Well I'm ready for a nice round behind. I've had...

Well I'm ready for a nice round behind. I've had three children, my last one just four months ago in December 2012. I'm ready to have my body back and banging. I live in Hawaii (military stationed) so I will be traveling to Dr. Afifi next month. I'm so excited. Thank you to my hubby for letting me spend that tax refund on myself.

Here are some before pictures. I've had three kids...

Here are some before pictures. I've had three kids and in all my pregnancies I've gained over 50lbs. This last one I weighed 189lbs that was 4 months ago. I'm down to 155lbs now and I'm only 5'4" so I'm still very much over my normal weight but I think I'm going to stay this size because I'm looking to get 1000cc per cheek. I'm getting my abdomen, upper back and flanks lipo. Not interested in a tummy tuck and I don't want my legs or arms lipoed. My midsection to me is the obvious problem.
Hi there i also have choosen dr. Afifi my surgery is this thursday im sooo nervous right now cant sleep at all . So ur traveling from hawaii to do surgery with dr. Afifi , she a wonderfull dr. I heard she does contour ur body very good, thats more important to me than the fat graft cz if u have poor body contour it will mess the whole image. I wish u good luck and to all bbl sistas. And i will be posting my result as soon as im done. Very excited . Thanks.
Oh yayyy. I have read your story too. I'm very excited too and keep me up to date on your results and any advice as well. What garment are you using? Did you buy one or you buying the one at the surgery center? How many CC's you thinking you are getting? And I agree body contour is very important.
Congrats on ur baby! I just had my third and final baby in November and my last two pregnancies I've gained over 55 lbs! Man them babies did a number on me...they're healthy so that's all that matters. I feel ya...it's time to get our body back right...lol! U def don't look 155 lbs!! How did u lose it so fast?!?! I'm still struggling between 166-170 and I'm 5'2"!! I still look like I'm 6 months pregnant! SMH... Anyway...good luck and post some pics! Have a safe and speedy recovery!!!

Well I'm a month away. I don't know what type of...

Well I'm a month away. I don't know what type of garment to get. From reading on this site others say the only garment you can buy through dr afifi is a waist binder. I'm confused since I'm not getting my legs done do I not need to have a garment that goes down to my thighs? I'm thinking of vedette but not sure which style? Butt in or butt out? So confused. Any suggestions.
I am also going with Afifi. Very very excited!!!
Yayyyy!!! Have you scheduled your day?
I had a consultation on Friday had the whole weekend to decide and I hAve confidence in her and will be calling tomorrow to schedule. The soonest available date. :) I'm so excited every waking moment prob sleeping too lol. BTW where are you station at? My family were station in Hawaii for 8 years at Schofield barracks.

Even more excited now!!! Just saw Roro420 results...

Even more excited now!!! Just saw Roro420 results 3 daya post op on here from Dr. Afifi and she looks so bootylicious!!! She's an official #AfifiDoll. I have to start buying the garment, arnica, boards etc. so many suggestions on other girls pages I don't know what's good and what's not.
I hope she is good because I just had one of her patient hit me with little results and was very unhappy.also do research on patient who said not worth it, I wish I did.

I don't know how to feel right now. Lots of people...

I don't know how to feel right now. Lots of people have felt that Afifi didn't give them the booty they wanted. So it makes me really nervous. I almost jumped the boat but I really want this surgery. I hope she can give me what I want. In still excited just nervous.

So now I'm debating is 1000cc each cheek enough....

So now I'm debating is 1000cc each cheek enough. I'm really flat so do you think I should ask for more? Ahhhh so confusing.
U should ask for that much. I am lol i was wondering. Are you getting hips too?
No I really just want projection. But I haven't had an in person consult with her since I'm out of state so we shall see what she thinks when she sees me. I know I need some hips but more than anything I want projection.
It's pretty much what you want. For me I wouldn't mind a little more hips. And lots of projection lol... Well lets see how it's gonna go..

So I bought a bunch of stuff that I think I will...

So I bought a bunch of stuff that I think I will need:

Vedette 301 garment
Arnica gel
Lipo foam
Female urinal
Arnica Montana

Still thinking of what else I need. I'm very excited. I can't wait. The one challenge I know I have is that I am nursing my 4 month old baby. Many say I should have waited but this is truly when I have the money and time to do the surgery. I'm going to pump and dump for a few days after my surgery. Once I stop taking pain meds then I will resume nursing my baby. Well two weeks to go!!! I can't wait.
Almost time I bet your super excited I can't wait to see your results ;)

Almost a week away!!!!

OMG the day is coming. Let me say that these last two weeks have been an emotional roller coaster for me. There are days where I'm like why am I doing this. Is this what I really want. I don't know why I have felt like I'm getting cold feet. I'm not scared of the surgery part I just think I didn't realize that emotionally and mentally you have to prepare yourself for a big change. It's like my body is going to change. I'm so use to myself and my self esteem is not bad, I definitely love myself for who I am. So this change that's coming is scary. But on the other hand I have always wanted a butt. I have a fairly descent body and my butt has always been that part that doesn't look so good. So I know I want this done. Has anyone gone through emotional roller coasters like this. At the end of the day I know I'm going to get it done. And I will be happy I did. I can't wait to update you all with post op pics. I promise to always answer questions and keep everyone posted. There are so many times I have asked people questions and they don't respond to me and it can be frustrating. But I won't do that to those that want info.
Ur so,so close girlie!!! Yay :)
I feel u on the emotional roller coaster I feel the same way should I do this what if it doesn't come out the way I want it n etc etc etc n then I see girls tgat are happy with ther results n look really good so ya I'm totally with u on the emotional roller coaster part I'm sure ull look amazing

Surgery is tomorrow!!!!

So I met Dr. Afifi yesterday and she is awesome. I have 100% confidence she is going to give me great results. I feel so comfortable with her and that's very important to have that connection with your doctor. I promise I will keep you all updated as much as I can because I know I will be in pain for a while. But I really want others to benefit from my journey so I will do as much and as often as I can. My surgery is at 7:30am tomorrow . Start antibiotics at dinner tonight. I have tons of stuff to stay hydrated and all my prescriptions as well as my bromelain and arnica. I'm nervous because of all the pain and swelling, I hope my body takes it like a soldier. Well until tomorrow or whenever I can update. Wish me well and a big booty :)
Hope everything went well. Cant wait to see your results mamas.
hi hun how are you feeling hope all is well happy healing :))
good luck my dear keep us updated please

Post op Day 1

So I got through day 1. So it was not as painful as I thought its a lot of soreness really. I've slept, walked and ate and I feel pretty good. I've been taking my vitamins and bromelain, and arnica and drinking tons of pineapple juice and Gatorade. Sleeping on my tummy can be tough but I'm a tummy sleeper anyways but it does get irritating. I love that I have a butt now. I don't know how many cc's she put it I asked for 1000 but of course whatever fits fits. She respects the human body and so she does all she can. And I respect that as well. I'm very happy I did it. I'm very swollen and I only got to take two pics I will take more the next few days these are just a glimpse. Of course with day 1 it wont look like this later this is way too early to tell. But nonetheless dr. Afifi gave me a big booty cuz I really had nothing before. My waist looks tiny despite all the swelling. I'm just excited to see my results in the weeks to come .

Day 1

Day 1

Day 1

Hope yu are doing well...hope to see more pics & def wanna kno how many cc's u got

Day 1

You look great
Great results! Happy healing to you love! :)

Day 1

It looks great
Congrats on your new bootay.....you look good..

Day 3 post op.

So happy I did the surgery. My results looks great so far. Afifi gave me exactly what I wanted. I didn't want to change my body completely I still wanted to look like me but just have a nice big booty. My husband loves my before body shape so he didnt want me to be a totally different person after the surgery. And now he loves my new butt. It looks great and BIG!!! Still swollen of course and when it comes down I will still love the size. I feel great too. I don't have pain I'm just swollen of course esp. my abdomen. I fly back on Wednesday. I have a pic I took when I removed my garment for my first shower last night. Felt so good to shower.
You look fucking great! Jealous! You will end up perfect!
hi you look super great cant wait to see more post op pics i will also be going to Dr Afifi i did see one bad review on her was alil nervous but after seeing a few others that she did a wonderful job on it made me feel better:))
You look fabulous! You're healing so much better then I am. Super jealous.. in a couple weeks you are going to look more stunning than you already do!

Post op day 5

So I'm flying out of Orange County today. Already at the airport. I'm going to nor cal for a month with my parents before heading back to Hawaii. I feel great!!! I'm very surprised that i dont feel any pain at all. I'm going to use my boppy to sit for take off and landing otherwise I hope there's empty seating so I can lay on my sides at least. I saw Dr. Afifi today, she took some post op pics and told me I'm ready to go. She gave me 900cc for those that are wondering. She said that's all the fat I had so she gave it to me all. I love my results so 900 was plenty for me and my body type. I still have swelling of course and so as it goes down my body will look better and better. Right now I have some crazy junk in the drunk so once it goes down I will have that nice bubble butt I was looking for. I met some of the girls today at Afifi's office, ones that is already an AfifiDoll and one that will become one soon :). We spoke about the girl that left the rude comment on here and for me it's funny. It doesn't bother me at all. I know afifi did a great job and my results are great. In person better than in pics. I have one more before and after I made with leggings and powwwww my new butt looks great.
Have I mentioned how great you look? LOL!! Enjoy!!!!!!!

One week post op. new pics

So it's been one week I can't believe it. I feel really good. Still some stiffness and of course swelling but all that takes time. But my swelling is coming down. Let me update you on my measurements, I've been writing them down since pre op.
Bust 41
Waist 31 1/2
Hips/butt 37

Day 2 post op
Bust 41
Waist 31
Hips/butt 42

One week post op
Bust 40 (back swelling goin down)
Waist 29 1/2
Hips/butt 41

So definitely the swelling is coming down. I really want my waist to come down so that my butt looks more pronounced. But in time. And I know my butt will come down but trust me the butt I have now is so much nicer than the flat butt I had before. :)
Looking good girl!!
So good to hear your doing good can't wait to see more pics have u lost any volume ????
Will post some pics soon trying to post them when I have changes. Right now I'm pretty much at 41" still. I really really want my waist to get small so it looks bigger :).

2 weeks post op

So I'm feeling great. No pain, minimal swelling. But I can't deny that I got something called post surgery blues... Lol. I see a lot of girls go thru this when some volume starts coming down. And that's that I totally knew and was aware it was going to happen it still sorta hurts to see it go down. I got so used to that 42" the first few days and now that I'm 40" I'm like ughhhhhh. No doubt my before and after is still a huge difference but I think once you go big you wish you were Nicki Minaj which has a 46". Lol. So yah I complain. Will I go for round two, probably not. But we will see if any more goes. My husband will get to see me for the first time today and I'm excited for him. Lol. Really all I am doing now is cinching my waist and trying to reduce it. It's down to a 28" and that's awesome but if I can get it down to 26" the illusion of a bigger butt will work so much better. Here are some photos I took some in a dress and one in undies.
i bought a garment and it fits me except in the middle like rt at my belly button you think i should get a large or after my surgery it will go down its just i know your swollen after tooso i dont want to be all dying cant breath lol
After looking at all of the reviews for afifi, You, Betsie and Roro420 have the best booties she has given. All the other ones are either too wide or not natural looking or not much results. congrats!!!!! U look amazing and it goes well with your body it doesn't look fake at all. You look so good!!!

Almost 5 weeks post op :)

So I have to say that I'm enjoying my body sooo much. I feel amazing my confidence is great. We all do this surgery for ourselves but I also realized that the reaction I get from my husband would be important and I'm sure everyone that has a significant other want them to fall head over heels with their new body. Well ever since my husband saw me he cannot keep his hands or eyes off of me. He loved my body before but he is crazy over my new curves. And just to mention because my confidence is so much better it gives it that boost in your sex life where I just feel so sexy around him. I went to vegas and every night I put on a dress I felt so good. And not just because of my booty but I have a small waist and my body looks so curvy. I'm posting some pics for you to see. But over all I feel great!!!! My results fit my body so well I don't look fake at all, it just all worked out good.

Measuments at 5 weeks

My waist fluctuates between a 25.5 and a 26 but I'm still swollen so I hope it stays at 25. My butt is 40.5 all the time now it has not fluctuated the last week so hopefully this is the size I stay.
im pretty sure its like a numb tingling sensation huh ??? well ya i will find out soon its weird tho cuz ive had a tummy tuck 2 yrs ago and my tummy feels weird so imma add more weirdness to the sensation lol omgoodness
I hope so :) thanks how are u feeling are u sitting ??? Are ur lipo areas still sore or hurt ???
Yes I am definitely sitting. It's too hard to avoid sitting so long so pretty much after afifi at 2 weeks said I can sit I started to slowly sit. By the 3rd week I was already normal and sitting when I had to. Some of my lipo areas are still a little weird feeling, not sore but just a feeling I can't describe but you'll find out. Lipo takes the longest to heal so it's normal.

Fifth week

Just a couple more pics. Overall happy so far with results. Forgot to mention there are times I get butt greed where I say I want more and a round 2 but truthfully I have to remember that I need to look natural and if I over did it yes my butt would be enormous but it would be noticeable that it wasn't me. I have great projection and I have to be grateful for what I have. I love everytime I look in the mirror :).

A few more pics :)

You look great and very proportionate and natural. Booty greed or not it's your body and your life and you only get one so make the best of it. I can't wait to have my sx on July 19th and feel all different emotions I read about on RS.

Nearing 7 weeks post op

Well slowly getting to that 2 month mark which I'm excited to get to. My measurements are still the same at 40-26-40. I hope this is where I stay. My butt is definitely there esp when I look at all my before pics I have wayyyy more booty than before. I use to wear size 3 or 5 jeans and good luck getting those even remotely on. I have to wear a 9. Which I truely hope I was wearing 11 or 13 but this is what I was able to get. It's funny how normally everyone wants to wear small sizes but I feel like I wish I wore a bigger size cause than I would know I had a big ol booty. Lol. Do I want bigger results, not going to lie but there are days I truely wish I had more. But there are days that I can live with what I have because it is big and it is there but it's that butt greed that I got. Lol. I feel 100% myself. There are still some lipo areas that feel "sensitive" but overall it all feels normal.
Ill probably be updating less frequently as the months go by unless I have big changes than I will say something. But for now this is what I look like.
Wow you look really good she gave you a lot of projection and you don't look fake or they don't look wide. You look really good. I'm considering Afifi and your results are convincing.


wow...you look great!
I am sold! Thats my DR! You look so good. do you have any idea how many CCs she put in each cheek?
She was only able to give me 900cc per cheek, I wanted more but she said that is all the fat I had in my areas she lipoed. But I'm still happy :) she does great work

Extra pic

You look so good girl!!

Oops last ones erased

Was jus going thru my closet trying on old dresses and wish I had before pics in these dresses cuz my body looks totally different in them now.
Hey girl! Where did you purchase your garment or did Dr. Afifi provide one post op?
No she doesn't provide one. I ordered mine from vedette
Also what areas did she lipo on you for the fat transfer?

Where I'm at now!!!!

Well I'm about two and a half months post op now and I realized now that my results are not what I initially wanted. My booty did shrink and it is not as plump as it was when I first got out of surgery. I was hoping more for a Kim kardashian butt but I'm more like a Jessica Biel. I'm have been noticing that my back fat which I thought was swelling is actually the same as pre surgery. My rolls are very noticeable and I don't like it at all. I feel as if though I had no lipo there. I'm trying to bring it up to dr Afifi because I may need a touch up down the road. And if I want to have the Kim kardashian look I will definitely need a ROUND TWO... Ughhhh I was hoping that wasn't the case but it looks like I'm in the same boat as some if the other girls that got surgery. But it is what it is. And without a doubt my shape looks beautiful but it's not near what I really wanted. So girls I sympathize now with the many that now gotta seek a round 2.

Updated pics

The bra roll really bothers me cuz I jus had one on each side and it should have been easy to remove but they look bad. My butt not as big as I want.
what are your measurements?
I got ur question about dr Hasan. But for sone reason, I couldn't get RS to accept my password or send it...I don't have a profile page on RS, but have replied to several emails and sent pics of the work Hasan performed on me. I'm 6 1/2 weeks post. Had some ass but needed filling out. First and foremost, I am not a small girl. 5'5, 180#. So I'm thick, sz 10-12, pre-op. My back and waist was thick and boxy. He really gave me an hourglass by sculpting and to add, I opted not to lipo my stomach because at 42, and after three children (the oldest 22, youngest 6, last two c-section). I knew I really needed a FULL TT. But flying from Nashville and being so far away from home, I didn't feel comfortable, as I know TT can have lots of complications, plus Vanity doesnt do BOTH BBL AND TT , same day. AND ive seen lipo on stomachs that need TTs.... Ummm, no! Lol. Can u say, "paint sliding down a wall?". Lol. I was scheduled with Salas initially, as suggested by priscilla but , once there was told he had an emergency, which was a lie cz I saw him marking a girl up the same day my surgery was performed by Hasan. While there i saw alot of that happening...esp., out of state patients. Switching surgeons. (so be sure u have 1-2 days to spare so u see the surgeon U WANT). I'm glad I ended up with him as I really needed his expertise in sculpting (more experience than Salas). Now remember... I already had some ass. So, I surmise, from what I've seen and read. Salas, if u don't have much to work with. Hasan, if you have a decent foundation already and just need filling in, nice shaping, and sculpting. Hasan is definately more aggressive with the lipo. Measuring 46 1/2 hips, 29 1/2 waist. Projection superb, slope on point, and a bubbly full cuff. And caint nobody look at me and tell I had work or I didn't pay 9 stacks for it either! Lol. Be blessed.
hey girl im due to have a bbl with dr hasan for march 2014 . i am very excited et nervous.. i would like to see some results is it possible you can message me some of your pictures?! its hard to find his work anywhere ..
Orange County Plastic Surgeon

I chose her because of the great results I've seen on here. Since I'm coming from out of state I only spoke to her on the phone. Now post surgery I've tried to contact her several times and I haven't gotten calls or emails and I've tried several times. I'm hoping its just cause she's so busy because I'm bummed that she doesn't seem concerned for me.

3 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
1 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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