Finally Flat!!

4 weeks and 4 days left! This site has been so...

4 weeks and 4 days left! This site has been so helpful! I am reading forums and searching for PO tips. I was a Zumba instructor for 5 years and even at my my fittest, I still had this pooch from having 2 kids. The last 2 years not working out as I did in the past, this pooch had started to define how I feel about myself. I can't wait for the surgery!

I cannot tell you all how helpful this site is. ...

I cannot tell you all how helpful this site is. As nervous as I am, I feel like I have enough time this remaining 4 weeks to really be prepared thanks to all of the amazing posts you ladies have.

Made my last payment today so this is real now. It's really happening! I will be out there sharing in all your experiences over the next month. I am sure that I will have lots of questions for you all. Lay the bread crumbs ladies, I am not far behind! Thanks again..Cassidy

Welcome to the community girlie.  So excited for you and can't wait to hear more.  Please do not forget to take the before pictures.


So today is my 39th birthday. Happy Birthday to...

So today is my 39th birthday. Happy Birthday to me!! For the 1st time in a long time, I feel like there is light at the end of the tunnel. My TT and lipo is on the 25th. Exactly 3 weeks from today and I can't wait. It's the best gift and what's even better is that I gave it to myself. If my job could spare me, I would have it tomorrow. When I wake up on the flat side the 25th, I will have not only shed all this loose skin and fat, but all the insecurities that have been hidden in so many things. I went shopping at Kohls last night to replace a black cami and I realized that I am going to have to find a whole new way to shop? No more layers...I will be back in a tank by June.

My husband works nights so I LIVE on this site. I cannot tell you how helpful all of you have been. I will post my before pics on the 23rd, the day of my pre-op appointment. Posting them now will just send me into a depression before the big day.
Happy birthday! !!!! I'm also planning to do my tt and lipo on 24 or 25...I'm very nervous and excited at the same time, so many mix emotions lol...Welcome to the website if I could help u any way let me know once again happy birthday

I am so excited...only 2 days left. Thanks to all...

I am so excited...only 2 days left. Thanks to all of you wonderful ladies I am pretty prepared.

I have to say the BB seems to be my biggest concern right now. Most of you tend to have issues with that after surgery but over all I am not nervous. I have planned a great diet designed to help me heal fast and reduce swelling (as best as I can) and can't wait for Thursday morning. See you on the flat side!

I will see you guys on the flat side!
Wish you the best of luck! How exciting to take that step to the beautiful new you! I am one of those BB freakin out chicks! :) BUT, everyday I'm starting to love it more and more! One thing to know, is knowing that your body is going to take time to heal and change! What you see at 1 week, will be totally different at 3 weeks and so on! Keep us posted! :)

So I am showered and on my way. I must admit the...

So I am showered and on my way. I must admit the excitement has turned to nervousness. I am trying to think of it like someone is actually going to MAKE me sleep (I love sleep and don't get enough of it) and when I wake up I am going to have a flat tummy. Hope to touch base tomorrow, see you guys on the flat side!

I did it! Thirsty as hell...downing water left...

I did it! Thirsty as hell...downing water left and right. He Lipo'd a little more than he thought originally but that is not a bad thing. The staff was great! Great! One moment we were laughing and then I woke up flat! Hubby here with me...I am nicer than when we drove the 9 miles from the doctor to the house now.

I feel "uncomfortable" and there is some burning along my incision line but the drugs help. Haven't seen ANYTHING yet. Hopefully I can tomorrow.

I love my RS sisters and thank u all for putting ur stories out there.
Glad to hear you are out of surgery and on the mend - make your hubby take good care of you. Congrats girl, you are on the way and I look forward to hearing (and seeing) more. Happy Healing TT friend :)
Thinking of you today!! Stay positive girl! I've made it to the flat side today and feeling okay. I pray the same for you!

Hello RS sistas. PO day 2. So I am a Cassidy...

Hello RS sistas. PO day 2. So I am a Cassidy Balloon ready to pop. Hard to ice with the binder on... Are u guys ever removing it? Had my first BM today. Yay!

Showering tomorrow morning .... Are u guys leaving the BB alone during the shower?
Congrats to tour arrival to the 'other' side. I am 8 days PO and I haven't touched my BB. Go for first post-op on Monday. Praying drains will be removed but uncertain due to output. Not gonna worry because whatever will be, will be. You take care, let others do for you and you get rest!

Today I am PO day 4. Had my 2nd shower yesterday...

Today I am PO day 4. Had my 2nd shower yesterday and only almost passed out 1 time. My 12 year old blow dried my hair and helped me not look like a zombie which made me feel better.

So I have on a compression binder, leggins and a sleep shirt which is pretty much how I feel most comfortable. I live in a big remote controlled recliner, which I would not have been able to do this operation without, and I am officially off any prescription meds. Just advil, Vit C and stool softeners now. I have had 1 BM on PO day 2 but that was a taxing experience so I hope the next one is better.

I had TT, MR and Lipo of the flanks done. Which makes me a Cassidy Balloon. My ass is so swollen. I have been sitting on frozen pees for 2 days which feels amazing. One a scale of 1 to 10 for pain I am at a 3. I am just super uncomfortable. Waiting for the drains to come out that is for sure. Not waiting for the pain pump to run out...those are great by the way.

So what would I say to someone getting ready for the surgery? You think are prepared, I was on this site night and day, but your not. Eat super clean, no salt (I am doing a lot of protein shakes and stir fry). Get wet wipes to clean your self and some for the bathroom. A way to sit in your shower is a MUST. Something to cover you up (comfy clothes) everything else doesn't really matter. Be prepared to sit...a lot!

I will try and post photos tomorrow morning. I look in the mirror and I see me...or what my image of me always was so it's odd. I am please. Swollen but pleased. Getting no where near the scale yet.

Keep up the healing ladies....
Congrats! Cant wait to see the pics. Happy healing.
Congratulations I can't wait to see pictures! !!!!
Oh please let me know what the Dr. says at the PO appointment, I am very interested. Mine is not until Thursday! Does you binder get looser ever day when you wake up? Not sure if it is the swelling going down or's odd.
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