I got 5 prescriptions, wow! Plus I have to buy some hibacleanse. Turns out my selected implants were 400cc's filled to 480 which he said would be a full C, small D. By the way what is small, full? Aren't bra cups one C, one D? (giggles) Maybe it's like they are guaranteeing me at least a C. I liked the way the 450s looked, so I'm waiting on him to find out if the ones we have down will look like those. I'm so happy and scared, wish I could take the valium now, hee, hee. I loved JenBobs video, I'm gonna try to make one too. They took some before pics today. Guess this is it. WOW! WOW!


Getting closer! I can't wait to see your results.
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I'm ok just still scared to never wake up. By any chance, I posted a thing about myself and I'm not sure if I did it right because I have no comments. Canyou tell me if you see it?? Thanks!! :)
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I'm scared about that too! Your post is not showing. You can write a review under worth it reviews, then click on your name to see all your posts. Try that.

3/1/2011 Tues Hi, so I'm having issues I...

3/1/2011 Tues

Hi, so I'm having issues I would like to share with you. I felt like I was getting sick Sunday, so I took Zicam all day (haven't had a cold in 2 years), then woke up sick Monday with yellow snot and nasal pain. I called my surgeons office and they faxed me over a zpack of an antibiiotic called azithromyazin its a quick 5 day course. I was a little concerned because I'm starting another antibiotic called Bactrin on Sunday or hmmm, maybe I should call him to make sure they still want me taking that. I feel horrible and can't breath out of my nose. I've had a few crying spells and I still am wondering how the heck I'm actually getting breast implants. My other issue is I'm getting really scared about having a one sided lift as apparently they are pretty uncommon, and some surgeons on here have advised against it. Also I keep wondering if I should go bigger on the implants... I keep hearing that people always wish they had. Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated...thanks.


Oh, also, I was a 36b before pregnancy, after daughter 36D for years, recently lost 45lbs and found out today while trying on bra's I'm a 36A, but 36B fit too. So, I'm a full A, small B I think.
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Personally! I think you will think the 400 cc are too small! I had them the first time and no one even really noticed I had implants! They were wider at the base ! Didnt really have much projection from a side view and in a bra gave me butt like clevage! I would definatley recomend high profile and max overfill for round and high! Take your dr pics of boobs you like! My dr thought I was crazy when I said I wanted 600cc! He said those are huge implants! Haha but when he did the surgery he filled them to 660! I love them now! What's ur email and I'll send u some pics.

3/3/2011 WOW!!!! My PS's exwife called me...


WOW!!!! My PS's exwife called me last night to tell me how happy she is with her ex husbands work. She is a gorgeous professional 1st place body builder. Also had a satisfied, 4 week post op "mommy makeover" patient meet with me today at PS's office to show me before pics in her chart and show me her results. She was nice and she looked wonderful! We had our charts in hand, it was hard looking at my gross pics in my chart all blown up. I took the advice of mommyof4's advice today. Thank you! After trying on sizers I liked the way 600cc looked, so I talked to the PS again and we decided on 550cc filled to the max 660cc, which he said would be a DD probably. So I went and bought a DD and it's really big! I'm sort of freaking out because it seems so late to be this unsure of size....PLEASE ANY ADVICE OR SUGGESTIONS WELCOME!!!!!!!!! Maybe pick the 500cc's filled to max 600cc. I'm still unsure, so we will see I guess.......HELP!!!


I know you are still recovering but I wanted to let you know I'm thinking about you and hope your doing ok!!
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Thank you all for your kind support. I've been in a LOT of pain. I'll be updating more when I can. Surgery took 4 1/2 hours and went home 2 hours later. I'm going to get some rest.
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So good to hear from you but I am sorry you are in pain. I've heard the first few days are the hardest but it does get better soon. Rest well and keep us posted on how you are doing!

3/11/2011 Hi everyone, I have been in a ton of...

3/11/2011 Hi everyone, I have been in a ton of pain so I am just now getting on here. My surgery was 4 1/2 hours and I spent 1 1/2 hours in recovery before going home. I was told because my weight was on the lower side to take only one percocet, but apparently that was not helping, so as of today I am now taking 2 at a time.l The right breast lift has been the most painful, as well as the stomach muscle tightening, especially with coughing and throwing up. I HAVE BIG BOOBIES, LOL......thank you againg mommyof4 for your advice, I know I would not of been happy with the 400cc to 480cc....they ended up putting 600cc in my left and 660cc in my right (lifted side). I have been swollen as can be, found out today I'm not supposed to be having salt and I have been living off Oriental Ramen and saltines...oops! I weighed myself the day after surgery and I had went from 131 to 138.8.....dammm, hope thats all fluid. I HAVE A BELLY BUTTON YAY!!!! Its all black and crusty, but it's where it should be. He said my muscle seperation was about 4 inches. I went 3 days without brushing my teeth, ewwww, barfed in my hair, and my husband has had to help me pee and wipe. Talk about a rather mortifying, gross, helpless situation. I have broke down crying and screaming from the right breast feeling like its tearing apart. Now I know I can take more percocet, so that should help. My friend Jennifer who was scheduled the same day found out she was pregnant, talk about in the nick of time. Hope all you wonderful women are healing well or preparing for your surgery, I have been out of touch the last few days. I really appreciate all your support! I got my pain pump out today. Drains will probably come out Monday. Oh, ya, I guess I have to push my breast together for cleavage.....anyone else advised to do this? Still waiting to find out how much lipo they took out of my thighs, I think it wasn't much. I'll take some pics now, but I look like shit and I'm only 4 days post op, unshowered, and bedridden, so bear with me, : ).


Omg! I'm so happy for you! Your breasts look great! I've been waiting to see how you were. Sorry your pain is so bad :( You look so amazing though!so it's worth it
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Hope you feel better. I can't wait to get these drains out. I had my surgery on March 9th...pain wise I'm lucky I'm not having any. I'm just taking Advil as of today. my implants are 375cc...looking at them i wish i would have gone larger. however they look great!
try to get as much rest as you can.
you look good!
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Photo Update

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Aww...sorry to hear that! I can so relate to the drains! I did the same thing one night when getting up to go might get your drains taking out today, which would be great! When are able to take a shower? I was able or I should say allowed to at day 2. Well hopefully your PS will give ya something to help you go..and wow your boobies will be big!! Yeah!! (Funny I remember when looking at bra's that size I was always like "woah that's huge" and now that's what I should be too..keep me posted
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How ya feeling today cittycat? Any luck with the prune juice yet?
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No, still no BM, today is day 8, I'm going to the docs at in an hour and I'm going to ask about milk of magnesia, my husband bought me some last night, but I wanted to wait because I did the yeast cream.....ech, can't wait to feel normal, thank god for one day treatments. My sweet friend Michelle washed my hair today, what a wonderful difference that made! Her nice female energy was a blessing and I don't know why I didn't think to ask hubby to wash my hair for me. I almost pulled out my drain last night, forgot the were next to me and got up to pee, felt an extreme pull, and yikes, there is blood now in it, where as before it was just yellow, so thats pretty freaky, hope they can still take them out today. I threw up this morning, which is hell on the stomach muscles. I'm going to ask my doc for vicodin because the percocets make me itchy and nauseated. Michelle said "your titties are so pretty!" That was pretty cute, made me smile. I think this has been such an interesting journey, I went to, someone recommened it, there cup sizes only go up to C though, and I'm guessing I'm probably a DD, not sure though. Either way it was fun looking through and fantasizing about the cute lingerie and swinsuits I'll finally be able to wear for the first time since I was 17! I found some clothing sites for women with implants and will forward some links later if anyone wants them. Heading off to Docs now...Chat later. Hugs.

MARCH 16TH, 2011******* Hi, my wonderful...

MARCH 16TH, 2011*******

Hi, my wonderful sweet women friends out there, I have wonderful news.....I had hubby administer the enema...I would not wish this on my worst enemy (if I had one , lol) about mortifying, embarrising, uncomfortable, I literally could not take all the water I was supposed to, I broke into the sweats and then 1 to 2 minutes later I went, but it was just all the darn water! Maybe it will at least remind my bowels how to work again and it did feel a little better after. I'm putting myself on a mostly liquid diet starting today, I got a hold of my discharge forms just a couple days ago (my hubby had them) and apparently I was supposed to be on only liquids the first 24 to 48 hours, well I wasn't. Maybe that had something to do with this problem also as well as 2 major courses of antibiotics. So, hubby gave me a shower and it was pure heaven, I had to hold my right painful breast, but the water was so wonderful, I love showers (I've been known to take 2, occ 3 a day). I smelled good for the first time in days and felt so refreshed. My nice friend came and visited for an hour and that was nice. Oh, I asked my PS if he lipo'ed my belly at all and he said there was no fat only skin.....the skin WEIGHED 5-6LBS OMG!!!!! Okay, so the really good news.....I got a permanent job as a promotional model today, had a phone interview, (I've modeled before and had a contract with OTM)......I am so excited! They basically send me a list of jobs every week I can take or not. I am one of 8 girls in my area on there model list. I was really surprised and loopy when she called for the phone interview, but I pulled it off, thank goodness, (told her about surg and meds, told her I was a D, she said she had thought about augment, but wouldn't do it and said I wouldn't go that big, uh oh....I'm thinking I might end up a DD..oh well) So I need to get a portfolio and composite cards with my new stats, but I'm so excited!!!!! Had to share this with you all, someone joked I'd be a swimsuit model, and I thought it was so ironic that I got a permanent modeling gig today! I'm finally starting to like my life after being pretty miserable for a long, long time, even hubby is having good luck....Bless all this positive energy, it's everywhere lately! I hope I can pass it on. I keep thinking I would love to get into some sort of motivational speaking or group for women, maybe write a book, start a website....brain is spinning ideas. The support from all you wonderful women has been so incredibly amazing!!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU. I'm posting some today pics, belly is still very swollen and hubby is in the background, oh well. I Love you girls.......keep healing, smiling, dreaming, and loving! : )


I am so so thrilled about your awesome news!! See...good things happen to good people. Sometimes we just have to wait a little bit :)
You look AMAZING I knew you would! Your tummy is so smooth and your belly button is perfect. Excellent results!! Just think what you will look like when you are 100% recouperated. I wish you the best of luck with your new modeling job and your husband's new work as well. Awesome!!
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Thank you. I'm starting to think you are my biggest fan, lol ;), how are your pretty girls and tummy coming along? Thanks for all the faith you had in me...I thought for sure I would have lumps or need a vertical incision because of all the skin damage. My breasts were very,very lumpy to the point of having to have a mammogram at 28 which I know for a fact incrued damage,(the tech was waiting for a reaction as to when to stop as she screwed my boobie between 2 plastic boards with a corkscrew thing, then when it looked like a flat pancake goes, "wow, your really tough")Got so scared when they sent me back to the hospital for another breast ultrasound saying they were doing it free of charge because they overlooked something...they found a tiny pinprick cyst...and all the lumps they attributed to caffeine....odd. It made me worry about implants and I was convinced somehow my breasts would look lumpy. Glad they don't, hope my rt breast is okay....scared about it. (hugs sweetie)
What an amazing transformation! Good for you! Love those big boobies! Hope you're feeling better, you look awesome!
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3/17/2011 ST PATTY'S and my moms B-DAY!...

3/17/2011 ST PATTY'S and my moms B-DAY! I've had some questions about my weight loss and how I did I thought I would post this here.....
I went from 5'6" 179lbs to 128lb and got my dream mommy makeover after this transformation. So, if your looking to lose weight, here is my advice.
I recently lost 51lbs and became a fitness guru...sz14 to sz3
What I've learned:
1.Go for organic whenever possible,
2.Most white foods offer no nutrients,
3.Fat is not the enemy, but a healthy satiating friend, except trans fat and sat fat!
4.Olive or coconut oils are your friends and even work great on skin and hair.
5.Stay away from margerine at all costs, choose butter!
6. 5-7 very mini meals keeps your metabolism revved all day!
7.Get out of the clean your plate mentality, reward yourself for only eating 1/2 on your plate, you can go back to it in an hour or 2 with less of a calorie impact on your body!
8. Any drink that contains carbonated, high fructose anything is very bad!
9.The longer the ingedients list, the worst it is. Especially if you don't recognize it!
10.Fruit, especially berries, veggies, especially broccolli are amazing!
11.String cheese, yogurt, peanut butter, beans, and lean chicken are amazing protien choices....(I had a weakness for 1 or 2 slices of all natural pepper curred salami, (satiating)
12.4 to 5 Rosemary triscuits with a string cheese make a great meal!
13.Odwalla juice rocks.....just don't overdo, 3 to 4 a week tops.
14.Pure ionic coconut water with pulp makes you feel great!
15.Yes, everyone knows, but water is sooo important!
16.I did exercise at night, then directly ate a protein mini meal, burned calories while I slept!
17.I made it fun. dancing in a bikini to music, stretching, yoga, treadmill.
18.I visualized what I wanted to look like everytime I was in that bikini...
19.Never eat while watching t.v or playing games....
20.Chew slowly.....seriously a big one for a lot of people, less is more, savor it.
Hope my advice was helpful!
Oh, and I used to be a vegetarian, so I give a mindful thank you to the few animal products I eat and stick with organic,humane, when possible. I only eat meat occasionally.

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3/17/2011 OH MY GOD GIRLS......HEAMATOMA! I...


I have a very scary update to report. So, as you all know yesterday was an awesome day for me, minus the enema and rt breast pain. Fast forward to last night/mid morning, I've been staying up late playing around on this forum and jbi forum. Hubs is asleep, and I get up to pee, rt breast starts that stabbing little pain thing, I start whimpering a little, trying not to wake hubs, (we have an ensuite bathroom in our bedroom) I use my left arm in an attempt to manuever my hubs boxers off of me so I can pee. He hears me whimpering and comes in to help lower me onto the potty, right then the rt pain becomes intense and I start to cry, within seconds of that..suddenely left breast is painful.....WTF? I'm thinking, rt pain now has completely went away and left breast is becoming hard, huge, swollen, and the only way I can think of to describe that pain was "Am I dying".......I layed on my bed trying to put ice on my now swollen, inflamed, left breast that has not even once bothered me. At this point there is no right breast pain at all, but my left one has me in agony and tears, to the point I am now screaming, it's about 4:35am this morning, hubs has only slept for two hours and I haven't even went to bed. I scream please call Dr. Jensen now.....He says ok, can you talk to him...I am in such agony and screaming that I tell him no. He asked hubs if it looks swollen and unfortunetly half awake hubs says no....My doc can hear me screaming in the background and says meet me at my office at 7am, (they open at 9am) I look like death literallt wearing hubbys clothes and sweating, crying, starting to feel woozy from the valium and vicoden I took. He feels them, tells me the right is normal, but there is blood in the left....come back for surgery today at we go to my best friends house who lives right up around from the dods office. We stay there 7:20- 11:15 Ithen head to docs....I am now freaked out of my mind and in so much pain. They tell me I have a HEMATOMA (blood fluid collection). All I can think at this point is OMG why did I get these? Maybe they should just take tem out? Maybe they are to big? I'm back in the Operating room today at 11:45am, this time with a local, not general. I can feel pain and sceam while they have a blue sheet over my face and I hear gurgle, a vacuum, it's was super freaky. In recovery stting up the. The whole thing from start to finish was about 2 hours. They said rt breast pain is normal from the lift, right they removed 100cc's of blood, This was his 2nd patient since 91 to ever have a hematoma, and the nurse who'd been there for 10 years said this was here first time seeiing someone get s hemotoma. My nice nurse told me I should go to vegas with my's always been like that with me, if it's one in 10, I'm the one....:) so glad to be out of the misery, hubby,doc, kids, and friends love me and pulled me out of this! Bless them and all who support me. Good luck to anyone who gets a complication, it is scary and should be checked out immedietly. Going to sleep now..


I'm so sorry you had this problem! I hope you are doing better.
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Sooo sorry to hear it! Hope you get some good sleep tonight and feel much much better! Goodnight!
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You poor thing! Hopefully the worst is over. What a terrible experience, why did this happen?
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3/18/2011 A little more info...Thank god for hubby...

3/18/2011 A little more info...Thank god for hubby and my PS, I really thought, this is it, I'm dying....I have been through a lot of trauma in my life, just to name a few examples, not trying to write you all a book but, born 2.5 months (born 1/1/82, due 3/10/82) early with full blood transfusion, weighed 2.5lbs at birth and in neonatal unit for 2 months), got choked to unconsiousness at age 9, I had gallbladder removal and gallstones in liver at 19 that almost required being life flighted to Portland (surgeon waved fee, I worked at hospital), almost died from ruptured liver at 18 after I had daughter(9lbs15oz)(I had pre eclampsia with both pregnancies, daughters was undiagnosed until the end)At fair in Vallejo,CA as a child a gangfight erupted at fair and had a gun pointed at us. Almost drowned at 5, etc....crazy stuff I know and prob TMI, but my point is, I think as far as thinking I was going to diend , this takes the cake...Oh and left is still swollen and pumping out ccs into drain, I just called and spoke to PS, he said it's normal with the swelling and as long as the drain is not right red blood, I'm ok. I thanked him profusely and told him he was an amazing surgeon, I will definetly be buying him a card and flowers very soon! Today was his day off, (I forgot) and he personally spoke to me. OH, and did I mention he wrote surgery manuals that are now third editions being used to train other surgeons around the world. (Not to brag, but he is amazing, they gave me pink roses after surgery too!)THANK YOU TO MY WONDERFUL NEW GROUP OF WONDERFUL, CARING WOMEN FRIENDS!!! WHERE WOULD I BE WITHOUT ALL YOUR LOVING POSITIVE SUPPORT? I AM SO BLESSED FOR ALL OF YOU! THANK YOU.


Hope your doing a lot better! Sorry u went through this.
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Thank you, my body is just not responding well, I'm a little sad tonight because the no BM, extreme bloating is causing my cute lil new belly button to look big and funky, it's oozy now, my right breast crease has some sort of nipple skin tag. I see PS early tommorow, hopefully we can get this sorted out. (hugs)
Doing better today? How is your breast? Did they put a drain in it? I hope all is well!
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3/21/2011 Okay, so things are looking up for me....

Okay, so things are looking up for me. The hematoma is better, drain was removed, all the tape is off and I'm feeling a lot better! I still need to buy a laxative tonight. To all you wonderful strong women I want to give you a HUGE GROUP HUG!!!!! You have all been a phenomanal inspiration to me and I hope to inspire you as well. I found out that only about 3,000 people a year wake up on the OR table,(which I did during my hematoma surgery) and my hematoma was the 2nd my Doc had seen since 91, so it looks like I'm gonna start playing the lotto, lol. I love all you wonderful women and if anyone has any questions for me, don't hesitate to ask!


awww just read all your updates!!! Omg!! you poor thing!! I'm so glad you are doing better and healing well! Hopefully this recovery finishes smooth and easy! Be well...BIG hugs to you! :)
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I am glad you have an appointment today to see your PS. I don't know about you but as soon as I see my doctor I start to relax and feel better:) He might even prescribe you a laxitive/suppository like Miralax or something. Good luck sweetie! It is going to get better for you!
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Thank you, I updated. I feel much better today. I will be buying correctal tonight and other than that I feel great!

3/23/2011 1am So friends, I just wanted to let...

3/23/2011 1am
So friends, I just wanted to let you know I am feeling tons better! I have to remind myself not to overdue it though. 16 days with no BM, no longer, correctal works like a charm in case any of you ladies get this problem. Oh and the super good news I weigh what I did when I was 13, yay. My mom told me on the phone tonight that I sound young and perky like a teenager, and I think it's bacause I am just so happy finally! It is so hard to feel so morphed since your 17 and that you look deformed, it really messes with your psyche, every woman on every magazine cover bothered me, looking in the mirror was diffficult, I was always going to be a model and this was such a hard thing to live with, so it's no wonder I sound like a new person, I feel like one! I am so happy with the tummy and it's still swollen, so I'm super excited to think what the future holds, maybe defined abs? It's the flattest it's ever been in my whole life literally! I'm getting happier about the breast, though I would like more cleavage, PS said to push them together, but that hematoma scared me half to death, so I haven't been doing the pushing very much. I am posting some pics we took tonight, I accidently put on an underwire bra, bad! I only had it on for about a 1/2 hour though. I took way less pills, only 1/2 a vic and 2 valiums. I did overdue it a little though and have to remind myself to still relax, I don't need any other possible problems. Any of you girls know how long you have to keep your elbows at your sides with submuscular placement? I kept forgetting today and moving them, yikes, I don't need another hematoma, that was so freaking scary! Oh, and how long until the nipples aren't numb? Hope it's temporary. Love all you wonderful women who have helped and inspired me through all this. Group hug to you all.

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Look at you girl! Love how you're embracing that sexy side! How are you recovering.? I feel so bad for you on the constipation thing! I know that first hand and it's awful! So question for you, since you just went through it...I have been using just medical tape on my scar. And I've been waiting a few days in between before taking it off, so that it doesn't irritate my skin. Well two days ago or so, I took it off and it hurt sooo bad! I hate that stuff! I do think I was using way too thick of a strip. I need to just cut it down so it's a little wider than my scar. But I noticed how red and irritated the skin was. So I left the tape off. Called my PS and he said, yeah the tape sucks so leave it off for a few days and let your skin breathe. Well the next day I noticed an area of my scar was raised and super red! No fluid seeping out but there was a small white/yellow dot in the middle of the swollen part. Anyway. I texted my PS a pic of it and he called me in an antibiotic. He said if it gets worse, to call him. But I'm so nervous! I'm 3 weeks post op tomorrow,! Why is this happening,.? Ugh. So I guess my question is, what would be something that would indicate a problem? Fever.? Extreme pain? I hope the mess clear this up,! :/
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Medicine* not mess lol
Hi mamas4boys, I am having a similiar issue. I was happy when the tape came off (2 weeks post op) It was crusty and nasty. I went two days, then decided to put surgical tape on it (to avoid binder rub), so I did for a couple days, took it off and it was crusty again. It is now red, raised, very strange looking, thinking dog flap things at the ends. I showed PS today and he said no it's fine, it's normal. I really think your probably fine, but he gave you antibiotics to be on the safe side, (I'm still on my 4th course in a row and I'm not a big fan so it sucks, gotta probiotic it after this major) You would most likely have oozing, puss, blood, fever or pain. Not always, but more than likely. Mine is looking very strange as well.....I will take a close up and post tonight! Oh and I will have an update tonight or tommorow for you all....been majorly overdoing it. I would recommend putting tape on it to keep it from friction, I am going to be doing that to mine tonight after my shower. It is now getting sewing needle type prick feelings that were not happening with the tape. I hope you are okay and this info helps! Good luck and ask me anything if you think of it.

3/25/11 Hi girls, just wanted to add some...


Hi girls, just wanted to add some updated pics of my swollen belly and scar, and breast. I have been way overdoing it! My father came 2 days ago, so it all sort of started the day before when I decided to clean my house, he had brought all my old toys and clothes, (working light brite, tinker toys, schoolwork, books, rainbow brite, teddy rupkin, he saves everything,lol)It was so neat seeing all the old stuff! I showed my father my before pics and he said, "Golly, you looked like a 100 year old lady", pretty tactless, but his norm. There was so much focus on my body that I was getting really concerned about my 10 year old daughter,(we talked massively afterwards) We walked all through albertsons ( I wore heely boots, dumb!) Dad only stayed a day and left yesterday. Guess my stepmom is going to be getting a mommymakeover now too after he raved about how good I looked! Then yesterday I went to the goodwill with my friend and was lifting and reaching constantly. I had a crying breakdown last night about how pregnant I looked! (The meds are making me crazy, I cry everyday it seems) I feel so swollen, my right breast (arm I lifted and reached with) is all swollen looking and hurts, but I just seen my doc yesterday afternoon, so I don't see him again for 2 weeks. He said as far as the breasts only to push them together 3 to 4 times a day, nothing else about any other sort of massage. I will be adding some pics I took last night of the scar and breasts. Does the right look swollen to any of you? Thanks girls, I love you all. (A big group hug)


Just looked at ur pics you look so good and the last one is too funny!
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Thanks -Had to post it!
Thank you, thank you!

3/27/2011 Hi friends, Posting some before and...

Hi friends,
Posting some before and afters in the same bikini. I'm still taking it easy, mornings and nights are hard. When I get cold I can feel the implant, makes my skin crawl, hope I don't end up having to move south soon, lol. I love all you wonderful women who gave and continue to give me so much support! I hope to help others as well. This has been such a remarkable transformation for me! In the new bikini pics, can you believe this is the same person? I knew I wanted some before and afters in the same outfit, I wish I had thought to take one of the before's naked and laying down. The right breast almost fell into armpit, lol...oh well, not like it was a pretty sight!

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Awww Cittycat you are such a sweetheart!!! I am glad that you were able to do a little something for your hubby for his b-day. Your beautiful daughter was so sweet to help you with cleaning too :)
It is a long recovery isn't it?? Sometimes it is two steps forward two steps back...frustrating but at least you know it's normal. Just as long as you allow yourself time rest and relax when you feel the need! How is your swelling? I notice I am super flat in the morning but by evening I swell some above my incision. Wonder how long that will go on?? Take care of your pretty self!!! By the way... have you started any kind of scar therapy? I find the scar creams to be super irritating!!
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Hi to all my sweet girls, I wanted to say thank you, thank you. Hubs and I were sitting on bed and I checked my page, I sat next to him and read aloud all your beautiful comments, and started CRYING! You are all so beautiful INSIDE!!! It really touched me also wishing we could have a MM REUNION, maybe raise funds here through sponsers and meet halfway (MIDWEST)....I'm on valium here, but BARE with ME here, and pun intended, lol! I seriously love you all!!!! This has been such an amazing support group as well as help, insight, and online diary!!! I would love to help this legacy for women in anyway I CAN!!!! OH and UPDATE on HUBS BDAY. The night before 3/28/11, after my 4 hour nap, lol. My friend begged me to go out to a club where a band was playing ($5) cover, (I took valium 1.5 hour before) and says after I tell her I have no money, "I'll buy your drink" she's my good friend and likes to go out a lot, and I alwaysd hate telling her "no", so I have hubby google valium and wine, heehee, had to, I was worried about valium/a glass of wine. I warn her I will walk like an old lady and prob won't get a drink. Turns out bar is filled, we wait outside, decide to go on a drive and I find $14 in my wallet, we go to Safeway and get pretty red/orange tulips, a german choc cake and a card, yay! Then on our drive we find a field of daffodils, which we almost bought at safeway, (odd coincidence) we pick those to add to the bunch. But yesterday, hubs got a tummy ache, so we are doing cake and cards this evening. My sweet daughter helped with cleaning the kitchen and I took a whole vic and was able to make a yummy early dinner at least. Felt so good to have fresh veggies! I want to give all of you a big wonderful healing is slow, I'm backed to being hunched over after being so straight at week 2, it feels like my 2 abdomin muscles are "gettin it on, lol...they are fusing or something, and when that happens it feels like the lil bit below the belly button is squeezing upward, like hey let me in on the action, lol.....Left breast is numb often, righty is doing better, still has a bruise on it, lil hole thing underneath crease and third nip thing under crease....never felt anything from the 5 areas that were lipo'ed...flank, flank, outer and inner left, inner right. He did say it was all together only 300-400cc which is less than a pound, so it must have been very minimal. (glad the lipo was free).
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Glad you are feeling better and you were able to celebrate with ur hubby. Better days are coming just take one day at a time. Stop pushing yourself, let urself heal and it will all fall into place. xoxox enjoy your night.

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How have you been Cittycat? Hope all is well..have a great weekend!
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Hey Cittycat
How are you doing? No new pixs...LOL
Just checking on you.
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How are you doing Cittycat? I hope all is well on your end!! xoxo
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Hi my wonderful friends, I have love how you all...

Hi my wonderful friends, I have love how you all check in with me..we are like a little family here:) Thank you for all of your sweet comments. I have been doing better than ever, minus a few setbacks to healing which I'm pretty sure is due to my over enthusiatic picture taking as well as severe constipation!!! UGH, not to be all TMI but the pharmacist who is a doc even thinks I may have ripped a couple of the internal muscle sutures from 'overdoing it'. I went grocery shopping last night and bought quite a bit, I had to ask for assistance out to my car...(a bit embarrasing since I look fine other than a slight hunch. I bought a suppository stool softner/laxative and spent like 15 minutes on the toilet straining and almost crying last night. Plus I slept the most supine I have yet, with no leg pillows. Needless to say I feel back to week 2 in my journey and I am one month post op already, 3 weeks post op hematoma surgery. I think I was healing very well until the day before my father came when I started sort of trying to get back to normal...and OMG to finally wear! I have spent 11 years "making love" in a skirt!!!! To feel sexy is a completely new feeling and I am finally busting out of my shell, lol. I finished my antibiotics yesterday. I still have this funky hole under my right breast. Oh and I bought a $29 doller scar treatment from Bimart which is called Scar Guard, recommeded #1 by plastic surgeons, even though mine did tell me just vitamin E oil. This stuff has silicone, E, and cortisone. It was spendy for a tiny bottle, especially since I had just shelled out $19 for the Mcderma and last minute saw the Scarguard and swapped them out. I applied it last night and it's cool because unlike Mcderma, you only apply it twice a day, and it adheres like a liquid bandaid that is waterproof. I'll update you all on it. It is looking like dog tags, ugh and still weird bubble thing under right breast. Being on the meds this long has sort of gotten to me. I often feel happy and floaty like this is all a dream. I guess it was just so hard feeling so inferior to every woman with a "belly button", after I would work my butt out literally everyday. To have always been told, "you should model" and been heading that way, only to lose my body so young. I am extremely happy.....I have to tell myself to just chill and heal and there will be plenty of time for photos and new clothes. My breast are starting that drop and fluff stuff, they feel bigger and my left(hematoma one)feels hard to press together, that was all my doc instructed me to do was push them together, and just today my friend waas like don't you have to massage them? Any ideas on that friends? What did your PS tell you? I told him I wanted the high fake look, so maybe he thinks they will stay high if I don't massage them? I don't know, everyone PS is so different. I hope all of you are well. If any of you are getting ready for surgery, goodluck. To all of you healing, don't be dumb like me and overdue it because of all the enthusiasm. I really hope my pics inspire any of you out there having doubts because even with the hematoma and waking up on the OR table I would gladly do it again and the hematoma was one of the worst pains I've ever had. Oh, and I weigh 123lb now, boobs weigh 2.5lbs, so 120.5 yay. Crazy. I weighed this when I was 13 and 5'4",m so technically I have never been this little. I am coloring my hair soon, I have my natural but I want to go lighter. I tried this 6-12 shampoo stuff last night and it came out the same, so I bought the permanent Ferria...I almost did it tonight, but my belly hurts, oh I might still...not sure. Thank you again to all my friends on here. You are so great and have inspired me through all this. Have a nice Sunday!

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Hey Cittycat! I hope all is great on your end! I know you are super busy...just making sure you are doing good :)
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Glad to hear things are going great!! LOVE your new pics...they are beautiful. So happy you are feeling amazing after all of these years. Isn't it awesome?? I don't want to sound vain either but I seize every opportunity to check out myself naked! haha!! I used to hide my body all of the time so it's so fun to actually enjoy seeing it!!! xoxoxo
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Totally....I think I am going to get my dream modeling career soon and I've been so busy. I keep reminding myself not to overdue it. I've mainly been busy taking pics/trying on clothes but that is tiring! I just finally straightened up my big clothing mess! I find driving is still hard, also opening and closing the car door, reaching for things. I bent up and down frequently and have to remember not too so much. I can't wait to feel 100%, my mood is at 150% but my body is 50% or less, lol, we just all need to remember we deserve rest and relaxation and we will get better results if we don't overdue it. That is my own advice to others and myself, lol. Have a nice night and I'm so happy you are happy too, isn't it amazing?
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Dr. Jensen and his offfice staff are great, no question of mine was to stupid, including, "can you fly with implants?" "Do you have a crash cart?" I even asked the nurse and anesthielogist if 660cc implants were to big for me. They were all very helpful. I asked Dr. Jensen for a little belly button and he said sure. Great service all around by a skilled surgeon and his team. I definetly recommend.

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