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I had contemplated braces over the years, but...

I had contemplated braces over the years, but never really looked into it. I'd thought about doing Invisalign after a couple friends had success with them, but never did it. Once I had my son, the "selfies" with him made me abundantly aware of the imperfections in my smile. I looked at old photos and could see the movement over the years. I've always been complimented on my smile, so I finally decided it was time. I just received my Phase 0 aligners on Wednesday. Aside from getting used to having something in my mouth, they feel fine. I had one spot in the back he needed to file down before I left, other than no major complaints so far. I was told to ease into the process, so I only had them in for about 8 1/2 hours yesterday. I'm planning on keeping them in most of the day today and then sleeping with them tomorrow. How long did you all keep this phase in? I'm anxious to watch the progress!

Adding a photo

4 days in.........going strong. No major issues, starting to get used to them. Forgot my toothbrush, etc Saturday night, so they were out a little longer than 2 hrs that day. They already feel a little looser, easier to get in and out than the first day. No issues with sleeping with them other than I wake up thirsty.

1A- in!

Just got 1A. When he first tried to put them in, I thought there was no way they were going to fit! They fit! It was a different feeling than the Phase 0. I felt A LOT more pressure, but today is much better. I do notice my teeth are more sensitive when I take these ones out. I'm excited to watch them move!! Let's get it going!!!

One week in with 1A

I can already see little changes! It's so exciting! I think my teeth are moving pretty fast and might have to change my profile name! Maybe I'll be done in less than 12 months! As I mentioned before, they were very tight when I got this set on last week, but I can already feel some wiggle room. I don't think I'll make it a full 3 weeks for this set. It's very exciting to see some progress!


I up'd my appt to yesterday (from next Tues) and got my new aligners. I can definitely feel where they are working. I typically take them out in the morning and brush my teeth and aligners and my teeth feel very sensitive. It's not painful, just sensitive. But, as the dentist remarked, "they should be sensitive, we're moving teeth and bone". It goes away in about a week once my teeth get more used to their new position. I'll be going back in 2 weeks to get the engagers on, then we'll get some real movement! Yipppeeee!


I got my engagers this morning. 2 up top and 2 on the bottom. The procedure was harmless. My doctor polished them so they are smooth, but still feel funny without my aligners in. I'll only have them for this set of aligners, so up to 3 weeks. This time I went in after 2 weeks for new aligners. I think my teeth are getting the hang of it and are ready to move! These ones are extremely tight and hard to get out without my hook. It feels like I'm pulling all of my teeth out of my mouth. The doctor said that should only last about 3 days. I can't believe I've been doing this for 2 months already! Time is flying.......... these teeth will be straight in no time!
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I started end of June, so we are close in going .:) I should have to wear mine about 8.5 months . I have has braces before though . So far so good here. I am in 1D and go in for another set of aligners next Monday. I have a wonderful 3 yr old as well .:)
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*have had braces
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So different from Invisalign!  Can you show us a picture with the engagers please?
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Nice!  How long did the tightness last on this one?  And the discomfort?
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The tightness only lasts a couple days. I have very minimal discomfort once that subsides. I had an issue with part of the aligner in the back bottom part. I took the advice of the other users and filed it down a bit and it was much better.
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That's great, and meshes well with other users' experience.  You're well on your way!!! :)
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Congratulations on finally getting started!!!  Will you be getting engagers at some point?
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Yes, I will be getting engagers on the top with my 3rd set and on the bottom with my 4th set.
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Hello, and welcome to the community!  I hope you get to post some pictures--it's really motivating down the line, but it also helps others get to know you a little better :).  Have you met any of our other community members yet?  I'll point you toward some of our other Clear Correct members' reviews:

clcorrect89 is our newest before you :).  I think she's on her third aligner.
smile43 started in June and is the same age as you :).
ClearCorrectMyTeeth also started in June and is on 1B.
vonabee started in May
Jrowe8274 is probably in tray 4 by now :).
and LittleJessica has been going about 10 months, I think, and has had lots of results so far.

I look forward to following your progress!
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Thank you! Just added a photo. I read some of the others reviews before I decided to get them. I'll continue to share my journey in hopes it helps someone else make the right decision for them. I'm looking forward to watching my progress, too!
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Cool :).  I hope you feel comfortable commenting on other people's journeys as well, so they can know you've joined :).
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