Explanted and Free. A-Cup 9 months post explant

I've had Saline Implants, Under the muscle for 8...

I've had Saline Implants, Under the muscle for 8 years. I used to be extremely active & compete in fitness. But, For the past year & 5 months I haven't been able to do much due to back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, chest tightness, hip pain, and shortness of breath. I want my implants out so I can be natural & FREE. I don't like the fact that I have PLASTIC in my body! I was only 20 when I got them in - young and stupid.


I also had saline implants removed 12/26/12. Not even 2 weeks out I feel so free! All of my pain is gone, which included neck, back, shoulder, stabbing chest pains... you will feel amazing.
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Omg that was like last week! Your Christmas present! Congrats !! I hope that all of that discomfort goes away for me too!!! I'm going to check out your profile as I'm curious how long you had yours in for! ;-). Thank u!!
Mine were in for ten years, and within days of explantation, my back, neck and shoulder pain were nearly COMPLETELY gone. It is amazing - even as someone who never had "real" problems with hers, I feel like a comPLETEly new person. Keep us posted!

I have a consult tomorrow (jan 8 2013) with...

I have a consult tomorrow (jan 8 2013) with Lavinia Chong in Newport Beach! Very excited! Anyone Explant with Dr Chong?


Good luck!
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Omg so I went today to my consultation and I'm...

Omg so I went today to my consultation and I'm scheduled for Explant on 1/24/2013!! Under Local Anesthetic! Leaving the Capsule in as it is Thin.
I'm excited to feel natural and have this weight off my chest!!
A little nervous! But know I'm in good hands!
I will not have any drains!!
Looking forward to no more boobies!!


Good luck today! Lots of explanters thinking of you! Show pictures and let us know how you feel afterwards.
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Thank you I'm explanting on 1/24 ! ;)
Start counting down to freedom! Keep us posted. =)
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So I just went yesterday to Victoria's Secret to...

So I just went yesterday to Victoria's Secret to return some pajamas that I got as a Christmas gift, and I decided to have my chest measured before I get my implants removed in less than 2 weeks. I was measured as a 32 D.. Soon enough I will be a 32 barely A!!!! Excited!


I finally put some new photos on my review today - not too bad! I know you're getting excited yours is close!! =)
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I just saw your photos and you look beautiful! You have so much more breast tissue than I do, so Im really not sure how mine will look but I almost don't even care, as long as the plastic is out! Congrats !!! ;-)

Today is Friday. I am having my implants removed...

Today is Friday. I am having my implants removed in 6 days. This coming Thursday Jan 24th they will be explanted! I am feeling a little nervous.. Mostly about how they will look afterward. On the other hand, my neck/shoulder/arm/chest pain is so bad, annoying, and uncomfortable, that I can't wait to have these toxic plastic bags out, I just want them GONE! I am so small around that I just can't seem to find a bra that supports my breasts enough without cutting into my skin, I've worn the tightest sports bras and that just causes my back / neck to hurt more. Looking forward to having them removed, but a little nervous...


I had my explant done a week ago! Soooo excited that it's done. The surgery wasn't bad at all and I was in no pain afterwards. The bandage hurt, that was it! ;-) I had two small incisions done below each breast, they deflate them, then remove (saline). I am so much lighter, no neck, back pain. My posture is better and I look forward to the deep grooves in my shoulders to disappear. Good luck!!! p.s. view Dr. Susan Kolbs videos re: implants and their toxicity to our bodies. I didn't see until afterwards...I had no idea the symptoms I had may have been related to implants!
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I saw Dr. Kolb on an episode of "Monsters Inside Me." I was at a really low point where I thought I had MS. I big badass light bulb went off when I watched her talk about saline implants! That started my journey, and the ladies here helped me along even more.
Good luck to you - let us know how it went!!
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Getting Really Excited!!!!! Tomorrow is Explant...

Getting Really Excited!!!!! Tomorrow is Explant Day! I can't wait!! ;-) I have terrible neck shoulder and back pain and can't breathe! Looking forward to being ME


Your breathing will get better IMMEDIATELY! Have a great day tomorrow! We're all excited to hear how happy you are, afterward! =)
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Good Luck!! Try to get some sleep tonight. : )
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God look Darling :) let as know how you are doing!
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I literally just got in the car, post explant. The...

I literally just got in the car, post explant. The procedure was SUPER easy and fast! I feel like I can breathe better immediately and my neck doesn't hurt anymore but not sure if that is the Valium I took or the fact that the implants are gone! Will post updates / photos soon!!


congrats to you!!!! happy healing....
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Congrats! I'm so happy for you! Can't wait for mine to be out too!
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Thank you everyone for the posts!! I'm looking forward to the pain being gone but I'm seeing the bigger picture! Loving my small flat chest !!! ;) I will post more when I update about my surgery procedure details under local ;)
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Today is day 2 post-explant and I am already...

Today is day 2 post-explant and I am already feeling a lot less pain than I was yesterday. I've been taking Valium and Norco for pain, every 6 hours, as my incision site has been pretty sore. The Valium and Norco combo helped me to relax and sleep which was great.

A little about the day of surgery:
I had my surgery in the doctors office under Local Anesthesia. I took 5mg Valium 1 hour prior to help me relax. I think 10mg would have been better as I got pretty nervous once I was on the operating table, but all was good. I had my earphone with music in one ear, so that I could hear the doctors / nurses with my other ear. The shots for numbing were the worst part! I could feel some tugging when she was looking for my valve to drain the implant, that was uncomfortable but not painful. More just like ughhh pull it out already! Once it was deflated, it felt so amazing!! I couldn't wait for the other one to be drained! When she pulled the drained implant out, it was weird but not painful. The entire procedure took about 30-45 mins I think- at least that's how it felt. I could immediately breathe better - that was Amazing! They cleaned me which was relaxing , then sat me up and put gauze, a sports bra, and then an ace wrap. It's very tight but that's how it needs to be for the first 3 days. I can't lift my arms overhead because my chest muscles are still relaxing down - so I'm avoiding doing that until a few more days. I'm able to eat which is good although I don't have much of an appetite .. It's really hard to lay down and sit up! U can't use your arms to press up because that's a lot of chest! I notice if I move fast then I get a sharp pain. Will update photos hopefully tomorrow EEK!! Haven't taken any pain meds since 10pm Friday and its 11:30 am Saturday ;-).

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My Right Implant was saline under muscle moderate...

My Right Implant was saline under muscle moderate profile 350 and left was 385 cc !! How Ironic that my neck and shoulder pain was in my LEFT shoulder and neck ? Hmmm


I'm so excited for you!!!! :)
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Thank You!!! Tomorrow (Sunday) I get to remove ace wrap and see them and shower for first time since Thursday!
How are you doing today?? I wanted to say Thank you mentioning the Doctor you went to , as I am local and already made a consult appointment to have my 15 year old Saline Implants removed. How do you look? I know its soon , however curious. Thank you for sharing your experirnce , it;s been helpful to me.
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Today is day 3. I got to Shower and I noticed some...

Today is day 3. I got to Shower and I noticed some redness and puss on one of my breasts ;( not on the incision site but to the side .. I called the on-call md, and she said I need to go on Antibiotics (YUCK!) and see my surgeon tomorrow.. Damn. Other than that I'm feeling good. The breasts are a bit saggy as I have little breast tissue but I'm fine with that as I know they'll "fluff" and heal over 6 weeks... I went to kohls today and bought a few sports bras, size small , they have little pads in them ill post a pic. Not sure if its tight enough so I'm wearing Ace wrap over it.


Dr.Chun tomorrow in Newport Coast and Dr. Ching next week , I called her office after reading your post
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Oh nice !! Definitely do both to compare pricing and everything else! ;-)
I hope u feel better soon! U look great- take it easy so ur body can heal.
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Day 4 Post Explant !!! I woke up today for the...

Day 4 Post Explant !!! I woke up today for the first time with ENERGY and no fatigue!! I'm laying in bed relaxing because I don't have to work until later today and I can do some emails and work from home (I'm a personal trainer). But I feel great!! NO pain ! My neck still has a little knot in it but I think that'll work itself out with time and maybe my massage treatments will actually last now!! ;-) updating day 4 pics - they already look better !! My upper / middle back no longer burns when I lay down to sleep at night !!!


You look absolutely amazing! And I have to take my hat off to you and all the other brave ladies who have gone through this with only local anesthesia--I don't think I'd have been able to do that--just thinking about it makes me anxious. I'm so glad you're feeling so good already! Oh, and I too can't wait to get a massage (and lay flat on the table without those huge balls in the way). It will be a completely different experience!
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Thank you!!! It really wasn't bad under local! Then again I like that suspense and excitement - I feel like it challenges my toughness ;-) I already feel so much better sleeping at night!!! Going for my first post op on Wednesday !! ;-) hope all is healing well
I had explant in October 2012. I am happy to have taken out my bubbles a sI had same issues as you. Unfortunately my Doctor experience was awful. How did you like your Doctor? I almost went with Dr. Chong but chose someone else ( Ugh bad bad decision) Anyways I am happy for you...Hope you have a quid recovery
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Hello Beautiful Ladies! I would just like to...

Hello Beautiful Ladies! I would just like to share with you all my Explant experience! I am 1 week and 1 day post-explant and I am SO happy. This has truly changed my life already in so many ways. My body was honestly breaking down with the implants. I felt like I wasn't even in my body anymore. I had a constant pain my shoulders, and pulling in the left side of my neck and hip. I had hip pain, overall joint stiffness/aches, limited spine movement, tingling and numbness in my arms, couldn't sit and work at the computer for longer than 5 minutes without being in complete spasm. (this developed about 7 years post-explant BTW). I also am VERY physically active, I was a Weight-Lifter, fitness competitor (bikini) and am a Personal Trainer. I feel that the training may have contributed to the tightness in the chest muscle causing shoulder and neck pain. I already am sleeping better, and have overall less pain. I think it will take some time for my body to get back to normal. But if you are considering explant, for any reason, I definitely think you won't regret it. My breasts are not as saggy or deflated looking as I thought they would be!!! They actually don't look bad at all - I just have very little breast tissue so I'm very flat but it actually makes me look very lean and athletic so that's ok!! I feel like nobody is staring at my chest now!! I LOVE that. I felt very Self-Conscious with the implants in. Prior to implant (at 20 years old), I felt so flat and skinny - but flat and skinny (or fit), is better than self-conscious of fake plastic balls in your chest!!! =) please private message me for any questions!!


I too am a runner and like to exercise. I had my implants for almost three years and am scheduled 15 Feb. I know that working out will be alot easier. Thank you for your posts.
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You look amazing! Seems like every day just gets better. Thanks for sharing your story and photos!
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I'm laying here reading all your posts and yours is the one I had followed most because of your pictures. I am also athletic, distance runner and a spin addict. Haha. I just got my explants done this morning and I am in pain but Percocet will take care of that. I only had my implants for two years and I just knew it's not me. I want to thank you for the pictures, pre and post explants, your pictures and your posts made me decide to go for the explants. Good luck on your recovery and you've helped me through your posts.
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Posting day 13 photo! Scars are healing nicely! I...

Posting day 13 photo! Scars are healing nicely! I had some sort of rash like redness that's still clearing up but it's already a lot better. One breast is visably fuller than the other but that's just from my natural breasts being un even. Overall I'm very happy with results and can't wait to have my fiancé kiss my new breasts in about 5 weeks! Eeks! ;-)

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Posting day 13 photo! Scars are healing nicely! I...

Posting day 13 photo! Scars are healing nicely! I had some sort of rash like redness that's still clearing up but it's already a lot better. One breast is visably fuller than the other but that's just from my natural breasts being un even. Overall I'm very happy with results and can't wait to have my fiancé kiss my new breasts in about 5 weeks! Eeks! ;-)

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Day 13 photos!

Day 13 photos!


You are doing so well and I am happy so happy for you I went to consult with my original ps and feel confident he will do the explant well.I scheduled for march 22 explanation. I will post per op pics soon, though its not pretty. Did you have drains? My PS said no drains..I think it can be a very individual circumstance. Did you have a capsulectomy?
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Thank you! I'm feeling great ;) loving my new tiny boobies !! I did not have any of the capsule removed and I did not have drains. Good luck! ;-)
You look great. If I look this good I'll be very happy.
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Today im 3 weeks post explant and I'm feeling so...

Today im 3 weeks post explant and I'm feeling so much lighter! There is a definite dip from where the capsule and muscle is to where the breast tissue is but it's not terrible looking. Not sure if that will improve or not over next 3 weeks but I know that I feel much better, am sleeping better, and I am generally overall more comfortable than I was with those plastic balls in me! So very happy I Explanted !!! If you're contemplating explanting, do it!!! Feel free to send me a private message ;-)


I just got mine out today and I feel so at peace:)
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@audreysmom congratulations! Wish you a quick recovery x
Thak you for sharing and being so honest and encouraging. Explant is set for March 20th. 23 years under the muscle silicone. I am so excited that I find myself daydreamig about how I will look. I may have a bra lift but PS said may not need it since I have so little breast tissue. I just want to feel free and am hopeful that some of the neck, back, joint pain and fatigue will ease upon explant. I will post picture in the next couple of weeks so everyone can see the fake me as opsed to the new and improved me after expalnt. I am not that worried about how I will look afterwards since my husband is so excited about having the REAL thing back. Happy Valentines Day to you.
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Hi ladies! I'm 4 weeks post explant today! I'm so...

Hi ladies! I'm 4 weeks post explant today! I'm so happy ! I'm sleeping better, and my back / neck pain is decreasing! I'm sleeping better! I started this week going to an infrared sauna 40 mins at a time, a place called Suite Sweat, so I can sweat out toxins from a cellular level. It's really helping with my neck pain!! Tremendously! I normally have neck muscles that are hard as rocks and nothing helps- no amount or massage or heating pads - but the infrared sauna is so working!! ;) updated photos are posted!


You are looking so great. I'm happy for you and really appreciate your sharing. I'll do the same when my time comes.
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Holy hell you look exactly the same as before your BA lol that's amazing! Have fun sleeping on your belly!
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You look amazing. I am so excited about explan, four weeks from today I will be one day post expant and free from boob stalking. So very happy for you and the joy in your posts.
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Update : 4 weeks and 5 days post explant. Photo of...

Update : 4 weeks and 5 days post explant. Photo of my Victorias Secret 32 A bra no under wire (I don't like underwire because I'm thin and it digs into my ribs).

Just a few days ago, I noticed that my breasts are really fluffing nicely and moving around more.

I have been going 1-2 x per week to an infrared sauna for 40 mins per session to sweat out toxins. Mainly for my neck and shoulder pain but I'm noticing other benefits! :
Clearer skin, reduced pores, reduced acne, reduced neck and shoulder and hip pain, and mainly for you ladies ---> ** improvement in healing of My surgical Scars! Yay!

It's expensive but I think ill keep going! $59 per month for 4 sessions.


I am one week post implant and can't wait for mine to firm up so I can buy cute bras..I have the same problem with chronic neck and shoulder tension. A 90 minute massage barely scratches the surface. You literally have to knead down to the bone for me to feel any relief. I have been this way for years and getting a set of 480 cc's added to my chest definitely didn't help matters.
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Ugh I totally feel you. U should see if there is an Infrared Sauna near you. It's been helping a lot with my pains. So u had neck and shoulder pain before your implants? Did it get worse after implants (my guess is yes). regarding your new "real" breasts, 1 week is nothing - give it some time! I'm really starting to notice a difference at 5 weeks. A lot fuller. My doc said today that I should keep them compressed up to 8 weeks so I'm compressing with ace wrap at night and a good sports bra in day time ;-) heal up! ;)
My dumb@#$ had 36 C's before implants and now they are like soup! But I am keeping them compressed. I ordered some moving comfort "fiona" sports bras with the adjustable straps. My neck and shoulder pain has been an issue for about 5 years. I am 30, so I know it can't be from old age! I have seen chiropractors, doctors and massages with short periods of relief. I will look around for one of those infared saunas

Today's my Birthday! (29!) here's a side view 5...

Today's my Birthday! (29!) here's a side view 5 weeks post op! I've been getting lots of requests for updated side view shots! ;)


looking great! Had my explant on your b-day!
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We have the same before size and implant size/placement if my boobs look half as good as yours i would be so happy! seriously i am so jealous lol
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I'm sure you will look amazing ! ;-)

Well I'm happy at 5 weeks 3 days! Although minor...

Well I'm happy at 5 weeks 3 days! Although minor set back, I was in a car accident on my Birthday! On exactly the 5 week mark! I was side swiped. Luckily I'm okay but my already troubled stiff neck/spasms are now acting up again. But on a good note- I discovered a great way to heal my scars and detox the body- Infrared Sauna! You will see in my 5 weeks and 3 days photos (2) how much my scar is healing it's amazing!!! If you want to explant, DO IT!!! I was in your boat, super scared and nervous but I'm so happy now.


How often do you do the infrared sauna? How many minutes at a time? I found a spa near me, they sell different packages, I'm definitely interested in doing this post-explant!
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oh nvm lol I just re-read your review (I knew you mentioned it in there somewehre), are you still going 1-2x a week for 40 minutes?
Yes I'm going 1 day per week I have a package for 4 sessions per month for $59 per month or something around there and it's totally worth it. ;-) the place I go to is called SuiteSweat.

Hi Beautiful Ladies. So I am 6 weeks post op today...

Hi Beautiful Ladies. So I am 6 weeks post op today and healing wonderfully.
I had a Gyno appointment this week and a Breast Exam which showed that I have a small lump in my left breast. Which is interesting because I was having some sharp shooting pains in my left breast a few weeks ago. And I noticed now if I rub it then the sharp shooting pains come again. Not sure what this is but I will be having a Breast Ultrasound in a few weeks.



Hey Littles, you are looking lovely. So sorry to hear about your lump, I found a lump in my L breast last fall and that is always a stressful experience. On the bright side, at least you are post-explant, so they will be able to give you a definitive diagnostic. Me? Did the ultrasound which appeared benign (fibroadenoma) but they wouldn't needle biopsy to confirm that because of possible rupture of my stupid implants. So... I've been in limbo for these months, sort of relieved... but not quite. Without implants in the way they can needle biopsy it after ultrasound to really determine what it is - or if the ultrasound shows a fluid cyst they can aspirate and drain it, problem solved. Hoping all the best for you, and continued health and healing.
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Thank you!! I'm scheduling it for this week hopefully ...
You look AMAZING!! I am so grateful that you keep updating. I hope everything goes well with ultrasound.
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Update- breast ultrasound for the lump was fine -...

Update- breast ultrasound for the lump was fine - and normal. They said it was just the way my tissue was..

Here is an updated photo @ 7 weeks post explant! ;-) honestly ladies considering explant, it feels soooooooo good to be free of plastic!!!!

Happy Explanting!!!!


Hi, I am considering an explant myself at only 5 weeks post op. I want these bags OUT! I haven't told my PS or anyone for that matter except my husband until now.I am in constant discomfort and regret. I wanted them for years and was so depressed with my small saggy breasts. I have lost feeling in my left nipple :-( and feel like it was the price I paid for making such a dumb decision. I want to be ME again with all my heart. I am so nervous about if my PS will understand and all the people that have supported me and say how sad I looked before and how good I look now. They do look good...but feel like a nightmare. Congrats to you...I hope to be on the other side sooner than later.
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Hi! I totally understand where you are coming from, and so do a LOT of women on here. My best advice is to find a surgeon who understands your needs and is experienced in explanting. My surgeon who put the implants in, was not too keen on wanting to remove them despite my enthusiasm on wanting them out. So I went with someone knew for the explant. And I'm happy that I did that. Good luck and keep going to consultations so that you can find someone that fits your needs!
Hi Littles! I hope all is wonderful for you. Because you are a trainer, I thought Id ask you, how long did you wait until you lifted weights ? I have only been able to ride a stationary bike 1 x and i am 3 weeks out post opp...my little ones feel so vulnerable upon workouts , not sure about the muscle movement iI feel is good or not. How long until you fully did a workout post explant? Do you have any suggestions? Many thanks!!
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This is my 12 weeks post explant update! I am...

This is my 12 weeks post explant update! I am absolutely stoked. I love being implant free. Being that I am now 29 years old, and the fact that I had the implants put in at 20, I can confidently say that I am SO happy with my natural self. I got the implants at 20 because I was very flat with a big butt and felt unbalanced and boyish. Well now, I love the feeling of being LIGHT AND FREE and being able to lay down in any damn position I want without worrying about the plastic bags in my body. They started to feel so heavy! I have a small frame so it really weighed me down! If you want yours out, I say go for it! Mine don't look saggy or loose skin at all! ;)


Littles, you are looking so beautiful! I am so glad that you made it through so many crazy things at the same time (explant, car accident, boob lump scare!) and ended up with a healthy, happy, gorgeous recovery. I always look forward to your updates and wish you continued success!
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Aw thank you so much! ;-)
I am not in the market for breast augmentation or explant, I actually stumbled onto your page via a comment you left on a rhinoplasty page... but I must tell you how great it is for you to share your story! I know some people have them and love them, and Lord knows when I was 20 I, too, wanted my breasts enlarged. I always put it off and now that I am almost 30 I can finally say that I would not personally consider it, so in my case I am relieved I did not make that choice for myself being that my mind has changed. I am not against others getting them and I think they can be great for people who's bodies handle them well, but I know you will serve as an inspiration for others who are considering implant removal. I also think you healed up so nicely! Your after photos will help so may people who might be scared about the procedure. Best wishes to you :)
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14 weeks post explant photos! I can't believe how...

14 weeks post explant photos! I can't believe how nice my natural breasts look after having 350cc's for 8 years on my tiny frame!!

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You can't even tell I had implants (minus the...

You can't even tell I had implants (minus the scars under nipples)


Want my Littles Back you look great, I am having my drained implants out on May 21st next week. I drained my implants out about 3-4 weeks ago and was going to have a lift on May 21st, put it off until Fall and I am doing the explant in the docs office instead. I want to give my body time to adjust without the implants and lose a few more pounds first and see what the boobies look like before I put myself through another surgery. I am so tired of dealing with my boobs but I am so happy to finally realize that they don't define me. I have been having so many problems with my health over the years and I know it's probably from these implants I've had put in twice, once too big, second time was still too big, neck pain, back pain digestive problems, joint aches, swelling, I will be so happy to have my body back to it's natural self soon. Thanks for posting your story, it was inspiring.
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You look really great! After so many years with them in, they really bounced back! Thanks for sharing!
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You look ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!! Soo sexy!! Woohoo you!! :o) Im 5 months post explant now - also had saline sub muscular & textured. Having them removed was the BEST decision EVER!! I too have found a new body confidence that I never thought possible! :o) Congratulatins!! Real Boobs ROCK!!! :o). ( .)( .)
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17 Weeks Post-Explant - Very Happy with my 31A's!

Here are photos at just over 17 weeks! Surprisingly my breasts are still a bit tender (mostly near armpits) and around my cycle - although incision site was under nipple. I can't believe how nicely I have healed! Overall I'm very happy with my removal results, and would highly recommend explant to those considering doing it! It has definitely helped with my chronic neck and back issue and I'm now able to do more yoga and swimming more peacefully without the implants!


Wow I am really amazed with your results, good decisicion you look FABULOUS!!!!
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Wow! You look fabulous!! :)
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Looking fab! Are your old insecurities still there? Mine have come back to haunt me :-)
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5 months post-explant: best decision!!!!! Love my A cup!

I will admit I was a bit unsure how my breasts would be following removal, but they look SO amazing and they have actually grown over the past 3 months. They are a little bigger than when I got implants (my natural breasts) at 20 years old. I am 29 now. Photos in super cute American Apparel leotards!! /halters!!!!


Hi, read through your posts, looks like you've had an amazing journey! I got my BA almost 7 wks ago with 300 cc silicone unders, infraareolar. As a 32B (5'1", 95 lb), I asked to go up 1 cup size with a 'natural look', but instead I'm upto a D and have 'fake looking' boobs. I have been regretting it since day 1. I look top heavy and can't fit nicely into any of my clothes, they are like 2 large round circles that start right below my neck/clavicle and look completely unnatural to me, I have neck/upper back aches, I can't get comfortable sleeping since I can no longer sleep on my stomach, and I get the wrong kind of attention when I wear my usual tank tops/tight t-shirts now, so I end up covering myself in long baggy shirts. It's taken away my level of comfort and confidence. I've done more research now for explanting, than I had done for implanting, which is obviously part of my mistake. The other is that I had definitely had a different idea of 'natural' and 'sizing' than my PS did. Anyway, it's done and I know now this is not for me. I feel so uncomfortable having something 'fake' in me now, but I was so swept away by the pressure to look attractive, and watching movies/ magazine ads, etc. Anyway, it's nice to hear there are happy endings even for those who remove years after. I know that I want to explant, but my PS says he wanted me to wait a full 3 months to 'heal'. My areolar incision has areas that are now unpigmented, and he said that the skin has to revascularize and heal, before he would consider cutting into it again. Of course, I'm completely impatient and I would like them out asap, but not at the price of ruining the healing process. I have a few questions for you on some of the things you mentioned....Did the "muscle dip"/separation post-explant when you raise your arm disappear ? Does the infraareolar scars disappear/ after time.... how long did it take for them to blend in after the original BA ? I can clearly see mine, especially with the contrast of pigmented/unpigmented areas now ( I'm scared that it will always be noticeable). Also, how long until you felt your breasts 'fluffed' up again ? And most importantly, how soon until you felt you could go back to exercising the upper body again ? Thanks for your posts ! Btw your June/ July pics look amazing. I'm just nervous about getting more surgery in general. So reading about your progress definitely helps me overcome my fears of explanting by knowing what's ahead of me.
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You look SO good! Being able to wear a plunge neck like that and still look cute and classy, very cool. :)
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Thank You!! It feels great to be natural!!!!

6 months post-explant (with Photos) - A-cups are fluffy they look great.

I'm so happy that I removed those nasty, fake implants. They just were not for me. Happy to say they look great and my skin is not saggy. If I bend forward, they do look different than they normally would had I not had implants, but that is not a problem for me. One thing I will report is that I still suffer from severe neck spasms and herniated discs/ torn discs and reversal of the neck curve but that is from a bad whiplash accident.
I am happy I removed the implants. I feel more natural and I feel free and sleek.


Your boobs look freakin amazing! I cannot believe how beautiful they turned out :), I'm so happy for you! And you make me feel much more at ease with wanting to remove these bags! Keep the pictures coming :)
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Thank you for sharing your story. I have one question for you did you use the same dr that originally put your implants in? I've had my implants since 07 and I'm going to have them taken out to hopefully help with my back knots and neck pain. I have also developed allergies to things I did not have before the implants. I've had several allergy test and they all say I'm not allergic to anything.
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Great to read this. I am due to get my 5 year old implants out in January. I am glad to be getting them out but I have been worrying about what I will look like afterwards, but I am just focusing on how great I will feel not to feel fake anymore.
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9 months post-explant, glad I explanted + new photo

Hi Ladies, just a quick update, I explained in January of this year (2013), and it's now October. I honestly am feeling so much more like "myself" now that those things are gone! I no longer feel like I have two heavy balls on my chest, and my back and neck pain continues to get better with the exercises I'm doing and getting back massages to loosen years of tight muscles.

Good luck to all of you in your journeys.


Thanks and good luck to you!
I definitely did NOT go to the same doctor who put them in. Usually that's not recommended because not all doctors who put implants in have experience in explanting... I really recommend going w/ a doctor that listens to you and that has experience with explants ;)
Yeah I had mine for 8 years and it felt great to have them out. I was actually awake during explant (local anesthetic) and once my Doc took one implant out, I said "awwwwww I can't wait to get that other one out!"

A cup 9 months post explant photo

Photo update


you look amazing
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Thanks, explanting was a great decision!
Hi! I got implants only 2 weeks ago. I'm 27, 5"1' weight ab 120 lb I had always wanted boobs. I had nice boobs just wanted that fullness to fill clothes out and look better in a swimsuit. I got 350 cc silicone under the muscle well now even though I'm sure I still have some swelling I feel like they're just too big and maybe I made a HUGE EXPENSIVE mistake. I feel like if I done like how big they are now I definitely won't like them when I decide to have kids and get even bigger. Wish I had considered the fact that they might not look good on me before I got them. I think I did but didn't pay much attention cause I had wanted them for so long. I'm curious, do you have kids? Or any advise?
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11 Months Post-Explant - Best Decision! A-Cup Joy.

So I explanted for numerous reasons. I didn't like the way the implants felt inside my body anymore. I felt like something foreign was in there (which it was). I felt pain in my collar bone/neck, back, and shoulders, especially when exercising or when lying down flat trying to sleep. I also felt like they were too heavy for my small framed body. There is a reason why I have small breasts - my frame is small - the way I was designed.

I had some sort of inflammation going on in my entire body, it was causing me joint pain. I don't know what was going on, and doctors couldn't give me answers but my blood tests did show high inflammation.

I recently found something that has made me feel MUCH better. It's called Wobenzym. (by Garden of Life). They are systemic enzyme pills that I take (3 pills 2 x per day on an empty stomach). They work by going in the blood stream and breaking down excess proteins in the blood that are causing inflammation / pain.

I swear by Wobenzym. Highly recommend it to anyone with chronic inflammation. It also helps with my painful period! (and mine are bad!) all of the gynecologists that I've seen, believe that I have endometriosis (and my mom has it too). but Wobenzym and a healthy diet is helping. Good luck to you all!


Hey, I read your story and saw your photos months ago and it was the first explant I had seen. You inspired me and helped give me the courage to do this too. I'm now 10 days post explant, THANK YOU X
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You look wonderful now, and so free!!! Although trepidatious, I look forward to feeling free and have these implants out of me next month!!!!!!
how many weeks after explant were you able to lift weights? You look awesome
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