Very Happy with results! TT and MR -Orange County, CA

Hello. I'm 34 and have lost 75 pounds over a...

Hello. I'm 34 and have lost 75 pounds over a year and a half. Blood, sweat and tears. No pregnancies but am in need of a BL, BA and TT. I still have 15 more pounds to lose but have decided to move forward and start getting some consults.

I've been saving up vacation days for the surgery and I should have 3 weeks in January, so I'm looking at Jan or Feb for a surgery date.

I have so many questions and feel this is something I could easily research forever. As a single girl I will need to look at aftercare or maybe a nurse for the first few days. Anyone have experience with that?

Congrats on your weight loss! Tough work!! You SOOOO deserve this. I agree with Kimmers25. Have ALL your questions ready! My second consult,with my chosen surgeon, I barely had any questions because I honestly didn't know what to ask aside from "Am I a candidate?" or " Whats the price tag?" I left the surgery center and realized I had a ton of questions!!! My patient coordinator isn't called "patient" for nothing..she has alot of patience. I hit her with a ton of questions afterwords via email and I felt so bad.. but she told me her job was to cater my patient needs! Poor thing. Smh Hahaha :0)
Thanks for the welcome Kimmers! Its great to meet you.

A year and a half ago I knew I would need the surgery. And now, I'm there, kind of scary and exciting at the same time. I worked so hard losing the weight and now I'm left with major sag and horrid stretch marks. I'm not expecting a miracle, just a good improvement.

I've got two doctors I think I want to go with for the consult. Although Im nervous about going. I need to come up with a surgery date in the next month or two so I can schedule 3 weeks off of work.

You will do just wonderful:)

It does feel really good to get all of the extra skin removed.  You will feel like a new woman.  Nerves are normal when going for the consults but try to stay calm and ask all of your questions.  


Made an appointment today for a consult. Going...

Made an appointment today for a consult. Going September 16th. Excited, yet nervous. Been gaining and losing the same 2 pounds for a week now. Yikes.

Your day will soon be here..


Have a second appointment for a consult which is...

Have a second appointment for a consult which is also on the 16th. Getting a bit nervous.

I have a physical scheduled for the 15th so it will be 2 days of doctors and appointments.

Good news is, I'm down a few more pounds to 145.6. Would like to be 135ish before surgery.
Haven't heard from you.. hope all is well your way! ;0)
WELCOME O.C. Girl~ there is so much support here and kimmers and the girls are the BEST ever~ congrats. on your wt. loss and see several surgeon and be 100% comfortable before making a decision~ I felt pressured when I made my choice they were like you have to deiced now or this price and date won't hold~ and I had several other's I want to see and had to cancel~ there pressure worked and now I wish I would have followed my heart and finished looking at all my different choices of PS~ So bottom line is don't let a DR's office pressure you into making a decision that day~ take time and think about it~ ; )

Had two consults today. Slightly different...

Had two consults today. Slightly different approaches. Both thought I will definitely need silicone implants with my breast lift. The first consult said he could do the breasts and extended tummy tuck in one surgery. I did find it a bit worrisome that he said I would have to inject myself with heparin twice a day after the surgery. The second consult said he felt more comfortable with doing it in two stages. I felt a lot more at ease with the second doctor but like the idea of having it done in one shot. But at the same time I agree with the second doctor when he told me that as elective surgery, should you put yourself at risk with a long surgery time? Going to take a few days and think about this. I really liked the second doctor even though it might not be the one shot surgery I was hoping for. Also thinking about getting my arms done with my breasts. Anyone have that done? My gut says do the two stage approach.
I'm doing great! Busy as well.. trying to take care of business so the next couple of months are on cruise control! :0)
I've been a busy girl. Looking into a third consult before I make my final decision. I'm pretty sure I'm going to do my arms too. How goes it with you?

Third consult scheduled for Oct 10th. Have decided...

Third consult scheduled for Oct 10th. Have decided I'm going to have my arms done. Which I know means I will have to break it up into 2 stages. Wanted to avoid that but I think its safer.
My adult daughter has networked w Dr B. a few years ago, and really liked her style, and confidence. My daughter reffered patients to Dr. B,and the patients were always satisfied w the tumor/cancer removal and lack of procedure scars.I feel she knew exactly what I wanted and needed, and I'm confident she will deliver. I go with my gut, and so far my gut has served me well. We're all unique, every result will be diff, so I'm just going by gut :) BTW Recovery Retreat is $400 a night, but for 24 hr. care, and meals, I'm ok w it, but only for two day!! My niece's college friends volunteered to help w aftercare as well.
Ah, the retreat I was reffered to was $600 a night. A co-worker of mine used Dr.B for some reconstruction after skin cancer and really liked her. If I get a 4th opinion I will check her out, so far I've only seen male plastic surgeons.
Yeah I about fell over when they said the price for the recovery retreat. I was thinking about getting a consult from Dr. B. How do you like her? Do you know anyone who has had a TT or BA/BL from her?

Had my third consult today. Although this Dr. runs...

Had my third consult today. Although this Dr. runs a smaller less glitzy practice, I feel his emphasis is one of quality not quantity. Will be interesting to see price wise what the quote will be.

For now I think I will wait on having my thighs and arms done. The thighs I hear are a tough recovery and Im not yet willing to commit to the large scar on the arms.

Lost a few more pounds now I'm 143. Hoping to make 139 before surgery.
Its Dr. Di Saia. He's different, I like that. Did you have a consult with him as well?

How goes your healing and your wounds?
Is this the Dr. that you have chosen? Who is he/she? I'm so excited for you! And your dong great with your wt!! yeah!!
I thought it went really well. Very modest setting. I felt there was zero push to do any procedures. We spoke at length about what I wanted before I even bared the goods. I think he is the only one of the doctors Id let cut me. Going to think about it over the weekend and most likely come up with a date.

Surgery date set, January 12th, just doing the...

Surgery date set, January 12th, just doing the Tummy for now. Excited and nervous.
I put a list on my update.. I used it as a reference to what I may need! :o) I will be using the maxi pads! I hear they work best...
no I am going on a thursday staying til that sunday!
I'm doing mine on Jan 12th. Just the tummy. Next stage will be the boobs...hehe. After surgery I stay at a nearby hotel with an overnight nurse. Relieved about that. Going to stay with my mom for the first week. Are you going home the same night?

Have not been eating so well since Thanksgiving,...

Have not been eating so well since Thanksgiving, had got to 139 but now I'm back to 144. Surgery is in 24 days gonna try my best to not gain anymore and perhaps get back to 139.

Hey OC! Thanks for your support! Your surgery day is coming soon! :) YAY!

I can't believe its a week till my TT. I'm almost...

I can't believe its a week till my TT. I'm almost nervous that I'm not nervous.
You should post your review if you feel comfortable. I'm so happy with his work. The follow up is great, a Doc that really cares. I highly recommend him.
Trying to get up the nerve to post my Dr D review. I see you are the second woman here I have found who used him for her tummy tuck surgery. His offices are not Newport, but the care he gives is just intense. No one else really touches you after surgery which I thought was fab. The scars just melt away over time too. I am so excited! I need to put up my review so more women here can hear of him.
I am glad u have had a great recovery i hope all goes well qith mine
Dr. Di Saia

Dr. D has been great. Always takes his time with you. No rush or push into anything. There were no surprises. Aftercare and follow up were excellent. I'm very happy with my new tummy. If I had to do it over again I wouldn't change a thing.

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