Facelift and Regrets - Orange County, CA

I wanted my looks to match the way that I feel....

I wanted my looks to match the way that I feel. Now I look old and like a freak. Also, the Doctor made promises that were not kept.


They will charm you into selling as much as they can, whether the work is necessary or not. I, unfortunately, bought into it and am very unhappy with the results.

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Hi Aussie,

I was going to second Notforme's question about following up with your regular doc re: the anemia. It seems unusual to have lost so much blood during surgery and a second opinion never hurts. Are you taking vitamin B complex? I was severely anemic during my pregnancy and the iron wasn't helping fast enough. Turns out that without B12 our bodies can't absorb the iron. Given your current weakened state I would suggest you get yourself a very good multi vitamin if you're not using one already.

Please avail yourself of whatever help you need and continue to rest and recover.

We'll be awaiting an update from you soon.
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Hi all

Thanks so much for your comments and support.

Today is day 19 since surgery.

My swelling has gone down a little bit more since my earlier post, however there is a large fluid deposit on my lower back (lumbar region) and my face is still pretty swollen.

Sinced the surgery I have become anaemic (was apparently close to requiring a blood transfusion). My doctor said I lost a lot of blood during surgery, then I had major long distance travel dramas 1 week after surgery and he believes the huge stress I went through has cause my body to go into shock.

Apart from feeling exhausted and looking a bit "yellow", I am very short of breath. My doctor has advised that this is also due to being anaemic.

My liver and my kidneys are functioning below normal, but are improving.

My eyes are also improving slightly, however are still very dry, I am extremely sentisive to light and my vision is still blurred.

The last 2 days I have felt less depressed - there were times when I just wised someone would shoot me.

Thanks again everyone
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Dear Aussie,
Things will SLOWLY get better so don't give up. If you have something to help occupy your mind/time, you may feel better. Are you going to your regular doctor for the complications with the anemia? Heal quick, Notforme
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I can relate. I had face and neck lift, brow lift, and lower bleph Jan 3 and woke up in recovery feeling very negative, depressed, and regretful. After 10 days of not wanting to eat, sleeping 20 hours a day, crying when I was awake, blurred vision, and not being able to walk straight my husband requested my surgery records and discovered they had gave me Fentanyl. Guess what the adverse/side effects of Fentanyl are? All of the above. Hopefully you're getting better by now. Try to drink lots of water and walking. I slowly got better after 3 weeks but I was still very angry and depressed because I felt like my ps did not prepare me for the extent of (and misery of) the surgery or recovery. Are your eyes better and are you feeling better about the results of the surgery? Notforme, Dallas,
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Hi AussieChick,

Wow, your bod has been through a lot in the past couple of weeks and is working overtime to heal itself. It's no wonder you're feeling low. Are you using Hypo tears throughout the day to keep your eyes moist? I also had trouble with dry eye and blurred vision due to the swelling, but it has completely resolved now. I'm wondering about the low iron. Are you anemic? If so, is that new since the surgery? Iron can be very hard on the stomach. Hopefully you are taking it with food. It's possible that you need a different, more gentle formula - perhaps one with a lower dose. Is your doctor monitoring and helping you through these difficulties? It's important for him/her to know what is happening with you so they can help you through this difficult time.

Please know that it's very normal to be tired and depressed at this stage. I had heard many people experience this so I downloaded my Ipod with relaxing, meditative music and positive affirmations. I listened to them everyday to try to keep in a positive frame of mind for healing and emotional balance. Also, this is a time to let your friends/family know that you need them. A visit and a laugh with a good friend can really brighten the spirits.

I'm sure the worst is behind you now in terms of healing. Please post again and let us know how you are doing.
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I had upper and lower eyelid surgery, fat transfer to cheeks, MACS facelift, neck lift with neck lipo (as well as breast augmentation and body lipo-sculpture) 16 days ago.

I am really struggling with how overwhelming it has been (and still is).

My eyes feel extremely dry and my vision is a little blurred. My bruising has almost gone (I take Arnica every day). I still have some swelling - under my chin feels like a rock.

I had blood tests during the week and my iron levels are very low - the iron supplements make me feel sick.

Any advice anyone - I'm feeling quite depressed.
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Wow! Your body went through alot all at once. Just remember how you are feeling is normal. You will feel overwhelmed with all your body has gone through. Each week that goes by you will feel better. If your eyes are still dry s within 3-4 weeks from your surgery.ee if your doctor will presribe an ointment that will heal as well as moisturize your eyes. I sued neosporin on my eyelids only making sure I didn't get any of it in my eyes and it helped a lot.The blurry vision will improve.
I feel depression goes with the healing process. One day down and 3 dyas feeling up. It will get better each day and stay that way. Good luck and keep us up-to-date. Take care!
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Hi Richmond,

Well it's 6 weeks tomorrow. Until week 5, I was seeing all the flaws - swelling in my cheeks and around my eyes, bruises, a few bumps, etc. I have to say that I've had a few good days this week where I could see that the result is going to be good. If I'm not careful with sodium and sleep I start to look a little swollen again, but overall, I think I'm going to be happy with my result. It's nice to look in the mirror and like what you see. It's been a while! Love my new, tight neck and jawline.

How are things going with you? Not sure when your surgery was or what you had done, but I hope that you are feeling better about things and seeing improvement.

I hope to hear from you.
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I'm glad you are improving - I bet you will be fabulous in no time!!

I am just starting my search.
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Glad things are looking better for you. Just remember there are going to be good days and then there are going to be not so great days that may last for up to a year. Ugh!! I had my surgery on March 03 and I am still am having some bad days.
I love my eyes. They healed extremely well and I don't look tired all the time. The face lift is different. Numbness is still there and I know it may be there for many more months to come. I can deal with that. Right now the pulling in front of my ear is bothering me, especially at night. I am not happy with one side of my neck. The skin feels looser than before the surgery. In fast it feels looser since right after the surgery. Other side is nice and firm for the moment. I just hope it doesn't get as loose.
The good thing is I have all the confidence in my doctor who will make it better. He has explained that I need to wait 3-6 months for the healing from the surgery before he can do additional touchups. So I just need to learn how to be patient, which I am not.

Keep in touch on how you are doing. I wish you the best.
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How are you doing and feeling now that you are a few weeks out from your surgery?
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I'm sorry to hear about what you're going through, SorryinOc. Do you have plans to get a revision (either from your original doc or a different one)?

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I had surgery in Orange County, CA on 3/25, though not at CosmetiCare. I had a neck lift, temple lift, upper and lower bleph and fat transfer to tear trough, temples and cheeks. At 3 1/2 weeks post op I am recovering from bruising and the swelling is starting to go down, but I don't think I actually look good yet. I'm hoping that is going to be the final outcome. My cheeks are still overly full, probably due to swelling and fat transfer and I have developed some small lumps in the upper corner of my right eye that I find very unsightly. The doctor says, "don't worry, everything will settle in". Reading this post really helps me because I can see that many of us are dealing with these issues in the early stages of healing. I think depression and regret is actually a stage in the recovery process. I am trying to keep the faith and hope that you will too. If you are really unhappy after you've had time to heal, your doctor should be able to work with you on some sort of revision. Hang in there!!!
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I hope you are looking wonderful by now!!!
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Why do you feel you look old? How long has it been since your surgery?
Remember, patience is needed during the healing process which takes months. I did not realize at the time of my surgery that it would take that long to heal.
Give it time and definitely communicate with your doctor during the healing process. After all the money you paid you need to keep close contact with him and tell him your thoughts. If he doesn't know how you feel how can he help you.
I wish you luck and hope all is well in a few months after you have completely healed. Remember give it time and communicate with your doctor.
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