Orbital Fat Grafting to Upper Eyelid

The pros are that it may add volume to the upper...

The pros are that it may add volume to the upper eyelid. The cons are that it will change your eyelid and you may suffer from lid lag, dry eye syndrome and retraction.

I received volume but ended up with all the cons above. So, in my estimation, it was not worth all the problems that are mentioned above. I would not advise it.

How are your lids doing today?
Hi Cissy, I've been thinking about upper fat grafting, do you have any photo's? Did you use dr Mernok- he was looking like the choice I would've made. Its good to hear from people that have actually been there instead of just seeing they're the BEST photo's they have on they're befor and after photo's. Wish I'd thought that way befor having my orgiginal surgery. How long is it since your sugery? do you think it'll improve with time? god I get sick of hearing that myself! Keep us posted, not many people on here have had it done. Thanks for sharing x
Is there a reason the doctors name is not provided? You should let us know.

If you have problems; doctor becomes defensive and does not offer support or revision to help with complications.

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