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Didn't Work for Me, with Side Effects - Orange County, CA

I had cosmelan done at my dermatologist's...

I had cosmelan done at my dermatologist's recommendation for some minor pigmentation about 8 years ago. Her nurse whispered to me before I left to leave it on longer for a better result. Well, I did, and I turned red and peeled like crazy for about a week (which I think is normal).

This peel is no joke - if you do it give yourself a week off from wor, you won't want to be seen in public. I was so raw afterwards I had to wait a bit before starting with the part 2 cream stuff.

At first it seemed like it had worked, but then all the pigmentation returned, plus some extra. And it left my skin absolutely full of blackheads (I guess it brought everything to the surface?) and made my pores look really enlarged. This was all pretty devastating to me at the time. Possibly the worst part was the sort of shrugged off response I received from my derm.

Thank God the pigmentation faded pretty much completely over time, although it took a number of years. I have heard of other people having a similar reaction - I think it was just too harsh for my skin. BTW, I am half hispanic, half caucasian and fair skinned, not sure if that had anything to do with my result.

well, thanks for ur review, i have just started this cream many people have encouraged me to start it, it has been jsut 3 days to start with, im so scared to conbue with it but i am so hopeless with my pigmentation on may sides of the cheeks , that i nevr give asecond thought to anything. i have an asian skim , it is advised by my friends not by adoctor. i would advise people to please use sunscreen on regular basis, cosmelan is a peeling craem and sun screen will helo to give aprotection to the peeled skin.

I have melasma both on my cheeks I am on my 3rd day using Cosmelan , my skin starting to peel-off, i feel itchiness and my face is red. I am just hoping after 1 or 2 months my melasma will gone... considering the price of this product i hope it is worth.

Hi luna,

So as of today your skin is more where you would like it to be? I'm sorry for all that you went through that sounds like a lot. Especially for your doctor to not do anything when you went back. Are you considering any other procedures? Please keep us updated.

Thanks so much for the review,


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