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I am beyond excited about my consult for explant...

I am beyond excited about my consult for explant in a couple of weeks. I have had these 450+ cc boobs since my early 20s. They never looked right on me. I have been hiding them and covering them up for years. Clothes don't fit properly. The implants hurt when I sleep. They are under the muscle. One of the challenges is I think the implants look nice when naked.

I thought my only option was to take them out and add smaller ones with a lift. I hated the thought of the anchor scars and cut out nipples so I never did It. I stumbled upon these reviews and I am on a mission to join these wonderful ladies that have explanted. I can't wait to feel like myself again even if they are inverted and saggy. I had a big B before and not sure how they will look after being stretched out for so many years.

My husband I think likes the implants. After I told him my plans he seems to be touching them more which makes me uncomfortable. I don't want him to miss the implants!
I'm hoping my body looks slimmer without them and that I get motivated to work out again and shape my real body how I want it. These boobs have gotten in my way of honoring my body and seeing it in a healthy way. I can't wait for the weight to be lifted off.

I will post pictures and update as I go :)

Can't believe my boobs are public now!

Wow. Never thought that would happen! I just want to help others with their decision by documenting my journey. I am a little nervous that my real boobs will look so bad that I won't want to post any more pics. I will fight that feeling for you all. Good or bad! Next Friday is my consult and I'm going back for a removal soon after I hope. I hate all my bras. I hate all my shirts. I hate all my dresses. I'm so over it! I have a friend that is going to take me, get coffee for an hour, and then pick me back up. I'm going to take some kind of a Valium before and something after. I plan to rest for a couple days and then get back to life. How does that sound? One other fear is that my boobs will still be too big!

Coming out this Monday!

Having them explanted this Monday. The days are going to fly by I know it. I am slightly afraid of having something way uglier then I currently have. My implants look great! The only problem is, they aren't me. They are too big. I hide them every day. I can't do it anymore. I have no energy for these things any more. I don't want to push them up or look sexy. A girl at a meeting I was at last night had her natural boobs pushed up with a little cleavage. I could never do that. If I did that I would look like a stripper! I want to be sexy again. This is my path to my own personal sexy. It so weird because I'm going to look worse but feel better about myself. So conflicting!


He is a little worried I think. He met me when I was 27 with great implants and awesome body that I didn't mind showing. I haven't felt like that since after my kids and when I do feel like being sexy my implants get in the way. He is worried that I will be miserable after I get them out. I understand his worry he wants a happy wife! I do too! He thinks I will be unhappy with how I look. I know you girls will support me with that. I am going to post pic of after explant maybe a couple of days after. It is my promise to you! I know it will be tough and I won't look that great but I want to be brave for other women out there. Also, a part of me thinks I will look smaller and cuter after explant. I hope that happens! I'm taking pics in clothes before and after.

Removal tomorrow

I will be implant free tomorrow. I've been obsessed with boobs lately! I can't wait to see what I have to work with. I wonder if this will change my whole style of dressing. I'm kind of excited about it! I want to go shopping already!

In the waiting room.....

Almost out! They have been more uncomfortable lately and all of my tight bras and sports bras make it hard to breathe! Can't wait to take a deep breath.

They're out

I can't believe it. It's done. I drove myself to have it done one hour ago. I actually hadn't had a consult I just scheduled it with a doctor that was recommended and I had researched him. The cost was $1500 in Orange County. It really takes a lot of balls to go through with this. I gathered the strength from all the implants put me through over the 16 years I had them.
He talked to me a bit about why I wanted them out and what to expect. He didn't try to up sell or get me to have any other procedure. He said we can always do that later if I want to. They injected me with lidocaine and began the procedure. It was a tad bit uncomfortable but definitely worth it. You do have to be strong though. It went very fast. I told him I didn't want to see my breast after. He wrapped me up and when I got home I took a peek and took pictures. It is so weird to have he same boobs I have been seeing pictures of on this site...... The office staff was very supportive and friendly. They realized I went alone and were being a friend for me. One of the things I read was that after they drained the first one I would feel so much less pressure that I would want the second one popped to get relief. I didn't feel that. Another thing I thought was I would be able to breathe better, not true because I am wearing an ace bandage for three days. The rest I've read is about right. He made a very small incision to get them out so I would have small scars. I thank him for that. He made them a little higher so a swim suit will cover the scars. He was a very nice man and wants the best for his patients on an individual basis I can tell. He wasn't rushed or anything. He was very sensitive to my feeling and why I was doing this. He was very genuine and caring.
I am pretty flat chested now with the ace bandage. I'm kind of thinking people will notice when I pick up my son. That's kind of strange! Overall I'm excited to get on with my life. I thank the doctor for being so kind and making this affordable.
Thank you for all that had the courage to share, because of you I was able to make this journey to my pure authentic self. I will be forever grateful to you. Thank you.

Had to try on a swim suit!

Go for it!

If u are thinking about doing it, I say go for it! I am two days out and don't have pain and can do all the things I could do before. I even went to a meeting last night that I thought for sure I wasn't going to make. I love how small I look now. I bought a little push up bra and sports bra from Victoria's Secret and love how they look. I have to teach myself to not hunch anymore! I catch myself doing it and sit up straight and it feels so good. Even driving, my back feels better.
The thing that confuses me is I got the implants and removed them both for cosmetic reasons. They were great when I got them and awesome getting them out. I feel like I improved my appearance by getting them out when in reality it's all me now. There's nothing fake and I feel so good about myself.
My husband is fine. I am still myself and with each day I will dress sexier and he will love it. He will love how I look without them. He won't be seeing me without a bra for a while if ever though. He didn't see me without one with the implants much either. They are pretty droopy in the front so I can just leave that up to the imagination for him! He can touch them through a sexy bra!


My boobs r definitely not the best looking right now. I probably won't be naked in front of anyone for a loooong time. I do love how they look in bras and clothes though. I was never the type that walked around naked or was intimate without a bra so it's okay with me. I just want people to know they are beautiful in their own way but not really! They are saggy and mushy and I don't expect much fluffing. My husband is 50, if I had a young one I don't know how I would feel. I am super excited about how the world sees me now instead of the huge implants. That part is amazing! I really love how they look in a bra. Just not naked. So if u can handle that I say do it!


1 week post

Everything is going great! I'm not hunching over anymore. I can fit into lots of clothes. Husband is fine with them :) although, he hasn't seen them naked. Still need to buy a nice padded push up bra. Nothing more to report. I will post more pics a month out and we'll see if they change any more. Thank you ladies for all of your support on here. I couldn't of done it without you!

One more thing!

I didn't realize how much pain I was having with the implants. If I roll to my side I had pain, if I moved a certain way I had pain, I didn't like anyone touching them. Now my breasts are pain free. I would do it again just for this reason alone!


I'm kind of obsessed with swimsuits! I went today to try some on. I decided to try Target since they always seem to have so many and I needed a couple since I don't have any now. I really thought it was going to be a long shot. This green one is the first one I tried on! All the tops fit! I love it!

One Month Post

Hi ladies! Just wanted to post some updated pics. I think they are coming along. I have been working out a little bit and using weights for the chest area. I see some improvement! I think in four months they will look even better. My wardrobe has expanded tremendously! I used to wear black Vnecks all of time time to not draw attention. Now I wear all kinds of tank tops and colorful shirts. I am hearing new things from people like I'm athletic and pretty. I think my implants blinded people before! I really like my breasts :) the only thing I'm thinking is that it would be an idea to remove larger implants, let the breasts shrink up, and then maybe a smaller implant without a lift. That might be a possibility for someone. I don't think I will ever do it but I bet they would look good with the fullness on the top. I'm old now so why bother with it! Take care people!

I can't believe...

I can't believe that first picture of me with the implants! They were gigantic! I can't believe I had those for so long. When I posted them I didn't think they were that bad. Wow. Looking at them now I am in shock! My poor body and self. I wish I never did it. They held me back from so much :( people didn't see me for me. I'm so sad about that. I tried so hard to connect with people and I think they were getting I the way. How heartbreaking and depressing. Happy I have only felt this way twice since removal but it is still sad!

Three months and two weeks post

Here are some new pics! Very happy. I do need to get some kind of a workout going but other than that! Everything is going strong :)


I do think they look higher in the last pic! What a difference from the first one after removal. See guys, you have to be patient! I sleep braless which is amazing. I put on a body by victoria demi before hubs sees me in a tshirt in the morning. That's the only thing I have to do to make this work! Everything else is great. I got a new job with the school district and those humongous boobs are behind me. Never again do I have to deal with hiding or worrying about those things. I am sooooo grateful for that. It's over. I made the right decision 100%. I don't need anything else to grow old gracefully. Good luck ladies! You can do it!!!!!
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You look great in your swimsuit 9lives! I've experienced everything you mentioned about your implants, and more. I had a complex breast revision a over a year ago after I had the first implants for 35 yrs. I didn't really want new implants, but was swayed into getting them. Long story short, I explicitly asked for a B cup and no larger. I weigh 100 lbs and the first ones were large C cups...way too large for my small frame and my active lifestyle. The P S, 5th one I consulted with agreed that I should have smaller implants. Imagine having those, what seemed like beach balls, for 35 years! Well, doctor # 5 who I chose to do the surgery gave me F / DDD implants, depending on the manufacturer, and stuffed them into pockets that were made too small for the implant size. It was a long surgery; I was under anesthesia for six hours and wound up with worse implants than the old Cs! These bombs are uncomfortable and hurt to some degree or another every single day! I want them out, but three other doctors with whom I consulted all said they would use anesthesia during the explantation. We're your implants saline or silicone, and were they under the muscle or over? I'm wondering if either of those factors are why the docs I've seen want to put me under. I appreciate your response 9lives..thank you so much!
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I had saline under the muscle. 450cc's or so. Not sure why it varies so much between doctors. The guy I went to does reconstructive surgery for breast cancer patients I think. He was a real nice guy and seemed like he wanted to help me. Not sure how risky the whole thing is. We were just making sure the incision site didn't get infected. He put some tape over each one and took it off the next week. No antibiotics.
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How long this took ? Most of the ladies here say about 30 to one hour .
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Castillo, mine was just today and only took one hour. The check-in and post recovery at the office took longer! Read my update - I feel great!
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Hi again 9lives :) I am amazed at how much higher your breasts have lifted over the last two months. There is a big difference between your one month post and your three month post pics. Amazing... Congrats on your new boobs. :) I pray mine turn out Iike yours!!! Thanks for your PS referral. I'm going to see him for a consult.
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Thanks sooooo much 9lives for your reply it means so much for me I really appreciate the time you take to answer to my ? Thanks sooo much .you look great :)
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Good luck! After I first had them out I thought I would never let anyone see my saggy grandma boobs ever. Now they have definitely firmed up and are good enough to be seen! I'm super happy about that because I didn't expect it. Be patient with them and love yourself. You will like the Dr. He's handsome too which never hurts! The surgery is not easy being awake but worth it in the end :) It's quick too. Take care!
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Thanks :)
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Hello 9lives congrats on your implants removal .I'm also looking for a plastic surgeon in my area .if you could please give me his name and phone number so I can get my 12 year old implants removed soon .thanks
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Who was your surgeon I also live in Orange County and am researching PS for explant
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Check your inbox :)
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Wow they look incredible ! What an improvement from the first post explant pics !!! Patience is the key! They are beautiful :-) congrats !
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Thank you! I was surprised after posting the last ones what a difference from the first. After they were out I just kind of gave up on things looking nice. They look pretty darn good for what they went through!!!
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Wow, you look great. Gives me hope for my explant on 9/24.
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Good luck to you :) You will do great. Be kind to yourself and allow yourself to cry a couple of times after they are out. That's all it will take and you will be on your way to inner peace :):):)
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You look amazing, I'm SO pleased for you. It gives us all such hope ~ xxxxxxx
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Thank you everyone for your kind words! I did this for me and for you too. We are strong. We can do this. We love ourselves no matter what!!!!!
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You look amazing! You healed beautifully!
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I love seeing how we progress over time. You look beautiful!
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Wow! You look amazing! Did you have saline or silicone? When you had your BA where was the original incision site? Please send me you doctor's info would love to consult! *~Blessings!
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I had saline through the armpit. I will message you my doctor's info. Thank you!
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Thank you for posting - you truly look amazing - xxxx
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Congrats, you look great. I'm hoping to look as good. I'm two weeks out. Thank you for your post!
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Me too September 17 2014 and can't wait x
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Congrats on your great look good!
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