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I went to a place I was very satisfied with for a...

I went to a place I was very satisfied with for a broken capillary on the end of my nose. VOILA!! Poof be gone. It was a miracle! I was looking like Rudolph and at 29 didn't like that very much. So a couple more zaps here and there for small red "tiny" red dots was cheap..$75. No biggie. I had one of my husbands concerts coming up and wanted to look extra awesome so I decided to ask about a few small capillaries next to my eye near my nose. "No problem she said....
As I was lubed up goggles on I found myself pulling the skin of my eye down hearing the lady say .."I'm using a different we used for your leg veins..." And started zapping away. I think at that point we all know what might be going on in our there it wine for a week and they would have been gone....laser...ruined for life...or at least till I get my brow lift at 31...haha not funny. So I puffed up like no other and scarred like no other and had to go to a LA concert that night (thank god I'm a talented makeup artist!!) as the months go on...I'm devastated...I lost all of the fat surrounding my eye...upper and lower. Deep dark circles fat pockets..loss of elasticity in cheeks. Droop In both brows and my eyes started closing up and wrinkling so small I could have died. (By the way I've always had notorious eyes..talking..."oh you look like Megan fox . Christina apple gate . Katy perry Carmen Electra...and blah blah.... So anyways I went back..was told I was crazy ...wanted some sort of compensation and BAM...botox for free..umm ...well a botched laser isn't gonna make a botched botox any better. I've been sicker than a dog had horrific panic attacks, night sweats night vomiting 'complete fatigue (I mean can't even get outta bed for a few weeks) weakness in arms, severe headaches and vision...and so fourth. This battle is not fun. I will beat it I can't let it ruin me. I can't even look in the mirror I look like someone else...just waiting to get the botox out to get that brow lift...then I'm done. On that note...ID RATHER BE SLICED AND DICED AND RECOVER THAN SUFFER RUINING MY FACE FROM LASER AND RUINING MY HEALTH AND WELL BEING FROM BOTOX. And believe me...I will never try a filler.....
Believe us old timers here. Many have been on this site for over a year and unfortunately you are correct it does destroy the elastin, collagen, and surface of the skin. Many doctors and others who do this procedure will all say that it is impossible that IPL could do this. They will on occasion say they have never ever had anyone who wasn't pleased with their results and it may happen but they have never seen it. Whatever level of denial they are in we all know the truth. I had this happen before my son's wedding! Believe the last thing you want is someone who is taking pictures of you. Anyway my photos show the damage within about two weeks of the doctors treatment. It continues on and most of us have spent a fortune just trying to correct it. I feel for you because you are so young. It just goes to show what some people will do for the almighty dollar. It is sickening. The only thing I haven't tried is fat injections or a face lift, just too scared well and expensive. Good luck and keep us posted on your progress. I hope you are happy with your brow lift.
I'm so sorry to see so many others suffering. What is your outcome? Where are you at now in your journey?
I have realized the damage is permanent no matter what doctors say this was done as my photos show by IPL. It really does not matter at this point if it was the doctor or the equipment we are the people walking around living with the damage. It is all thermal heat which can and does burn. They can correct our medical terms and question what we did before and after but we all have damage for life. The brown spots I have now are in areas that have not got any better with creams this is not sun damage that just magically surfaced where there was nothing before I was burned. You can see where the laser or IPL hit the surface of my skin and changed the texture and now have loss of firmness also. Botox does help the crinkly skin around my eyes, fillers are crazy expensive but have helped with the loss of fullness in my checks. I doubt that I will be able to continue I just do not have 1000.000 or more every six months. I have spent mostly likely thousands on products which I will try anywhere from 90 days or more or until I get a bad reaction since my skin is so sensitive now. I have tried Obagi, Image, Arbonne, Osmosis, Murad, Philosophy products that cost 150.00 each from a derms office and nothing has helped long term. Many things may plump the skin and make it appear better for several hours but nothing has repaired my skin. I have learned vitamin c topical has helped but retin A or retinol makes my skin pucker and look horrible I suffered through that over two months being told it just takes time. Maybe it just me but I have tried different strengths and frequency just could not handle how bad I reacted. Wished I could find something I keep trying I will never give up hope. Thanks for asking.

So almost a month after the botox...

I think the botox bad symptoms are finally settling in. My nausea is still here and I have no appetite (which might make me lose a few pounds :) ) and feeling fatigued. Anxiety is heightened because of the botox especially at night...I'm suffering bad insomnia . Looks wise I'm pretty happy today...everything looks pretty good and my face back to normal as if the botox made all the lumping and sagging go away.. Nervous of what will happen when this wears off :( at first I wanted it to but then will all the bad laser effects just fall back in place? Who knows. It also seems like the botox shifts at times and sometimes looks great and sometimes my eyes are mush again! Ill post 2 pics showing the botox. Today being great and 2 nights ago smiling all the lumping on my brow bone skin which was always full and plump and the sags and lines from the botox and laser. How the hell does the laser affect my whole upper lid when it was done underneath?

Vitamin E

I've been breaking open my vitamin e capsule before I take it and using around my eyes. I stopped drinking alcohol as well. I think it's making a huge difference...I'm hopeful!
I am confused if IPL did this damage why would you use Endymed? Sounds like a wolf in sheeps clothing in other words radio frequency or thermal heat will for sure cause more damage. Read up on Dr. Ben Johnson product called Osmosis. Beware of doctor trying to sell you on treatments that work on damaging the skin more to improve it? Just listen to the videos first.
I think it's because I had about 7-8 treatments of IPL that I lost a bit of elasticity (my skin wasn't exactly the tightest to begin with) I believe that the pigmentation/freckles also helped by hiding it too. I've noticed already that the skin is tighter around the jawline. I have taken some pictures of before the first treatment where i could press right into the cheek and the skin/fat would go around my finger and now it's a lot less. Will be posting a review of it once finished :) :)
Is osmosis a skin care line?


Not better all....this is nuts!
Retin A or Renova even generic form is fabulous for skin smoothing!


I'm one year out from laser and six months after trying to correct wit botox and I truly never have felt so alone and unbelieved And so helpless in my life ...I've never lost more than knowing I lost myself to something so stupid. This has ruined my life and I need help...


None of this makes any sense. IPL do not cause what u are claiming. (Like lost of fat under your eyes) The rest of it is basically gibberish about the botox and fillers. It's totally confusing. Maybe u should tell us what is going on with the rest of your life. Relationships, etc? Sounds like u are blaming this episode for everything bad in your life. Maybe not, but it doesn't make sense.
Thank you Michael77777! Sounds like you have it all figured out. Gee I wish I was more like you. I'm a total wreck of a disaster.
Lifelesson don't pay attention to someone who is either ignorant or an owner of a spa. He has no clue.

Fat loss

So the orbital fat loss keeps progressing. But good news! I have my peri orbital fat transfer scheduled on July 9th! Wish me luck! I'm hoping for the best with a very positive attitude! Ill update my profile and keep everyone posted!! :)
I had a bad result from one IPL tx and am just totally disgusted by the whole experience. Especially the doctors' cluelessness. If you can't dx/ tx /fix the complications that can result from this tx, why the hell are you performing it on people?????? Either they are woefully ignorant of how the treatment and device works and should not using it, or they are lying to cover their butts because they figure if adverse results only happen say .01% of the time, and you are successful in making that person just go away and be quiet, then you're still ahead of the game w/ all the $$ you're making on the rest. I would LOVE to have my old skin back. It's like that song - you don't know what you've got - till it's gone.
I had ipl that devastated me 2 years ago, I wanted dark circles under my eye reduced (I should have looked into it more but was assured it was totally safe). They gave me ipl when they knew I had just been on holiday and was peeling from sun damage! My face blistered badly and swelled up straight skin was ruined, I developed brown patches I never had before, had to wear make up, which I have never done in my life and have a few pitted scars and visible burn scar on my right cheek. They admitted responsibility after a year and I was paid compensation recently. The thing that has helped me with volume loss is Sculptra, I have had it previously and would never go back to HA fillers like restylane or teosyal. I am now 35, had sculptra 6 months ago, recently met someone who I hadn't spoken to in 12 months and she asked me what I had neen doing, I looked 10 years younger. Coming back from holiday last week a woman grabbed my partner to do a survey, hes 30, hates all that so he told her to ask me instead, she said, she can't do it you have to be over 30! I was chuffed. My point is ladies, there is light at the end of the tunnel, I was so depressed and anxious for over a year after this treatment but Sculptra really helped me..the colour changes are still visible but I am using neostrata enlighten and it seems to be helping..I will NEVER go near laser or ipl or anything that cooks your face again. I hope everyone gets better with time x

fat transfer for laser and botox damage at 32 yrs old

What can I say other than im so thankful for what has been given to me choosing the right doctor to help my situation. I have spent so much money to recover my problem with doctors, I have exhaust ed my time and energy in others that believe I am ill in the head or do not believe what I have gone through, and with all of this said my health problems are not completely gone and neither is my nerve damage and facial problems I have had to endure all this time,,,,,,,, BUT,,, my DEAR GOD! ------ my doctor is a SAINT, I have to say that if I didnt search th e world for the best fat transfer doc id be in big trouble, it took me a few years to make my desicion and this man is a life saver. Even today im being diagnosed with some horrible auto immune disorders after my laser and my derm says I look perfect and my doc did wo nders with my fat. There is hope and if you want real help message me, if not, move on. No negative crap here, I truly have been in hell and still am not perfect but truly have been saved in more ways than one. There is hope and I wish it all to you who have suffered. Pm me if you have serious questions and would like to know my doc, no negative crap to follow, ive dealt with that for way to long and id like to help not get criticized for doing so
Wow sooo sorry that you've had to go through such horrific complications :( Glad you finally found a Doc that can give you hope again, Keep your head up!!!
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