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Well, the before and afters showed no change. I...

Well, the before and afters showed no change. I was disappointed to see no change at all, yet had steeled myself for the possibility that my age (63 at time of treatment) might influence the outcome. Obviously it did.

It's been a year now as my treatment was Feb 2012, and although I didn't see any visible improvements, I also don't look any older. So I'll take that fact to the bank and hope it holds for a few more years.

I think at a certain age, there's only so much nonsurgical treatments can actually do. I have seen photos of women who are obviously younger than I who got nice results; so I'm not saying ti doesn't work. It just didn't work for me at my age.

The treatment was not painless. I'd taken ibuprofen and then midpoint downed a vicodin. I think you need to go into this prepared to feel the zing.

The nurse who performed my treatment was a trainer for the company so I know the treatment I had was done right. Takeaway? Age and the severity of skin laxity make a difference with this procedure.

I am 62, and have seen no change yet after 3 months, but I was told it would take 4 months before results are noticeable. I was also told that the result depends on the amount of collagen you have, and the doctor who performed it said I had a lot of it.
Hi thanks for your honesty. I am glad to hear that you don't look older than before. I agree that it seems that younger women or men have the best results. It makes sense.
I'm 59 if that helps anyone! I get the most compliments on the condition of my skin!
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