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Deep Plane Face Lift - Oregon

It has been 2 weeks after the face-lift. My face...

It has been 2 weeks after the face-lift. My face feels Pulled back,, & VERY TIGHT. Neck is tight. I actually looked pulled back, even though the doctor indicated that deep plane lift do not result in pulled back look.

His before & after pictures looked good. He has had 20 years of experience.

I don't look like myself, & can't sleep well at night. I am scared I will have a permanent pulled back look. The doctor stated everything should relax over the next 2 to 3 months. I am VERY DISSAPOINTED!!

I will wait 3 to 4 months & post my results....

I will wait 3 to 4 months & post my results. Hopefully everything will settle with time as indicated by oldnew.

Hello all: It has now been 7 months now since my...

Hello all: It has now been 7 months now since my face lift. I am sooo better. My face has settled, & doesn't look tight anymore. In fact I had to get some fillers under my eyes (restalane) & Radiasse for my cheeks/nasolabial folds...to give me that "youthful look". I am 52, and people think I am in my late 20's. early 30's. Everything has settled nicely. Now after 7 months..I am "loving it". Finally!!! It does take time for everything to settle.
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Yes, I went into the fat grafting, fillers on this site and the stories are horrific, especially with the fat grafting, so that kind of put me off. Also, it sounds as though your facelift was different to mine. I had the subperiostal lift which lifts the cheek of the bones, cuts part of it, then you are left with unnatural chipmunk cheeks (didn't know he chopped off half my cheek, didn't tell me, what a surprise). I was told I would get a subtle look, yeah right! God it was awful when I first had it done. Things have settled after 7 years and upon your recommendation, I am now seeking help from a qualified surgeon to "soften" things up a bit. One more thing, when I had my mid-face lift I was swollen and sore for at least 8 months so I believe you are well on your way to healing soon. Also, NHaven I would much rather have a fat face than a gaunt face, I am sure that you will look lovely as soon as the swelling goes down.
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I had a full SMAS face lift with scars around the ears and into the hairline. My doctor used my tummy fat instead of artificial filler to inject below my eyes, the crease around the mouth and following the crease around the chin and above the jowls. He also injected between my eyebrows to fill in that double crease that makes us look worried. Overall, it was a good plan but it must be difficult to actually do a good job! My jawline is puffy and my face looks fat! It's been 6 months so this must be the new me. I think plastic surgeons feel that aging women regain their youth with facial fullness. To me it's just "fat face"! I consulted with a RealSelf p.s. in my area and he said come back in a year. He might be able to modify the mid-face portion. I don't know if autologous fat can ever be removed, but why not with liposuction? I'm curious what the board members have heard about problems with fat grafting. Thanks for your comments.
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Hi NHaven,
I have been active on this board and also MMH. I have found out that a mid-face cheek lift cannot be reversed as there could be damage to the cheeks and the eyes. I have read a lot about fat grafting (is that what you had)? Also, the boards on here are definitely slanted towards not getting this procedure as it can cause a lot of problems. Does it sound as though you had the same procedure as me, endoscopic mid-face? If so, does the fat work to smooth things out, if so, have you had any major problems? Thanks.
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My p.s. used autologous fat for filler in my face (lipo'd from my abdomen). Your own fat lasts longer and maybe 50% is permanent versus needing to refill every 6 months. The problem is he over-did the filling and I feel like a chipmonk. Better to use the short lasting artificial stuff to see if you like the look and the doctor! The only negative I've heard about the artificial is if the doctor is poorly experienced the filler can be a little lumpy. Yikes!
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Hello NHaven and thank you for taking the time to reply to my post. I wrote some doctors on this board and they have suggested investigating fillers to soften my look. I will look into it soon. I think the biggest problem I have is that I am so regretful for having surgery in the first place. When I look back I realize that I did not need it. I am also angry with the doctor who promised one thing and then did another. It also pains me to know that there is nothing I can to him as surgeons are "untouchable" unless you are grossly deformed. I know after 7 years I should accept my looks, but I just can't, I am just so depressed about it. As far as pain goes, I still feel tugging and a little bit of pain, but the cheeks are moving down, therefore the tugging, don't know what the pain is caused by though.
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Can't some other plastic surgeon offer a correction? I know we hate the dishonest marketing these doctor's use (is recovery six weeks, six months, 2 years?) but maybe there's someone on this site that can point you towards someone trust-worthy near your home. I'm six months out from a wasted face and neck lift. I feel for you. Far from recovered and worried sick about my poor results, I found a RealSelf p.s. that put me at ease when he said "I've seen worse!" and said come back next year and he'll see if he can help. I also found a reconstructive eye surgeon that helped with my botched eyes. Seven years is a long time to hate your look. Even though it looks pulled, are you at least pain free?
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I had a mid-face lift approximately 7 years ago and I hated it then and I hate it now. This procedure does not look natural at all, I was left with cheeks that were way too high, and looked as though I had had implants. I had very high cheekbones to begin with, they were sagging a little and I was led to believe that the procedure would be minimal and leave me looking natural. That is not what I got at all, people stared and me and they still do. Now I am aging and it looks even worse, I look older than my years. I have obsessed about this procedure every day for the last 7 years and regret it every time I look in the mirror. My doctor lied to me about the recovery time (he was Board Certified, not that that makes a difference they are still hacks). Every day I hope I will get run over by a truck or something, I just do not want to live with my beautiful face destroyed by a money grabbing pig.
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I agree with the others who said to give it more time before you despair. Two weeks really is early in the process. For the first ten days, I looked like a duck, my face swelled in such a crazy way! By two months or so, I was v. happy with the results. Hang in there.
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I am at month three and finally see the light at the end of the tunnel! It gets better. But, unlike you my surgeon was too conservative and my jowls and neck returned to original condition as soon as the swelling went down. Now I need a redo. At least your face will relax and stretch with gravity for a natural look. It does take the 3-6 months everyone says.
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2 weeks is no time at all to see the results,in fact it takes many months,and i would much prefer it to very tight at first,as it always drops considerably after a few months.
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Thank you for the comforting words. I am praying I will look normal in a few months.
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has been 6 month for me now
It will get looser and more relaed! it will get even too relaxed! don't worry. I was super tight for about a month
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hello again-
to be more clear: I was super tight for about a month and still tight for 3 or 4. I got a natural look after 3 months, maybe 4. your doctor is right. and yes, it is painful. at 6 months, I am finally able to put my ears on the pillows. every person is different. I am really strong and I usually do not feel pain. But this ha been a really long journey.
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Hi Susie -- I'm really sorry to hear about your bad results but thank you nonetheless for posting your story. Are you planning to wait it out and hope it gets better, or do you think a revision might help?

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