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I have always had a space between my two front...

I have always had a space between my two front teeth, which I was proud to have since it's a family trait. However, recently I noticed another gap between my other front teeth started forming. I didn't like the way it looked and figured if let alone it would just get bigger. So I decided Invisalign was a necessity.

Day One: I started noticing soreness immediately. Especially with one tooth next to the very front tooth. It hurt to take off the upper tray so much that I skipped lunch altogether to avoid the pain. After eating dinner and then brushing and flossing, I reluctantly put the trays back on. So painful. Once the trays were in for about 20 mins the soreness subsided.

Day Two: I dreaded taking the trays off to eat breakfast. It hurt. Again I didn't eat lunch because I didn't want to be in achy pain. I stopped in to the dentist to ask if they could do something about the rough edges of the lower tray that rub again the inside of my lower lip. They filed it down a bit and at first it felt better. Three hours later it is back to rubbing my lip raw. I'm still in pain during the removal and insertion of the trays, but my dentist (whom is also wearing Invisalign) said it will be sore for about 2-3 weeks. So I'm still optimistic and thinking about the reasons for doing this. My mother always told me being beautiful is painful! And I may even lose a few pounds in the meantime.

What you are going through is definitely normal, though it is not fun :(.  My ortho always recommended putting the trays in and not taking them out again for at least eight hours.  And I have to admit, the pain was so bad, that I didn't want to take them out before that, and even then, I still didn't want to.  But it does get better!  And then worse again, and then better and worse and...you get the picture.  Every time you change a tray, it'll be worse again, but it tends to subside after a few days once you get used to it.  Do hang in there!

Once I get the lower tray to stop rubbing the inside of my lower lip raw, I'll feel much better! Thanks for the encouragement.

Some of the trays will be worse than others in that respect as well.  Have you tried orthodontic wax.  It was definitely my friend on those rough days.  Unfortunately, if you don't catch it before you're rubbed raw, you have to wait for it to heal before the pain stops.  But at least it won't keep getting worse!


Week 5, day 3

I'm three trays into it and things have dramatically improved. It's much easier to remove my trays before eating and my lips are no longer raw from rubbing against the plastic. It seems my speech is not getting better because the trays are noticeable while speaking. Hopefully that gets easier too! I'm guessing once the teeth really move to where they're supposed to I'll speak normal again.

The only thing I'd reconsider if I had to do this again would be to wait till after the holidays to start. No snacking with these in!

Holidays are the worst possible time for snacking!  Good thing you got that Invisalign in. :P  And I'm so glad to hear that the pain is over!  I hope your speech improves but...yeah, it doesn't for everyone, so I hope.  I never got rid of the lisp, though it was mild, and I still have it a little when I have my retainer in.  Still, small price to pay, especially since the retainer is only at night after a while :).


Week 10, day 6

These trays are becoming easier to wear than not now. My speech is almost 100% back to normal, except when I try to say a few words. It's been nice having them in during the holidays because I'm forced to avoid snacking all day on sweets and everything else available.
I'm noticing minor changes to my teeth. It's an encouraging sign to know they seem to be working! My first check up went great. I was praised for how clean my teeth looked. This is due to my diligent brushing and flossing after every meal. It's like everything else now, just a routine part of the day.
Congratulations!  You know, even if you feel uncomfortable posting pictures here, you might want to take pictures for your own records--I wish I had.  I have my before and after pictures but that's it.  But I know from my other procedures that it's fun to go back and look at your progress.  Anyway, something to consider.

Happy holidays!
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Dr. Nyugen and Dr. Ganatra are the best. Very skillful. I am not a fan of going to the dentist but these two always make my visit bearable. The staff is great from the docs to the receptionist. You're always welcomed with big smiles!

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