3 days post op! Already loving my results !!

I hope to find MY doctor soon. I've been searching...

I hope to find MY doctor soon. I've been searching and searching but nothing yet. I need help beyond words. I'm only 25 yet I have these ugly droopy breast. Every year that goes by I feel myself getting more depressed. My photos are proof.. I just want these beautiful breast on me . It keeps bothering me the more I go with out following through, I'm just so scared to not to the right thing , want to make sure I pick the perfect doctor to take care of me and my situation.

Found my dream doctor '!!

Soo I wanted to update everyone ! I made my decision and found my doctor ! I'm so happy and nervous at the same time ! My scheduled surgery date is April 11. Anything I should know before hand ??

Nervous 2 weeks left to go

So I just needed to let this out .. In 2 weeks I will have new boobies . Some one please tell me if this is normal ! I'm scared and nervous !! We left off with high profile silicone under muscle and they are pre ordering 450, 475 and 500 those numbers scare me is this normal ? I'm a c going to a d . On my pre op my doc said 375 , 400. The front desk lady told me 450, n even 553 ultra high but I said I didn't feel comfortable going that big

Need a doctors honest opinion !!

Ok so let's be honest from my pictures I think it's obvious what my problem is. In your expert opinion what implant would u say is the better choice for ME and MY body ! I'm uneven no shape at all no volume at all! Just want to see what other doctors think. Would u say a high profile would suite me ? And what are ur thoughts on saline or silicone ?

Day 2 !

This is me day 2!

So it's 2am . Woke up in pain can't sleep . Just took a norco figured I could right something before I try n sleep. I got my lift with silicone implants Friday the 11 th at 7 am. It's been hard
To do almost anything alone . It's been uncomfortable more than anything . Been waking up in middle of night a lot.

Day 3

Day 3 swelling has definitely gone down can u tell !

A little cleavage have we!! :)

So I'm still bandaged up but I'm able to peak a little bit and let me tell u this is so much more than what I was working with before !!

Blisters ? Wahh :(

So a day after surgery I noticed these little blisters where the surgical tape is. I have really sensitive skin so the doc said I got a reaction to the tape is this normal here are the photos


Here is an update with the blisters . I just took another photo. I've been putting Vaseline like the doctor instructed . April 15

Going on a week now !

Just got bandages removed yesterday ! Here are my results so far
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Thank u girls !! It went great ! These first few days def have been challenging !! Sore , in and out of sleep , cranky at times. Chest was super tight could barley move or do anything on my own . But I'm doing better every day!
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Thinking of you and hoping your surgery goes well today!
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Beth I made a mistake on of my reviews can u remove the one that says pre op on the 13 that's incorrect . Can u please remove it . I'm Not sure how to delete posts once they are on there
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Good luck with your surgery today!! Hope all goes well and can't wait to hear your update!
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Just curious. Do you not have enough tissue to do a lift only and get the results you want?
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We'll not necessarily I have plenty of skin and tissue the problem is one of my breast is a lot smaller than the other
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They could do a reduction of the one to match and then a lift?
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Yes and getting implants
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Have you shared "wish boob" photos with your doctor? This might help alleviate your concern of going too big.
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Yes Beth I took photos !
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We went with high profile under muscle 450 , 475, or 500 I'm just nervous those numbers seem a little high ? Is that normal ?? I'm a c now looking to be a D after
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Glad to hear you have found your dream doctor! What type and size implants did you discuss with your doctor? Will you need any type of lift? We'd love to hear more details!
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Ok so I did 450 on the right 475 on left high profile silicone !! Vertical lift , reduction on right since it was the bigger one as we'll :)
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Hooray! Glad you found the perfect doctor. How was your consultation? Bet your PS confirmed your breast were nit ugly...I'm scheduled a week after you, for now we settled for 350-375 cc mod + under. I say for now bc every other day I'm changing my mind. Will make a final at pre op appointment. Very nervous and thrilled at the same time...
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We'll i immediately felt comforted with him. He checked me listened to me , and most importantly was HONEST! I'm just kinda confused . Of implant ? I'm already a 32c / 32d at Victoria's Secret , how much of a bigger implant is he gna use ??
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Welcome to RealSelf! Hoping the breast augmentation community can support you throughout your journey. Sounds like you have a great start by consulting with several doctors. When you did your doctor consults, did you get many of these questions answered? Sometimes the doctor responses will help you better determine the perfect doctor for you surgery.You may also find it helpful to pose questions to our Doctor Q&A along with your photos. Feel free to share your stats....how tall are you, etc. and post any wish boob photos you may have. Lastly, are you planning on getting a lift or a lift with implants? Just want to make sure you're in the right community. ;) Keep us posted on your research!
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According to the doctors I need a lift :/ Sp a lift plus implants . I'm just so indecisive on which doctor is right for the job ?? As u can see my breasts are horrible .. Not sure where to go or which doc to choose
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Your breasts are really not horrible! Many women need a lift and are so happy with their results. A lift might sound scary with possible scarring but most scars are barely visible after a year of healing. In fact, here is a 23 year old member, wonderful_one, who is healing beautifully from her lift with implants.

Sounds like you've had several doctor consults. I would first make sure your PS is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. After that, start narrowing down your list with questions such as "Which surgeon would I feel most comfortable with performing my surgery?" Then look at reviews from other members who used that surgeon. View before and after photos of surgeries performed by the surgeon. Does this possibly help you narrow down your list of possible doctors?

Feel free to share what the doctors have told you thus far regarding what type of lift and implants would be a good fit for you. 
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Thank you !
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In case you haven't seen this yet, here is a link to RealSelf doctor's in Orange County, CA who specialize in breast augmentation. 
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