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Explant of my 234 cc silicone implants tomorrow. ...

Explant of my 234 cc silicone implants tomorrow. My first implants were in 2000. Went from A cup to 240 cc saline. They ruptured twice and had them removed in 2004 after my daughter was born. After first explant became a AA. Divorced in 2011 and decided to have put back in. Here I am and I hate them. Just want to be comfortable and be me instead of feeling like I have bags strapped to my chest. I am scared of what they will look like and also that I have not told anyone, including bf of 2 1/2 years. I wanted this to be my decision, it's my body and don't want to be influenced to think otherwise.

My Dr did an awesome job. Just a personal choice on my part.


Did you have it done under local anesthesia?
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I did, actually super easy. I was surprised. It's been 5 hours and I am feeling good!
Congrats on making this difficult decision, kerenska! You may find that you have more breast tissue this time around than you did back in 2004. I definitely had more than I had when I originally got implants. I hope your procedure went smoothly!
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5 hours, feeling great

I am feeling surprisingly awesome! I did local, wow what a difference from the groggy, icky general anesthesia. Just a breeze. This pic is of me 5 minutes after bring bandaged up and at the Dr's office.


Glad everything went okay! Keep us posted on your recovery
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That is encouraging. I am just excited either way :-)
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Wow that's great! Thank you so much for your time

First look.


Btw, who is your doctor? Did u really just paid 900? I am looking around, but so far they ate asking around 4,500 in OC.. Let me know pls if u recommend your doctor.
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He was the Dr that originally put rhem in. Newport. That is why only it's only $900. On the receipt it says it's normally $3900. Can you try your original Dr maybe?
Wow! Congrats! I like the results! I too would like to remove mine.. How do u feel? Any regrets at all? Thank u for sharing!!
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Day 3

It's been about 70 hours. No more pain at all, maybe just a little stiff neck from sleeping.

I know from having done this before it will take a year at least before they take back their shape some. At least that was my experience.

Don't regret at all :-)


You look awesome! Hooray for being on the other side and having no regrets. Thank you for sharing your experience so far.
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Thanks ladies. So grateful for this site.I appreciate all the feedback Thinking I may go for general....
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You should do whatever is most comfortable for you. Good luck to you :-)

Day 6

It is day 6 and physically feeling good. Mentally and emotionally I am feeling great.

I feel like me again, I know it will take some time for my returning little boobs to look normal again as this is my second time around.

A little tired of bandages, but found a cute bra to wear over, see pic :-)

I am standing and walking different. I don't feel slouched over to hide my implants I didn't feel were right for my body.

My sister yesterday said "you look like you, not like everybody else". A simple statement perhaps, but definitely hit it on the head.


How long did it take you to recover? I'm having mine done under local and have a trip to Vegas coming up. I'm wondering if I should wait til after my trip. Thanks!
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Hi KFS, in on day 8. I'd go to Vegas! Just wouldn't lift luggage ;-)
I wasn't sure if I should wait til I got back or do it before. I better do it before! I'm so ready. Thanks

Day 9

I am still feeling good. I can tell when I overdo it with lifting and get a little sore. I don't think my new/old breasts look fabulous. Just have to keep reminding myself to give it time, at least a year. On a positive note, love my clothes again. Not hunching over trying to hide my fake boobs that were never me in the first place. What an emotional journey this has been!


Congrats on your explant! You look great!
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Sorry if I missed it...who was your doctor in OC? Thanks!
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Good morning Sunshine! Happy Valentine's Day
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15 days out

Looking pretty much the same I think. Feeling great except for a darn cold.

I can't express how much less depressed I am. How I feel like I am now true to who I am. I feel sexier, more confident and just all around a happier person.

One HUGE reason is all the amazing support from all these smart, beautiful, wonderful women on this site. Words cannot express how grateful I am. You ladies rock!


What did you wear after? As far as a wrap or ace bandage? And for how long? They told me not to wear anything, but it feels breasts are tiny, maybe that's why but I don't even like my tiny pankcakes just hanging there...feels weird.
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kerenska Thanks for sharing your story. You are looking great :)
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Thanks for sharing your story! I love this site, I just found it a couple of days ago. We can help each other and support each other!! YEeeIIiii…..I have a question! After taking implants out, was there a weird feeling from the pocket that was created to place implant? I am most likely taking mine out and have a consultation March 11th. My one big fear is having their weird sensation like an empty hollow space from the pocket created for the implant under the muscle, and the fact that the muscle was cut in order to place implant. The only thing I've seen is one person said her muscle contracted inward. If that's all then I'm not worried. But I'm afraid of an empty awkward space that would bother me later. If anyone could help answer that it would be great. Those of you who have had removal I would love to hear your story!
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20 days

My steri strips are still hanging on...yuck. I think shape is looking somewhat better. Right breast looking better than left. I over did it this weekend traveling and left incision was painful, much better today but calling Dr anyway. I am still feeling good mentally, my bf is cool with it and being supportive. I know he'd prefer implants but has been very sweet knowing that this is what makes me happy. I am having fun looking for AA bras online also looking forward to wearing a bikini this summer without having to be self concious everyone is starring at my bolt ons :-).


OMG, I love that bra!
Oops, I see now--thanks!

2 months

It's been 2 months today and I have not regretted it for one second. Physically feeling great, but the mental and emotional part has been the most significant. I thought having perfect boobs would boot my self confidence, boy was I wrong. Thanks to all you beautiful, smart, amazing women on the is board for being my rock!


Wow! You look great! I'm so happy you shared your story.
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You look amazing! Such a difference in two months!
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I like the natural and I really understand about how they feel! Not even something you can explain. I noticed that you did not have a Dr. listed. I saw that you are in OC and wanted to know if your Dr. was a personal friends or not one you would recommend? or??
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