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I had a bulging vein at the back of my calf, so I...

I had a bulging vein at the back of my calf, so I went to check it out. Sometimes my leg would ache if I sit through a 3 hour long lecture, for example, long, unpleasant dull pain. The doc said something was wrong in the vein, needed to be removed, said it should be done with laser. Okay. First 2 weeks post-op were regular weeks, as they are described in all EVLA/ EVLT brochures. Bruising, pain (but tolerable), etc. A month later hell started, when all the bruising was gone, all the stockings were supposed to be removed, and supposedly a great life should have begun. The leg began aching non stop, with new, nasty aches I never knew before, literally EVERYWHERE - thigh and groin: dull pulling, sometimes pulsating, sometimes throbbing, "uneasy", "tired" kind of pain. Under knee - sharp, sudden pulses. Calf - as if something was crawling under it. Worst of all would be the thigh/groin and the foot - the foot is sometimes killing me, I can't stand on it for a long time. Mostly the heel area and the ankle. This one is the pain that makes you run for the strong pain killers. I went to urgent care after one night when my foot started swelling (i NEVER had swollen feet/legs ever before, even with varicose veins), they did u-sound on me, fearing the DVT, but that was not the case. I made an appointment with another vascular doctor, which is not until in a month, because was just not happy with the treatment I was receiving at the office I had the surgery done, also I am quite upset at how things went, straight downhill. What used to be some occasional discomfort turned into non stop debilitating pain/condition that makes me wonder what on earth has the doctor done to me. It has been 3 months since the EVLA and 2 months of this so called agony. I am on pain killers and in compression hose non stop - seriously, I only take it off when I have to shower, it is ridiculous. Legs look normal - but I know for a fact that the doc injected the bulging one, so this was not the EVLA that removed the bulge.

3 months after the EVLT

3 months later the pain is there non stop, now it seized the foot and I can only stand on the tip of my foot, the arch and heel area are all in pain that only goes away for a few hours when I take strong pain killers, and I can't step on all of my foot. The sensation of under-skin crawling stopped. There is a weird ache in the thigh, back of it. The leg feels heavy as ten tons of bricks and tired all the time. Compression hose does not help much with the foot pain, but only some. Still no visible deviations - in terms of, skin looks the same, leg looks normal (but does not feel normal). There is a weird sensation in the left top of my foot (last three toes) as if it is always kind of numb and I can't feel it very well.
Dr. Duensing

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I'm glad you went to urgent care to see if you had a DVT.  I'm sorry you are dealing with so much pain and discomfort.  It sounds like your current doctor's office isn't being very helpful about helping you with the pain, is that right?  Let us know what you find out at the new doctor.

Thanks for sharing on RealSelf.
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I was just not satisfied how the doctor handled the visits and the surgery itself, very little information was provided to me, last visit he basically ran into the room very quickly, gazed quickly at the u-sound papers and basically was ready to run out. I just can't deal with such "cattle" and "mold" attitude - I am a human being and only have two legs, if one gets screwed by a bad surgery or the surgery I maybe never needed, i can't replace with another one, right? also i feel we all have different problems and maybe one surgery is good for one but bad for the other. It just seems awful weird that I feel thousands times worse after the procedure.
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