Facelift and Regrets - Orange County, CA

I wanted my looks to match the way that I feel....

I wanted my looks to match the way that I feel. Now I look old and like a freak. Also, the Doctor made promises that were not kept.


Hi Aussie,

I was going to second Notforme's question about following up with your regular doc re: the anemia. It seems unusual to have lost so much blood during surgery and a second opinion never hurts. Are you taking vitamin B complex? I was severely anemic during my pregnancy and the iron wasn't helping fast enough. Turns out that without B12 our bodies can't absorb the iron. Given your current weakened state I would suggest you get yourself a very good multi vitamin if you're not using one already.

Please avail yourself of whatever help you need and continue to rest and recover.

We'll be awaiting an update from you soon.
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Hi all

Thanks so much for your comments and support.

Today is day 19 since surgery.

My swelling has gone down a little bit more since my earlier post, however there is a large fluid deposit on my lower back (lumbar region) and my face is still pretty swollen.

Sinced the surgery I have become anaemic (was apparently close to requiring a blood transfusion). My doctor said I lost a lot of blood during surgery, then I had major long distance travel dramas 1 week after surgery and he believes the huge stress I went through has cause my body to go into shock.

Apart from feeling exhausted and looking a bit "yellow", I am very short of breath. My doctor has advised that this is also due to being anaemic.

My liver and my kidneys are functioning below normal, but are improving.

My eyes are also improving slightly, however are still very dry, I am extremely sentisive to light and my vision is still blurred.

The last 2 days I have felt less depressed - there were times when I just wised someone would shoot me.

Thanks again everyone
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Dear Aussie,
Things will SLOWLY get better so don't give up. If you have something to help occupy your mind/time, you may feel better. Are you going to your regular doctor for the complications with the anemia? Heal quick, Notforme

They will charm you into selling as much as they can, whether the work is necessary or not. I, unfortunately, bought into it and am very unhappy with the results.

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