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don't do it!!! - Orange Park, FL

This was a huge mistake!! My teeth were a bit...

This was a huge mistake!! My teeth were a bit crowded and I had a slight overbite. I am 45 and I noticed the poster for 6 month smiles in my dentist's office. I have had my dentist for over 10 years and overall have been very satisfied. He gave me the preliminary exam and said I was a candidate, but would have to have one tooth removed on the bottom. He said the gap would close within a month. I was excited to begin the process and thought by Thanksgiving I would be done. Well the gap with the missing tooth took more than two months to finally close. And TEN months later, it seems like they are still trying to close a gap that keeps shifting on the bottom. In the meantime, I developed an abscess on an upper back molar. I'm really not sure how my dentists didn't notice!!! I have gone every four months for cleanings and once a month for them to change the wires. Not to mention, several of the clear brackets have broken off or wires have popped out etc. I have now been seen by an endodondist who says the infection has been there about a year!!!! Having the root canal done with brackets on has been complicated. I am still not done and need a second root canal. Meanwhile I am scheduled to go back in two weeks for the braces and my bottom teeth still have a gap. The center one is pushed slightly farther than the others and some teeth are still rotated slightly in an angle. My kids have all had traditional braces and have amazing smiles. I have spent almost a year in braces and my smile will not even come close to the perfection that traditional braces can accomplish. This is really not what I envisioned when I started this process. I have spent almost a year in this system and realize I would be half way done with traditional braces by now. Waste of time, waste of money and let them pull a healthy tooth. Lesson learned the hard way.

More bad news

Just had a second treatment to finish a root canal. While getting my third shot, the dr. stopped because he finally realized why my healing process has been so slow. Somehow there is a bone fragment floating around in my gum area trying to work it's way out. I'm guessing when the initial work was done to pull a healthy tooth and add the appliances, some damage occurred. Now I will need oral surgery.

Almost one year later for 6 month smile

Todays visit

Got the top braces taken off this morning and the bottom are still a work in progress. It has been more than a year! The retainer is clear and I will have to wear it solid for three to four months. But when I look at the top, although they are straight, it is very narrow. My husband said it actually looks like my teeth are caving inward. I am going to start researching another orthodontist who can hopefully help me out. Three thousand dollars gone and too much time wasted with the six month smile plan that should be called "POSSIBLE 6 months smile!"
Michael D. Vanover, DDS

Most of the work done on my braces has been done by the women in the office. Everyone is nice and makes sure you are comfortable. But throughout this whole process, I have felt like I was a guinea pig. I have never felt like they were confident in what they were doing. All the appointments took much longer than I had ever anticipated and it always seemed like they were struggling to get the appliances on correctly. Many times the wires or brackets would break shortly after a visit. Sometimes they get everything finished up and he comes and looks to see if she has everything in place, only to find out we need to take it off and start again. Today's appointment at the 10 month mark took 2 hours!

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I am so sorry that this has happened to you. I went through a terrible experience with the so called six month smile, but after 9 months and feeling more like an experiment I went to the Orthodontist and had my teeth checked. I found out that everything that the dentist was doing was wrong, but it could be fixed. So I never went back to the dentist and since the Orthodontist started my care, my teeth are really looking great. I try and tell as many people as I can not to get the Six Month Smile it is just a big waste of money unless done by an Orthodontist.
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I'm very glad to see you'll be getting a second opinion.  I hope it's good news!
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You need to see a board certified orthodontist and oral surgeon to have things back on the track.
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I tried 6 month smile a few years back as well. It was also a general dentist who offered it along with Invisalign. He said I was a good candidate but in actuality, nothing but true braces could help me. There were a lot of positive changes to my teeth aster my 18 months(!) of treatment but I still need traditional braces and I will be getting them soon. As for the problems at your dental office, they are probably new at using this system. My dentist was quite proficient in administering the service. I hope everything goes well with your oral surgery noore setbacks!
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@Inmotion:  I'd love to hear about your six month smile experience!  I hope you decide to review as well!
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Today they changed out some brackets and wires. So far the six month treatment is at 10 months and counting. Yes they are very new at this system. Although everyone is nice, it always seems like I am an experiment in progress. Last month he said today's appointment would be starting the process to get them off. But teeth still need to be rotated on the bottom row. It's clear they should rename this system. I would highly recommend Damon Braces. That's what my kids have had and they have beautiful smiles. Not to mention their orthodontist has years of experience!
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My husband had fantastic results with Damon as well!  I wish you could review for your kids, but we don't do third-party reviews yet.  I wish more people knew about Damon and self-ligating braces in general.  Eventually!
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My oldest is 16 and her teeth are like Julia Roberts or something from Hollywood with Damon. My youngest is 11 and his braces are off now. They now have added appliances to move his jaw forward as he goes through puberty. I think what I like most about the Damon is how much it broadens the smile. Dr. Pieden is also a very experienced orthodontist. I chose my own personal dentist because I have such high anxiety when it comes to dental work. It's very stressful for me to go new places and I liked that he understood my fear of dentists. I think the key is to really going to an orthodontist rather than someone who has received some sort of quick training. I've also had a lot of gum problems over the years and my guess is that my bottom were so crowded, even with brushing and flossing three times a day the crowding contributed to my gum problems. I'm hoping at the very least when this is done, some of the gum issues will be resolved. I have already noticed improvements when I go for my cleanings. But I still would recommend Damon over this "six month" that really isn't six month. Anything worth while takes a lot longer unless your problems are minimal. But the site on line shows many sever cases that seemed to be resolved in the shorter plan. Just not true for me and also created a new issue.
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Thanks for posting pictures!  It is clear that they have not completed your treatment.  Has there been any visible improvement from your original smile?
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After today's visit I see a nice improvement. But that was with contouring too. They file some teeth as well as change brackets. It still doesn't negate the fact that I have some sort of bone fragment broken that needs to be removed. I'm worried about the procedure and the cost!
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Oh no!  :(
Is this a common thing?  I've never heard of it before, but I don't work for a dentist.  This will be a different doctor who does the surgery, right?
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Yes, today's appointment was with a specialist. He couldn't figure out why I was healing so slowly after two rounds of antibiotics. As he put the third shot in the roof of my mouth he saw what appears to be a bone fragment. A 3d X-ray would cost $500. I paid $3grand for the braces and $1000 for the root canal. And not sure what my future expenses will be
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Does insurance cover any of this?
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So far all out of my pocket
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Ouch.  Good thing you're in Florida, though.  I paid USD$5000 for my Invisalign, and that was after my insurance paid $2000!  But at least my treatment basically worked.  I do have to have oral surgery, though, for wisdom teeth extractions, and I'm terrified how much that'll cost.  They haven't given you an estimate, have they?
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Firstly, thank you so much for posting a review!  I wonder if you'd be able to post before/after pictures so we can see the (lack of) progress your teeth have made.

I'm really sorry things have gone so negatively for you :(.  We have a couple of positive reviews of the six-month smiles here on RealSelf, but the doctors tend to be negative:  Is "6 Month Smile" a Good Alternative to Invisalign?

Are you planning to go to an orthodontist to get things fixed--or at least for a consultation to see what they'd say about your treatment and the current state of your teeth?

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I probably will wait for any additional orthodontic treatment. I feel foolish for not seeing a real orthodontist the first time around. In all actuality you see them for traditional braces every two months and this has been once a month and sometimes twice another fir almost a year
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I do not think you should feel at all foolish for trusting someone you had a long-standing relationship with.  There are many people who choose dentists for various treatments every day, and get great results.  And most people have no idea where to get good information about procedures like six month smile, if they even think of double-checking what their doctor told them.  I understand wanting to wait if it's financial, but you should not wait just because you think this is somehow your fault.  It's not.  And if a doctor tries to make you feel foolish because you didn't go to medical school and get an orthodontists' degree, well shame on them.  Seriously.  It's your job to be compliant, it's their job to fix what they were trained to fix.
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