Explanted and Free. A-Cup 9 months post explant

I've had Saline Implants, Under the muscle for 8...

I've had Saline Implants, Under the muscle for 8 years. I used to be extremely active & compete in fitness. But, For the past year & 5 months I haven't been able to do much due to back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, chest tightness, hip pain, and shortness of breath. I want my implants out so I can be natural & FREE. I don't like the fact that I have PLASTIC in my body! I was only 20 when I got them in - young and stupid.

I have a consult tomorrow (jan 8 2013) with...

I have a consult tomorrow (jan 8 2013) with Lavinia Chong in Newport Beach! Very excited! Anyone Explant with Dr Chong?

Omg so I went today to my consultation and I'm...

Omg so I went today to my consultation and I'm scheduled for Explant on 1/24/2013!! Under Local Anesthetic! Leaving the Capsule in as it is Thin.
I'm excited to feel natural and have this weight off my chest!!
A little nervous! But know I'm in good hands!
I will not have any drains!!
Looking forward to no more boobies!!

So I just went yesterday to Victoria's Secret to...

So I just went yesterday to Victoria's Secret to return some pajamas that I got as a Christmas gift, and I decided to have my chest measured before I get my implants removed in less than 2 weeks. I was measured as a 32 D.. Soon enough I will be a 32 barely A!!!! Excited!

Today is Friday. I am having my implants removed...

Today is Friday. I am having my implants removed in 6 days. This coming Thursday Jan 24th they will be explanted! I am feeling a little nervous.. Mostly about how they will look afterward. On the other hand, my neck/shoulder/arm/chest pain is so bad, annoying, and uncomfortable, that I can't wait to have these toxic plastic bags out, I just want them GONE! I am so small around that I just can't seem to find a bra that supports my breasts enough without cutting into my skin, I've worn the tightest sports bras and that just causes my back / neck to hurt more. Looking forward to having them removed, but a little nervous...

Getting Really Excited!!!!! Tomorrow is Explant...

Getting Really Excited!!!!! Tomorrow is Explant Day! I can't wait!! ;-) I have terrible neck shoulder and back pain and can't breathe! Looking forward to being ME

I literally just got in the car, post explant. The...

I literally just got in the car, post explant. The procedure was SUPER easy and fast! I feel like I can breathe better immediately and my neck doesn't hurt anymore but not sure if that is the Valium I took or the fact that the implants are gone! Will post updates / photos soon!!

Today is day 2 post-explant and I am already...

Today is day 2 post-explant and I am already feeling a lot less pain than I was yesterday. I've been taking Valium and Norco for pain, every 6 hours, as my incision site has been pretty sore. The Valium and Norco combo helped me to relax and sleep which was great.

A little about the day of surgery:
I had my surgery in the doctors office under Local Anesthesia. I took 5mg Valium 1 hour prior to help me relax. I think 10mg would have been better as I got pretty nervous once I was on the operating table, but all was good. I had my earphone with music in one ear, so that I could hear the doctors / nurses with my other ear. The shots for numbing were the worst part! I could feel some tugging when she was looking for my valve to drain the implant, that was uncomfortable but not painful. More just like ughhh pull it out already! Once it was deflated, it felt so amazing!! I couldn't wait for the other one to be drained! When she pulled the drained implant out, it was weird but not painful. The entire procedure took about 30-45 mins I think- at least that's how it felt. I could immediately breathe better - that was Amazing! They cleaned me which was relaxing , then sat me up and put gauze, a sports bra, and then an ace wrap. It's very tight but that's how it needs to be for the first 3 days. I can't lift my arms overhead because my chest muscles are still relaxing down - so I'm avoiding doing that until a few more days. I'm able to eat which is good although I don't have much of an appetite .. It's really hard to lay down and sit up! U can't use your arms to press up because that's a lot of chest! I notice if I move fast then I get a sharp pain. Will update photos hopefully tomorrow EEK!! Haven't taken any pain meds since 10pm Friday and its 11:30 am Saturday ;-).

My Right Implant was saline under muscle moderate...

My Right Implant was saline under muscle moderate profile 350 and left was 385 cc !! How Ironic that my neck and shoulder pain was in my LEFT shoulder and neck ? Hmmm

Today is day 3. I got to Shower and I noticed some...

Today is day 3. I got to Shower and I noticed some redness and puss on one of my breasts ;( not on the incision site but to the side .. I called the on-call md, and she said I need to go on Antibiotics (YUCK!) and see my surgeon tomorrow.. Damn. Other than that I'm feeling good. The breasts are a bit saggy as I have little breast tissue but I'm fine with that as I know they'll "fluff" and heal over 6 weeks... I went to kohls today and bought a few sports bras, size small , they have little pads in them ill post a pic. Not sure if its tight enough so I'm wearing Ace wrap over it.

Day 4 Post Explant !!! I woke up today for the...

Day 4 Post Explant !!! I woke up today for the first time with ENERGY and no fatigue!! I'm laying in bed relaxing because I don't have to work until later today and I can do some emails and work from home (I'm a personal trainer). But I feel great!! NO pain ! My neck still has a little knot in it but I think that'll work itself out with time and maybe my massage treatments will actually last now!! ;-) updating day 4 pics - they already look better !! My upper / middle back no longer burns when I lay down to sleep at night !!!

Hello Beautiful Ladies! I would just like to...

Hello Beautiful Ladies! I would just like to share with you all my Explant experience! I am 1 week and 1 day post-explant and I am SO happy. This has truly changed my life already in so many ways. My body was honestly breaking down with the implants. I felt like I wasn't even in my body anymore. I had a constant pain my shoulders, and pulling in the left side of my neck and hip. I had hip pain, overall joint stiffness/aches, limited spine movement, tingling and numbness in my arms, couldn't sit and work at the computer for longer than 5 minutes without being in complete spasm. (this developed about 7 years post-explant BTW). I also am VERY physically active, I was a Weight-Lifter, fitness competitor (bikini) and am a Personal Trainer. I feel that the training may have contributed to the tightness in the chest muscle causing shoulder and neck pain. I already am sleeping better, and have overall less pain. I think it will take some time for my body to get back to normal. But if you are considering explant, for any reason, I definitely think you won't regret it. My breasts are not as saggy or deflated looking as I thought they would be!!! They actually don't look bad at all - I just have very little breast tissue so I'm very flat but it actually makes me look very lean and athletic so that's ok!! I feel like nobody is staring at my chest now!! I LOVE that. I felt very Self-Conscious with the implants in. Prior to implant (at 20 years old), I felt so flat and skinny - but flat and skinny (or fit), is better than self-conscious of fake plastic balls in your chest!!! =) please private message me for any questions!!

Posting day 13 photo! Scars are healing nicely! I...

Posting day 13 photo! Scars are healing nicely! I had some sort of rash like redness that's still clearing up but it's already a lot better. One breast is visably fuller than the other but that's just from my natural breasts being un even. Overall I'm very happy with results and can't wait to have my fiancé kiss my new breasts in about 5 weeks! Eeks! ;-)

Posting day 13 photo! Scars are healing nicely! I...

Posting day 13 photo! Scars are healing nicely! I had some sort of rash like redness that's still clearing up but it's already a lot better. One breast is visably fuller than the other but that's just from my natural breasts being un even. Overall I'm very happy with results and can't wait to have my fiancé kiss my new breasts in about 5 weeks! Eeks! ;-)

Day 13 photos!

Day 13 photos!

Today im 3 weeks post explant and I'm feeling so...

Today im 3 weeks post explant and I'm feeling so much lighter! There is a definite dip from where the capsule and muscle is to where the breast tissue is but it's not terrible looking. Not sure if that will improve or not over next 3 weeks but I know that I feel much better, am sleeping better, and I am generally overall more comfortable than I was with those plastic balls in me! So very happy I Explanted !!! If you're contemplating explanting, do it!!! Feel free to send me a private message ;-)

Hi ladies! I'm 4 weeks post explant today! I'm so...

Hi ladies! I'm 4 weeks post explant today! I'm so happy ! I'm sleeping better, and my back / neck pain is decreasing! I'm sleeping better! I started this week going to an infrared sauna 40 mins at a time, a place called Suite Sweat, so I can sweat out toxins from a cellular level. It's really helping with my neck pain!! Tremendously! I normally have neck muscles that are hard as rocks and nothing helps- no amount or massage or heating pads - but the infrared sauna is so working!! ;) updated photos are posted!

Update : 4 weeks and 5 days post explant. Photo of...

Update : 4 weeks and 5 days post explant. Photo of my Victorias Secret 32 A bra no under wire (I don't like underwire because I'm thin and it digs into my ribs).

Just a few days ago, I noticed that my breasts are really fluffing nicely and moving around more.

I have been going 1-2 x per week to an infrared sauna for 40 mins per session to sweat out toxins. Mainly for my neck and shoulder pain but I'm noticing other benefits! :
Clearer skin, reduced pores, reduced acne, reduced neck and shoulder and hip pain, and mainly for you ladies ---> ** improvement in healing of My surgical Scars! Yay!

It's expensive but I think ill keep going! $59 per month for 4 sessions.

Today's my Birthday! (29!) here's a side view 5...

Today's my Birthday! (29!) here's a side view 5 weeks post op! I've been getting lots of requests for updated side view shots! ;)

Well I'm happy at 5 weeks 3 days! Although minor...

Well I'm happy at 5 weeks 3 days! Although minor set back, I was in a car accident on my Birthday! On exactly the 5 week mark! I was side swiped. Luckily I'm okay but my already troubled stiff neck/spasms are now acting up again. But on a good note- I discovered a great way to heal my scars and detox the body- Infrared Sauna! You will see in my 5 weeks and 3 days photos (2) how much my scar is healing it's amazing!!! If you want to explant, DO IT!!! I was in your boat, super scared and nervous but I'm so happy now.

Hi Beautiful Ladies. So I am 6 weeks post op today...

Hi Beautiful Ladies. So I am 6 weeks post op today and healing wonderfully.
I had a Gyno appointment this week and a Breast Exam which showed that I have a small lump in my left breast. Which is interesting because I was having some sharp shooting pains in my left breast a few weeks ago. And I noticed now if I rub it then the sharp shooting pains come again. Not sure what this is but I will be having a Breast Ultrasound in a few weeks.


Update- breast ultrasound for the lump was fine -...

Update- breast ultrasound for the lump was fine - and normal. They said it was just the way my tissue was..

Here is an updated photo @ 7 weeks post explant! ;-) honestly ladies considering explant, it feels soooooooo good to be free of plastic!!!!

Happy Explanting!!!!

This is my 12 weeks post explant update! I am...

This is my 12 weeks post explant update! I am absolutely stoked. I love being implant free. Being that I am now 29 years old, and the fact that I had the implants put in at 20, I can confidently say that I am SO happy with my natural self. I got the implants at 20 because I was very flat with a big butt and felt unbalanced and boyish. Well now, I love the feeling of being LIGHT AND FREE and being able to lay down in any damn position I want without worrying about the plastic bags in my body. They started to feel so heavy! I have a small frame so it really weighed me down! If you want yours out, I say go for it! Mine don't look saggy or loose skin at all! ;)

14 weeks post explant photos! I can't believe how...

14 weeks post explant photos! I can't believe how nice my natural breasts look after having 350cc's for 8 years on my tiny frame!!

You can't even tell I had implants (minus the...

You can't even tell I had implants (minus the scars under nipples)

17 Weeks Post-Explant - Very Happy with my 31A's!

Here are photos at just over 17 weeks! Surprisingly my breasts are still a bit tender (mostly near armpits) and around my cycle - although incision site was under nipple. I can't believe how nicely I have healed! Overall I'm very happy with my removal results, and would highly recommend explant to those considering doing it! It has definitely helped with my chronic neck and back issue and I'm now able to do more yoga and swimming more peacefully without the implants!

5 months post-explant: best decision!!!!! Love my A cup!

I will admit I was a bit unsure how my breasts would be following removal, but they look SO amazing and they have actually grown over the past 3 months. They are a little bigger than when I got implants (my natural breasts) at 20 years old. I am 29 now. Photos in super cute American Apparel leotards!! /halters!!!!

6 months post-explant (with Photos) - A-cups are fluffy they look great.

I'm so happy that I removed those nasty, fake implants. They just were not for me. Happy to say they look great and my skin is not saggy. If I bend forward, they do look different than they normally would had I not had implants, but that is not a problem for me. One thing I will report is that I still suffer from severe neck spasms and herniated discs/ torn discs and reversal of the neck curve but that is from a bad whiplash accident.
I am happy I removed the implants. I feel more natural and I feel free and sleek.

9 months post-explant, glad I explanted + new photo

Hi Ladies, just a quick update, I explained in January of this year (2013), and it's now October. I honestly am feeling so much more like "myself" now that those things are gone! I no longer feel like I have two heavy balls on my chest, and my back and neck pain continues to get better with the exercises I'm doing and getting back massages to loosen years of tight muscles.

Good luck to all of you in your journeys.

A cup 9 months post explant photo

Photo update

11 Months Post-Explant - Best Decision! A-Cup Joy.

So I explanted for numerous reasons. I didn't like the way the implants felt inside my body anymore. I felt like something foreign was in there (which it was). I felt pain in my collar bone/neck, back, and shoulders, especially when exercising or when lying down flat trying to sleep. I also felt like they were too heavy for my small framed body. There is a reason why I have small breasts - my frame is small - the way I was designed.

I had some sort of inflammation going on in my entire body, it was causing me joint pain. I don't know what was going on, and doctors couldn't give me answers but my blood tests did show high inflammation.

I recently found something that has made me feel MUCH better. It's called Wobenzym. (by Garden of Life). They are systemic enzyme pills that I take (3 pills 2 x per day on an empty stomach). They work by going in the blood stream and breaking down excess proteins in the blood that are causing inflammation / pain.

I swear by Wobenzym. Highly recommend it to anyone with chronic inflammation. It also helps with my painful period! (and mine are bad!) all of the gynecologists that I've seen, believe that I have endometriosis (and my mom has it too). but Wobenzym and a healthy diet is helping. Good luck to you all!
Orange County Plastic Surgeon


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Hi there! You look great. I contacted Dr. Chong's office but they quoted me a lot higher than $2,000. Is that what you paid? I'm getting discouraged with the thought of the price :(.
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I believe the price has gone up since I explanted. What did they quote you?
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I am very much wanting mine 14 year 400 cc old saline implants out, especially now that one has dropped considerably and the other is painful. But I am afraid, as I am 46 so not sure my small breasts will bounce back well as you experienced as you're almost 20 years younger than me. My skin has started to sag quite a bit. And trying to find a good surgeon for this here in Toronto in Canada is challenging.
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I'm sure if you find a surgeon experienced in Expalants and Lifts then you will have a decent result. You can improve your skin quality through a healthy diet and exercise. Good luck and I encourage you to remove ASAP and start the healing process... It will be a big change though so make sure you prepare mentally...
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Thanks. I want them out asap, I have this lingering can't I just find perfect breasts for me, but I'm 46 it's time to accept how I look and what I have. Something you learned far younger than me.
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Hi. I have explantation surgery scheduled in four weeks. I am 38 years old, had them put in after three years of breast feeding (seven years ago), and regretted it almost immediately after the implantation. All of you brave women are super inspiring and reassuring. I have one implant that has ruptured, is rock hard and causing a lot of shoulder pain... also wondering if other semi-recent back / hip pain is caused by my implants. For bw ontario: Dr. Leila Kasrai is who is doing my surgery - in Toronto. She's lovely, and most of her plastic surgery patients are people who require rebuilding (i.e. an ear fashioned where they only have partial - speaking to her priorities and manual dexterity). Also, explantation is covered by our Canadian Health Care system because its a medical procedure not cosmetic. A little concerned about what I will look like afterward because of my age + breast feeding drooping, but I'm also really excited -- not to mention massively reassured by everyone who has posted. Sincerely: thank you!!
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you look so beautiful now! congratulations!
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Your breasts look AWESOME! Wow! I'm sold. I can't wait to be able to get my implants removed.
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You look fantastic and your review was one of the main reasons I decided to explant. I had my breast implants removed 10 months ago. But my question to you is, have you ever considered re-implanting? The thought continues to creep in my mind and I was wondering if others experienced this too.
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Absolutely not. The thought of having plastic in my body freaks me out.. Been there, done that...
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Were you very flat right after your explant? Did it take some time to "fluff up"? I had an explant yesterday and I'm literally flat as a board. I was a 32A before the implant with just a little bit of breast tissue...
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YES I was super flat right after explant. It took some time (a few months) to fluff up. Congrats on your explant and all I can say is be patient and stay positive and TIME is the best thing for recovery - give yourself time to heal =) I was barely 32 A before and I am the same now, with maybe a bit more tissue but not much. I am 5'6", around 115 lb, athletic, and never seemed to develop breasts. I was 20 when I got implants. I am 30 now, so they are a bit fuller but not by much.
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How do you have more tissue after your explant than before your implant???
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Because I was 20 before and now I'm 30 so by breast tissue developed
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When you age, especially between 30-50 you typically grow larger breasts. I know mine did!
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Thank you so much for your story! I sent you a private message but I'm not sure if you got it or not. Your attitude is fantastic and I hope to look as good as you when I get explanted. Can you check and see if my message got to you? Thanks so much!
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Thank you so much for your story. You are one of the posters I read prior to getting my surgery done that gave me inspiration that I can look normal after surgery. I knew that I was going to remove my implants regardless but I did not think it was possible to look as if I never had implants. You look amazing. Did you ever start weight lifting again? I plan to do so but I do not know how long it will be before the doctor gives me the go ahead to start again. So many female fitness models and bodybuilders have implants it is hard to know what I would look like after weight lifting without implants.
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Yes I started weight lifting again but I do yoga and swimming and walking mostly ;) but I definitely had to be careful with chest exercises for a while like a year after because my chest was sensitive and would get really sore after chest workouts ! ;)
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Oh wow a year! I was thinking to start again hopefully in a month. Start light and work my way back up again. Thank you for replying. You were one of my inspirations. Thank you again. :)
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im booked in for the 30th of may to have implants in i have to say slightly put off by reading your stories :( if i hated them or had problems what is the cost of having them out again?
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it is costly to have them removed - removal cost be about two thirds of the price to have them implanted. it is also really important to consider that your breasts change when you've had implants so getting them taken out is not desirable, although possible. i loved mine when i had them done and still do but i was not fully aware of all the possible problems which could arise and may require further surgery. for example, ive had both a rupture and a capsular contracture which involved surgery and im now having a furtehr problem investigated. also remember, most implants needs updating about every 8 years so you do need to build in the costs and risks of repeat surgery. i think its very important to be well informed, and not gloss over the potential problems that could arise with implants even if you love them following surgery. best wishes, elizabeth
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Thank you for your message. I definitely recommend researching more about the cost of explanting in your area. Also decide if you want a foreign object in your body. Weigh the benefits and the risks... As I did not do that . I wish I had. I simply decided I wanted implants and got them. Now I wish I would have just stayed natural and saved myself lots of money for more important things ....
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just want to say thank you for posting your journey - your a real inspiration. im trying to consider removal following an unexplained health condition and not wanting numerous future operations and teh risks which come with this. its scary but im working on it. thank you for your honesty :)
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I have been suffering from neck back pain as well and just figured out it could be my 17 yr old implants which are coming out April 9! So hoping this fixes my pain because I'm so OVER IT! Thanks for your posts and pictures... you look amazing!
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hi everyone, just got implants removed 5 days ago. I love that they are finally out. Anyway I muscle that was cut in order to put the implants in, still feels weird. does anyone know if this weird feeling when the muscle contracts will go away with time? Will I be able to do pushups ever again?
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