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SmartXide on 4-14 - Orange Park, FL

I had SmartXide 4-14 at 3:15. I had read the other...

I had SmartXide 4-14 at 3:15. I had read the other reviews on this blog which equipped me to ask the right questions. I asked about settings on the DEKA laser, and explained that I'm 60 years old,fair skin, and requested that he customize my treatment accordingly. Dr. said would set DEKA at 25 and separation at 300.

I took antibiotic and antiviral pills, prior. Procedure was uncomfortable, not unbearable. I went home and to bed, slept until 4:00 this morning. Face feels tight, slightly burning & swollen, and it's very red.
So far, so good, but I will post again later before I conclusively rate this procedure.

4-15-11 5:00 When I looked into the mirror this...

4-15-11 5:00 When I looked into the mirror this morning, my freckles were dark brown, much larger, and many more! But diminishing my freckles was my primary reason for this procedure. Dr. told me that my freckles would disappear, but they're more bold.
I grabbed a scarf and sunglasses to run back to Dr office. PA told me that freckles would peal off as my epidermis sloughed off during the next two weeks.
Wow, this was the first time I was told that healing would take two weeks.
I wanted my get rid of freckles. On this first day, they are much more prominent!
Thanks for this community blog. I will keep you posted.
Orange Park, FL

Please do! Have a good weekend. :)



Hi Orange,

Welcome to the SmartXide community. I'm glad RealSelf could be of use to you. It's always nice to go in with info. What prompted you to have this procedure done? Yes, please do keep us updated as the healing goes.

Thanks so much for the review,



4-16-11 Third day. Not very swollen, slightly...

4-16-11 Third day. Not very swollen, slightly red, freckles are bold & dark. Face texture is only slightly sand paper. (I wonder if setting was too low.) If these freckles don't peel off, I'm going to freak out -- worried.
I've been using vinegar/water rinse, Cetafil cream & Aquaphor ointment.
My neck is just tanned.

Day 4. Lots of peeling & freckles are flaking off...

Day 4. Lots of peeling & freckles are flaking off. Areas where peeling has occurred appear smooth. Face is red.
Dr. did not use protective eye-wear during the procedure and I've noticed that I'm squinting to see. Does anyone think my vision will improve? Now, I'm worried about that.

Day 5. Still peeling, revealing skin that is...

Day 5. Still peeling, revealing skin that is smooth and freckle-free. Sun damage has flaked off. I'm so happy!!!
Went to Dr. for follow-up today. I asked why he didn't place protective eye-wear on me during the procedure. He said, "sometimes I do and sometimes I don't -- depending on depth of treatment.
After my Dr. visit, I applied Lyco-gel makeup and went shopping at the mall. It felt great to be out after being cooped up for 4 days.
Tonight, my skin is very dry & red and I'm still applying Aquaphor. Neck feels like sand-paper.
I've concluded that SmartXide was worth it!

4-24-11, Day 11. My skin looks great! Slightly...

4-24-11, Day 11. My skin looks great! Slightly red, but my freckles are gone. Fine lines and wrinkles are still there. I only had moderate setting, not deep dot.
At age 60, this gave me a fresh start. I would recommend this procedure based on my results.
Very helpful review. So far similar to my experience. I had it done today and I look like every freckle on my face has popped out. I essentially look like I spent an entire summer in the sun. Glad to hear yours sloughed off 3 days post treatment.
Glad my review was helpful to you. Let me know how you're doing after 5 days. Best wishes.
Dr. Eaglstein

I will post again when healed.

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